Tuesday, May 25, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Tuesday, May 25, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - May 25, 1762, London, Middlesex t02I2. t From Caefta? May 25 ^aiutfjaf May 2 9 762 v � AT the Court at James**, the *$th of Mgf, P RE SEN Ti The KIN-G's inoil Excellent Majefty in Council iEREAS His- Majefty was pleafed \;by His Order in Cdunt& ofthe\id of April laft, W dEtj That the Bounties of Six Potinds for evfeiy able Seaman, and of Three Pound* for eveif ordinary; Seaman* fhtfuld continue to. be paid- to ey^ry fuch able and ordinary Seamar^, not above ihe-Afee 6f Fiftyi nor under the Age. of Eighteen Years, wlio ftoUld, ori t>t before the 31ft .Day qf this Involuntarily enter thSmfelves to ferve in His Majefty^ Navy, either with the Captains or Lieutenants irf -His Majfeflfy> Ships, or the Chief Officers' oh J&aVd futfh Tenders as fliouW i)e employed for fifing Men for the Service 3f His Mayfly's Royal Navy : And ajfo th4c the Bounty of Thirty Shillings ihould be continued to be paid to every^aWe bodied landman ncjt above the Age t>f Thirty Btve/ nor under the Age-of Eighteen Y^ri; who fliould, on or before the faid 31ft Day of this Inftant, voJunia-tfty enter themfelves ih like Manner talerve in His Majefty's Royal ftavyj and tfiat a Reward of Five Pounds for every^ able, and of Two Pounds Ten SliiUings for every ordmary Sedman, fhoultf Continue to be j>aid'to any Perfbn "who Jhbifld difebver any Seaman or Seamen who ifaay, fecret  themfelves, fo that fuch Seaman or Seamen Should be taken Tor His Majefty V faid Service, on or before the laid Tirirty-firft DSv of {his Inftant. ^ And whereas the Time* limited for paying the faiel Bounties and Rewards' is near e^Hng; And it ?d. expedient for His M^efty's Service, ame fhbuJd'be continued for Tome Time Day, fcy Htis Majefty's Command, fworh Hid Majeftyh. Principal Secretaries of State His M^efty havirig Wenjpieafed to appoint his Grace George Duke of Manchefter to b^ Lord Liea* tenant of the County of Huntingdon,his Graee tilts Bay fbfck the Oaths ajppointedtb be takfcn thereupon Mead the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremigr^ Brejlaaul May 9. On the 5th Inftafit Ms FhSfat ;M^jefl/v atcbmpaiiied by the Prince RtfyaJ, wept -to Ljffa, to meet the Troops " ;Sasony, and from Lu&tia, into Silefia^ and they re* �turned hither the next'Day. - Lieutenant General ferbkow was detached firocti Prince Hefiry*s Army, with the Corps formerly com^ mande& by General Platen, and paffed through the  Lower Lufatia, whore he was Joined by the Bod)^ of T/oop*'tfhich had Wintered'id that Country*^ under the Command of MajOT General Sfaenckefidorfiv': the whole making together about Ten Thou find1 Merr. They ^arrived hereon the 6th lafiant* \ mediately took Pofleffion of a Fortified Camp was prepared for them, diftant abbot one Mile from thisPkce, aid upon the Road to S< fli�i - V They are hard at Wtfrk this Village Irea^ made flrong Redoubts iof Turf, with Di^Kes palli&ded. % Cckgner May Epidemical Diitetnper, ' Itisofri Majefty with the Atottf oTHIs. Privy ^ ^ jfa that reigns here, fills all our Hofpitals ierved, that the Soldiers, who are <?n Duty at Night are almoff: all - carried n&rit Day to the Hpfptal which prom the Contagion is in the Air; it is com Quarter:'of tiie Inltt&ic&ntt ate:at r . Counfeil, doth therefore order* and it is hereby :coxdingly ordered, that the Time limited for and Rewards, be prolonged and extended from the. faid 31ft Day of this Inftant May, to the 31ft Dsiy of July next. And that the iaid Bounties and Rewards, be paid in the banner directed by His Majefty's. afore-;mehtioned Order in Council of the 2d. o� April lafi: Whereof all Peffons concerned are to take Notice, and govern themfelves accordingly not-i Troops, it is faid, ate to camp ^he osgh they are .not yet ready to 6ke the Fiel Hague, May 2$, TheSf^jiards wereflill inaaiv??; s 6th Inftant, upon the Fr66tf^rs of Pc tbftamiing their frequent Affurances, w begin their Operations. Atthlt nje every Thing' was ftill quiet, which is attributed The Of Prfaffia 4 w J�. Blair AT the Court at St. Jantes*s% the 28th',of May, 1762, P R E S E N T, The KING's moft Excellent Majefty in Council. : His Majefty having been pieafed to appoint the Right Honourable George Grenville, Eftjj to be one *f His Principal ^Secretaries .of State, hs was this + [ Price Threepence. } dition, againft the AuBrians in Saxony, is fully < firmed, with thil further Additioa, That his Royal Highnefs had made himf&f Mailer iff Freybergi where he ftmnd a cotofiderabte Ms^zine; and that retired to Dlppoldfvvalda 1 - * - - - Chapter of the Garter having be ffenus\ Mai &p -f . oft Noble Order of the _ � -F meet Day, the Xnights Companions, with tfe AeOrder hereafter.mentioned, all in theiiMantles the Sovereign in hisownAtilutm being \

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