Tuesday, December 17, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Tuesday, December 17, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - December 17, 1765, London, Middlesex From the London GAzet^�. On Monday in the afternoon CoantTJoth- enue. Nov 27. H E Maatflmres 6f Health"here have re-" ceived advices of the .plague fpreading a little farther in the Turkifli province of -Bofow, and -of its being likely to ceafe in that of Erzego* Their Excel- laid tar* Envoy Extraordinary from the Gotot of Denmark, arrived at his hoiife in Gr$tt Marlboftuigh-fireer, ExtraS from the Rhodcl/Iand Chartert granted ^Charles II, . " And further our will and pleafureis, and tie uo, for us, our heirs and fucceiFors, iragworth Moor fhared the &wbut nojiVes are loft. ^- This was all cccafioned by the noted Collferyof I^ong-Banion having been completely wrought otft. It is a cuftom in working Collieries, to Jeave as much coal as they dig away ; but being a coal of great charader at London, and willing to make th$ moft of it, they fell to work* and took the coal pillars away, and fixed flight wood ones in their Head, to fupport a rock of two miles fquare, and twenty-five fathoms thick, being the depth of the coal-pit." On Monday evening the wi fir of Mr. Ea-_ _ fon, Shoemaker in BenfopVcour, Dmry- I^ia^oiT^ [io?_h Vvoy of their chHdr�-1-^^^^^ng to light a fire in her o�fock at nighv*d&f* wdl armed, and jn company On Saturday night a man on hk rer n from vina. lencies have quarantine of twenty-eight days upoii the veflels ordain, declare and grants unto the fatd Governor and Company, and their fuceef- that all and every thefubjefts of us, our heirs and fuccefibts, which are already planted and fettled within our fa id Colony of Providence Plantation!, or which fliall coming fro: Diih, and fome other ports in I hereafter go to inh^b|r within the ^aid Co- their efcape to Daila, out of fome ^allies that came from C01 fu. Florence, AW. 30. Prince Xinflcy, who the beginning of the month arrived here with the which have been bor inhere, or which Ih&ll happen hereafter tO be Born (here,/ or on the fea going thuher, or returning from whence, flhall have and enjoy alt Libeftie^and Im eufigns of the order of Marie Terefe to the I inanities of free and natural fubjeds* within parlour with charcoal, and putting on too 'large a quantity, the room being clofe, and Ihe felling aileep, was found fufftcated, having fallen from her chair on the floor. Monday nigjv, about eleven o'clock, as Great Duke, received from kuKoyai Highnef* afnuffbox, tvirh his pi<�hire On the Shtbde fct f\vith diamonds; and on the -a6th returned to aoy Of the dominions of us, our heirs-or 1 Mr, Farmer, of Gieat Wild-lb eei, wasgo- ftuxeffors, to all intents, *onlki&ioos and 1 ^nghome, he was knocked down by two This day his Ma/effy I Vie/ina. TFefminfier^ Dec. ij ;Tqame to rhe.Hnufe of Peers, and being in his ^pyal robes feated on the throne with the njiul folemmty, Sir Francis Molinettx, Knt. GentJe-tnin Uflier of tlie tflack -Rod, was fent \iith a ^TOtflage from his Majfcfty to the Haufe ofCbm-mons, cotnmanding their attendance -in the Houfe of Peers, The Gomtoom being come thither accordingly, his Majefly was pteafed to Wake the following inolt graCioti* foeech. My Lords andGentltmeny cc THE prefent general Hate of tranquility in -.Europe, gave me hopes that it woufi not have been iiecsflkry to aflfcmble my. Parliament fooner than is ufyal in times of peace. - . K JBur, as matters of importance have lately .occured in fome of my Colonies in America, * \vhich will demand the n.oil ferious attemioirof PariiamejKj ajid as further informations arc *laily expe&ed from different'parts of tbaf country, of which I fliall order the folleft accounts to be