Saturday, October 5, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, October 5, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - October 5, 1765, London, Middlesex H *1 p - �0 -I WW 4*4 * r* 4' It: J - f 1 * T. * "I rice Two^ppnee "4, .3 ^ , ^ r-f Hon yvas^?floc*d;w fThcr King :h?s ranrf;b.^8�^l<?4 ^^' dtvidttMjirtipl^' GoveBrbr n, -' n.  4' Ntwporrj **> Rhede Inland, rhey - bad tn vthe faAe mannert To tliat i^ie fMncipal ^erfoos we're -obligeA to j8y for 'rSfil^e;on boird the fcygoet \nan of \\^ar. ,.4TJie-t&i:d ^egi'ftHintguards were la ft u if5 acd S^fifiES | weefc-^law�fu�ed; aad a particular enquiry tlxijigs: io this fte co'nltaotly fucceeds, and � T /-the'aije^and fervitude ot eacn ti|ahr f^m this^ circvuniufice i i* {-nought ^|;^;.^is. day the 4&�flc^0s^ Eotihiffi&or,;Extra- ror* hid a private audi- the g'od wdrnari re(ufns,alarmerf, feutafesv minii-es too \^&\o faVeWr propertyv . end^f his, Maiefty, to del Mayfly, to deliver h^ new c^eden- |ias Myi^,j I*� *>f Priejfofc? tpeet, Lopdotj^ Jffiae^^JercJiaiiCj at Quid-all. Ai ' ^ , CERTIflCATES t<Llc allowed L 143TBN CB, QPc+fam \, #Ar ^tts^ps^-RT-PT^ aH the Evening ? fopers a/ Saturday, - - ^hejtctlovvin^a'if;fcdo:e, re^riye to cheaugnd hciSfc;^ ^ruttfvvic^, .is knoy n bnr to few ii fgvPrinc�, cameit ova'^.iplimppd to St. J fpom of'Cpwfr& n ^\tfi�ii|ey�:-j^^^ebi^ M. A. Fellow i-l^fiitksft i�is uurded at Sxeier, . They wrritc frogj JSrotkfcrti in ^njr^' tftit a -y<w�lg <g^l^M^�, ^liouc t\lrenry yean of drcJfc*i herfe(f * few: eing deieited at pairing/ by tirifort&t4t\f dropping a attxtf/ inflcaU pf irukiiJ^ ^. bow* t&i� Q ctiRody The vvU^kfeiT rhert cnlTMy OUr, biic riu'jr.are itUJ^t a&fr whac'fo ^cb \vitb her, a* �he lsilioiigiK ro Ve^dirorderetl in i�cr fenfe^ Lidt T;ne;day, aJ .gcjujcnun and biil:dy, in a pottcb;uu's iM?ix way to Barb, - were roU-l>e KN�% tlw wort ex-iraot* \ V jury man .in the worki I A'tfewr^fcHeca^e jio nun hai more [Ufineft upon Eariby and aiwa^s gives good G'cunds for wbut be docE.-He .comgunds \\is7hymi. - k and'fingdrs PennyRyah H? rarfc bis�aiafy ev.ry year j and it is a bad year, indeed, that does not produce a flumb. -H?.m&t5 ivicu more Bovgh^xXmx^ Mitiifter of StAfe.-s-hc nukes more Beds than the Frenctt , King, aw!~hrs 'in rh^m inotz'fainced Ladies^ knd more genuine > om.-s-^ late Dytc^ Klaiiken-btSTgb '(g^at gratuhnother to the Heredicary Prjjjc^ nrny ttj Esgjand) wbA died f^ne years $rt�ft.ii3 a very advanced .age, had happineft to^edton amongit her polteriry tfxry-two -P%i�ces a>Kl PrinceCFes; "fifty-three of whom fhe.faw at .one tiane alive ; and amougft theih three Ety�^>erors, two. Eiftj>re<res, tWd King?, jLiid two Queens. A cificuiftftrfnce.very r<i/e in a Sor^reign houfe^ and wh*r? I believe, none l^tbdt^rf B'nrtfvvickran poffiDJy produce | in all ihinals rfhiftory. It is current, tbar the celebrated^e, in'a letter to a friend in London,' tn^i-tioiis his having received a yifit from Mr.W of whom be fays, (according to < be copies band- j w round, M:^oufi(ry Waioc.,-He ra Jccs Raking edit oar) *c-It-irtw^ I htve enjoyed tibe pita* i his bi^'ineft more .-tiian las diyerfibn, as many fure of cQnVtffing Witti tnany-very fenlibjc- and \ other gendemen-do,~He camboatt more Rapes ' \ *han any ptlr** Rake jn the Jangdcm ; his wife* aifcy Ihe em ]q \o6k leave'.Qitheir Majefties at St^Jajn^ Jthey-bctri^.:m few days to fetoui for Ireland Sunday ^e? GraV the^ D^efir^ oj^oug- Jaines &^ictn^.