Sunday, February 15, 1665

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Sunday, February 15, 1665

London Gazette (Newspaper) - February 15, 1665, London, Middlesex We have nothing elfe yet of the Swedes but that they are all pad over the by into where they are to lave 5 and 3 nights The forces are in their and i is not believed they will joyn with rather ft and on their own The Swedes of 56 of Ordinance 3 great The Lord of by Sir Sir Sir and Captain Companies appeared in the Field this unanimously and well appoint and are at a caves which gives an how ready all this County will be to their DCis to their King and Country 5 as alfo their care and dili gence that is tiled in fitting the and may to the well managing of His Sacred Con in Both and Foot now in are and drawing down to lie upon the Sea His the of lent lately a Convoy of 1000 and 800 with i field to Conduct 300 waggons ot and all forts of and men into the Frontier which at i from thence they drew up ail their party before and there full five but faw no Enemy coming or The French are weary of the Ht and the Hollanders in general as of French letters for Frme the and iau F ench in the Hollanders The Refi Jent is not yet come from whither lie went to the which we hope to lee here every the River being and the Wind as good as they csn There was two dayes fince 6x Regi ments of the of ani three Regiments of the with thei upon their march to guard the all in good and very cheerful to the The n a Bark arrived bring ing letters to the which that the Navy un dcr the command of the dc arc arrived in at arrival the Turfa fet fire of a the City of and fled to their not being of force to make our men have fortified the throwing up for of their planting their and leaving 700 men for its The Inhabitants of that in 4 dayes 1500 are come and taken tne Captain has funck a great in the mouth of the Haven of to keep the from that We are in great preparations for cur expe dition into our Navy lately received i 50000 and have taken Turfo of Burthen fayling to Candia laden with which are our On and Friday laft the Lord Lieutenant Deputies met i the Militia of this County are in a sood a great and his laft week about three hundred of the of new Men in made a brave attempt upon having notice of a Maga tine of lying there in and of which it is was the they and began to fortific j but lying between the ef Breda and Bois le the upon drew to gether 4000 upon led by the Prince de who fent a Trumpet to offer diem the Liberty of matching fairly off j but they a natc were at laft with the lofs of about having killd above loo of the came on one and his were taken with fome number of Common the reft made their in the They write from that Genera Wrangle the Deputies which the Duke ct lent to to his before he proceeded that the had no ce fign to meddle in the affaires cf the ct th not his his vc he be their tcr and take part the cf his His of The fame tell us that the received a recruit c1 and all Subjects to bring in fo his A From he lafl we and endeavoured to the belt of o tc eft before that if e have au upon the i was our chante o Anchor 5 Leagues ofi out of cf Land about Newport j by break of Jay we law and diem into the li ct being but 16 nm Flais 5 it leems to be a crm fitted tc pals the Channel for the and their 10 ncer that they can have no more them but in a dat carre from 0 fiend on he the Hollanders went from their Road 14 days e Blue and another great Man at the Maria and some other which we to be our Hull Fleet The five Men cf War that were there on were cfi of nd there a with but the nsen laved in their and o for but the ret admn the Captain went of Humber K me and Sunday Lieht Colliers to Sea cut ot ctr ii i J who intended to overtake the Flee unrer Convey to under the Convoy of Captain Steward in the Mar came into Bay about 1 1 or 14 Hull bound who were this morning trimming their four in hc The in came by 6c cr So Sail of Light The tenth came by 40 Light with tour or five Cdn which we think are in The eleventh came from the about o loaden them to be the Hull The at one of His came to Anchor in the but it was not lisht enough to fhe The in iwo French prizes laden With From Oxen are the morning died in that Earl ct of a violent Fit of the which had held him for man days in great His hath fince conferred th of Gentleman of His Bed by the cf rhc faid upon the Lord His the moay and with which the Counties of this His received His Orders for putting in a c upon notices of an or intended by his Enemies abroad i and being tender of continuing them lender the trouble cf rhat hath been pleated to direct the Militias of the laid Counties to be and returned for this time having given the World so eminent oi their and to ferve His and their in all there hath been certainly lated in this appeared in the Counties upon little then a days 6c and 8ccoo able men well The Account of thj Tetal Plague in sL of the Plague by in

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