Tuesday, September 24, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Tuesday, September 24, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - September 24, 1765, London, Middlesex TUESDAY Numb. "?HflsT Y SSPTfcMiER 26, 1765. [IttccTwo^is* mi-peus& HlS'nlortffflg. thft. Kiag-of r*uflia,at> tended by foe Prince/ '"'Of Prurfia, dthe two Princes of Bhwfwkrk^ > jh ihfcftnrice, arrived oW from SfteSa* fn pcvftft health. ] ' liienooilfty and roomat-the ih# l�ft his Mtftef foot, Hi .-^^liefrfceo pleated to <*6nftUute VtxnTCmftm Hotttao, Efq: to bt J^tftJFtbi ISjr^UBeitt of foot, in r^uiUn4er ih? comiind of Major :Pf��oa; ;;. - . ; ^^FTSseguired to fur render+ \ of livejc^ook, McFcbanc, ax ,,jUon irtllaV&reef, Liverpoolc, it^umkt, of iwdeah^l ftre�, .lUwdon, afO^^l, Oft. *, g, iSov. $. )H*y$ t� If taadt 1ox<Jre4itors. Cfteiftian, fare of Gractthurch-, <&ldfi�ith, at GmldhalJ. . Mile** Uteof slrmarofe Oreer, wt,at GoildhaU. now or late of War. ^Mll/gjjM.Ji,,jll llfadtaib, d� EafKl4�e, iu Bfiiy Ma|Bttl?n�ennondfcy, & Siit-imlter. sdraBP*" Mjgfa&tfks the Dukes of j V with two of the ; ;i<^;�wchainbet� fit our from iryj**Btrfe at two o'clock on Turf* of^O^irtmpton. the Prince of Brunfwjck, at ^oK Clinton ah&GoI. Boyd,fet # - the fconifrMayw bSi^-^etBg/np^s^r^'of, JiUdermttD) at the'' fame !price^s4a1V ^pk? fha returi^d pitoeof: Wheai "being 'higher thfciiIIk^'^I;the M of ^arHatoeat for fciiiBJ� :he A^zeof Bread, ihi� is di-retted td be xlone y Tuepay from rhe Kemi^ of Vb^C>rn-Market Fiie day before. k> rhrTown-Qerk^ Office, by the Court *f Lorel-tMay^r a^fd Aldermen j but if thera, fliould 1� no Court,  iteft> .by the Mayor on-' >y y and fides of tei are intended to make two bottoms fur the other piers.. Saturday being the day before Michael* atas-day, all the n�w lamps oh the roads round io St. George**-fields, &c. will be li^hied, and the W^'.chmen will heondUiy for 1 tie fit ft time t his feafon. Qn Monday latt a great match at cricket was^piayed in Mary bone-fields, between eleven gen femcn of Wertmwfter, and cle-veii^ntlemeri of Wary bone-j-aafli, wrijeh y�ia�yn^-tt>e4atte>^ i�ir� >t�*r^iands ttr to & in at the latt in nings. The match was for a fflyer cup, value\en guineas, given by Mr. Lowe, pioprieior' of �MarybOne gfedent. Monday: afternoon a cudgelling match was foaj^l oh Wand(Worth-h|Ut for a laced hat, or the value of one -uibjillpre^ The opponents on each (ide wese nine, one part iof which were named the Loadon fide, and: ithe other the Wandfworth fide. Oreat dexterity wa* difpJayed during the contefL^ by boih parties, particularly by a DyeVa Sugar cooper, and a Carj>enter, on the London ilde, and. by a Maimer, aGaijJener, and a FarmerV t*bouier, on the Witndf- tfceat wasrefpited until nejnrfelons, as-is t*fejudgment of fikjfteih Dutra, a capital ^oftvift, fbr forgery. At this fogfon eight received fentenee of death, three of whom were executed on Monday laft, Ibrty-fixtranrpoTteaior feyen years, three whipped, and^4$ difcharged by proclamation. The feiHon of the peace was adjourned until Tuefday the ttt of October next, and the feftons at the Old Baily until Wcdnefday