Thursday, October 24, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Thursday, October 24, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - October 24, 1765, London, Middlesex Numb. 5928 From THURSDAY October 24, to SATURDAY October 26, 1765. [Price Two-pence Halt-penny I \ T F, R. ' Was greasy pleafed Mali reading, in fome ojr the papers, the following ' ai -tide of news : ''They �vrite from%j Dublin, thai fome of*he youngSmans have taken offence ^-^^at siometiqies alRiine to .jthemfejves j; ancl in oider to lower their pri&i liavefent notices* to be infer.ed in ;he public paper* there, That if any Manago, Muficitatt pr Phyer, flralT advenife in rhe papers, of fay- on the ftage, thai they have been prevailed or, ha ve been applied to, or that Jiiey will-oblige- tbe public, in playing, pr. ill performing pares of rhufic, or thea-tricalenceifainmenrs, they fhali bt biffedojf the Stage, or out of the Or/hefira " " Such a tefolution, h'ovev^r afTe&ed to be ftigtuatized, by fayirsg it is that of fome young Smarts, I cannot help confidering to be expreflive of found judgment and true ..'fpim; becaufe all men of undeiftanding '�|iift ronlider fuch airs of conferring obligations for money, or reputation to procure ihera,rmoney, infuffeiable impertinencies. The aifumed by fome of thefe ' inftrumeois of our diverilon, is of late gr6w-th. in this kingdom, and is indeed as prefumptuousas really ridiculous. The vanity of thefe impoftam people, at leaft in their own opinions, and ihofe of ff>ojs, is become fuch, that ihey feeui to affe� all theconfequence of the firft perfons of. the Slate, and appear to think more attention is due to them, than to Mini iters, Etnbaffadors, Admirals, Generals, and, I was going to fay, Princes. How, for example, have our papers been of late filled whh ex-piefled hopes and fears,, doubts and expectations, aflurances 2nd apprehenfions, of one man's determinations to oblige the public or not j but at length, after a ihoufand perplexities.about a matter of fuch great rao . raent, and vith all the parade of prepaia.ion for reception, that could be due to a Deliverer^ hiv ooudt^jt, or a Cnnqrttrnr of the �WorTd,are t61 �m ^tt be favoured with* the performances, now and then, of an A&w in Comedy; but the fatigue of. going through a character in Tragedy is not to be expected, for the gratification of a people, whofe unmerited generofity has bellowed on him a minifteiial eltate'; ho, that is a favour, we are told, that can be done to oblige a Sovereign, as we aftf gJven to fuppofe. OW ye con-temptlbjp great, and pitiably foolilh. little peopie^T let this inltance of feif-important arrogance reflect, as from a mirror, the dif-gracefol image of your degeneracy, in the reducing of you to the joyful acceptance of fuch defpicable favours. How much more fpirited, manly, and honourable, is the conduit of the Irilh, whodifdain fuch humiliations to the inftru-tnents of their diverfion ! Is there fuch a want of dignity among us, as to make us bear with a treatment which renders us fo abjeft and fervile in the gratifications of fuch vanity and felf-imponance ? Think �f what debafed the Romans from Freedom, aid the command of the whole earth, to the fcandalous condition of Bullies for parses in the Circus, and to the  raeannefs of fconipounding for the restoration of a ba-ni&ed Aclor, with the payment of a grievous tax ; and then rhink how the more manly Savages of America mult eftimate your njerus, frpm being tuld of your ftooping to fuch defpicable raeannefs. i am, Mr. Printer/ Your con (la'nt Reader, ' <~ -..