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Publication: London Gazette March 9, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - March 9, 1762, London, Middlesex mmbi 10190. From Cu^njap March 9, to &atuttiap March 13,-176^.; �T the Court at St. James's, the nth Day of March, 1762, . PRESENT,. The KING's mod Excellent Majefty in Council. His Majefty in Council was this Day pleafed'to appoint Jeffry. Fifher, of Irchefter, Efq; Sheriff of the County of Northampton, in the room of Donatus Obrien, of Blatherwick, Efq;.' AT the Council Chamber Whitehall, the 13 th of March, 1762, " PRESENT, The Lords of His Majefty's moll Honourable Priv.yirCouncil. This Day the Right Reverend Richard Lord Bifhop of London, was, by His Majefty's Command, 'f\Vorn of His Majefty's moft Honourable Privy Council, and took his Place at the Board accordingly.. Cologne, March 1. The French have demanded of this City a great Number of Palifadoes, to be; employed in the Fortification of Deutz ; but the Burger-Matters having made fome Difficulty of complying with "the Demand, as vye have no Territory out of, the Walls, the French Commandant has' let them underftand^ he will cut down all the Trees on the Ramparts, if they do not comply; and our Garrifon has been augmented by the Arrival of the' Regiment of Conde. The French Engineers have Orders to fortify Deutz,. and a Battalion of Orleans are fent to garrifon that Place. M. Dauvet, who was placed. here, as Commandant, by Marflial Broglio, is fet out this Morning for. Paris; and M JThiange commands here in his Place till the Month of May, when another will be named. Thq Management of the Forage, Hofpitals, and Proyifions 6f the Army, that were under the Direction of Per-fons -named by the General in Chief, are to be given this Campaign to Undertakers, if .proper ones can be found. St. J'ami's, March 9. The King has been pleafed to conftitute and appoint the following Lieutenant Cplonels to be Colo.-nels in His Majefty's Army, viz. ' "William Dean, --. -7 to be Colonels of John Thomas, '---5 Foot. Courthorpe Clayton, _[t0^rf^nel ^ Charles Bucknall, ---~J\ Robert Spragge, - df tQ he Cpfehiijof 'Francis Grant; George Moncrief, He,rtfy.^tamer, Alexander Mac Kay*-Mark Reriton, '-^=-= William Forfter, =��  Lord Adam Gordon, - Sif John St. Clalr/Jart.-i- r -m' John Reed, - Robert Scott, -- --, Edward "Saeheyerel Pool,-~_J James Mure Campbell j-r-r Robert Campbell, Alexander Sorell, 4- � Richard ;Lambart, -" ' Alexander Maitland, Henry Richardfon, -�Andrew Lord R0M0, James Molefworth, C to Be Colonel-of* ; Dragoons; John Pomeroy, fj Dragoons. * to be Colonels-of .�' Foot. The .King )5as:been pje^ ^nftijntfi and ap-pointthe followingMajpts tp,bjljeUfen^t;C^|pnel4 in.Hi,s Majefty's Army, vi>. , . "- " . r*^arthplome.w Blake, ?�rr >.t0 -fte Lieotenant � James Agnew,--> Colonels ofiFpot^ James Lindeiay, -.....^ ~ry " ~}-\ i:  i . _  . .  3 to'he JuiCutenant Arthur Prefton>---^ J Colonel PfHpffci Robert Rofs,----i"v J^nies Ramfay, Adajn Leyingfton* ^pjjert Wallh, .-r-.James.Seton, - Archibald iGordon,. Gordon Graham,  A&W ;Beck$y.ith, w Herbert Munfter, Paulus ^Emiliu,s Jrwjng, Francjs'Sm^th, .,.'... ri,' "� '� : John-Cunningham, 'i-- -Robert Gord^hi - 'Ed.ward-'M'ilbaake,. -Tr- io by_�ieute^ani dnel�:bf Foot* Itotie'lLieiifepanf rCbjH ^rofDra- PauljPecfeell,. ;;.,i-\iat Henry Williamfon, -rr-/Hildebrand Oak'es, -- (.Jofeph Widdens, I to be -'Liente^ant ' "�tp, be dLieufegant Colonels of Foot, Majors ;

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Publication: London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 9, 1762