the r iand, 4 �rarh Whom he had the honour to be jperfonaJJjfr ac^uaaoied former]? in his^�ifhtry> Wjriaeu with to own hand, invitii^ hin� to pafi thm*' Poto^on bis ferafn tp Eaj^asd, and. to join wtch|)^-pciIbiK the>e eawiRedby bis Ma|ef-ty mmb the care ofpiomocing learning in bis . " ^^e�^Seteinarie�wfticn are now efta-briibiaj^rbrca^hWK theRuiEan pomutio^s for C&tjftxl 1-arruurg, and tHe tminjpg of Xouiig People fer Craw/, .Cmmeriotly aid" Ajf^/�rr Praf^tpns; the Emprefi has ib^dcd.a g>eat School for the EdtKatiofl cf Poor Boys at rh> AcadefMy of Arts. Alio a moR ewidlent infli-totlon of the like kind ftp. �/f/YoaB& Ladies of nohk Families, and futy Young Qirii of Families of the lower order. � k�s^h�l&vannah for upwards of five tn|fti^hei;Spariianis (ay the ob* ^^%thefe taking poffeOioD of Lout-.^-^a/eowmgio the Court of, CSreat Bri-rta^, which; would not agree to the preach v aafciag BOffe^aofiomfrterritories the Spa- aUard* wafft to.eeda.tct them ; The French, I mmm^ tytmbxaxay wed �f It.?; F i vTl^ Canatotmatt^f war ^rderca-to be ia*<l&te4iViiaa:w jBrO&Coiff otfidir' 3thdiei there, ^ait of them "St Oxford atld part at Cam.' bridge Thty are all *rriv?d here for embarking with fix more, who ire Volnnteexs, and foJIicuiijg to be suTociattd to them. *4 The Eropreft ut a Lady of great ferife' and penetration, and extremely dejirous to promote tvery Scheme wliich nr^r rendto the Benefit of her SabJe�H. General Ber^koi has a principal Share 6f her Confidence in thefe matters. He is a man of merir, an hoheft man, and a Patriot," We hear a GentJeman of great experience in African affairs wiiJ foon go over to Senegal^ in order to reconcile Cidy Hamet, a powerful -y -^ uM^pw^fiver the Bar* Am-' il^ to: be Captain of � Wm&iA&n*agtmu* offoot, mth* "r t waa an artificial one. On Sunday laft a Sharper, genteelly dr^-ied, went to the Oxford Arms ihB� in Ox-' ford Koad, and being admirred into a prt> VaW room by hiqjielf, he ftojd U�ei^)ut � gold watc^ which was not tniflid till h� had got }o#wtl^ his bpojr: "v. . / ^; Tqwer-u^ iiau Merehahr, coauag. on horfeback. over Blackhffath, was fobbed hy^ a lugy man/ wall mounted,; of about j$ s. in monejfj and then eaU6ped. off towards Dan-^ lord: He h9d>a Gmj** hit face.. On Saturday mi^lali a man -was taken UP^in^irmS^ki by Mir. $iWO�, . podiaablB'tfWhmti'toj. ti�leot|lyr|ieatr 4 tag hislaadiady, add tttcetfeoine^o tik the 1 wlola neighlauVhoo^'o^n^i^ Ipne examination oa Monday before tut Sitting Aiderhaan at GuildruU, wai tint J f I �^ie%-tff^dV:eniM at :^ld; pMtom* wer^tri^ feien; .Mvl^W&takUt tra^pQru(iQhV and rtpOT acquit. r Maty NorthfieM was coBfkted #01 re add'it is; faul the above Gentleman will carry wirhiiim&me valuable prefents on the govern-rnent's account, to be properly applied on the occafion. Lettmfroin Copenhagen, dated Auguft gt, hy, rhe Capram of the �bip Peter Jjucbicuy boondfxom Rouen to Dantaick, was hi ills paf-Jagejntt by an E�glijh Pirare, who forced the hatches of his veffal, broke open and pJnndercd his cheftsof their contents j during which time the Captain and Crew of the DancaiclSer were confined. !" a^tttrdsy whilethemate