�d&jiusmtiii Englishman. ^ C<GUNT R Y NEWS, Chtjkr, Off. 1 j� On. Tlnrrfday lalt arrived in itui city his Excellency the Earl of Hertford, %ord Lieutenant of Ireland : on Friday mo'rn-.-ite'he breakfafted with the Bifliop, and about 'W'?n the fame day be fet off for Holyhead in . lyay to Ireland... Hull,. 0(3.,sti. Friday lalt, being Sr. Luke's day Jo|ji.Booth, Eft}; was fworn in Mayor j Jofeph Berry, E% Sheriff  and ^JUiarh. Xee and/ Edmund Bramllon, Efrjrs.. Qi^becLii^s of this Corporation. Leak,, On Tuefday night laft, a &�gl�i ftt^hvayman flqpt one of the York po(t-: co.iclie�, nea� Nevvstk^ .and took from thaipaf-fengeri, (Jix ladiesj. abonc 17I. One of the ladies offered the highwayman Iter gold watch, v/hteh he {jfoeroofly refuffd- A hue and cry ^� immediately ralfed ; and we hear, that he i^fince aprtfeheaded, and committed to prifon. � ON DON Thurfday b�th Houfes of Parliament which was further prorogued by Lord Ma'nf-field to Tuefday the 17th of December, then to fit fof the difpatch of bufinefs : t&e Lords Comraiifioners prefent wer� his Grace the Aichbiftiop of Canterbury, the'Earl of Winchelfea, and Lord Mansfield. The Levant Company, of which the King of Prutfia granted a charter to a Company of .Merchants laft fummer; their capital is to con lift of one miliioripf rix-dollars, divided into 4000 aftiohs at 250 rixdollars each* and their grand magazines a<e to be eitablifljed at Embden, Stettin, and Beilin. We hear his Grace the Duke of Norfolk has appointed the Earl of Scarborough De-pu:y ta'l Maifhal of England. His Majetty has be^n yjeafed to appoint .George Ravsfon, Efq- to be a Major in the fifth regiment of foot, commanded by General Hodgfon, in the room of Major Euftace. His Majefty has alfo appointed Thomas Daniel Black, Gent, to be a Lieutenant in me 69th regiment of foot, commanded by Gen. Colville, in the room of Lieut. Ban-natine. Thurfiay the eleclion came on at Mercers Hall, Cneapfide, of a Warden of T�i-ni;y College at Greenwich,' in the room of Mr. Lellie, deceafed j when Mr. John Ro-binfon, and Mr. John Ward, weie candidates } and after baliotting, it appeared Mr. Rgbinfon liadsj votes, and Mr. Ward 14; upon which the foimer was declared duly eleited. A draught has been made from the Royal regiment of Artillery to compleat the companies in that fervice at Minorca, and will fail with Cap;. Smith's Company which is going to GtbiahaV. As the firlt regiment of guards as well as the third, now wear half-mounted uniforms; for rhe fake of diltinclion, the non-commifTioned Officers of the latter are to wear gold lace, and the Corporals filveT lace:. The troops that are now railing by the Government to be fent to Senegal, are near compleat, and will fail fome time next month. " " ^ O T i.r.'.ay vviiiisr.. .tot, Elq�" cviSfe Merchant a:id Silk Thruwttcr in Goodmaa-'s Fields, was manied m 'hu. :. idow uf the late Chailes BI. ^Joh, Li^;, of Hackney, a Weft India Merchant. Same day was manii j Aldgaie, Capr. Siai.nondh, tiade, to Mtfs Etlher Priccj Fields. Monday died Mr. John Alhton, Mer-cha'nt, in Toojey-itreet, Souitiwark." Wednefday died Mr. Edvard Plaxton, Lapidaiy and Jeweller, in Long-Acre. On Wednefday night died at his houfo in Stretton Grounds, Weftmiuller, aged 63, John Bilfon, liq; fotmsily an Officer belonging to his Majeliy's Royal Train pf Ai cillery. ' '1 ..j late heavy rains have caufed the Ri-rer Thames abova Chei tfty, and other parts of the Welt country, to oveiflow its banks } and great damage has been fuftained in the meadow lands contiguous, and many fheep, Sec. diOA-ned. Thurfday morning the fon of a Weft India Commander was found dead in the cabin of his father's fhip, by drinking too immoderately of ruin the night before : the deceafed was but 14 years