Saturday, September 21, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, September 21, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - September 21, 1765, London, Middlesex . -1 4 ^ Numb. 5?4 Prom SATURDAY SjLtTmhzi .it, to TUESDAY September 24 [Price Two-pence Half-penny Front the Lond Jaihifj* Sept AY his Royal tJighnefs the t young Prince was cluiftened by his . Grace the Archbi- fword of ftate befbfe hjf Majefty- to *rid from Chapel. . ' ,-ti- l tUfy ur^orouen on inevjreen. tn tn< ijeffeithe Duke of Qfoucefter Frederick, and tjw'Pri The JCinghas appointed joh Mi ? Right Rev, the Lord Bifbop of Lincoln, to �hold the re&ory of Lidgate, in the courity of Suffolk and diocefe of Norwich (being lately prefenred thereto) and alfo the rectory of Boroflgh on the Green^ in thecouney worth queft brou^ The,following threatening l^uef has been lately feat to Mr. Alderman �eil, of New- s ni- ce To upwards of 190], per annum. A few days ago a prefentation paffed the Hi* � ka J c V ' feaI to empower the Rev. James Lethmoce, a.y caueo Marquis or Lome, r - a - m hnJH rh, r^,,� nf l ^tenant Ge ioj&l oJT the fecqnd battalion of the firft, /oyal jegimeni of foot, ..late under the tfotiimaad of Sir Henry Erlkine, Bart, deceased.  - Mijor Gteoeral of his Majeity's forces, ffrrM?blbi)ei �f tfee 5<5th'regiinent of foot, latc^iBder the Command of Robert -Man- commonly called Lord Robert Man-l9eri^ andltkewife to be Captain of a com- j�Qf Urthe fa id regiment. ^heKing has appointed Studholme Heidgfon^j Efi^f Lieutenant General of his MajeftyYforces, to be,Governor of Fort <Jrorgpimd Eors Auguftus in North.Bri-<3m, whereof Lieutenant General Sir Cfearfes Howard, deceafed, was late Gover- tie King has appointed John Leigh, to be; Gaptaia of Cai rifbrook caltle, tfffli' the fortifications thereu*nto belonging, jte:tl^S& of Wight, _ he King has appointed Jpmes Robeit-Jfetf^ �fr to be Barrack Matter General to tflf hfe majefty's feices ferving in North Bankruptcy enlarged* ffctyp Jen)tin5^ Jat.e of Ckcapiide, Londony , tt^Ceb-fltfker, atGuildhaJ]3 tiJI Nov. 12. . SANK RUPTS rrywV^ Ap lurrensltr. . cfiWg^'^ydcaert, of Sc. Marrin-ftreer, in the JfSffifllg of Sr. Murtin in the Fields, in lie <SO\Wit^ 6f* Middlefcx, Taylor, ac GuiJdhaJJ, Nov. 2. 12 ^%*.^7^rxot"iSuir's-lmildiiig*, Fetter Jane, JUm&^^^V ^SuildbiJ^^Lontion, Sepr. JiftSBfcs-'&iftctel Pole, late of Fan-court, Fen-efe/eft-fiie^rj London, IVlerciuiit, ac <juiIJ- Of�E. 5, 17, Nov. ^. I^f^fD'ENOS r� /^j Creditors. cSt.-r-f Wifliifn Ttirner, of rhe town and cottmy of. Pookj- MtrchaJir, at the (jenrge .iff Pbpfc <S^. ?9i: ^ielrafd Holmes, of the parifli of St. ?%Me'nt Danes, Micldlcfe^, Dealer, at Guild- JJfb^". if. Attios J^afrhe\vs *iid Francis Mat- 6nrh bte pf Tiverton, Devon, Mer- dtikiits ^dtj partners, ar die Three Tdiri in Gtorg of ift^f Cottage^ Northumberland, MxnuCidlu-jfcYTbflA-6n-and'Steel, at GutWfcvall, London. BJ?.inrfr3 lace of 'Swithin*s-aJJey, Lon- ^tofin t^aW, of th<5 parifli. of St. London of Sprifig-gardens, in the Liberty <5f ^dtoitfrterj Dealer. LONDON. their coronation, there was a very nu-��k^.Wd ^dendid Court at St. James's, i&rir com ?^rt Her. Majefty was -not at ope o'clock the Park and Tower gil-tis were filed, and in .he evening there *eife" bonfires and iliuminanons as ufual. ^Vl^n^aod, the Princefa Amelia were tit f. Syflday-ni^ht hiS^ paid a viut to tfjei Ffijic'efii- Dowager of Wales, at Cat ho � ^^SW^y-'raorning the Right Hon. the r j4^t4.@hane^lJor fet out from his ho'ufe in fcit^aisripiinfieldsj for', his (eat at the ^^ferdayjaft his Grace the Duke of 1 Rfti^ftqffr.tcarae froin his feat at Pierpom l^dgej-/;tq. his hotife in Arlington-ltiee^ fitw James's. Sunday the Right Hon.