Tuesday, September 3, 1765

London Evening Post

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Tuesday, September 3, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - September 3, 1765, London, Middlesex 4 ^4 -J \ 4 + From TUESDAY. Septemm% to SEPTEMBER 5, 1765. [fnce Two-pencq Half-petit y From the London Gazette. Maguey Aug. 30. HE Hereditary Prince and Princefe of Brunfwick will arrive heri to-morrow in Prince the afternoon. Lewis of Tuefday the Honu Horario Waipole, Efq; fet out from bis houfe in Artin^iomftreet, Sc. James's, for his fear in Middlefex. ' By letters received on Tuefday fiom Spain, by way of France, theie is an accourv, tuit LeVentUr^, aSpanifli re&ifterfhip, was arrived in the Bay of Gadu, from .the Sourh-$ea, with upwards of 5,000,000 of dollars, great funeral pomp. His title devolves to, his only fun, a Lieutenant Colonel of mail nes, now Lol<1 Lindores. Tuefday died Mr. Ingall, who many yeais kept the Swan aJehoufe, oppofile Beaufort-buildings in the,Strand. The pradice of inoculation is now al- Brunfwick is gone this evening to U-trechrto meet the moft univerfally introduced in the counties of Noifolk, Suffolk, and Eflex. A gen-tleman of ihe faculty at Ingaieitone, has, Tuefday the Worcetter-Eaft indiaman, j within thefe five years, inoculated about and other valuable merchandize, on buaid j the particular hoc mentioned. J'wcey ail amiabJe young - �vicXi a handrome fortune* Lately died at Bnry St. Edmonds, Suffolk in an advanced ajje, Mrs.<;rajie^ \vbo htd the honour of being Midwife to her Ute . Majefty^ Queei\CaroJine* . A few days/incea Publican, at the trtri vfe of his wife, (being obligared to an Undertaker in the pecuniary fnm of 4J. y 5 3 d. whonj htf kl not Confidently employ} w dnn, Linhen-draper> at GnildhaU, Sept. io> DlVIPKKDS to be msdg toCrtditers. ftt^t. %6. Robert Harvey, late of rhe city of firiftoF, Soap-maker and Chandler, at the UagVhead tavern in Winc-ftrcet, Brifloi iept. aS. Johfi Johnfon, ]*re Of ^ibourn, in where (he is to deliver the remainder of her lading. The Trufteesfif the turnpike roads about Henley,' intend foon to alter the hid there, fo as to bring if quite upon adefcent to the foot of jHLenley Biidge,--An undertaking wanted, as it is not only vety unfafe fur paflengers who travel that road, but ex- tiemely bad for horfev&c A,s nis Grace the Duke of Richmond is talked of 10 fucCeed in the command of the Scots Royal, or fir ft. regiment of foot, as befng not onjy a General Officer, but alfo a feer, and the'third Duke of that king- the following anecdote, unknown to many of our readers, may be agreeable; Matthew S^eyart, Duke of Lennox, was father of Henry Lord Datnly, hulband to iMary Queen of Scots, by whom he had James me Six ih of Scotland, and Fir ft of hn^land. On the death of the laft Duke uf that family, of the name of Stewart, 4000 perfons, of which number only one ptfrfon died i his father and brother, in the two frit-mentioned counties^ have inoculated near $6,000 perfuns withequal fucceft, which plainly evinces th^fSmary effed* of mat pradice. ? On Monday a Chfmney-fweeper's boy was unfctfnfnately fuffocaed in fweepipg a chimney at a' hbufe^in Kmg-ftreet, Weit-miniter time of the Inu'ul fervice, fponging hbiide. Thii flir in the pari (hi the chnrch# Courn ?, and c-w*ied iuwJa has oocafioncd a grp^t tiere. Is i^ngi; a (?rea^{ of aitd cpgnlaabJe in the Spiriraai refterday afrmioon, an Ot being banafled l�y the drovers, ran into a houfe hmidings, Fetter lane Irtqueft houfe