old, and had invited feveral of his fchoolfellows to be merry with him, who happily got aftiore on Wednefday, before the evening was clofed. Thuifday morning early a fire broke oqt in the upper part of tiie I'arifh Clerks Hail, in Silver-ltreer, Cheapfide ; which confu-med-great part of the roof of the faid Hall, and did considerable damage to three dwelling houfes- adjoining. On-Saturday' lalt two (harpers, genteelly dretfed, went into the Fox alehcufe in Upper Mooifields, and defired to have a private room, pretending they expeited a neighbouring tradeftfien to mew them ; when they found means to carry off a filk cardinal, two /ilk handkerchiefs, a hlver cable fpoon, and fotne books. ' Early on Thurfday morning no lefs than feyen waggoners- �rere robbed by three footpads, between Brentford and Staines, of what trifle they h:d in their .pockets. There were no paffengers in either of the waggons. 1 . Thurfday James Nicholls was committed to the N-ew Gaol in Souchwark, by .Samuel .Atkinfon and John Heathfield, Efqrs. of Croydon, being charged on oath, with the wilful iriur?er of a Biackfmith atLewifham in Kent, in'r7j6, by knocking him on the head witn a Hedge hammer* This murder was; difcovered by A wouaa* with Whom the iit Sr. Botolph, in the Virginia of Goodman's Same day one Billiflcy was committed as above, for robbing the whitening Grounds of-- Hifcox, Elqjof Catmahon in Surry, of 35 ells of RuOlan cloth, &c, found upon him. Articxes of Intelligence, &v. from the Postscripts of ah cLie Evening Papers of lafi Thurfday. The King of Poland, who lets nothing efcipe kis attention, finding the eiLhiiihivents of the general CuflomhoufijU-lnch \v h;ti. n of the Dyer of Convocation, thougli fonnileU tjpo:i ancjenc .laws, is likely to excite murmuring and complaints amongft 0;ir Aibjedts of aii 'conditions, we expect of yon, our rrn/ty and well helored Coinnuilkmers, rhat in rhe tariH which rhe affembled ftates of the Repu'Jic have authorifvd you ro prepare, you will have rrg^J. ro the power and abiliries of each, and moderate rhe, in fuch a manner, as may ir. i.'uf-.UJy r>uke known with what ardwir we tic/ire tint o�ir fn!)jocts in*y pay thorn without violence, ai.d reap thercfroni great advantages. c nn, 111 at 4?p Norfolk, Ihr 4 s. 4d. per btiihel. Molt of the Chandlers (]),-,-$ now fell theis bell Canitiridigs butter at8d. halfpenny per lb. alled;7,!:ig, for i lie rc�ij"->n cf ir, tiie faclors h"a\e wi bin tl.i^ we:-k latfed the price a tub. Z s. in It is fiid that the pracTtice of flagging fo.ldiers Js to he Lid alidc, exccj.-t in extr .ordiurry crimi-iul cfs^, and fome other pnuiitimenr, ei(/ier hy h.rd duty, iivprifinm;nr, CvC. ful-ftiiutcd ia its In th? roy�l 11..vy ;e�v oHences, be low the deg e? of � apiral ones, are puiulhed' with more than four dozen lifhes, On Stmtiay laft a urrffcd in a brown gown a(kl a bhek bonnet and handkerchief, who had the day before inquired the way to Putney, and faid fhe lived near Ckrkenwell-gieen, was taken out of the Thames drowned. Tuefday evening, alnut feven o'clock, m My. Cheddington, of Newingron-biuts, was coming fr.nn Deptford, �he was attack'd by three fonp^ds, in the Loc>; fields, who after beating him in a cruel manner, rou':'d him of his hat, filver lhoe-buckk-'--, and rhree ihii.'ings j with wb.ich they made of towards tiie Deptford road. Vdtrrday forei^oon 'as ATr. Akev.head. Gentleman carers, was anriing from Cbarham to Oru^f- ' to' one nf his Majeify's raV^aCkfi:,�n fh? rf1Jli '7 two fjot-"^'^rs, mid arm.'d with ptf. :T<-,I ul iik- f; end, he u tols, who bid h:m (land and d-iner ; but Mr. Akcuhcad kn. eking one of the frlljws'dowii* the othrr, after firing his p:(!ol at liim, made precipitately ojf .icrof's the fields. I.ait -w-.k, at the adjoiiriied feffjons at KinrfJry, 1,1 Vorklnire, Margaret Barn and Thomas Ual;on3 were on'.ered to he tr-wifporte-1 forfe\e.i yc.r?, and n;i Faday lalt they were committed ro the Calif.