Saturday, July 17, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Saturday, July 17, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - July 17, 1762, London, Middlesex PR Et S f, the. 14th/Day of 4 The KING ^His ;foajefty* in' Cduncil was this:Day; pleafed .to Order, lhat' (he ParliaMent, -which' Hands' prorogued toThurfday the.Fifteenth of this .Inftant. Ju|y^ould be further prorogued to Thurfday the Ninth Day bf September next mes's, the. 14th Day ol ' ' P R 7 TVKTN E S E NT. 1 Excellent Maiefty HEREAS His Majefty was pleafed, by His Order in Council of the id of April lalt, to dired; ^That-th? Bounties - of Six Pounds fdr every able Seaman,-and of Three Pounds for every ordinary Seaman j fhould tontinti'e co be paid'-to every fuch able and ordinary Seaman, not above the Age of Fifty,, nor under the Age of. Eighteen.. Years, who Ihould, on or before the 31ft Day of May lafty voluntarily enter themfelves to ferve in His Ma-lefty's Navy, either with the Captains or Lieutenants Majefry's Ships, or the Chief Officers On as fhould be emnlbv^H fdr: Velt' Ivlarfhal Count Butturlin, Governor of M<&'. COW. - The Velt Marfhals Hetmah Rpfamowfty/;Pirnc^ frubelfky, and Marfhal 'Alexander &chawalo\^ ,<i&7 clared Colonels of the Thre� Regiments of!Foot' Giiards,'of which they were before bjily Lieutenant Colonels; \' '. '/..'\\ � t. C * -~T' I ;Priiice Alexander Galitsin declarea;;;Yice-Ghan- [ .cfelfitf, Privy^Cbunfellor, and the Ribband of ewsky* * ; Both the Duke of Courland's Sons, tHeRe^Kib^ Iband of Newiky. '-l- '  [ * Count Munich, Soh to, the Marffiai; J Newiky/ declared Mihiiter, Plenipotentiary' to- the'j Cburt of Swe'den. '� \'t. t -'V "1 " : Nariikin, Mailer St. Andrew. i ejlaaby July of Hdrfe, the BluW^ib&^ The King 6f Pruffia 'moved'. of His . Board - fuch Tenders Me ihould be continued to be paid to every able fco'died Landman not above the Age of Thirty Five, nor under *the Agi of Eighteen Years, who ihould^ on of7,before the faid 31ft Day of May laft, vo!tint&-rily enter themfelves in like Manner to ferve-in1 His' MaFj�ifyvs Royal Navy ? aiid that a Reward of Five * Pounds for every able, and of Two Pdurids Ten: Shillings for svery ordinary Seaman, fhouM ton* tlriOe to be paid to any Perfon who ihould difcover any Seaman or Seamen vfrho-may fecret them-felvesy fo that fuch Seaman or Seaman ihould be-takea for His Majefty's faid Service, on or before the faid Thirty-firft Day of May laft.--- And-whereas-, the Time limited for.paying the faid-Bounties and-Rewards hath, been continued and � extended to'the 31ft..of -this Inftant July; And it" being judged expedient for His MajeityV Service, that - the fame ihould be continued for fome Time' longer; His Majefty, with the Advice of His Privy Council,-'doth therefore order, and it is hereby accordingly ordered, that the Tin\e limited for' Payment of the faid Bounties and Rewards, be prolonged and 'extended from the faid 31ft Day of this Inftant July, to the 30th Day of September next/, j Arrival. And that .the faid Bounties and Rewards ^be paid * in the Manner dire&ed by His Majefty's aforementioned Order in Council of the 2d of April Whereof all Perfons concerned are to take his Qu Grlichwitz, bpon the Schwartz-Waffer, .'while 'the-, wh6le''Army advanced ; 'and the Ruffian^ 'marched \ frptn Lipa to Koftenblutc, forming the Ri^hc 'of ".the ' Ariiiy. On the 2d, the Left; of the Pfuflian'Armiy, trofled the SGhweidriitz-Wa'ffer,' and ;ehcamped ^it Wtirben, and the Right at Zedlitz, diflaht'only oYg; GermanfcMi!e from Schweidnitz. ,V -s . Upon the'King of Pruffia's Motion, ^afffialpau$7 quitted his former Pofition, between Kalt^nbrtin'acid j jHbHen-Poffeixtz^ant^took PpiTe&pri. .of the.^bn .1 Caftip .or Kilntzendmff, between, Tteyburg" ahl' - SehWeidnitz. Notice/and govern themfelves accordingly. IV. Sharpe. Peterjbourg, June 22. The following is a Lift of the principal Promotions, which were made here, a few Days fince, by his Imperial Majefty. Velt Marlhal Count Munich, Governor of Siberia, and Overfeer of the Canal of Ladoga. ^ ' [ Price Three P^nce. ] WilHelmftahl, July'b. Pririce Ferdiifa jreceiV'ed Adincfe.thac M. de Rochambeau bad'aflern* bled fome Brigades of Ififantry and C&vaTry near " Hombourg, With a Vi^w to cover the Cbmmunica-tions of the Enemy's Army with Frankfort, tpokr' the Refplm;iori of diflodging him from the-Ppft wKiclt7 he had: taken.PoiTeiHon, of; for which Purppfe hik~ Serene Highhefs ordered Lord FrederickfCav^hdifli,; to .advance r\yith ,the Chafleurs of the Infantry of the Army,: :Freytag's ChaiTeurS/ and BauerV and Riedefel's'HaiTars, from Lohn to Felzberg ; and Lord Grariby, with the Brigade of the^ Britj&i" Grenadiers, Elliot's, the Blues, and the four Hanoverian Scjuadronsj from Hoff to Fritzlar. The former were to marth towards Hombourg^ in fuch a Direction, as to cut off the Enemy's Corps from Mel-falgert and FuTda.. The other, to cut off their Re^ treat to Ziegenhayn. Which Orders were Executed., in the follpwing Manner; The Hour of Rendezvous on both Sides of Hombourg, for the Attack of M4 de Rochambeau's Corps, was agreed on : The Discharge of three Pieces of Canrion, from Lord Frederick CavendifVs Troops, was to be the Signal of at a Quarter of a League Diftance from Hombourg, attacked thd advanced Tofts, and'drove them from the Heighthsj and took Poft there i The Reft of Lord Gfariby's behind the De* Corps were in the Rear of Elliot's clivity of the Heighth ; and the Enemy's Tents continued Handing. At-the fame Time Lord Frederick CavendiftTs HulTars began to exchange fome Shot with the Enemy, when their Tents were immediately ftruck, and they got under Arms at the F006 of the Mountain, and in the Hedges near the Towft ; their Cavalry formed on the Plain j the three Dif- of Cannon were made ; whereupon the Enemx'* charges

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