�hk of ihat *city, cd^tttP * ^fti M n - ^6 -1 WeK  India -j09-?S8<tifdax; James K.ewr, tfqj Cora- ingenious Englishmen} yet J-muft own, rhu their grave and refetv^d beb?vi<?pr is far from attrai^ing the ^fteets of foreigners at the fii it interview 5 rhe fMrnm^ExiL-JmiHis is,'however, an wceptioti to this obfrrvarioii ; 4ie enters into conyerfarion ^ipmsdiitely wJLth nofwirhitandii^ has enough Lads -Love and DitUmpcr.s,' tasaV^to-others, afv^'huu 4iira, ^for be ;vvaJis �6e-better tbr tne. Gra<viL .�nd and ,thti� ^raft#Otvmor�.bfaM*g;J&taru'anil your t-d/- V(it� vivacity and fyxrif, as ever J m� -wish in the htighteft of soy cptuitry mej>. iide^d I am *fup,� a�J more ia*/^/^'if* pctflii.k tliaa hir ir 1 ^aiftjetf ?f a fixate jc- t^ie loyal r,a\ 4as, ^Ho- lately arijp,c4;ft^fti^aris/ ^aiin* I ^'Srft~&&sM\H j.i.ftjrear of hi> troduced^ir^a}eft^s^i( Si. -Jtua^'s, j age, S^K HShaf les $bm ch^eJ, and^heard mA^sr &x ' r j ^ ff i l4-nd, and Mr. Wr- ix re.(ored io hi% connury, Me^ch^t of ihjsciiy.  � - - " 5 ' ;-M:^y ?f ^^^.J.Uirltisgr^.eit pride, and . furpri^rd hmVit-ibould ever pofftli the bead of : tb? ^orliPs;grei?tft aivy, is, lie can have a manof fo .nhtcb wir^ro' beortine a virulent j ^wJwKeh^yv u&pleafes. pofitician; as I hwe %bea'rd him reprefnuedr ' imofnies fnWide ibod in Ljie-' Should party animo f wkh tfis fattiVr,\CtiiairIe& .Benton, an eminetii;^4li-^tiikr in ixu.herhiihe. oaiUr ifermon there the kev. JJvlr. ^jjd^wmn gx^illency graeitttAy Sdded latuafor t&er l^nefactions �utii oi $oX c . ^ v-5^.pitag*ap-|ti^ of Saturday, concerning the aiitval of; Governor John^-Sone from' W^fcJPldrid&, is. nortrue j * the falf died,at-iiisnoufeat \Vandf-.'worchsL- Mr. Jai|icsPi.uanuond, iurineily a eiy, Mr. confide?affleiador a;mjterdam. .Sunday' died, of fa %i uf;apopl JEUir^qj^" whQ# kep^ the Yoikfiiire Lirey Jtf- v^r tfables' in^ij.ahord-iow^ facing ihe Uurd'a uumber of Britiih.;JtibjeAs difebarged QaeenVpalace. \ " / i from th? SpaiiiibTea and iaiul fervice. Tmf&y dled'at'Croydon in Surry, Ed- f" We beir-that a fchetne is now-andej and I dare lay we ihall never-.'fall but either ; abonr politicks ot reiigton u Tbey waye from ^nrin? that the King of* \ Sardinia has Jarrjy pnrchafed ,ig France, two j I Jbie of LartJe lliij&, whifh *t intended locrniae 4HjAjn tbe;.i}arbary corfairs, who iiileft the caaits hfflonging tohia >iar4iia*n Majdty's dmmiiiAits. |, Tbey vvrite�frQhiP(}rt Royaljn -Jamaica, rim |; his Mayfly's ;iWp; ifairtiius, Capr. . fcoCkier, !. Wa'saridvecJ therefrom .die Savanna, bxfii:gnn o'llie ^n;ieaien^C?iUrgyt ard'Freeholders " *, r>e Couofy. uf Leicester..- G E K i I. E M H N v this'Ddy, at vour.Generai 9 m�/ o/' Father \ itilke the ctrijeji G$9rttoiify6f reiurr$bi<r my t.o.j i^r at e \ ul Tbayiks \ fpr JkUL.f&av? Mi re<fuejt joyr F.tts and In-( terefl tn\l* Bay of �ie&?QG ; a^Hrhizyat. that I cy/i/ tnt&wpvfy i*y a .fa*thfui Vifcbarge of mi Dutyj te d$ferv#tbe mtour uoajeired otij tyur Wtfl di-igid and Ohtdiln'i 7jh fbie Servant* Leicelrer^-." er coHfMer- Bitta^ may  hitv^proceeded from tbear- ward Wj^ititt&rerVJEf^ /formerly' � Hui^k.; at inn for r^cJoping -the price of coah, and pre John P/.lmer. rival of James Macpheifw, �iq^ Prdidenr ^ M^: ^*^0y%i^�^cUH ^nci Secretary-of ***** IV; qBilie Ganada blUs^api Mx. now to tbatjave mree Mewbartt'iQf;- this ci(,|,: - Samj^diy^,died- Mr. Cbarfes Alderfey, Friday^uaornjng died of a violent fevef, in ! vemiiig the future nronopblizln^ ofthcni iij'the' *� cities of London and Weftmiiilfesr, which will j PkA *f* ft I   jv4 w�k 1 aa^4 * aJtAaii* * i#it45U*ii i^uaie,.