Saturday, March 27, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Saturday, March 27, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - March 27, 1762, London, Middlesex azette; From &aturDa? March 27, to Cue&ag March 30, 1762, Peterjhourg, 44 February, 1762. THE following is the Copy of a Declaration delivered a few Days fince, hy the Emperor's Order, to the Imperial, French, and Swedifh Minifters re* fiding ;here. ' ... Dsclarotion. SA Majefte Imperiale, qui, a fon heureux Avene-ment au Trone de fes Anceftres, regarcje, comme fon premier Devoir, d'etendre & d'accroitre le Bien-etre de fes Sujets, voit avec un extreme Regret, que le Feu de la Guerre prefente, qui dure depuis fix Annees, & qui eft depuis lorigtems onereufe a toutes les Puiflances, qui la font, loin de tendre'a fa Fin, s'allume au contraire de plus en plus, au grand Malheur de toutes les Nations; 8c que le Genre humain a d'autant plus a fouffrir de ce Fleau, que le Sort des Armes, qui jufqu'a" .ce Moment a iii foumis a. tant de Viciffitudes, ne 1'eft pas moinspour ravenir: Pourquoi Sa Majefte Imperiale, cornpadflant par fon Humanite aTEfFufion du Sang innocent, & vou-laht de fon Cote arreter- un tel Mai, a juge necef-iaire de declarer aux Cours AlKees de la Ruffle, que preferant .a toutes autres Confiderations, la premiere hoi, que Dieuprefcrit aux Souverains., qui eft .la Confervation des Peuples :"to the Advantages, which they might expe^l from the War, and which they cannot obtain but-t>y ;a Continuance of the Effufton of human. Blood., ..And to.this End* His Imperial Majefty, with the beft Intention, ad-yifes them* to .employ, on their Side^all their Powef towards the' Accomphlhment of fo great, and "fo falutary a Work. St. Petcrjboarg, ^'Fehruary, 1762. and accompanied his Royal Highnefs on Horfeback to a fmall Diftance from hence; It'is reported, that thePruliian Officers have now Leave from the Emperor of Ruffia to raife Recruits in the Kingdom of Pruffia. " . 1 By the fretheft Letters frorh ,the Army in Saxony We hear, that EightvRegimenfs have already marched from Madhal Daun's Army; to reinforce General Laudohn in Silefia, and that more were preparing; tO follow. ' _ Br'unfwoicky-Mareb 16.-; The Funeral of the late Dutchefs Dowager will h& performed this Evening* Their Serene. Highnefles the- Landgrave o�Jt%s%� Ca^el, Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwrck; andj-" 2^ Princes ^f the Dacal Family, will walk i^i, ceffion.- ' . The Duke: of Branfwick haB"promotea|l Brines Jred-eticki to ihs Rank of Lieuteriaat^Eerafc^^ " � � Ufatfivu&yi^

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