prepared for your cOalid^riti I hare thought fit to call yonjjow together, in ' ordeir that opportunity;may thereby be given to' ifliie t be Qcfyffyry writs pg /he maijy vacaiicies that have happened in thV Hc^1^ CammoHs purpofes whatlbeVer, as if they and every of them were born wnhin the re^lm of theoftja! fiuce the laft feffioa, io jJ^t roceed, lmmediatdy.a Tecefs^ on the ccwiiideradon of fuch weighty matters a� will^hen come before you." ExtraS from the Penfjlwinia Charter grawttd li And we da further appoint aod ordain, and by thefeprefents^ for u?, our heir^ and fucaeubrsj we da grant unto tht faid Wf(- ?iiam Penn, hur heirs and: affifns, that hir the Cud wiliiaaa, Penn, his heirs and fft figns, may, from time to time, for aver, have and enjoy <he cuftoma and fubfldie�in the ports, haihours, and ,otb^ creeks and pi4Ges_afore6id, wnhin theProyioce afpre-laid, payable or tiue for merchandizes and Waria ^�jre to be laded and unladed} the faiicufthms ^and fiibfidus 10 be reafonahiy afTeffed (upon any^ccaflbn) byIhemfelves' and ted ; to Whom w^give power, by thefe prefeflti, for us,' our* heirs and fucceflors, upon juft caufe, and m a due proportiop, 10 afiets^ and impofe the feme^ fovimg untt-m, mtr Jfarj *a*d faajfirs) Jh in the femf pradice a few days ago i but on pr Hing to behave honeitly for the future, was then difmiffed. Marybon^, miflcd bis nay by the pre�t fog, and fell down an are^ lu tlie new bnild^ftgs �d* johriiTg to tlwt phtoe, and was JuiKd on rlw, fpot. A ihort time agrt, a t)sacb-maXer of ciry ' was committed to prifon for two months, for deceiving a Trd-fmaff of this tnrrrr.poIi5, under pretence of helping him to a wife wit\l 700L fortune, vl&o %vas not north a IhilJin^ ^ tlrf woman had been before mairied to another man, who gaye her away to the above Tuckf* num. To the hi UTEH SIR, Afriend of miire in the cor wry, ir looking lately over his father^ pape- sy (who w** a Clerg>nian) f< und rbe following little [nem-vyhich by the indnrfrmem of it, appeared tn Wit ten for the ulV of one of his'pariffikni nd mother flighc h-r l� y ? Ca�lbe forget Jiar prattli>tg }cy ? 9ay9 tlitn^ ihali fovcrrigii Idvc t'e:':rt\ Tudday prmng towtr decoyed a young fellow, a Waggoner, into a boufe of ill-fame in the purlieus of Black-boy-alley, and after robbing him of near tL? ' 1  two womeis of ;he I whun-bh and thehoncft he-irr. very harbaroufly. Some^Peace lhali, at no etna* pieced ro appoint Sir. Andijew Mitchell^ Knight of the ffarh^ to be his Jfcijefty*! Envoy E�ia*. ordinary and Minifter Plenipotentiary to the Xh�g of Pruilia.v Lord Chamberlain's Office^ Dtt* 17. Orders Ibr-the Court's going out of mourning on &unddy inext, the lad inftant, fiir his late Royal High-�cfs the Doke'of Cumberland j and the fame day the mourning for her late Royal Higbnefs' the JMargnwine of Schwedt, fifler to th� Xing of Pruffia, to be changed, viz. The Ladies ro weajr black fillc or velvet, coloured'ribbons, fans, and tippets. Tfaie^Men to continne in black fiiii triramec^ "and fo wear coloured fwords and buckles. BANKRUPTCIES enlarged. :]Mep!|. .Thomlinfhn, Jate of Virginia ftreet, in tile county of Midd/efex, Met* or �tt?t^r*ni ro and with ?�o0j apd his h?m ami a(Sgt% rfatt :^1ieir^ fucceffors, W, &t or ma^^-or pofiuon^ cmlotc, ofbtr taxation^ rate, or conuibtuion what-foeverv in and upon the dwellers and inhabitant* of the ^forefaid Province, for their iandv tenements, goods or chattek within the- wind Province, or in abd Upon a^y goods or merchandize within the ftrd Pro* vince, or to be laden and unladen within the pdrts and harbours of laid Province^ unlefs (he fame be wirh the cqnfent of tte Proprietary, or Chteif Governor, cr ^{Tent- bly, or AS of ParH^ment i* Engtamf?