^epi."26, 1765. r#�* Couft Dirrttsrs of the United * GvTnptny^J&erchanti of �.7]?land trading t# Friday noon one James ^itd9 a Carpen- ford Road, dropped d6w� �.tra< to ler, andexpiiid imraedia ie iy. Trfld^^a^lterip ,ihevCiry was conytfled beft^ifelii^ I he penary of ten flhiling5, for felling a quartern loaf Of, Ubpfehold breads at a: higher price (Han is fcefjtfedily ;carfied imo ete^urion. ; a per (on* was Urely going rocnl fo.rfee l**tiiS4, do hereby %ive jwtue,. 2tat^ pur- I the Eifi J faint' tp \ thh Day, 'ft* ptoffyt Ihtetofl 'of Four Pourtds x . . . . _ rt , ^ i per Centum ptr Annum, on1 the /aid Cmp*?jy<s \ ^mhaluunw of a cert aiH ftreet i it the Liberry of i &n&;jb*ltc$afeand^temjineeh'jk^ WeftjBinfter, .to procure names ro-be fitted, to . ^ ajfetirion to a great'man'for hi* iruereit wirh the Conuo&toners to pave cheir flreet immedi-itfel^, or at, leaft niend tie bjgbwiys j. a certain dry old cradefhun refifed to iignx wging thar the great Man had enough to do ro Tee' to iKemehdifig'ef bis onwx nuays^ anift qughc JiQt to be troublM' \yith dieirs. vf Jtiafeb' next y and ibatijtmi and a/Ur that, Drfiy, the fiiiA C {if'tbey thinkj7j) to be marked\ mOrder* 4o carry the /aid Interest of Three Potasdt ptr ten- wefand dry doclfs^^^o; b;e jLgitn^diaitJy idiama&i? arrived - * MoKd* U,c Right Lord Hincbinh^e ^^^J^^^t  Qa Friday laf^ as the .Court of Quarter PJai av?ri M^ot of the Gorporaciou of uni .^^^rt^r^^^^t^r^i^-wewcitainment aVas -uravided;* at ^vluch were - was feiiteticed tfr Be �^rd.Carysfort3 and a gcjeat ;ijtmber of geinie-tf^etvof eminence m the cosinry^ >\^cn iercr^i Ipyal healths wwe.draiik. ' � ' On < JVl<Jflday lad came o�, and on Tuefday was finiibccl, rhe eledtinu fori filing np, eight vacant FeUavvibips in T^iiiit^ coHege^ Cambridge, ivhen rhe folbwiag^eiiLkau^i avtre fe^^ | rf^vii. the^/Ma,^T K^. l^t^ ^* ^ ^^ ^^^^Rev. Mr. Wi**, Mx.. Hod^on, Mr. aMore^ uii of W^icbef of iSfeWgate for Martfc^ r^tw b�man a nd T^Hv From Can* csUedSer ai�teU<<h*raadsJMi8t feKe/j to the jaid 31ft of March, next^ on all fucb Bonds as ft all%ot& b'nxgbt.m m rked on'or fa/ore the fard Xctb-Uayaf: February 5 aJ before- mentioned^ fbaii be paid vff. THE fraternity '� between t be 18 Of A Hian, Rev. Mr.?Rogers, *JI fi�icbeilowpfrAi�oft-'avny frora_bis'Fri.ii.�.war^trWir^ UDt ^of=V dangerous fiCBO^ wbfelr^O aW^^i)^i^*y XPIMM$erf^ice^ with bi&'0w&air, -aod ^^hai^^teSl ^^^J^fe^^t " ^ Mx- John i,^ ,io^ fa^d college, t vWe hear frOHi-Haddenbamjtfi the jBIepf �fy, jtWirfcfa.Wtdnj^y plrey^^ad, at tlu^J^'apd;] io itiKFifiidiife tile Stamjf� <fywm�mbte%$- ^efi^^a the i�th of *AU|WVtbey w�V WK* vittfalht than beloit* whid� eonvin" a! vtillSunday ibe ift of S�iit�|ab�r, by e^m*9ist-t tow, .-^1 tea. fuc^efslul toiws^'Bbe find* but w^Feh^*fe^fibrJ-peitf-: ^qiij^very J^udrclai�5 of thfiiader, wb&by-*$&*t: daJDHge tvas done to the roofs of the'boufes, &fiu $|c, aoAthe ^hteijii^l^:tir tt Cf>ideocic, iter. flndp^ >f�n%** Jonn i'urier* in joxrnion'! London, ihaJi be amply re- t Kyal is near /i* Foot h^>^ *�tef*dri round- V^la^e, iiwl Uaek ftraK Hair^ waiph he uhurfly wore Vtr>Jong, acdtogr�atl> ��tffordtT�d wi nuSe.-.fes. . Ic h atoned lie foa:e Time ago feta ir>

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