Saturday, April 3, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Saturday, April 3, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - April 3, 1762, London, Middlesex �m 1| From &atmW 3 April r the 3d Bay and theG . PR E , S -E N T, tllNTG's moft Excellent Majefty in Council.. � - � � . * * HERE A S His Majefty was gracioufly pleafed, by His Royal Proclamation;bearing Date the. Second Day of February laft, to jpromife and Declare-(amojigft other Things) That die Bounties of Six Pounds for every Able Seaman, and: of Three Pounds for'every Ordinary Seaman, ihould fce -paid to :every fuch Able and.Ordinary Seaman; not; above the Age of Fifry> Jdor under the Age of Eighteen Years, who fhould, on#r before the.Thirty-firllDay of March laft, enter themfelves toferve in His Majefty's -Royal: Navy, either-with the Captains.or Lieutenants of His MajeftyVShips,; qr, the Chief Officers on .Board fuch Tehders as ftioulcl 'be. em- j Majefty's Dockyard* ployed for Railing Men for the Service, of the Royal ^Nflvy; and .that a Bounty of Thirty Shillings ihoidd be-paid to every Able-bodied Landman, not above the ^Age - of Thirty-five, nor under the; ;Age of Eighteen Years, who fhould, on or before the /aid Thixty-firft. Day of March laft, in like'Manner, vor luritarily enter themfelves to. ferve/in Hist.Majesty's Royal Navy ; and that a Reward of. Five Pounds for every Able, and Two Pounds Ten Shillings for every Ordinary Seaman, fhould be paid to any-Per-fon, who fhould difcover any Seaman or.e^men jvho fhould fecret themfelyes, fo that fuch Searrtan M?jrfty> faid^Ser- Landmen immediately upon tkeifEfctting, cersi[T^rnployed inRdifing Men fbxi'vHis Majefiy's:Fleet, with Whom facfc Seamen; and Land-Ihall refpe�Uvely;enter/andwhere there, is-nqt Regulating Officer, jby the Clerk of the Cheqi Majefty?a Dock* yards-r^And His Majefty" dothvhsjreby further OixUr* That die Mbrtoendonai^Rewardsidf iFive Pounds for. every Able*; and Two Pounds Ten ShiU fhall difcover � cret themfelves bed to b$ paid t& man or Seaman fhall be. taken for Hts:*Maiefly-s faxd' Service oil or before the faiijift -Day^of May nxt; by any: SeaT-.6lEcers;employed\ for'< railing Meny tsi be brought to aiiy 'of the faidiOfficers, .<�r .to-'the Clerks of Itke.Cheque "or N#eal Officer<atany/of;Hi*. iaid Rewards to be en fo djfcovered and taken in. and: about London,) by,the Principal Officers [Majefty ?s Navy there vice J" _ whereas the .Time, limiced faid Bounties and Rewards expired on the firft-of March 1 aft ; and it -being judged expedienj.for His Majefty's Service, - that the fame fhould be con; tinned to bapaid 'from the faid 31ft of March, to the gift of May next j and. that fame AUerauons fhoo'd be made in- the Manner of Payment of the <faid Bounties .and Rewards-lib Majefty, with the Advice of His Privy-Council, doth, therefore Order j ,and it is hereby accordingly ordered, That the aforementioned Bounties of Six Pounds for erery Able Seaman, and 6F Three Pounds for evety Ordinary Seaman, be continued to he paid to every foh Able and Ordinary Seaman, not above the-Age of Fifty, nor under the Age of Eighteen Years, whotfhaH, on or before the 31ft Day of May. next, voluntarily enter themfelves to ferve in His Majefty s Navy, either with the Captains or Lieutenants, of His:Mayfly's Ships, or the Chief Officers on Board fuch Tenders as fhall- be employed for. RailingMen for the Service of His Majefty's Navy ; And alfo, that the Bounty of Thirty Shillings be continued -to be -paid to every Able-bodied Landman not above *he Aoe of ThirtyrEve, nor under the Age of Eighteen .Years, who fhall, on or before the faid aift Day of his Name, and the Name or Names, and - cer ____ired in Conieguence of his bifcovery r and the faid Certificate to be given by. fuch Officer as may take :fucheaman or Seamen fot -Whereof all Perfons con-* :fty e to take'Notice, ^1 - ^ ? ^ accordingly. Hen* F&t< St, Jaituts,. April 6. . . , The following Addrefsr, of the Comnuffipn of Uitf General- Affembly of the-Chuijh of'Scotland, has been. prefented . to His Majefty by the 2a Do^or John Hyndman, Moderator Qf/.thevJaiWiiff-neral AfTembly, of tk fe&Chorchv and the Relrfr rend Mr. Duncan Macfatlaa, .one.of theMini&rs thereof, Deputies, ifor that P,or.pole, ftoin ,th�. laid Comrniffion, who .vyer?. introduced .by *fce ml of Bute, one His Majefty's Princip,' :Sec#teriea 6f State. EyoprMajefty's mpftdUWW-r ~�,..-^ the Minifters and Elders,.ine^ini^e^^m;np9n General Affembly of the Church of Scotland, embrace, with Joy, this � tulating your Majefty upo happy Marriage

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