Sunday, March 8, 1665

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Sunday, March 8, 1665

London Gazette (Newspaper) - March 8, 1665, London, Middlesex are now arming for J fo in thoy account fighting Ships ten of them good the from twenty two Guns to thirty of the Advice is one they are much put to it for taking all they where ere they them no have ap this fortnight or three being afraid of the ier they may be ready the next though ny fooner we hear that the four General Ships are arri ved at The part ef the Seamen are gone home others to none caring to the French upon any terms J haJ received be ing into fei vice before the War was arc fince run away from Hollanders have not much te triumph for the their Forces the of if they upon the particular which his Army hath had of having taken and 200 Foot at Delden afterwards 500 Foot at ana Wry two Troops of tmd five Companies cf Groll by night the Villages tear ho by Major General Mc were fu by that they fell into a 118 upon the 100 and fent into with a Captain ot and Officers an fince 400 and were fo their new their 4coFoct we e fo ce to 4er and bur ten of their cleared which they took in the S w here they We have no of frequent Intelligences we allot them with relations cf great their Attended growing day more in as we that he leads hun 4red after and is very all killing all they meet There arrived a from tels that fent by their with the to the Grand were returned tnd that the Bafia of had fent an who was his way an Account cf the and great of the Jews in Prince being in a Chair without at a from the hath had the Oath of as General for this years Expedition to him in the Ge In cf the of is taken at an by which he He ratifie all he is bound to i The States upon the our Teaty with Den tbt King three hundred a greater fum we were to pay dovn to apon what is owing rs from the F Van to at that lie cannot that from the great want there is in his which is makes 3 dc the warranting our Treaty with hah much to be in their hut have been j onely they have that a Lift in hereof all the lofles they have fuffered du rin the War upon a fair muft be made good to them by the other Provinces bur they fee that will be but a put off by rhat Holland and may come to pretend to reparation of damages too I but who repair them hath a fecond Letter can by no means yield to the Demands of The States are the Ratification of the boTT with Buffet and Copes but in the mean have been at a Memorial given in fey two in their Matters that they are the Military D remember the Prince of nnd give him fome Upon the other Pro vinces demanding Copies of the of Holland foas the was for put it up again into the Bag 5 which the two Deputies went and told the that whs their Maiter had clone in that was as much out of his good will to the oi their to which he was new fo an as from the tyes ot anj care he under to the Prince cf and his might be by the tie dcnt the next oay again produced the lame Memorial to the which ci Holland continued as violently to it was that from a Prince be fed or read the Penon fo thereby c cf holding any or in the State j in bitter was in the lame t that P and that had bv i forfeited all the P and Rights that by the Law oi Nations wee to them And if the Elector continued in jh pe would their Iv ment they were bv the Treaty tc to T the debate wil be and then Ice what come of it In mean tinte the tf refites to pay in their oi the lorre ci r of faction for the Prince ol iris rliey lock upon the dined at at ihc cf a private where he vich Ceremony waited on A Po and b the e a nd e the from this day of and who came the cf and that five nTes his conin the Dutch Fleet that Re c him vety ncsr the t c For ar then on their A lent his bunt ro e f who wd bv t c to ft and they protect in their Potts they cd up farther tic before they came from in with eleven to the This came in company v 5th which we formerly told you rn t by the till w khin leagues cf four of our the the and the the r of hd tc kena laden with Her into all within fight cf of tacking the ether i them up the Si arrived this cay with fourteen ho ae at an eft of about five miles from the Biy they Cru fmg as far as Near two cr three dayes they light upon a with three and odd of Corn would have pall for a but is and Ketches took lately a French laden with Fruit and pretending to he bound for with s to one Mr Pi ft a Merchant but being into the In habitants gave information to the 10 that fhc is like to be His accompanied with his Royal an i and attended with of parted hence for he that day at wit intention to the reft of the week in thoic and to return hither noble of that as the of the about by in