Tuesday, February 9, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Tuesday, February 9, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - February 9, 1762, London, Middlesex From CucCbag February 9 1 j Weftminfter], HIS Day His Majefty came Hpufe of P .'^',"Cye:^ tKe^tate (re Judgmenthereafter, fte^Reformztfion any �Weh^iogg: or:. Abufes, .upon b 4 - fiial Solemnity, Robinfort. Knt. G Rod, was fent with a Meffage frorii His Ma- to ihe 'Houfe of Commons, commanding their Attendance in the Houfe of Peers. The Majefty thither \ 7_ m - for raijing. by Annuities, in Manner the Sum of Twelve Millions, to be kingFundi, .and: for applying tl Procfamaiion bearing Date "theTwentieth DaVJ b? March laft, order, ugmfy, grant,-Mff.declart^ alRerfons, who ;at^ffiJ^-^i^j^fr^e*^c?Hc';of faid; Royal ^an^athef, ^ire.;dlay^W;iaWf^ doms of. JBtftfip.. prfireland, ~ ;Do toimoa; � Wales* .Town, oY Kerwfck ubda rTvi&edr Ifles' of f^rx ; aifo the monies arifingfrom the Duties-JM Spirituous liquors i grant* An:'A3"forgranting'toHisM.ajejfyfcveral Rates and ^Duties upon Windows or Lights. An A3 for enabling His Majejiyjo raife a certain Sum of Money towards paying off, and difcharging^ the Debt ofjhe Navy, and towards Naval Services* for the Tear, One Thonfand Seven Hundred and Sixty-two* :An A3 for 'charging certain 'Annuities granted in the 'Tear One Thuujand Seven Hundred � and- Sixty?-on the 'Sinking Fund,- and for carrying the-Duties therein mentioned to the faid Fundj and for making forth-DupU-tates of Exchequer Bills? Tickets, Certificates Receipts, burnu or piker-K-wife defrayed. , And -to two Private Bills, been removed ir\i$fi^ places,''95 ;l?mpl9^�nfe,^puitdr A^e^a^upM^.*4ft^ taken: to be -itfH^np^l^ eie^e%t| their".' Tefpe&iy*' 64ces,''^'cS,^n^^pipymt and executed the Months ftom^thePgte/QfO&i; tidn, unlefs Jobber removed' and1 difotiargpd^ feyf$� And wjierws ty.l�ur<ltoa^^ Date the^Tw^ty-fijth'$f?y 'pf-JutyW,,�iw pleafed to - order, femfo.gr^nt, ^d*declare^ T all Perfons who, at the-Time of the JJeini ^ :her, j^ere ,duly^n3 lawfully offeffed' of" or inveiled m 'any"6fHce, Place, or A By .the KING, O C L A M A ' tployment, Qm or-Military, pqthia X)?r Kiig-{idoms ofdSreat-jB/itain ;p%;Ma^,^on^ioji^of Wales, J Town. of; -Berwick :U�pir? Tvyeed^Jffes 3f JerfeyGuernfey,. AWerney<; w^atk^^nd. had.opf JbeetorejwvM or d?fqh"ar|e4ffOiri fnch i_______ atid 'Ireland, \ and SarA Majsjlys Pkqfurc for continuing Officers.* dikh be taken to be continued in, and hoi m fuch their refpeftive Offices, Places, or Employ- jnents, in like Manaet faid; Royal Grandfather, they? hejd^Vw. oid by reafon of the Demifeof Her faid latd Afejefty, Herif^m, > or Queens of this, Realm, out- that all and: every Perfon- and Perfons, in any of the* of Junjeiaft, � *n|eft fooner x<*m6ved:5ind ^^g^rby:Vi^Aad.yft^ ;by Oar Royali?,^^^ :D&y. om&bbsi Jaft* -We did in,Uke Manner :prfer, 'fignifyi-gfant,-and,Mm*Jt^i-M: who atth6lTime of tHe'faidJp.e^aifepf Pur RoyalGra^d-fat6e^r iwere. duly! .and Ja^foUy,pofleired, ofr:or in-veiled in, any Office, Placev;pr:Employment, Civil or'v^EIitafyi within Oar Kingdoms of G&eat Britain or'lreland, Dominion of Wales, Town of Berwick upon Tweed, Ifles of Guernfey, Jerfey, Alderneyt or Sark?; ind- had. npt^een:;reinpyed or difcharged, ihould: be.adjudged, and taken to. be conUnu^d in, and; hold: and Execute, fuch their refpeOiv$ Offices* = Placesv and. Emplovments. in- like ^Manner as atahe Tiraevof the iai ..Mon'ths. fro an4. continue in their refpeftive Offices, PJaces., and Eni-' wgfe/opnwjre ployments for the Spnce.of Six Months ;next. after � difcharged by the next, in - Succeffioiv to whomTthe Hefcend i AndwheieaW'the-l P^B^n'M^^ anted.; Jiath; beeji -f on Space of Six Months from the Deiriife pf;<5ur Royal--Grandfather, of .glorious* Memory,- was " ating m Lvexii- �und hot pyments\,K ..W^ fy*mm& ,......,~ that might ifi.OteiReyal Wifdom andl Care oT-the �are* Commiffions, and Appointments; fbr 'all 'the; ^4]^^*^^^%^ rma We Incimveniehjce? thatrmight ha "faztfe becoming. void, oaf. $ v [ Price Thro^Peiice. J 4 - t h

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