Thursday, February 5, 1665

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Thursday, February 5, 1665

London Gazette (Newspaper) - February 5, 1665, London, Middlesex about the of which is to to wai the of the Here has been cf late a i The Cardinal tie Queens the Duke dc Duke c Conde dc the dc The Jc aH pc UK It to he new they no he tui They ii in the of the 1 which he Turks the Advice from they in time nuy 4 the and yet they are at fuch to with that forced to lay a moe EmKa upon ill their Athe that fee obtained was to two to and Skip frr who at carries a Packer tu tic Grand to the or Men of to with that they may leek L t like a On died here tie the So that it is ht that though much v th the the tn this his itay being J by her There hath not appeared above Man rf War of the Dutch two or three j the we lie farther to the been forced to Sea by the late in heat cf them of 1 Guns been caft away The French Redden is patted hence for it is he s to fum of as is to Luy Ships cf War of this in a condition to kt to Sea They write from that the man next in command to in dead which haply was the of cf cf I Tke late Pcpc j snd the Venetian about their challenging CuRom ct his Vei the io well that his en deavors to cet the and the to Yis m favor of the Venetians the The Pope at his this laft large to the Cardinals concerning the differences t and to prevent the of blood but that look his endeavour to hinder the Duke of Pamirs redeeming by all to finde out new Creditors to Demand their Dct s i although they were content to to hinder the j Dukes fecond cannot his intentions 10 i This day the brought in a formerly a and now laden and other Goods hound ior The Parliament met arain when the Members were called feme fcr nc The of the have heard Motions this and appointed February 15 for the day of hearing The in the laft to have come firm to this went thence to the Made out eighteen Sail of with toco to take Iland of concernment in thoic Parts j that at they had taken a Wooden built long at it and planted io many Guns upon as render it very Upon tie j third here arrived the cf ico j Tuns laden with Gyle and Salt from This came in two laden with from a French the cf in the cf teS cf I hx le i cr s bound a e O s r L h r 1 c r j t I hr rd Jf l vc s that tie I IV v t Fleet iV n tie c A c nd kecT t vcS in t tl t n t e On tee 7 n a J who n ery ni t e and cf the if i feh A f w tie thP U wry n 1 he anu anc ere Man c e Roau the i or They ure 7 K ftom I f Men car he i1 tvc t i rrc r U Mm Two cfc Puch he rur fty fired iure hey in cf Fort a under the i v I lee milo of ur 1 al re he tie Collie t fil arc run Two of the Men cet her cave nd fcf fv m 1 e L cf ftx in the time and and he nc me fl ot n the hii Iv coe to the filing a n Ior c re cf is faid been It f ht the ether Merchant tU had net anted it h c been Fee under the cf Si t is cay j t e Dutch having ail I right in Sury Tkm Envoy the C r s of Sweden arrived an t the hau tl e honor to His Hand at veV fly the weekly T i es clear Printed by over i