* On Sunday laft the Olatton, Capt. Dqvc-ton, the Neptune, Capf, Stewarr, %fyE&l of Afhburhham, ny-two pounds, his mafter*s money, they ufed hi Officeis. went fooo^Aer to ^he hoiife, btft they.found/hp. fem^iwarely ftripped, and the 10habitafjH^fled^ > * ARTrCL^S^^TE^LlGEKCK, fefr. from tho PosTscitiPTs of all the Evening Papers of laft Thurfday. We hear, his Majefty has ordered a botanick garden to be made at Richmond^ with an jcfc-gam fclilioritory, fer. jwii^eajtri]' E^giUtoplants, �nd their produOions. It is laid that a certain noble perfon intends Ihortly to brhig arricJes of impeachment, of Huajrcn nriay not grant thee ah rhy minj 5f�, fay nor, then, that Heaven's unkind Got is alike, both g-od a.id wife, In TV hat he grants, and whar drjjics. tpeachment, iequence, againlt ano* jhfhighcfi nature and ther great perfonage. The Right Hon. Richard Rigby, and Colonel Fitzrpy, are arrived in town fwfcn Ireland. . A private letter from Berlin fays, � The Celebrated John James Roffeau, is arrived here, ift a very vrtak conditioa His Majetty recciy^ fd him with great marlcs of tendemefs and, af-ic^ion, a/Jnring him pf his prore�Konag*inft tlieefltftsof the intemperate 2eal of the bigots ekher 0* Fopery or Pa iianifin/' ExtriM 9fa Utter from Leghorn* Nov. 8, �* Wc arc ipt a iittle /t?rprized lte^e at the Bey of Trijx>ii's'fending a fecoiid JJlinifler to JUuKion, The motive which is aJJedg�J for ir, of prefeming to the ^ing of England a faddl^ borfe of great beauty and elseance. and mofl To the Cientlemen, C.trgy, and bieehuldcis ^of the County of-Leicester. Gentlemhn, TJdV INQ? this Dqjx at your Gemral * M&tting% had the Honour unAfiimoufy tj bt gemmated to rtprejent this Cwvty m Partuxment^ in the room of my late Father ? 1 take the etriieA Oppartienttj df fmwnhig my re ojt grate/*] T^rok fyr,t*u Savour*, and remeji yw* Wtte$ and i> H*&mtbeDay#3kmm.-$ ajfurfrgyv^ that I WW nidiafamryby a faMr/nt Difcbargt of my DMty> to defeme the HOmnr conferred ony Gentlemen-) Leioefter, ibur mofl oblieeA and Sept. 30, rj6fm Obedient bundle Servant^ Jqhn Palmes^ To the - Gentlemen^ Qkrgy, and Freeholders of theCotmry or Sussex. 7'HE JPHt for tbi EUahn of a Membar for. the Ccttnty of Sujjftxy being nrutd fcr Jfy* I dejtrttbt Faster of your AtUnd.me at the Comity Ootrt.to be heid of Laums on Tburfdaf tberifh Day of tbi* Injlant DttemberA when tm mlltemadf, to fieftort mf Tnterefi m "m\^Pmt^ which xuili ever be gratifidty "'ity9 Gentlemen^ 17, Teqr rnsft cbtdimt ^ and 1765. Jtaft obliged k umblt Servant, T. EL HAM. r� ^ p^,^> . ^1 v* &AyM "entity aiw cw�icc, ana moi Britannia, Capt. Rous, all in the �a^.�g^ Company's fervice, failed from Grafef�n4 i^fly. That Chief of one of the three Barba* tiw Regencies which have dominions on rbe for th^ Downs, to proceed oa their �tpeffive J IM**"**^ te. *ke*Ar � Mimffef at Loft- chanr, at Guildhall, "Thomas French, of iidon, Feb. 11. Xing-fttttr, London, Linnen-draper3 at Guildhall, Jan. 4. BAN K R \ P T. iVHliani EJUfen, now or late of Mfenthorp, in the ebwny of Yorfc, CoJnfaiaorj ai the fign of the Geofge and 13ragon in Leeds} Jan. t, and %S0 DivxoXnds to be mode t* Creditors; Jan. iz. William Hay>rard, of Bath in the conuty KSomcrfet, Vintner, at the Uuicoiu inn'in the Market placfc, Bath. Jan. 14. johnShippen, lateof Sfttfield, ih the counry of York, Linnen - draper, a the Angel inn in Sheffield. Jan, 22, 40hriChules'Saolnier, Of Bread flrcet^ London, Merchant, at Guildhall. Jan. 22/ Hen;amin FiekJj late of G^acechurch* ftreet, London, Holier, at GuildhaB. voyajges His Maj�fty> fhip Africa latdy �ttf�| from Jamaica, is ordered to be repafred fitted 0U(fpr f^a at PortfmAUxh* Ir iaft^ fhe i^ to be Rationed on the coaft of Qui A difpfinfation has pailedthe &H ioeto^ power the Rev; John Tbotna* JPtoftor of Laws, of Queen's