of a Weft-Iudiaman fvas handing forne bagsofSpanilh filver into a Waterman's Wheery to be landed at Tower Wfaarfoae of them, containing fifteen huudsed peicts of eight, feJ] over board inco the river j fine* tvliicb. the draggershave been at work, bat without foccefs. A few days ago was married, the Rev. Mr. Qeotge Ailen, Curare of Jjorking, to Mrs. Elmberh AnfeJI, Bar-keeper, at the White, horfr in the fame place. ' Friday war married at Chicheftp', Captain Jaclfon, in the Jamaica Trade, to Mif* Ann Goore, of that city. , Snnday morning ^vas married at St., Clement Danes, Mr. Phillips, a .Paftry-cook, at the #orner ofjNdrfblk-^eet, iu the Strand, to Mils petii^^atluns, of the ikme place. ; : iyate^r died, at Bidefbrd in Devonfhire, Mrs^^rChard, mother of Patil Orchard, E/q^ the prefent High Sheriff for rbe �ud oouiiry. 4S� Spnday died, ar Dooglas's Coffee-hoafe, ftltlljs^-fan^ Mr. TRThite, of Early-ore,^rib| liordi>Britain; nviio, when a lad, i Ca.p^)^ Comtfdfli*> in the young Pre-ers, ,afmyv and Jetted witb hkown hand Heaf- from Ho�on, he tvas #�pped kf tw^foaroidsV who robbed rhim or-fehp^aeett, half a gnmia, and fiame firver : Tbejrt:^swerl very, civ U to him j bot, to prevenc:pnrjluit^ they laid tbey muff borrow his wooden ie�, wfaicb they according* ly oid,^rJ made ost The leg was fboitd the next morning in a ditch in* Old-ftreet road ExtroB of a Ittttr fr*m Janeifm, Jin*, 14. *' I cannot help relating to ybttj on aporH�c of its Angularity, a circooifia^ce, ^fhich Uap-pened to me not long ago iatheiniiifit of mf diftrefles, aflefted ine greatly at the rime, nor do I think I unll foon forget it. *^ " One morning taking an airing aldiig .thft I>iaz2a, leading fifm Kenfingron to the fieids^ Ait old negro who waa .' iicouig rhere dreifiag his fares, begged alms of me-*-~ I pauVf by him, wirhow raiting any notice of him ;. Jjot iminedianly reflefting apon the poor fellow^L-(itUition, XTetomedhadk and gave him3 bic^-veiling him at rhe laise ^ime, - that -febad goc" ine a fe>v�t>ore Ftjn^vu^i� flBj^E^The feh-' low exprefid his grathodf u> tfasftt and good wiibafot me, and tptOMm. Same days afierwirrds^ hwjq| Oejjafioa tch ptft the �atie Way, I �gam jS&Jb* �ame nvgro y -on orj nearer approaclt. iie stfempced to come towards me, bet his fores dif-Wet1, mm fratn getting fbrtner than n few paces, by which ami I had an cftkasttmiry of pfljnlg hun Upon this be caJJedafref me-1 QiU tr^iked^on, however, wirhoat regardiHg liim,-- But as I, continued to go farther. fotMn Uan,- he rn^tMufr voice higher, begging ro fyeak wtttr ma-Curious to hear what jrhe man lad to fey, 1 re* turned back-: when he delivered nimfclf to the rolloiybtg effect >^Tbar as foon as I bad left him'tb'eotlier,day,.be cnacloded by what X-bad laid wHen 1 relieved him, tbar I was my� , felf in diftreft ";-^iut it grieved hsm n>neh- cd fee a Lady in want, nor conid he- be" happy jiU he faW sne again.-He then pufleol out * purfe. containirtg,' as he faid, -a8 doubloons, and begged me to. rake, irj. teeing me, -tharhe had colleite'd this ,by. begging-r^nd tb�t;he coo Id  beg more to keep him alive  bur that a Lady could not beg,, but rriuft die for want of y%ta yam, if fbehad aomouey.