Saturday, August 17, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, August 17, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - August 17, 1765, London, Middlesex w f � Numb. 589S From SATURDAY August 17 TUESDAY August I765- wopence Kaif-ptrny froftv the Lo n do n :f MiJrid, June eight {hips. corapofcdof diamonds* of 'value.. H*mburgb$ Aug^'6. They, write from Haarburgh, a fmall town in Hanover, chat early the fame f frinmt* purpofes of tbfc negotiation. Thus J have efcaped without the Toj feic of thrfr Kew 'Spain the coiranar I**** ***** I the Count de Schulembourg and [Uis de Cafma another from Buenos Ayres, Which joined them at the Havannah, both arrived at Ca the Ete&o , m yeflerday killed by an accidental (hot from a Foreft-keeper. Amjlerdam% July 29, The Captains of. the two Dutch frigates which ran on a fand bank on thecoaftof Zealand in the month j there were expended in making #p this breach between the Lfoa.and his two deadly foes, the Mule and Baboon, $,656,000]. &c. MORAL. fives, which it is hoped will be a others. OnThurfday laft a man was taken up for itealing fome artichokes from a Gainer's BUffed art the Peace-Makers, for theirs it \ �n Tothill-fields, Weftminlto., and carried Hia the-a iR of this month. mid, filv�r amount to near nine milliontor ooi->r..;�ud with fbe other effec*, thofe cargoes , rna^ be computed at about eleven millions of dollars. $t. James\ Aug. 17. An- etprefs, which left Governor Pallifer in St, Lawrence uarUwr in Newfoundland on the 16th of July, wings advice--ihiroh the nth of Jnne, getting in with .the coafts of Newfoundland, between St. Jol.n's aud Cape. Race, he found two French ftips/of war there; rhey were to the windward of himv-fo .he could nor get up to fneaJc Tfrl, r.l�Pm. The nexj: day., he faw them off . e cbace to them, but loft He immediately difpatcbed and another eth arrived at Ca- of Amfterdam t0 a fine of 6oco ^me day the Rev. Mr^ Wood, or Dar- The rceifiered apH flor- ..... d,fravi-ng lhe exnence of the lnSton ln tlie county of Durham, preached the kingdom. L 'oHn don. Sunday there ,was a great Court at St. James's, ac which feveral of the Nobility and foreign Miniiters were prefenr. Same day the Rev. Mr, Wood, of Dar- Cape Pierre, and therji iu*he mghr. o5jcer>.to look into Sr. Pierre, aJoii^e 'coatf, for get rhi� information of fhe Jix'e.'of-things there. The' rirft broaght him atcotiuis^of two French (hips of war, named tbcThetis'aiMi:Omard, being at St. Pierre ; and the other a gre�r many iufrrmations of rhe French"fiftiing wheie they were excluded from ir by ft$aries. That they bad feized four of the French boats, and made fome prifoners of the "ss. French i&ing in contravention to the He firfi intended tofeiid the memo England lor a clearer eonfirrriarion. of the matreis above-mentfopct) ; l>pt" the fails for which they were arretted Wing admitted by the Trench Governor, and th�ir n�ips of war having retired florins, befides defraying the expence of the Council of War held on that occa/ion. 'This event has fufpended the departure of the fix frigates deftined for the Mediterranean ; but it is reckoned they will put to fea towards the end of next month. Compiigtte, Aug. $. The-Duke of Bedford, heretofore ErnbalTador from England at this court, and who in that charader ne-gociated and figned the peace betwixt the two crowns, arrived a few days ago at Paris, and is expected here to-morrow. The expedition under Commodore Chaf-faut againft the Salle Rovers, has for fome days engroffed all converfatiori, and the death of the many brave men whp have Mai The Earl of Haicourt carried the fword of ftate. before a neighbouring Magiilrate, who order'd him to be publiekly whipped by a drummer, who gave him 100 JaQjes with great feverity, The Juttice being all the lime a fpedator of the adHon. Saturday