dom, Se coonty of Somhampton, Mercef, ak the Charles rhe Second, as next in kin George ion in Wiiwhefier. v Certificate t* b* allowed. Sept. ^4. Henry Cole, of the city of Sriftol, AM E a I Q A. Cb**t&ff*****i Sotab Carolina^ July xo. Letter* firom the Cherokee country in for US, that the two Meflengers with the letters ftonv Colonels Lewis and* Ghifwell, con-tern ing the aiTaifination of the Cherokee Indians formerly mentioned,  were brought (being the great grandfon of Henry Lord Darniy) was ferved and retoured (agreeable totheScos laws) heir to him in the h noUrs and Dukedom of Lennox, before the four Macers of rhe Court of SeiGon in Scotland, covered, who are the Judges of luch fervlce, by the fifteen Lords of Selfion,'un-coveied, who were rhe jury. King Charles, , and on Tuefday the Coronet's fat on the body, at his mallet's in Bow-ftreet, VVeftminfter, and brought in their verdid Accidental death, The chimney *as obliged to be.knocked down before he could be got out. Tuefday night the Coroner's Jnqueft far on the body of the child found in that part of St. Paul's church*yard belonging 10 St. Faith's parifli, and brought in their verdrdi Still-born. Tuefday morning early a battle was fought in St. George's*field�, between James Ellis, a Carman, and WiUfam Round, a Payiour, called Stick-in-ihe Mud, for five guineas a fide, befides many betts defending} when, after a conteft of near iwenry-iwo minutes/Round beat his antagonift ; bu they were both fo much bruikd, that they were obliged to be carried home by their companions, and neither of them were able to (peak wh�n pu: to bed. On Monday evening a man went into the into the Upper Towns about the wzd paft, TilWS Virginians liKewjfe brought in a wounded Indian, -ami delivered htm^toiiis vefted in his own peifon of thefe honours, (hop of Mr. (ieoige Sutton, of Lktlc Bri-. a Sovereign, confeired them-upon,'Charle& I tain, and bought a halfpenny-wonh of 10-Lennox, his own fon, grandfather of the j bacco, after w-hrch Mr. Sutron found the prefent illuitrious Duke, as well as the honours of the Duk* of Richmond j fo that he not only became Duke perfonage thou Id twi^weable to command that brave regiment. His Majeity has appointed John Allen following threatening.tetter in his fliop: * To Mr. Sutten 176$ Augwft zo < St. " You. nead not think that we had don *vi r Exibitor fo muJi, that he readily letyrned them their 1 s. a pti e, to the no hnall diverfion of-the- hy .ftanilers. An auoi^ymous cor-refpoudenr a'ffiir?? us fhit the following inrej)igence n.ay be relied'on-as fd&: " On .Sarnrday evening \A\ aix>nt-fouf o'clock, an officer of * ibip lately arrivei-frf-Mh the Ealt-Iiidiescvoneon ihortat Blue Jewell wiffi liis fpoufe, and went into the houfe where they had lodged ever tinea ehe ihip came home � ari^ foon after he went hot and left h^s fjioufe, when two perfons who f*id cEey were Cnl Oinlmnfe officers, and another man came into the mm that-' Joliaf�tt� Jt/qj to be Captain in ihe Royal : Mfti^r of A' f^id he fufpe^ed the Indians had been in fomc meafure to blame themfelves, he had always told them that they ought ridver 10 j cademy at Chelfea. .On Monday laft John Bennirrg, Efq; was eleded Mayor of Windfor, for the We Will doo iff you don't comply. We know your Nhe to wach F, S. We won't irobie the Poft-Office. J ibe d-xUredihe had nmliing a.