Saturday, March 6, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Saturday, March 6, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - March 6, 1762, London, Middlesex From. featHF&ap March 6, to CMeftftg;' Mstrch . 762. ..'v.  . IVbitehallyMarch ()... A RL Y this Morning Captain' Wal: fingham- arrived with the following Letter/" from I^Fajor. -General .Mprickton, dated .from ;tne'' Head Quarters in the Ifland 1762C . Milord, '...:.' - ' : .and.where I was inHJDpes to have been able to have landed ;on the-Wefterri Side of the Bay, and to have c'rofledoyerto Port 'itpyal Bay y but the, Difficulties that would have attended our being fupplied with Pmviilpn^ arid Storesj-'added to the Scarcity- .,' >. V. ... . ' -.' .- [ Pric$ Three Pence. ] It gives me great: Pleafure to acquaint your Lord* fhip, how much I" am .indebted to Admiral Rodney? for the Afliftaoee. received^ from the Fleet under has. Command :.:The utmpft Harmony has {uplifted -hitherto, and I am perfuaded will continue to;do fo. � ' This will be delivered to your. Lordihip by Gap* tain Walfingham, who takes Home the Admiral's. Difpatches. , . �.- ,-v- . .- * ' T have the Honour to be, - v .. - , . . Robert Moncktoii; Admiralty' Office, MarchLc). Copy of a Lzttei'/from Rear Admiral* Rodney iti Mri Ckifhtnd,-.dated .on Board-Hts-Maje/ffs-^Sbif thi .Marlborough in'Cas Navitt'Bty, Mait{niiQ/tbe: jgti, of January y 1764. ' . - . IDefire you. .w411;acquainttheir Lordfhips,' that i-arrived at Barbadoes on the 22d of Notember, having parted Company with the Squadron under my Command in a hard Gale of ;Wind, a few Days-. after we left the Channel. �'  ^ - ^ The Foudrovant, Mod^ile, and Bafilfsk,joined me ' the 27th, the*Nottrngham: and Thunder the1 rft of" December,, and- the Vanguard, withi Ae Remainder" of the Squadron,.on the 9th. The Temeraise: ;and"Ac1t�bn, with.the Trppps from Belleifle, arrived the 14th of^;D*ecerolber, ani M^ ^Monck-  ton, with'".the Forces fronTLNorth America,--on the 24th 5 and having remained _a fewDays to water the Ships, refrefli AeMen^ and:n^il�? the.neceflary pif--pofiti'ons for ourfinte/prizej,"we irrfved'p^ Ma*rti.> nico the 7th pf Januairy > and pa^he We;havefaved all her People; all^ herStores, an^ I hope foon to get all her Guns.; . ] Having,^by this .JMptioii. of the Fleet jand Army,' taken- Pofleffion of an - excellent Harbour yand. fe-cufed'a Landing on ;the weatiermoft Part of the Ifland,.wWch m^ht be made :tenable atari^Time^;� as iikewife thereby greatly alarmed-the:"Ehemy,.at General:^Mon^ktpn'sTEUqne^CI a^fpatc^ed.Commb-.^ dore 5 wan tori, with a^qaadron of Ships,:; ahdr t\yo ' Brigades, toi tteBay ofj^erite Ahce, in order to^^^take ' Poft there. C^p.tamHervey of the. Dragon ^having' filenced the Battery ofthe:. Grand-Ance, landed his Marines and Seamen, ;wHdattacked it alfo from the"[ Shore, and.took PofliJflionof tlie.Fort; andy;6rf'.the ' tlie whole-Fleet and Army, after deftroying the ^h?mies-Batteries at St.'-Ann's j Bayi .whe'i;. (havmg^efoajitfitted:-Ae*C6aft i^ich ther  Geniaral j vve came to a Refolution to make an' At- -tempt between-Point Negitoe'.kiidthe Cas De Pi-; -lotte, which Iordered to be attacked on the i^thj. arid having very fticcefsfully and with, little Lefs IHenc^dt the Batteries,; I^Janded jQeneral;- Mpjicktdri' witit. ' the greateftl^art of his .FprceR "by Sun-fet 3 � and-1 the wholeArmy ; wasv on - Shore a. liwle after " " w' .Mr-A -i � v �J|ity* ^

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