Saturday, May 1, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Saturday, May 1, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1762, London, Middlesex From feamcOa? May I, to Cutftrag May - 4* 1762. 1 tbV. Tranflatian of a Memorial'of the Spahijh Arribaf-fador^ and of the Mlnijier Plenipotentiary of �France, to his mojl FaithfulMajeflj.', O rtf Jofeph Torrero, AmbafTadprExtra-1 ordinary of "the Catholick . King, and 'Don James O 'Dun, Mmifter- Plenipo-, tentiar'y of the moft Chriftian King, at this Court, by the exprefs and pofitive Orders of their Mailers, declare, with the greateft Kefpeft, to the moft faithful King i . '. , That the Two Sovereigns of France and Spaior being obliged to fupport a. War -againft. the Engjifhy have found it proper arid' necefliry, to eftablim jeyeral mutual and reciprocal Obligations between them ; and to take other indifpenfable Meamres to curb the Pride of the. Britifh Nation, Which, by'.an ambitious Project to become defpotick over the.^'Sea, and con- J fequemly over 'all Maridme'Co'mmerce, pretends .to . keep dependant the Poilefficmj of other Powers hVthe New World, in order Co "introduce themfelye^iherei,-either by an underhand Ufurpau6nKor by Conqueft. That the firft Meafure; which1 the Kings of France and Spain agreed oh, Was to haVe.the moftjFaithful. Kirig-in- their OfFenfive and^efenfive Alliance, and todefire him'to join their Majefties forthwith" j; That they: expecled, that the mofii  Faith Ful King would = acquiefce therein, cbrifprmahly to'what he owes to; himfelf, and to his "Kingdom, fince.his Subjeds-feel, much more than other' Nations, the Yoke- whjch Great Britain lays,1 and whichTihe itteahs.. to., extend over' all thofe, wha have PoiTem'ons beyond Sea;; and that it would .be urijuft 'for 'France aridt-Spanvtp. facrffice themfdyes for ah Pbjeftf "in1 wHich Portugal h fomucb intereftedi; and that, :inftead'of ^Sifting them, fheyihould make it impoffible fo^ therrj ta fucceed, by allowing the Eriglim to. enrich", thenrfelyes by their Commerce; and to"enter their Ports, not only to make Ufe of them as an Afylum,. but ,to:b$i more at Hand tphiirt" the Uefenders of theCauf& of Portugal, -' Thar, in this Spirit,', the Ambaffador of Spain, and the Minifter Plenipotentiary of France, defire. the moft Faithful King to declare himfelf urii&d with their Catholick and-moft Chriftian Majefties in the prefent War againft the "Englrfli, to break; ofF all Correfpondehce and Commerce with t.b3f Power,-as the Common Enemy of all the Three, apd'even jpfJ all .Maritime Nations �; ��to fend- awky.fronVhisPorjts,] Ihut them againftj all their Men of War arid;' Merchant Ships i and to join tfrthe Forces ofFrarice and Spain, thofewhich the Moft High has put in. his Hands, in order to make them equal to thofe of the Enemy. . �  �'��''- � ' . ^ ' ''.' ~ This .Declaration made- by the' Two Monar'chs of France and Spain, as being agreed and concerted, between them j his Catholick Majefty has, in the mean Time, iaftrucled his.Ambaflador to iake'this [ Price Six i'eoce* J- Reftecltion to the .moft FaithfuVljing' (lli di'dertkai his magnanimous Breaft may, the irjore'ea^lya^fc 'the .more, fpeedily determine, yrit^aib^Sg'^i^^i by other Impreffions, to take the Part the* moft "06^ ' fonant ;tp liis Aivah^ is the Brother of the Queen hisiWife,^ true'FrKnd^ and a moderate and quiet Neighboor^wKoi^s'madel ifhjng to unite^ejoi�;�M'thg'bfl(e, that, either 'ii^-Peace^or.^;^8rjk^jb^:'|^i| Portugal may be confideredas befongkg-whfotea? fter ; and in order-tiiat, if any PoWej^air^iWo^ making War with Spain.'they mjaynofiM^glrieri^jfC fttall fmd; in � her own Houfe,: Shekst1 and Soc^uHft tp attack her, as happened-,  w�h-Regard"^ Poriu-' gal, in the Wars, which King Phffip Wftftfiy'.fca? F ath^ri -and;Fatbe*-in-Law' of^the iaoft^aftfiftfl 1�W% was obliged to fupport againft Engla^.j^HoVtfu^i^ mpre glorious and more ufeful ^^-it^e'foi' thjl? rk^ Americai to afEfteacH other mutually and *ithul�ai&� and always deBrbaJ to make them;^eei At lu^ttfeac?-oft their. Power {'and"what Oijcipu. canth^^noM Faithful King, have for- theAwlShce of 'Eiigia^d^" when* by; an Qfenfive- and;;I)e.feafive ^ag^Vho'"1, united with Spain and Prance. ' ' ' ~; . --^ j' .Thefe.Confiderations art fa flr'orjg; that thi{X&t' ^thpiickKing1 thi.iksi there eaB^iwdoab^bnrjhait^ ; the..;mOft Fajthfdl-King,'hi* BKf^m-L&^r0^ yield to diemi wkhoat^opping a^^oienr-foIni^ft' theioore,f. as .his' Catholick ty&jeflj&i $&6r& ma|l% thisiluvkadonj and ia Order > to pfeweift-the ^feii^riv whichlthe Maritime Places *>f PtirtogSi;' mi^heraa^K when thefPart,1 taken:by' his"moHPaithfol Maje^v^ fliould come to the^Kiiowledge ofjhe Engliffii hta ,t Catholick:Majefty has caufed- his J^tdopiltd:triirtfH^ 'to the Frontier^ of po�ugal,;fo that? ~vctjrj&te � theonoft FaithfuLKingj; ^hieb,--donbt^sr;-will be.|a! fpeedy, as clear, and aa-deeifive,;as theNeceffity*' and.the pofitfve Determination of his.Cathoirek'Ma-'., jefty. to prevent the Defigns of his Erieihies; :r8auire. ' Iiisbon, the 16th of March, 1762. v-'f'*^ �' (Signed);.,/.'.'.T} �;V;;--.V'. .-'r.r^'7 ;. '.�, '�-o-jlli'fiflB Jofiph %frsro\ r ^T;he,two Mirjiflers added rtothis MemoliaJ,jnia�. ;tl|leyvwere'ordeTed by their Courts, to demand; a Ca-�' l^tegprical'Anfwer m Four Days, and that evety Delay: I beyond that Term would be coiuldered as Ne> i gatiye, �: bczsr.o s Tranftttm

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