Sunday, March 1, 1665

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Sunday, March 1, 1665

London Gazette (Newspaper) - March 1, 1665, London, Middlesex by Frct T to N M vart Fleet cf Colliers a aii came mto cv a contrary Winas to make fume T c X rnM Fre came trom Haven on hat gave chace to the On and wen oft to War ot zo Guns that in faht i their co knew 14This day iy a e of about Ui A o kit ct March The Cardinal 4 doth iy take his journey for to take of his rick there but whither he hath orders to proceed further to attend the arrival of the is not yet Two hundred Livres are already remitted hither from and Four hundred more arc daily The Count is making great preparation for the the Marriage of Niece with the young Prince Razors to both the and all the day His the of t to en board to his n eminent are invited But in regard of re turn of the out of Turky will it is thought the appearance will be but the j t r L c o in City the Lord and the their and r with His with rex cf ci and alacrity of ail rec ve His making atter with great and T hath been and leveral ether places of the penons being very ready feve His in lo uit a 17 Thereat v of the of e as DUKC ct is Upon his in the name of the went out in witn of ail on trom the Court to to hear there 3 S lemn rn the ot the Church a Atar tor the the of the cr Company ot heir then the States Serge n the three Recci i Tan then came the of with the Great Sran from each of the ani 5 then tl the Ao bos on the on on f i by the of Antwerp the not be there bv of his his attendance at the a 01 atter them marched his ou ah the m to the and returning to the Kin bare they roaa to the aid credei over the Excellency Tead all je of them by Oath J after which did him and acknowledged Kin to be D ke f with this Chrono C after they threw thousand G pieces the r tuat ray Treated the tc next with 1 s in i The Emperors Baron de for to on fellow ing par That they reconcile with the of That they make of all places in their on belonging to the That they the places belonging to or at to acknowledge 3 Subjection to the Emperor for That they acknowledge the their Lord and The Hollanders late into where they plundered and two is very highly relented Laft Munday marched out of this 900 with four Field and about i foo under the Command of Major General Go r and Colonel the and motion of the who are got together between which we and lup to be by the a party of Holland forces of came oat of to plunder tome Villages near one of our 5 but were fo let upon by our fome Foot out cf the under the Command of Major and that after little the party were and one Lieutenant with four men came all the reft either killed or From Bremen they write that 300 cf the Swedes being the Bourgh and the were asked concerning their gave only tor that they had no order to the but to pafs for Several Regiments of Foot are of The of and the have into a League and the French King hath fent fome of his to ex amine their The Secretary hath with many writings of great and with twenty mote of his Retinue hath received the Faith The former Treaty between the Electors of and is The Alliance between and Holland con lifts of Both parties do renounce all manner of j whereby becomes a gainer of Sixty Tun All in Norway are to be quite taken which will advance and double the Kings Revenues in chat The Hollanders are yearly to pay Waf i i i

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