-. Dev on, if. At the General Quarter Sefiions of the P-.-ace, held at the Caltfe of Evon. in and for rhe Cotmry of Devoiraforefai.'., the 91I1. Jjay or Oilober, i^tfy. Order'd, IT HAT the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Free* -* holdsrs of this Count'y be retjuefhed to meet at the CajlU of Exeter afore/aid, on Friday the ipl of Kovember next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon^ order to obtain a Repeal if tie Cyder Ads. By the Court. _R. TUKNER, Clerk of the Peace. 1 To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Leicester. Gentl b m es, TLIA VI N G, this Day, at your General 1. J. Meeting, had the Honour unanimoufy to be nominated to reprejent this County in Ps-rk.imenty in the rojm of r/y Lite Father \ I take the e*r!ieji Opportunity of returning my n.ofi grate]id Tba*kJ for this Favour, and recjtteft jour r.tes and In-tereft a.y of Ejection ; ajjurin? you, that I tvifl endeavour, by a faithful Difcbarge of tn% Duty, to defervi the Honour conferred on, Gentlemen, Leicefier, Tour mofl obliged and Se';t. 30, i~5e. Obedient humble Servant^ John Palmer. IF William Ames (or Amos) or Tho-mahne Ames, tne rather and Mother of Elizabeth Ames, an ltu'ant, htely deceafed; who, far alwut ten Years, lived wi li Mr>>. Mary Randerfon, Widow, lately deceafed, ac Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, are hi L:s, they are deiired immediately ro ant-ly to Metf. Chapman and Ueidard, of Staple Lm ; or to Mr. John CohnaJi, of (k.iy's li:n, London, who can acquaint r them offomething greatly to their Advantage : Or if any oi:e knows of the Death of either of theni, or knows of their near Relations, or next of Kin (er.her Parent or Children) he is deiired to give Information thereof to the faid Melf.Clupman an 1 Geldar !, or to the faid Mr. Cuhnan , which In'muuition will be rewarded to the Satisfaihon of the Informer, The William Ames was born at Deal in K'jit, in cr about the Year 1729, and was brought up t-i Hnlbandry : In or about i7>'o, lie married, ac Lku.1, the laid Thomalme (whofe Mai.'.en Name was Frithers, or frivers.) In leii thtu t! re: Years they unagreed, andjwiere . parted. He went to Sea, and, for feveu Years, bach not been heard of. By rhe lait Account from him, by a Ship-Letter, he was expecjed ac Deal about Chriihias 17*8, but riever arrived. His Wife lived tome Time in a Town Houfe ac Fip. el near DeaJ; In the Y<*ai 1777, was ac Mis. S.11 derfon's; and in 1777, was feen la Company with lewd Perfons, ac an 'Alehoufs j;eir White's Yard, in Ealt ^lTiithfieM, London. _ 37;ri Day wtre pablifid, Patronifed by Dr. SEN AC, tuit Phylician to tie French King, In One lar^e Volun.e O .tavo, price <; s. few'd, ENQUIRIES concerning the V.ui;its of che Pulse, and the pa ticutar Crisis en.h more efpetially in hcaresIJiufTrated with 181 frattical Obfervations. Writwn originatj ia French, By Mr. Da bO R DEU,  Doftor of che Faculties of Paris .md Moiitpellter. la vict m dnci Ctilpa:, fuga fi caret Arte. Ho a.. Prinred for J Lewis, in Rufl'el-Scr;et, C6v�uc-G den ; and G- Kearfley, in Ludgate-Street. *�* The Author is too weU known in the Med' World co call tri^fueftion his Abilities. France confiders, in :he n\ni\ favourable Idahc, the Auc^ dief= Enquiries, Dr. Theophilus De Bordeu ; v/h ,j hoped, will find here as man) Admirers as irr his j touatry.

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