* and that they flxonid not fe*rck..hcr-j nd it^uid- her bufbnnd ar that inttant returned, ing between them ar,d .her, told E 1 be in the fettlemems without White people I y�'"filing 5 on which occafion there was in com pah y j.and the fame day fet out for Virginia himfelf to accommodate matters if podible. an elegant entertainment at the White Hart there.. Sunday was married at St. Clement Danes, Wheii Governor Fauquier's letters were j ^r;/�f^ read and explained to the Indians, they laid they were very good, and it was vecy fur-prizing the �ngii(h would talk fo well and yet kill .their people* to Mifs Polly Herbert, of the Inner Temple, London. The fame day was married at St. Luke's t-m Tuefday a man was carried before th� filling Aidetman ai Guildhall, for attempting to commit an unnatural crime, the'* night before, in the Old Baily. He is abour fixty years of age, ftood in the pillory for a crime of-the fame nature a few weeks ago, at PorterVblock, and was lately difcharged out of cuftody. He was fent to Wood-ftreet compter for farther examinaiion. Tuefday morning Jacob OawJey* a failor, was taken'out of bed at a houfe of ill fame in the Mint, being charged on oath witn was his wife, and. that whilft he was able to defend her-fhe ihould upf* be pnJled about by them. They then all three fcized hitn and Avore they would ibart;h her fin rhe mraii time the .gentlewoman running rnjtiie^Qor to-ca!f^> afliftanct, one of^he iuppoTed officttswem after her to the ftreet, and tee her gown dtiS j�Mi-coats almoll oft her b�ck, artdbe^t her in a ter. rihle manner, til) her huibaru! ii|>on hearing her cries, flrnggled and difcharged bMnlelf from the> other two, flew to her afliftance and refcue^J ben The gentlewoman is now very ill from fhc fright and the bruifes flje received. \'l * r ExtraB of a leHe*fron? PwJfywrAek) Glamor* cc ganjbirt) Aug* l&r. William Ronvtl, L O N D O N Toefday there was a great Council at I Danes, Mr. James Wright, an eminent the Cockpit, WhitehaH, at which the Earl } Whittte^, of Crayford in Kent, ta Mrs. Mary Fairfax, of Clare-court, near Clare-market. Same day was msrriti at St. Bennett, Gracechurch-ftreet, Mr. Trower, of Glof-w-ftreet, Queea*fquare� to Mifs Smith, of church, George Weft, Efq; of Hackney, to M& Towers, of Endfield. _ __ Tuefday was married at St. Cleraeht I pirationVf^his time,r and committed to"pri- | abour a fortnight agn, a young pof. feffed of an eitare in the parifli of Sc. Bride's iu of Wintheifea, Preftdent of the Council; the Eaf! of Dartmouth, Fhft Lord of Trade, and feveral other Lords of the Privy Council a&fted, which did not break up *till near four o'clock. returning from trafTfponarion before the ex- | rbiVheighbourhnod, adjoining ;a die fo, was^ 0 - r -------------* nlhiiij in-the fea with three Or four com nan ions j and b vving encMed -in the net feveral'foJs and other flat fifh, IVtr. Bonvil^ in order to fecure one of them from flipping out of his hand, took hold of it with fon, hfrbeingalfo accu fed with being lately concerned in divers felonies and robberies. On Monday his '-Royal Highnefi the Can^on-ftreer. Prince of ^Wales, and theBHbqp of Ofaa- T^he Rev. Mr. Perkins, of Barbados, burgh,, his brother^ paid a vifit to their <fcd3ttH�ar4 the Favourite Beifey, Capt M aje ft ies at the Queen's palace, where they dined, and in the evening returned to Rich* ond. ^ The; write from Hanover, that after the Duke of York had viewed the fiiver mine* *t tKe^rjia^ witK/vWbicb he w^s greatly Lee?, on his p^Jlage from London to Barba- does. 1 \ On Sunday morning died the youngeft daughter of the Right Rev. the. Lord Bi-ihop of Su David's. Sunday died at Chelfea, Jeremiah Dob- leaifedj; hiskoji! Highnda went tottame- fo�, E% of Surry. an(CfMiiidenr a^d furveyed thofe fields .Same day died Mr. Hardy, Merchant, in on whW the two famous fettles were. fbughr laft war. Tdefday his Royal Highntfs the Duke of Gloiifefter arrived in town, and afterward^. waked on their Majeftics at the'QueenV palace,'/ .  