Tuesday, August 17, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Tuesday, August 17, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - August 17, 1762, London, Middlesex From Auguft 17, to feattirtiap Auguft 21, 1762. A T the Court at St. Jams PRESENT, 1 5*s mojl Excellent Majefty in Council EAS His Majefty was pleafed, by Hi This pleafing and intereftirig Event we efteem an invaluable Bleffing, from a full Convi&ion that pub-lick Liberty, and the Glory, Welfare, and-Happi-cefs of thefe Kingdoms, can only be fecured by Princes of your Uluftrious Houfe. ' It is our fervent Prayer to the Almighty, That your Royal and Amiable Confort may be foon re-ftored ; and that you may be both long preferved in Health, and an uninterrupted Enjoyment of Do-meftick Felicity ; as we entertain the higheft Con- direft, That the Bounties of Six Pounds" for every able Seaman, and of Three Pounds for every ordi- of Fifty, nor under the Age of Eighteen Years, who fhould, on or before the 31ft Day of May laft, voluntarily enter themfelvesto ferve in His Ma-jefty's Navy, either with the Captains or Lieutenants of His Majefty's Ships, or the Chief Officers on Board fuch Tenders as ihould be employed for raifing Men for the Service of His Majefty ;s Royal Navy : Arid alio that the Bounty of Thirty Shillings Ihould be continued to be paid to every able bodied Landman not above the Age of Thirty Five, nor tinder the Age of Eighteen Years, who fhould, on or before the faid 31ft Day of May laft, voluntarily enter themfelves in like Manner to ferve in His Majefty's Royal Navy ; and that a Reward of Five Pounds for every able, and of Two Pounds Ten Shillings for every ordinary Seaman, Ihould continue to be paid to any Perfon who Ihould difcover any Seaman or Seamen who may fecret them-felves, fo that fuch Seaman or Seamen ihould be taken for His Majefty's faid Service, on or before the faid Thirty-firft Day of May' laft. -- And whereas the Time limited for .payings and great Example, the Mind of your Royal Son will be adorned with every Virtue, and with a generous and noble Love for the Britifh Conftitution c For the only Thing now to be wilhed by a happy and grateful People, is, That the Bleffings we experience under your Majefty's aufpicious Reign, rifty be tranfroiued, through your Royal Line, to diifr lateft Pofteriry. St. James's^ Auguft \%. This Day the Chevalier de Mafin, Envoy Extraordinary and. Plenipotentiary from Malta, had a private Audience of His Majefty. To which he wis introduced by the Right Hon. the Earl o�L Egremont, one of His: Majefty> Principal,'Secretaries of State; add conduced* by Sir Charles- Cottrell-Dormer, Rnt.- M&fter of the Ceremonies 1 Admiralty, Augnft 12, 1762. NoticeJs hereby,given, that in Purfuance of the A& pajfed the laft Sejfton' of Parliament relating to the of the Militia* a general Meeting of His Ma- continued m&UeffijLievManyf^ 0f July; And 1  ^'ordered arid fummoned to be held at the Gtorge Inn in tbe-Towh of Northampton, on the 8th Day of September next, by Nine of the Clock in the Forenooii^ to take the faid A3 into Confederation, and tome* fo Refolutiotn thereon \ when and where all Pe.foHscon- defired Service, that "the'fame ftiould be continued for fome Time longer; His Majefty, with the Advice of His Privy Council, doth' therefore order, and it is hereby Accordingly ordered, that the Time limited- for Payment of the faid Bounties and Rewards, be pro-kmged aind extended from the faid 31ft Day of thblnftant July, to the 30th Day of September next General Poft Office, July z& 1762. And ttet the fed Bcmnties and Rewards be paid Whereas-the Pojl> Boy bringing thi Mai In the Manner direfted by His Majefty V.afore- w rfdw, and alfp the* By*-Bug-from Bath for Tedbfofy, direh* cefter, Farririgdon, and Oxford. . This it to give Notice, that nvhdewer� jfcall appre* bend and eon<vi&, or canfe to be apprehended and con-<vi�ed,.tbe Pe'rfons concerned'-in committirig the faid Robbery, of whonrrio particular DefcrMion} are as yet com tohand,- nvill be entitled to ajizward'ofTtfh Htmdred'Potfnds/ over and above the^wardgivih fy. A3 cf-Parliament : Or if" any:Perfcd o? Perfori^ 'whether' an Accomplice in the faid Robforyy or inonvihg thereof Jhallmafte Bifcovery whereby airy' of the Per- fons concerned in the'fame may be dp$r$thded and brought to Jit/licek - fuclr&ifcQvetet' or Dlfcoverers Jh'alL, upon Convifiion of any of the Parties^ be iniitkd to the fame Reward of Two Hundred Pounds, and alji His Majefty s moft gracious Pardon.' \ Poft-mafter General, Henry Potts, Secretary* }

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