<he- Earl of Eg-fffont gave a grand entertainment to the Fo H%* Minifters and Nobility at his houfi in fhe Admiralty. v Same day the Rev, Mr. Schuts preached Iftfore his Msieftf at ihe .Chapei- Rojal � Br A. - to hold the reftory of LixJningfgrGve, in the county of Leicefter'and dioe'efe of Lincoln, void by the death of the late incumbent. His Majefty has been pleafed to appoint Major William Forrefter, fiom haif-pay, tobe*Majorto rhe Z7th regiment of foot, commanded by General Wat burton, in the room of Major John Manfel, who letires upon half-pay, Erifign John Mac Donald, to be Adjutant to the 66th regimenc of foot, commanded by the Right Hon. Lord Adam Gordon, in the room of Adjutant John Barcas, who refigns, Capt.- Matthew Pierfon, from haJf-pay, to be Captain of an independent company of foor, to be raifed for his Majetty's fcr-vice, to do duty at Senegal, Lieut. Philip*Duperron, late of the 60th regiment of foot, to be Lieutenant in the faid company. hnirg:i Thomas Rochead, from half-pay/ to be hnlign io :he laid company. from pay Capt. trancis Mac Millan, from half-to be Captain of another independent to be raifed for ihe'fatne iiivici. company Lieut.' Lachian Mac Pheifon, late of the 78th regiment'of foot, to be Lieutenant in the faiucompany. i " Alderman <c Bell in Weftgate ct You Bell Our full Refolutions By gd And To Leu you fCnow if you D'wo tNot Agr^e with Us And Lett Us To Work By gd.Weel Sotlne Dow for both you And Sum More for By g,d I W-fll Wa ch you Nite And Day My Self By g,d To Send you To bell and Take This for hand Warning for By G.d Your houfe fhaJl Blife About Lu^s and Your fine Scabies We Chn Soun Dow for ihem You Mult not think your Wath Men will fiiten us for as Wee Are Refolved for To Clear Oure-Way Wee I foun Dwo for them You Say Before you Will Submit To A Collier you Will Los your Rite hand but Sum of us Will make. You Submhe before Winter be ovcar And the Devil Will Make you Submit better! Wauld Tel'yoy my Name but My Simplicity Will Not Let Me. We bear that an enquiry has been ordered to be made into the nature of the grievances complained of by the Pitmen at Ncvcaltle and Sunderland. Articles ondenc informs us, that the car/i-ige it if (( it I C( it � it 4 t it it tt it this being done, a kind of troogh is prepared^ "cjKpndhig from the trtinJc cf ^he^tree 011 each ]rde3 in order ro terain.rhe iap as it runs down. By this means upwards of 30 gallons fromo ne rree has l^een drawn in a day ; which being ma-nufadlered �frer the manner of fyrtrp proceeding from the, prcduces a i'ugar, the grain of which is eqtulin rinentfsro rhe Jamaica - and theirolafes, or trCHcle, extrafted from the pref-fureof the fugar, is very linje, if any thin fericr to our Vfcft India molaffcs. Of this fiiiMr (.-i fnuli qnaiifiry whereof ivw brought to tiiis nurkor to difpofe of).the gcntl-man fays3 up-\va:ds of 600 lb. was made by one man rhe laft feafonj L e. from" February to April, inciufive. It is the prevalent .opinion of rhe manufacturers, that a tree wiJJ be ferviceabk for this purpofe 1 x or 14 years, -with proper ufiMge.-When any one confiders the ftiJl^rearer improvemfius that this difcovery is capable of, and forms tq himfelf an idea of the great utility of fucl> a manufafture, efpecially in a country rhat has few or no lUple commodities ro fupporr it, mnft he not wifli that an adequate bounty was provided, or fuch other ample encouragement alJoufr td, asth^t wejmight be able at leaft to 4i!q?piy oiirfelves with chefe arricics ? ant! uall^noer ^ ' ^ have recourse to our Weft India-^Jleighbours, who, we imagine, afi�r this diftorery, will be as trluch neceflitous from the want of our lumlier, as ever we have yet "been from the wane of their prov!iice.-^*Er we would be further fli-muhted to the piopofed pneouragemenr, \ye need.oniy to reflefta little on' the manufadturers in fome of oiu* ^ourherft Provinces; whofe opulence aril'cs chiefly from fome of the mnft diminutive pl.nns, and proceeds ir>^re fiom art in the improvehienrof thefe, th.mfxom l.ibofious employments. 