On'Monday the Earl of Che ft er field, the Earl of fcme/.and ius fon; Lord Mount Steuarr, fet out to pay a vifu to the �ari of Lhchfield, St bis feat a^Ditchley, in ChtTotd&W bd^the tnoft Noble rhe Marqufc of: inglSrit^iwff ar His 'hou� Jin Grot vepor-fgupre, torn Yorkshire. Thames-ftreet. Monday laft died, at his houfe near Sun^ ning-hilJ, George Crookihanks, E% formerly a Dutch Merchant of this city. [ Monday night died, in great agonies, in St. Bartholomew's Hofpital, Mrs, Maccle-can, who. for many years kept a fchool in PaulValley, Alderfgate-ftreet.-Her death Articles of Intelligence, cv. from the Postscripts ef all the Evening Papers of laft Tuefday. The Right Hon. the Earl of Northumberland isarrived at his houfe in the Strand from A In-" wickcafikt Thejaft Utrecht Gazette, in an ^article from London, fays, thai Lord Hertford, upon nis arrival in Ireland, is to fet about eftablilhing a tax upon land, in imitation of-that which is paid in Scotland. It is faid, that tlis Brittol Merchants intend to petition next feflion, for a laz.iret to be built on the Ifland of Lundy, in the manner of that httly ere&ed on Cbedney-hill near Sr^ngart Creek. A libel, without dare or place of impreflion, concerning thS briefs which the*Pope addrefled to iheHi&ops of France in the month of April laft, has been publickly burnt at Rome. A new tragedy, - caJled Phararnonde, was played for the firlt time -at Paris on the 14th paft, and met with great appLuife,--Pbara his'xeeth (a common practice-tiled by fiiherm^n) jvbereupon the fifh on a fudden fpnuig, and got into his throat, and thefcales being contrary* could .not be got our, but choked Mx. Wli* Bonvil, who died in a njirjnte or two. rHE Gentlemen, Ctergj and Freeholders of tH County of Lui cest er, are doff* red to meet at the Tliree Crowns Inn in Lei** ctfter-on Monday the yyth of September, by Eleven o'Cfck in the Fooenoon, to confidtr of a proper ter~ fon to /ert� in Parliament for the faid Cqemy in the Room of their late tffortly Reprefentatrtx. Sir Thomas Palmer, Bart, deceased. Ambrose, Saunders, Sherirrof rheikil Convey*. THE Partnerfljip of John Barn Benjamin Hacknoufe, was, jW&afioned by a candle catching hold of monde_\ta$ the twenty fourth King of Fiance, \Vho removed his feat frrnpn the riaftern to the her handkerchief, which burnt her breafts, | Weftern part of the kingdom, and made fhe Salique (aw. Laft week was married at Willotighby by and feveral other parts of her body, in a . mo� terrible manner. - Tuefdaj nigbr, the corpft of the late I Lord Liadore� was interred at Chelfea in and Grocers and Tear D&ilers, in Cheapiide, being diifojred by mo* tual Com fent, on the^othjnftant; I Leave to acquaint my Friends, and rncPuhHc uiKCiW^ ral, that I have entered, into Partnerihip UviA Mr. Bartholom w Diwion, Grocer and Tea Dealer, at the Tea Chett and Sag** Ijo*&% in ' MewgatcStreet; where the Cau ' their (on^m mOs will be gratehiU, Itfdggd* and fiithfiilly ev^cti edy.by Tlieir moft obwiiejit btunblei Waterlets. in the courity of Leicefler, t\xe Rev; 1 Mr. John Deacle^ to Mifs Leyerr, of the feme ^Newgate-Street, (For Partner

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