Tuesday, November 12, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Tuesday, November 12, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - November 12, 1765, London, Middlesex Rom tb? (.OMPO'K UAZRTTfc November AST *ight the body of his late Royal Highnefs. the -Doke of CtitnkerliuH*' was privately interred iu the FJoya! vai Xing Heftry f&e Seventh's Chapel at \ftftminfter, the bo- two Supporters, fitting on chain at the head of the <eorpfe; rfw Lords , Affiftints, Snjt porter* of the Palk fitting on ftooti oit either fide. The part of the fenrice before the intei the 0*fordAt Lom. mpted to read ; and the Dean having fini&edtbc,!: feryice* Garter,proclaimed his Royal Higl* Ruttatutfirre. Ta* TifKafr,; fnn� of Ki?nnfto�, dy having been privately conveyed tc die I^^?8' lacictioth� and lined railSd Meaqh fide the folkiyrjjd order Drams and party tof^foot guards �i ibuiu&ig a folema co*m�g$ tit theiDttmis - c� Banner* of the Trumpets gatfcr , Tiop^ies. , Knight Marshal's men. ServantsWfcis Rpj^ai ttighrcfe.v &t w tj^^prefence ra his Any al Highnefs. Thus it has pleafed Almighty GOD to tak fofttio-� nourable Order ofjhe Bath, third Son'of His We Moll Excellent Majefty Km-GEORGE the Second. Twquy-one pieces of Artillery were drawn into the Park, and fired minute ,guns during the fceremony j and three hacuiions,- via. oneoF each rigimerit of Guards, were drawn win] Ju Ridkngton, o? JehiiSooth, of -Stoke, Htiaiphry Smdfocd;** fri Ifi tuMw of a�rcii Charles ells, ^mes^Toqker, Gidcdmprou, JC>C Gimbs, of Sb*gon M�dlcc. "Wm fnge, of-f horp Contfanuuc, Thoibas H'X), of ^nJ^art, pf4s, wasai: /et.,pn ,�ie by fein^^viUajn o bvt,�& Jiappiiy dilcovejtd, by ore. of the Iqc^efs,, jyA*-&*ud a la^q^nury of corn-bttlttbl^ina e f Honour pofited. Til ufual. fignal Tower were A* . .^aiits of Arms., ald^of Arms. boh Council iaftant its's Houihold John Andrews, of 5haw, Rartfiql, Tipping, orWoolley, { "'Sehvood Jbonf"Gfiadibdrla^fiTra^aieflj^^^o^hokL [ Bdfarifiirt. Thoiiias Smith, ofSba�penlio ^ie^er Herald, the Gehdeman of the Horfe to his?1 Royal WOmiict upon CHarles Chcfler, of Til r�orth. nghamjb. M�. Knapp.of Little Lynfor(J, Geo. Ricb. Carter, of Cliilton, | William Oaflwon, lame Xing pf Axiia. A ^ i .Gentleman: mhtrkmd: Uiher. r ^ / Lte^hamttcad, Chriftian, of Unerigg, LicklJe, o� Moorhoufe, lilfired Lawfoii, of Bray CM0r ton, 3Barr. 7-1" JBrjwa JJrouahton. Dekes. C**u cf JNuaes CttUycr, of Man* .... > Cbarle* Goidkh of 1knth John- Addey.>bff^ Wfi. John Wac^sn), Of Iao^o Jqlm ^liot., of Trcbprfy, Thnnms Trefty, ofPowey. Cbarles^ale, of lngfed�i, James tfcmlJyn, of ^un, John Jqpqs, of HaJden. Henry William Porcnun Rry a niton, ; Leo^,Matter,, of Heanor, Robert Dale, of A&Oorne Edward SachevcreA Pole Radlorne. nndfer by the fati QenerakW Job deley, Lord George CorHt^llis^HW^ NMffd: We�^; and>iir^efiEefy borne rrwaJl :iig4h their Uniforms, [hes covered with Cr-a thw-rfats, and on fh^i venny pportcd by. tb^^PuMs^^rgsf titriyjbix 1 � ^ - t . .mi in a Black Cloak." r 'Mourner Gloiajlirjk Lt. AfliifcWft to il* Cbi^f Mourner Htrtftrifr - n UertftrJJb. s a^aly i^aVai] + E�] lif'PtJinrftt. Ear] H&cnafh ttittc 'tbnis of his -Ro>-aI Highnefs's^ed LeictRtrJb Ber, via He* C^eodiih, Of "fts* ittjal1' Highiwft's Bed 1- I.'  Chamber; vat,' �3�hj* General Fitztvifliam, ' -l&jvHQeiieiria JBoAawen, hUnmoutb/b XdrftiNb', lor* tons;and Privy Cm \ #Msf&ei>i Mvuvft xalUd ovtr, *nd� vtbumberh f Haydpn cliard Hbare, of tforeha P. Keelipg, of Fringeringbae. igcl Kingfoore, of Kiugfcote, loraas Edwards Freeman, of Batsfhrd, anefc^of -Harfaeld, , < .An-geire, of 3Cri_ W, Whitehread; of Bedwett "Patkt 1 ^Ucbard <- John Darker, of JStpifchtpu, A Cha la- Pack, of Preftitfmld. rfcaies, of Eail Ra- vendale, " I Jof. Walit, of .Eaft Kirby, 4 CharJes Anderfqn^ of Manby. . Thomas John "Medlicow, of Moiuno . WmWinfmore, of PanffyGoj Wm.fiarae% of rauery. Wm/ Orfe, of Caw fay Park Ra^'Oif, of filart HejWe. Hiidfon, of Whiieley :n yuhin> r*/w>. Sir t3eo,:gobfeibo;rfCran t ft f # tCourteii 4 hall,' EliUl) Breton; of Hort^n. John Mwkoo> of