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Publication: London Gazette July 27, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - July 27, 1762, London, Middlesex From Cuefoag July 27, to featucOag July 31, 1762. A T the Court at St. James's, the 14th Day of loyal Subjects, The Representatives; of the Burrows of Scotland, in a Gene.-], ral Convention ailembjed. Signed"in oar Name, Prefence, and by 'Appo.intmen.t~ of the General Convention of the Rpjjal, Borrows of Scotland, By Gm. Lind, Prsies* Btejlaiu, July 11. General Ziethen,, on the, 7th; in the Morning, perceiving; Marffial fjaun hadTiBh the Night quitted the ftrdng Camp of Kur^zendbr|E, immediately took PcdTeffion of the fame. Th> M�ir? (hal has made a Movement"with'' his Left Wirjgjtqf wards the Konisberg, but his Right is ftiil pjOftejdJ near Schweidnitz ; fo that lus'Communication *witj^ thatFortrefs is opeh ; and, by hi?-pfeftht'P'ofitjei^* he covers the County of," where his principal Magazines are. The'King of. Priiffia is encamped} between Gottesberg and'Seiferfdorff, having tfj^ Village of Ditmanfdorff between him and the Enemy. His Head Quarter is at Seitendorff. Lieutenant General Neuweidt, whom his Prufijan Majefty had detached towards FriedJahd, fell in, oh his March, with the Rear of General Breiitan'o's Corps, which he attacked, and made about Four Huhdred'PrjU foners. We hear that General Neuweidt has pur-fued his March towards Braunau in Bohemia. & Body of Light Troops, compofed of Coflacks, Huf� fars, &c. have penetrated into that Kingdom on the Side of Trautenau. . Lieutenant General Neuweidt, on the g of Denmark .fi out the Day before Yefterdayfrora Txaveridahi, 0: his Return to Copenhagen. The Danifh Troops, who are entered jnto Dmchy of .Meoldeahurgh,- tae'&W te^cujy S, verm andJDepite. ;

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Publication: London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 27, 1762