Thursday, February 26, 1665

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Thursday, February 26, 1665

London Gazette (Newspaper) - February 26, 1665, London, Middlesex upon the cf the The cannot fin i that the from be of any great they he lends his Admiral to to buv all for his with part of that money winch they have civen io they fay he hath materialU mcney to hi y what they murt to The Regiment of Scots under rhe Command cf the Lord have fa ire and are permitted te through the Country peaceably in order to their their Rendezvous is at they are to at it is expected be cn out of England for the fafe returne of fhips which are to Count with 5000 and 2000 fell lately into the belonging to the Dake of Medina Sidonia they lacked two the one the other The fir ft of a Village of i ooo they took all away with them that they little thorn but what the poor people had hid in the great Church One hundred and eighty Hone of the Spanish then in the were delivered to and other Cattle they a prize very They had a at in the Count loft 40 and the Village But at they found no though they had there the ad vantage of a pretty in the left in and 500 who have now liberty ro rove as far as the Suburbs cf this The Hollanders Fleet parting neer the Port chace to an the Malaga they under the command of the City which were at the io long as their powder lafted vet tl c Hollan ders the Spaniards are very have hovered about and prize bux Sir Jcr having notice of is to the them as far as The Duke of is faid to be made General of tire and the Prince de Monte Gene ral of the who are to go for the Indies in October Since the appearing cf the Fleet that weic before defined tor and Sardinia for have changed which has railed Come nt to an e Here are arrived this week fhips i i and Alicant 2 Sicilian who left this 9 dayes face off of Minorca 5 upon news of Sir 11 landed their Corne at and to with the French Fleet at Seignior Gio having a Trade for this place with an inviting Letter to that to this State from the Prime it is new believed the Convoy will be for the it not being iafe for with her Pilchards for the Sacrifice ef a for Tabana an r and a for Our Fregats have taken a pretended by a Frenchman coming from Lisbon for Perto Here was a Bat tail fought off of St between 8 beginning at i in the and concluded not 4 in the the finking of i and burning cf what Fleet they we know not divers conjectures and fancies there the Preach they were St Malo The Spaniards Two Weft that Road izor 14 miles off j that cne of the fhips was a Admirals White the was fore J in every ones Opinion more then and much One that was not z Leagues came in but the was fo If neither Flag nor when they had helmed a ana for tl c The that went c tit from month had a prosperous The la it came Kechel 9 heir now itti cf The Cru up the Tie at what they believe is the at C G ins were he lall tl e afternoon I or the hck ing On to French laden w our The lame drV carne n an with and count 01 the of 1 the v rp put her I e 11 Svera h a t Z rv arc i eat w F an It D 1 1 1 E an j li Li French taken bv one th particular be dried up in this G to been io B alb The Lift niJ t who met the and nth Haven on i never s ro he upon che ac ll e is art rate j tc iy were cne the Norwich herrr light in Burlington leven Men of War for ae et Holland Men i lived a this lx came cut cf of fur HuU err he law nva at with cf W ar w Kins ir on ho rnce a day cent c in of eleven Shirs hie ad nn wlo a being e le borh but knows not On Cit had wit nt they to t and heard Guns exc On morning the Ball to in the he tells us of ome tew i cutes about the Dogger five labor to he t at ore cf them the On Monday laft the a excellent thi Fregat was c with the iiii w id certainly cne cf the cf that in The snd fe vine liis Grace tie Lord Lieutenant v Rat ct his Laoy in tl e tor ro the water u e Lv his with all rhe Gentry n r t cnr J ted with encounter uith ss fhc iau her tie o Men brought in five with rnd French lut pretend be aiui The ire a Caper t f forty but s loon the Caper mace being She l la were in four taken Fy tl e twenty and with Sack and another cf feu teen cf from with anj Fruit 5 another with Salt end they to le bound for but the Men are cf them Dutch two mo c with y the Ont with Sugar a French taken by the Another with W tken by the For reft The cf this nrs sli Of the cf the t Printed by ovc OAl e r