SwaffiiaBB,. * Crifp.MolijieaM. of^GarboIdi-i of WdhmuH^-nBe thej innj ~r r 1 nbllh. War f Xtmbeih, John Wood, of Sovahwark, Richard UanviH, of fiher. ]6lin]Biirgfs, 'oftfrook-lioufe, Wm. Duram, pf Framfield, James-Wood, of Twineham. John Bree, of Bewfi*aJI, Jnh!) Shucklmi^h, of Hourton, fcgerton B*gor, of PAjjeh-lL  John Bakcr/of Harclebory, Tbo� Cookes, of Hvi'ing'on, I'luckeuet Woodroif, of Wyn-c hen ford. Peter Dehne, William Calky, of Pnrdrop, Qeo. Sronfhoqfr, of innding. Hen, Rrtwti^r Daleyftf Aldliy, Sir Griffith Boyniou, of Agnes Burton, Bm. john Hill, or Thorntdn. Toe-Mate yros drqwoed, aod u.wf$ with much dJtficulty the Captain and ti*e.rett of inecrew weie Tut Lark, Walker, from Pc;er(burgh f9 Liverpool, is-put into Brittol in diitiefc The Frienddiip, Fea, f/om One^a, is loft on (he coalt of Scotland. TheSpeedweU'sIncrrafcr, Robfgn, fro Hull to Wybuigh, i^Ioltt:) tneBiltick, Tli� Thtee Siiter?, a Du ch Uup, Hcyne Zetfes maftir, from davre de Qiace foe Atnlteidaia, loaded with fu^ar and euffee^ was iolt the ilt inlt. neat -tgmond-op-zeef in Holland. 1 he {hip's company, com.ftiog of hve men And two yvomer. weie faved i afliore care bound Pieters itymera m�fterL week in a itorm near Eibur^. nacd 1 I JofcphTotnlinfoi PT* rtfwred fur render. ] ate of Virginia flrcer, Wap uy of Mildlefei, Mtfchtnt Loudon. Nor. S% *5> , building a roya( coo* pwage is laying at Weevi!, neat (Jofport, contiguous to ihc King'a t?rewiu>u&> and whdn com plea tea, which is to hedone in moat exceed that Dec Dec. 3 John fteardmote an 3 Alcx^uie tDwi and ParM^r�5 at ttmidhaih Die.g/- Abndiaai'F3i$ Of^GiaIUrook*de, hi rlie pbonry ofiilop^ Ironmaftpr tShoma* A mas, of Wi/b^ctr St. I'fle of Ely, McrchaJK. ForLes, of Chigwell no^r at *able iage ait my of De was L c N DON fie deparmteof their Royal Highnefles Jukes of York and Qlouceder for Bath F counrermanded.on- Monday ni^hr^ when their canoget were r^dy, and alt dther preparations made for their d^rture^ Oh Sunday evening B^ron de Yuy.de la^ Perriere, atha is appointed Envoy tiiraor-; dinary from his Sardinian Majelty io chis( Court, in the room e.h, Harry Packer, of N^Noifolkitreet, GrolVeoor-fquare, tfqj to Mifs Biddy Crafweil, Si^hter of William Ciafueii, of Crajfwell in iXonhuaiber-land, tfq Tuilda) morning Mr. John Brown, an eminent Corn-fedor in ^ettminlier, aged eijluy-nine, wa^ mar'icd to a young lady or Kni^hdbrid^e, a^ed twenty-one. rvxl&tl week died, at hisfioufe at Hadley, Pig^ot I nee, in tiie Com million of tnp Peace for the couoiies of MiJdlcfex and Herifoidihire, At- A letter from Paris.fay.^ .*t The late af- fembly of the Clergy, not CO fencing on their ^regifterfrthe adc whiclff and candles in ht^ Majefty they bad paffed^haye thought ptoper to rn^ce them puftlre by tlie1 J^^^erf which flep, it u pH>babler t-he. ^parnent will fake cpgnuance, by an ^rj^Nhat jnay not A~wh#te benery^agreeable tonhed _ impr^Uonof theiea^g ie^dttfrfeci O^^Dspfez^ Primejf^S rwfefthefeis, they have edittaft* 4 Ir ii&idnhat # 4 Friday died, Mr. Manning! torney, in New Bond-ftreetl Orf, Monday auming Jaft dii hemfc in ti^iborn, Mr. George Clarke, principal officer in the tenth dtvifioa of fuaa Tuelclay tftorpin^ Id fiQiv &c. rtar the Quaker who id Tyler to onourabie and inueat frtatfy of fVeft and Accepted Malujjj 'in^ls city. A _ \Tuefday motniogthe remain*, of John B�*%hfcfc tfqi ^6 died on Wednefday i^l a^^ houfe at Mde-iind. and the re. ? - at ^ pf Cage. Brfn^bam, his only -Too, dki^fieday foliowtng, it his ftther^s *t�e ettrvA; tta b� interred in the ^ fault ai^PutRey. 4ttrt^y lOStm-ISer ttide. ind female kid- fetop^iftg^to a certain rehde�vou5ft ^pr/firotB Ohariog- Crofs, were dil- it bei^ the opinion of feveral eduMi incite Jaw. that their t - t� the jt0e�t6i wascaij - * who iilrjm j�e>Ji ftfeet ^;^pUt- nine o'clock an4, tile fir� wa4j'lJbut,*l|fctt there, hi� greai v^dttcharged With a bil and dki Jiid tfrgfi^ up: 1% >7> iri if*bia� �e\riiham in lilt iBdrnqy i but :der iofc^e#it hi�  down^a a VMice of 4 44 who c

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