morning a rradefman in St* Martin's Jane going to S.. Alban'9 about bufinefs was attacked two mu*s on this fide of ihar place, by a (ingle highwayman, who robbed him of three guineas and fume tilvsr, after having been robbed, he went to the Angel-inn to refrefh himfetf : wheiaa gen-tJemancame, who had met with cue iame fjte, and by the defcription fuppofed to be by the fame perfon. Articles of Intelligence, &cm from the Postscript^ cj all the Evening Papers of laft Saturday. Tbe King of Denimrk hariitg been informed that unliwfuJ afTemblies Were frcqtiently ljeld Bentinck, phe\v, arrived in town from his feat ai Bul-itrode in Bucks. On Saturday Peter Beckford, Efq; fon of Julines Beckford, Efqi fet out for Paris to make* the tour of Italy. Same day the Right Hon. Lord Wil- loughby de Brook fet out from his houfe in Stanhope-flreer, May-fair, for his feat in Leicelterfhii e. On Friday laft the Lords of the Admiralty in certain cantons of r.orwjy.,' ordinance forbidding fuch aiT:mb!:e5, under p-rin of death, or ^erpetiul flrivcry, according to the circumlt^nces It is fjid tbe new Miniflry, talcing irto confidcrarion the \irefeiit depior^blc linution of the Canadians, have deiorniived t^ taxe up .ill the Canada BiJJs at pur, witn imereft to the prefent time j and afterwards to demand, in the mo ft f^i-ited terms, immediate and /�// paymenc Of Fraiice, ujider of ali the couic^icnccs that can re fat from a reftifal. It is faid that no ]cfs thaa four Trifti Peers, who are Commones? will be crenred Ecgiifli B.�rops before the meeting of the PariAtr-eia. Vfc hear the rent-rolls of the fevers I proprietary eltaces Li America, oLT-dned }y former grants under the crown, are ordered \o be made ont, as alio an eftimate of the anjuinl produce of their in order to introutw a more has iflued an been killed or taken piifoners before Lar- were pleafed to appoinc Lieutenant rhomas rache, is greatly lamented, owing to the rafhnefsof thofc who commanded the vefTcls detached from The Squadron. In effeft ad-v^ncingiaf up a river in the face of an enemy, wuhotH fecuring a retreat, is a fure more bold than wife. mea- Pemble to the command1 of a new Hoop. We hvjar th3t George Derapfter, E/qj Member of Parliament for tlie boroughs of Dundee, St. Andrew's, &c. in North Britain, is appointed Secretary to the Order of theThiftle, in the room of Sir Henry (kine, Barr. On Friday and Saturday laft a great num- fubjetf remonftrajice of 9 he reafbn thcrtie^ Every rhiflg was <ptiet vvhtn the Exprels eameihvay\ wtfttt isTiopcd the proper conduft of rbe'<feverncjr ^*Ul preferve peace and good ester there. ames% Aug "King hu f^^^l^R^^'tbt^qxmof Kockins-Sift <ixrXord Lientcnanfr of ttje.WeitJUdif^ 6t the #m Ym*i aSfccoanty of the lame &ty: anu *jio Ci^o$^m�k)riim of the North ai7ci Weit Ri-dirgsin^he fayl coumy of York, and of the city of York and counry of the fame city ; and Ainfl^mtMWffe Aynftree, of York. .^ThpJCng las appointed the Right Hon. Wil-'^Eari of Dartmouth, Soam Jenyns, Edward Elior^ John York, George Rice, John Robert?, jereiniab Dyfen, and William Fii^herbert, gfqis. to teComrottlioners for promoting Trade, VbJmv&l i� America, and elfewherc, has grimed unco tlie Right Hon. Bicfeai^ Vifcosm iio\v tlie office of Treafurer CofnpeignL Aug. to. The Dauphin was taken ill tn the" night of the 8th Snftant, of "^""^J and Saturda7 la" a ^eat a f.ver, occafioned by a cold ; laft night he ber of hands were employed at Somerfet-reiied well, fo that it is hoped this indifpo- toufe, tn drelUng provifions, which areto fition'wii; not be attended with any bad be fen ton.board thej yachts that^are to bring conftquence. A few days ago Father Boif- over the P, mce and Prmcefs of B.unf.vic^ fier, Superior of the Celeftins of Sens, had loJ;n^d; t+ie honor to make an experiment before the King of a new machine