^I-thaMked'thepoor fellow for his geaerufity,, ��id^lur I li^d 'got � more money iince I/avv hiWi and that Ididnot want if .-I theu a�ked h�Q,. iiow his' nfaiier a..�I^:r�:.......- x fo^ld>*He . no mor.-: bis maSer had ' tqrir'd'blm out of doors to Kg or ftarve.-That he had been a fl-ve from his infancy, and thar hi* fores, were occahoncd by coa-ftaht hard laljoiir.-After giving, hira. another bir, and caurionurg him not to difcover his money to any body, left he might be robbed of it, I left him; andcotild nor help rene&rig.on this adventure on my return home. " My heart was in truth tonched with the poor fellow's iennbiiiry, and animated with indignation at the ill ufoage he had met with from his mailer, after having fenced him- while he'was able to work.-I don't Juiow, my dear Friend, how this ftory will affedi you, but.I think it merits reflection, and ought ro be re* thembered now and then, that the great quantities of rum and frtgar yoa ufe are prnenred by enflaving, hard-treating, and confining to ever-iafling,. aud fometimes hitokr*ble, very Jarge namber of our feliow crearur-s labour, 2 I the Cheif pfthe M'Leods, ar Inverary. terwaids "^rved in 4he Onrcb and Prttffian tjtipp^ aj# \vas vv|rh the great Marlhal Xekh ~at thf Ltime of his being fo tjufbrruiiafely Hain \ �W�la* ffrening, siBemr ymht o'clock, a maf JbV^npnl,; $ Pr^pr^t,Goodman's, ittfco Wears a wooden leg^ being coming NEW-CROSS Turnpike." A Gmeral Meeting of the Tritfttm fir Xl Repairing the RojO from the Stm�s-E*4 in Kent and Bernwndfey Streets in Soutbqeaek, t* the WVTt of Dartford, and to Farnbomigh Wfcd m Kent, and to tlmWejt End o- StrmLGretdtiit Surry \ is appointed to be betd an Saturday z*4?� at *be Or ten-Man on Btaek-Hfatb, feu JCMt^ in the Tortnoon__ �- A Meeting, bj Adjournment of tbt. frnj^ . yj tees fir Repah'm.q the tFefiem DiftriB f the Turnpike Aoad. leading from the Powder* Mills on HounJUu HeitbJn tbt. County of Kiddle* /ex, to a Place called Ba&ngfane. near tbt town of aagfbot in the l>arijb M iHtndlefliam- at the County of Sttrry^ will be held on TiteftUy next* the ijt ofOgoSer, at Tep o'clock in the BoeMo*, aitURMdU�natBg)iam.,h, _J. Tfoygg, Clerk. TH E Partnerihlp of Jofcn Barnes and Benjamin Backiioufe, (Jrocen and Tea Dealers, in Cheapfide, being diiTolved by mutual Confent, 011 the aoth Initant: I be^ i eaVe to acquaint my Friends. �nJ tr,e Public in general, that I have entered into Partrierflup with Mr. Bartholomew Dawfon, Grocer and Tea Dealer, at the Tea Cheit and Sugar-Loaf, in Newgate-Street; where the (.'oiitinaance of their Commands will be gratefully acJtnoW-ledged, and rait^mJiy etecnted, by Their muit obertient bumble Servant^ Netogatt-Streety f. HtHJ. taACKHoriaa &xt Tbvrfley will be fiailt/^d^ Price as. 6d l^und m Ciif The Sbcoko KotTtos of REFLECTIONS on DEATH: By WILLIAM I1 O D D, M. A. Pxebtodarj of Brecon, and Chaplain la Ordinary to 1>� MajsAf. It is appointed aaco Men �ace to die ; bata&er Priarei for J. Newrefjr, U tbt ltb|i M $M St. pnu'sCharcK-Yvd.

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