Saturday, May 29, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Saturday, May 29, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - May 29, 1762, London, Middlesex J - J n 1 I 1 4 - From &atUCB*$ Hay 29, to rlttftap June 1, 1762. A-T. the; Court at. 5/. Jameth the 28th of PR E S E N Tj * 10ft Excellent Majefty in Council. L - His Majefty was pleafed - by His Council of the zd'oflAorif laft, to bIe^eamanf--and-.ofThTceTounds"Tof every ordi* . giiy^SesHnani ihduld-continue to be paid to every facfc able and ordinary Seaman; not above the Age Of Fifty, not under the Age; of Eighteen Years, who ffipuld,;on ..or before the 3* ft Day of this- In-ftast,- voluntarily enter themfelves to feryeinHis Ma Reward of Five FBttrids for'ey^ry able, arid of Two Pounds Ten Shillings^ for every ordinary Seaman* fhouldcon-tinus to be paid to any Perfon who*fho'uld-difepvef ^� -Seaman- or Seamen who; may\fecret diem-&ive$i-fd- that fuch 'Seaman or Seamen fiiould . be jdfe^ri' fdr.His^ Ma;etfyys faid Service, on or before the; faiH Thirty-ifirft: Day. of this-Inilant. - And whereas the Ti^ie limited for paying ; the "faid .Bounties and* Rewards is near -expiring*."And"it being judged expedient for His Maje%?s.Semce that the,farn� fhonld: be--continued for: fame T"^ lpiiger; His Majefty, .with the1 Advice of His Privy Goimeilv doth therefore- ordery and it is hereby accordingly ordered, that the:Time; limited; for Payihentofthefaid Bounties and Rewards,. be jro- " extended from the: faid. 3.1 ft -Day of tHsTi\ftant -May,' to- the 3ift.Dfty-.--0f July next. And that die faid- Bounties and'Rewards be paid in the Manner dirked rby. Hir'&ilaje^'afore-iiidntioned^ Order,in Council-/of^he ad of April |aft. - WherepF all Perfons concerned- are to. take Notice* and-jgovefcn themfelves accordingly.1 - ; Wr Blair. May Duke of Wurtemberg arri- ved at;B"reflau the 13th. The Corps under his Corn-Battalions, and of his oWn Manner Camp join General Verner in ti The 16th,. the King of .Pruffia Iefi'Breffou,- and has fixed his Quarter at Bettlern, a~Village diftahi five Englifh Miles from Breflau.: The Troops thatv accompany hinv do riot encamp, but are. fcattered in' the different Villages, in -thaj � Neighbourhood;-into Quarters of Cantonment. The reft of the Army remain in the Quarters .they have formerly occupied; and we dpi not � Hear of any Movement the Auftriansi/except that a fm all * Corps,, commanded by General B/e'ntano, had fhewn; kfelf in the Plain-of ZobtSn.: The others remain Hill in the Mountains.  ; Hamburgh* May We have re'ceive'd"Advice, that,; fince 'the cdnfiderable Advantage wh'icH France Henry, bf Pruffia obtained on the. i^h'Jnftaht, ;over an Advanced Poll of the Auftrian:Army-near Do�-fieln in Saxony, the Auftrians have abandoned Dip-poldfwalda- That r the Army of'/ the'Enipirehas feparated"' from^ the Auftrians, and is retreated into Bohemia; but that the Pruffiau General Seidlitz was in Purfuitol the .Enemy. Prince* Henry's Head Quarters are at" prefent at Freyberg, three German Miles from Drefden. , The ^Treaty of Pfeace,' betwieen'.their Pruffian and Swedish Maje(lfes,; figneil here .the 2^d Inftanti by M. de Hechi's Minifter Plenipotentiary on the Part of the King 6f Pruffia:,. and by M. de Oithoff oii that of theKingof Sy^federi." Hagm May 28. Accounts, are Jiift, arrived,, that Prince, Henry has had. further Advantages, in Saxony. . He fent General Seydlitz to attack the Au--ftrrans at Dippoldfwalda and Maxeri ; and General -Hulfen to Keflelddrp, and the Plunfche Grund: They were both fuccefsful, and drove the Auftrians on-all Sides, who; have loft above 4000. more Trf-ignei;s. A Battalion and two Regiments of Auftrian Horfe were taken' at Dippoldfwalda by General Seydlitz,! beftdis 25Co:;Horfes5'365 Waggons^and feVeralPieces of Cannon, Standards, and other Tro* [Price Threepence. ]

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