Thursday, January 29, 1665

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Thursday, January 29, 1665

London Gazette (Newspaper) - January 29, 1665, London, Middlesex Gazett e lv Tl 5 1 e i t cv C t L i TV in v M e e L e i He F v e time n J c Ere On he ir J til t r Canary Ships from the 5 the Cv Min Samuel ture c the latter of v a Bounded of ue are arri more bv I v were bely ohi their Veie h lathe F 11 fv f b in with a 6 t was 4 A t Lnn i f n though rhev tor i jealous of m tLe i they tent into this lc Src it thn Bremen is not yet tl ev but ice the r f ailing inta tie it f tier to S Certain t i v and we a very hand that the Duke of rv ic or of us ft the or in aid ct che c ii mere then ordinary in at it o j for in the Prince ri in their tis of Grci they and then I are now at a It to h be the of the A flair who ot his Plenipotentiaries to the cf lias in his i came in this Ships are now a attending tor heir ro they will be ot their in hey cannot be ready in a and lxy conceive s yet This day came in oi this wn who au the ir fever al Ships for his ca ry on the Lettr ft the the Matter of the the cf the might be fent to the cf to Treat with i him This is not accented by His but to the Lord of who has all along created with to confer farther with him concern ing according to the Declarations in and On i i arrives 11 Allies the c bound hither yir ir r that ha a OD S s the Ji i he e much o he Tr I Mans i the huniT rf in ha in co the French oeun hrough to nv had rhe Trench not been n o up a Since nJe irh the Signer tor fo make all of to L and Giand Duke hath to time been by an at rky ex the Court r ii arrived brings irh him a rich ot s the Kin of France to the i as is to be put t r and ro be made cf the t but upon pretence ot his ci to ments though it is he ether not in the i The S rc in upon ove and te In the held the n his to the the great he that break out the l Trance cf their Prayers for prevent ing The Ordinal the took the f o much to thai he is now e to the la ft Here arc cume to this Town a company rf O who acted a play i control which re itron the Frenches d who acts here French complained to the cf this and ir j ocn which the poor Players arc by the hich the Town takes very as being in this time of denied the contentment of a of which as acre it at and other pans rt vith Here is in Town the Prince of Brother to that the Brother of the rf nd a cnct the Count of who care to ee the of this laft buried here PC man noted in tor through all the decrees of Sepa ration and in al cf which he was a leader but having to lee his Error his he with his children and ha and dia now at in his former Er and the that him into decla ring that le dyed a true Sen of the Church ian A cf about 80 Tuns ar with and proves io that forced to run and appears o be fo unable to per forme tier that the be obliged to fell Ship and Several of hc of this County have their required by the late A a cf Par

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