1 "7^7? concerning the prtj, of the poor% .. poor are likely to become more numerous and mifrrable than eyer5 the unfiling Vonr great men have ruhwi rhe belt part of our foreign'commerce, and I frar it i$ gone pa ft recovery. Many thousands of people at Manchefter, Birmingham, Leicefter, t and Norriugham, will [jrobabjy ftarve this year fox 'want of work, and money to buy food ; and" I I ltreet. fhoiild not wonder if they were to pay you a vifit as the SpiraJfields Weavers did,-although -they themfelves would be the grearetf fnfferers by the expedition. It is reaJly a hard matter to keep people.quiet who have nothing to eat. If the exportation of wheat is not fpeedily flop-ped3 the confluences may be dreadful. GOP fend that the pre fair -M--y may "have humanity and power enough to rcm'rdy fome or' the impolitic meafures, and cruel 'hardihips brought upon as by the laft ! And ma)' Hhl pre ferve us all from canfliiiou arid domeftic bxoiJs 1\' It is faid,. that proper ojficer^wiU foon be appointed in every parifh in the city of London, to infpefl jhe'Kikers Jhops weekly, ir beir:g ftrongly fufpecled tint large quantities of bad an adulterated flovu baye Jqjig beeji u(ed in m4kiiig A geutlemali atJSramlKiny in -Lincolnfhire, having caught a leveret^ �Ky* itiu a room will a cat aixJ her kitten j wi^'jjit i?is great amazement, rhe,cai w;iSoWer\'ef^.tiu a little rime, as tenderly to carefs,. and'ai fjeguJarJy^tofuckle ir, as her own,-Several gentlemen have been ^ye-wirn-ifes of this ejarjtordjnary preteriraturai fympa^hy, - - � Yeiferday morning two. tvomeu fought for a new fhift, valued ax haUf a".guiuea, in liliugcon fields, which was won by ^eJl Draper, commonly called Bruiting Neil, of Safforn-hiJi, /Ihey fought with prodigious mafculiiw vigour ajtd agility, for alx)ve 20 mrnuces j and it is thought that'NcH,-the vidorious Amazon, had purchafedthe fhift at tlie price of her'left eye^ which was aJ mo ft beat out in the battle, Wednciilay evening Mr. Grove, of about eight o'clock, as Long-Jane, Smithfi-iu coming frojnlflingrnn, .down rhe iS'ew-rOdd, lie was two footpads, who after fwearing bitterly, that if; he gave the lea ft alarm, ihey would murder him, robbed Mr.'Grove of 16 s. jy?*/Oaober, � . HUNTER-and Mr HEWSON's COURSE of Ana to m* i c a l Lectures wiJi begin, at their. Houfe in Litchfield Street.- TH Partoerfhip of John Barnes and Benjamin rUckPOitfe, Groceis and' Tea Dea^eK, in Cheap/ide, being di'Tolvfd by Mutual Con fen t, on tiie 20th Inftant; *1 /^eg Leave to acquaiiu my Friends, and ciie Public in general, chat I have eiKexed iiito Partnepihip with of bread. Ittnd. c e informed of tba particular piethod of proair-died, at his JtlOUfe in | ingit; which, a^far as >ve could obtain from Saturday morning died, aged 84, the Rev. Dr. Booth, Dean of Wmdfor., after having enjoyed ihe canonry and dean.ry-; 45 y^ais. It is thought he will be fucceeded by the Right Hon. Lord Francis Seymour, Canon of Windfor, and Brother to his Grace t.Kfe Duke of Somerfet. Sunday morning Charles-ilieer, Berkeleyfqiiaie, ^be Rigltt Hon/Lord Vifcouni Middleioin, Member for Nevv ShofehainVUt-Sttfl^^ ^ U)c 36th year *i bit ag^ fhe gentleman; is thus: having-chofen out a Uigc maple tree^ fnitable for the .purpofe, they r wiUian a*e l>ox~u, much after the fame mau- Nev.^'arr'-S're-r � \\hc;e die. Coi^tmuanoe �of their Conumnds will be gracefully' acj;i\OKV-1-dged, and faithfully eifecmed,. by : ' Tncir molt obc^iiqnt hurHbleServattra KeweateStreet) (For Parrner and elh yufy ii, 17^-. BEN J, .BACKHO[^5E- To be SOLD by AUCTION On the*iit undid of OStolwr.iiext, LL the Houihojd Furniture .of t^e hte Mr. John Conrad Hejnzel-m a s, at his late Dwelling Hotife at Eait Buni-hatn in- the County of fiucjes* The Gotxls ro-�lje viewed oil Friday, S^nirday and Monday,', lieforetbc Diys of SJe. C<ralo�ues to bt the CaftJe at SaJt-hiJl, ajjd at the Orkney-Arras3-t Maidaihead Bridge *, at tlu* White-Hart at Wimlfot ; auda.cJtfr. -Wil* liani Pitt's, Mcrcex^jic Maidenhead. N.B. A Le^feofthe faid Houfe Hke.\vifevt,oi^ fold, being aljout ten Years to come. Catalogues wiii l*.dcto*rcd QUC qn Thutft^/ next. t

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