Tuesday, June 1, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Tuesday, June 1, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - June 1, 1762, London, Middlesex From CtwHa? June _i, to SatBfl�r June 5, 1762. ' Wejlminjter, J line �. . HlS Day His- Majefty came to the Houfe of Peers, and being in His Royal Robes feated on the. Throne with the ufual Solemnity, Sir Septimus Robinfon, Knt. Gentleman Uftier of the Black Rqd, fent whh a MeiTageVifronl His Mar jefty *o vtttell^f |q *teif�ufc of Peers. The accordingly, His ,|�^^^fP^'i^e';the Royal Affent to,| pl�n^j^^^^$^ing Fund; and fir of plying cer-'ii^^^^m^'i^ainhgih the Exchequer, for the Sir~ '^i^j^j^t-tj6�} andfor fettling andfecwring a 'iU^^'AimMty for the Ufe of the Right Honourable ^rt^trOnfow,- Speaker of the Houfe of Cpfnmoris in "ihtlnfiEivePafhajnents. An AS fir enabling Hit Majefly to raife thl Sum of 'One tSiltion, fir theVfes and Pnrpofes therein men-tinned i and forfarther, appropriating the Sums granted in this Seffun of Parliament; and for allowing Tine for .the 'Payment, of the Stampr Diitiet', omitted- h be paid, upon -Admiffions into Corporations or .Comp4niet, md Appointments t�-OJbces therein j andfor the~$tilkf �j/WWim Earl, in1 refpeS of a Quantity, of White {SaJ*hj\Yhytbi Wrick if a Ship, near the Harfaut of �VkbHn. " '  '.. -An AH for better fecuring the Payment of the Sums tf Money, dirtSedby an AS, made in the. 1 hirtf-fetond Tear of the Reign of Hit late Majefly King George the Second, ti-be applied in Augmentation of the Salaries of the Juifite-Judges h the Court of Kings: Bench, the fudges in the Court of Common Pitas, the Barons of the Coif in the Court of 'Exchequer, at Weflminfter, and the Jufiices of Cbefter, and the Great Seffions for ibe'Camtitt in,Wales, for the Time being'. ' An ASfor. appfytvg the Money, granted in tbit^Sejfion of Parliament* towards defraying \the\ Charge of the .Pay of the Militia of that IPwt.'of.Qreat Britain called .Eag/andf.'Vf'henupemiadied, and of the Chalking of. the � Part.ofih7.faid Militia ncnv unemlodied, forlfnr. Tear, htghntttg-theTwentj-ffthp&j of.March.One-Tboufand Seven ^^redandJSixty-itwo. , .','An-.jJL&ifor., vejling certain Lands,'~Ttnements, and ^Hereditaments, upon tfe,SeaCoafts, iji the Counties of Kent, Sufftxi and Southampton, on ^which Ports and Batteries have, been ereSeaforthe Defence of .the faid jtyaffs,? in Truflees,-for certain Ufa, and for other Purples tfaretn mentioned, y [.An d&fBr impfgfing^ Salty from Europe, into .the Jfofori.tyr$^*<S$f*h tn America. ,. I'.'Jfc^A^fcr gating.perpetual an ^cl for ^jhe better ��<#?f^�*wW ofSe'aTr.eii in the Merchants ..Seriuet.andfore^tndi'ng the Provifans thereof io~fit's Myefyj Colonies in, America. , . - , An ASifornaturalizing fuch< Foreign^ Protefiants as havefervid, "or'fhatl ferve, fer'tbe"? ishe thereinmen- /Ammc'fin Regipfepi,"eg ^^^^rjifln^^.ifa,'.  . <" ^M''ffk\9S^^^.^^.wJX&mw. in tff ( [ Price Six P.?nce. } titvled, An AS for the better Execution of'titIntent andfieaning of former Statutes, made againftfbooHnj? in Gtensi and for the Prf/iriiaifon of the Game ;ijjjr Pbeafmts and Partridges, and bgainft the deflrifingof Hare\ BuaBjfc-thtmfehves for Offices and Eptployments; ahdio nifi Jupices of the P/a/e, Deputy tieuteh&to^'ajfd OJieers of the Militia,"; or othtrs, 'vyhohavyd^^toy registry or deliver in' 'their ^talif cations, 'nisitiin.the Time Knitted by Laiv, aidfor giving?fitrtheir Timtfhr-theft Pnr^ofes; and for tie mating and fling ifAjfr davit* ofArfie/el ofChHftJ$ib'.. " . ----- AnA&fhreit^inf the Judges of .the. Court1 ftf Seffipn,: in Sco}/a*ds to QuAe 'an Adjournment: of it* faidCmrf,forfu& vf Detembef andifyftftwh^ �as thefJ^Ujudgemtp^nivthient, note&tedihgf&enty Days......... .'.*' ' v-';*'  ; An AS for pwjng, dtfnfinf, and lighting the Squares, Streets,�' and Lemtr, within the ^ifffuid 'Ub\m.ofWefminf^r, >t&:Par$ts dfSi: GtltXtn:thi Eieids, St. Geerge tb+Jfattri'St; GewgeBfoW^sryT POM Duchy of Lancaftr^jtiihiek: het in the County of Mid-dlefex, d*dffi'pfeve$&$Tjfafa r/todjbf either Purpofts'tkeremmtntiknii.' v v" ' 'Alt' AS'fir'&dxhiitg jdnd preferving :eerieun Isvi lands called Tfcfe*r?tf&&Mh Siderofikf&vlit ffit&d&Hn 'ib* if^^^tinhW%^dfo^'^^ 'and m^'niaitiing'tbt !Mt*feo/jS� fytyi'faii River, front.th* m&,drTdfc'biW^W%�$r Jk-Bctov&fyi\jfyfWf&to*i-J * } An, AS Jfrfenhvging^h^ Eif  An Aftfqr ^9:W ./^ aai jji^ :>/fqf faiall Debti'kuithh-fhe Tevri andCMtfjr of ftf Yew* bfKtngponitpnxHuil:': ;  V '3; ' Vv-AnAS:io''inipov>tr\ thy CofnmJSa^ertaiiTrvfeef Itar^rm 'tofknting'tii . v -T ,v,----^.... /^Gj&^ief yCeft'i witrffr rej2orihgl'fb$ ttarj^bfjtyjr, Ufa CouitfWSuJexf^ 'if

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