college, Qxibr$tteiiti& the vicarage^ of St. Bryicj, in thechy and dioc^fe of London, wi�h the redory of Bierchingly, ^n the county of Surry and diocefe pf Winchefter. Tuefdiy the following number! were prizes, viz. 37196 df 10,00c 1. ljdr6, si6t9 of 5001. drawn don, who is known to U negotiating a^reaty Ar the dtablilhmenr of an Enghih fl^>ry in the Uk df Ffedal on % coajf of *fnca." A &if is arrived in the river ftoff Gibraltar, faavipg fevend prefects on board for his Majcfty from one of rhe Barbaiy R^encic^j among tbeoi ace two Jions, rwo. tyge^ aiid x8 line barbs. There were two ottrjetas, but they died in ^ pafFage. It h abfervable, that as ho yrizc above 1091. cahie up laft laturday between 30375 and 59104, there are now. above $700 following numbers without a prize among them of above tool. tie County of Hvx- Kf do rejtding in or neir Undon-, ar� Jeered to meet at the Crown and Anchor Tavern m the Strand, and not at the King's Head, wear Holbenrn Bars, (as&xs by Mtft�ke advertrfid) oik ffriday Evening tt* zrjh In ftant> on Spedal 4* fairs Snpper mill be on Txb/e at Etgbt oCkck. Lotu CHAKtss Mo stag v in tie .1 air. �NTFORD Tu HE Yrm/ees of Brentford lumpike meet at tie Bohemia ittad on lumbatn GreeiL on Satmrdtty next, the ixftlnftantx at Ten o'QJofj in the forenoon. jj87r,'zcr?8, of 78I4, *J7* of Sol Tuefday momb too L ^4x8^ On Tueiday laft his Majelly u^asatiendei to the Houfe 0$ Peeis by his Grace the Duke of Rutland, Mailer of the Hotfe, and-the �aii of Buckioghamihire. His Majefty went dreffed in purple, and returned in fear Jet. Same day ^he Right Hon. Lord Camden, Lord Sj>encer, and Lord DH*by, took the nent while fevera! perfona wereikainng on the canal in Sl JamesV park, the iee fuddenly giving way, a young gentleman fell in, and was with ihe greatett difficulty taken out alive. Another young man had the misfortune to break his leg, and was carried to the Middlefei hofpital. toxtraa of d tetter from Nowcofile, dated I faiz&#L December 4. 1 Thofe who do not tmderibod figures, may have a notion' of the. improbability of -getting 100001.. with one ticket by potting S999^ Mack beans, and two tvhitp ones, in a trot^h, and trying blind* fold to pick one one of the two. We are informed, ehar two of the Kofi erai- fes id the Porter Brewery^ h*y^ deter- mined to di^pnshme bufinefs from the^ 16th of this htfat December, taca&ned,^ as k^^dd, by the heavy duties to1 rwbmt that. buCuefs I* * - " Oa Wddoeiday evening laft a violent fhock like (hat of an earthquake-happened at the town of Lo*g Bemon, within four Thcjr \vriw fromYdti, that ther^are, at prefeiK in that city, a^ boy and a, girf of fur-prisdng fixe. They, are twins j ^kT, though not ^ft-17 years of age, the brtthet* theaftkes oaihsapd their feats in rhe Houfe df Peers. I miles of thlapb�t which diqointed all t^e 1 reveiW three inches, ind*he fitter fcven feet houfes in that town, being burlt of, ftone ^md on the for face of a frce~&^>ne rock j h\tt inhabicanrs ffed frohi their houfes into Tuefday his Serene Hi^hnefs the Prince of Eruoftfick, and feveral of the foreign^ Mioiiters, were ^t the Houfe of PeCra tO hear rhe debates. 1 { the fields and #iw, expeding their fell Upwards of forty new writaar# ifltied out j every mirtute ; the ftxeet opehed and-clofed for eleftingMembers in thkm<M~ptjhofe 1 again froni e?)dto end of the towni-the1 dead or promoted A Etenboigh, thar robberies and murdtft are Ut*ly becomefo fiAScpieht in that city, fbat t� yadha .4*+ m 6m emifttx tea lait^India Houfe, Scpi; *6, i7 f9jf Memory, as before mentioned, fhall he paiicg. ^ V Xbif Day wen Price 4 s. THE PLAIN Prias�4 for T. vpwiuies,, hi in CachcHnc freer ; W. NktiJ, la  yard ; ift* T- in* P. /L  V. J

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