of his composition, una which, by only turning a handle, divers portraits in baffo*'relievo are immediately executed." Paris, Aug. 12. boiffier Beaufort Claude de Mont CannUHac, Marquis of Montboiffier, Governor of the Illes' of &. Margarite anti St. Honorat, &c. died pn tbe 5 rft paft, at his, feat at Pont-flu-Chateau, in Auvergne, aged 91 years. A FABLE. HE Baboons upon a time, mi fled by their natural vanity and impertinence, made war upon the Lions : Being worfted xnirried at Ckrkenwell Church, tfbifrAJajefiy'aN^ BAN KRUP T. Ocorgr Eaton . cocrtty of Great Yarmouth, in - the | ir^nlk. Baker, and Dealer in ft 1 Jtenr, at the houfe of John Shorten in Great Yarmouth, Sen} 9, io, �8. dividends tobt made to Creditors. in almoit every rencounter, they called in the mule to their aid; The untraceable animal embarked whit unwonted activity in the enterprife; but having, at one blow, Joft all his refources, with one of hrs ftrongeft places of retiremenr, he was un-able any longer to keep the field, and therefore, with his griqoing ally, the Baboon, began 10 think now ferioully of making peace. In order to effeft this with the Lion, who was become not a little elated by his victories, the King of the Baboons fent over an individual of his own fpecies, remarkable for his craft and dexterity in negotiation, who, tho1 he did not actually pio- We are credibly informed, that a gentleman krely very popular in this country, is j foon to reticle at, Laufanne, in Switzerland, | where he intends publifhing his fi iend Mr. J equiuble form of levying his Ma jetty's revenues in that part of the world. The front of Sr. J^ana's palace, ne*c S�w Jafttw's-ftreet, we are informed, vriil foon be pulled down, and rebnilt in a grand manner, after an eleganc defigu which has been approved of. It is faid that a fquadron of flxips of war will foon fail to relieve Commodore Graves on the African ltation. We hear that rhe perfonal eftate and effe . jealoufy among the Lions, prepared the way confiderably towards it. A poor meagre Italian Greyhound feeing this, and thinking it the only time for him to fill up ,., lank fides with viduals, offered his fer-vices to make up matters between the con-Some Lions, who had atriv& tv� Math f> ati&wt Sunday .me fnm E Gtaw', July tending parties. . _ _ . before been wpn over to the intereit or their enemies, joined, prevailing on the ftately young Monarch of the Woods to Men to terrt^of accommodation. This great point e'ained, advices of it were immediately fent over to the country of the Baboons, by a had lone been an in Featheiiione-builJings, Brown Spaniel, Arcbdijtchefi departed from humble follower who of long the Greyhound's. for Infpruck the 2jd or rhis \\K Ath� depajtitre the^ity faluted �dib fel^nlred t& nnon. ThePnncefs <*� board tht ei�haTked fjie u*Kt day As foon �}padrpn Mm\T&s fliip the city ,fe failed her with *n hffladred ca�non, tfi arqilery all the mjps of the fquadron, art of iihtt of tw^ Enaiifh and one Dutch *fcfeh were in th-fit jiort. Tha fqua-&on failed che lame night for Cihhag�*, but --detained two days- by cpwrasy wrn4< 4t� we^id pot lofe %Kt of it *ritt the. &ir'Be&& Ifb&toj- Theft P?i^oel&s arture, made vtff hiattwme with lay died Mr. John Cam, Houfe-keeper at Covent-Garden theatre. Mr. Levinz, Receiver cf the Cuftoms, died on Saturday night at Kensington ; by which a noble poll of 2oocl. per ann. and upwards, is vacant : lb that now (as the papers mentioned ten days a^o) Mr, Mel-liih, hilt Secre:aiy to the Trcafuiy, maybe reilorrd to that place, which he held wo years ago ; Mr. Amy and may be fir it Secretary to the Treafury, and the Chamberlain of London reUorcd to lhe Receivevfhip. It may even faid, that this is determined, as the new Mmiltiy cannot do a xucre popular act. On Fiiday laft William Day, Hofller at the Black Horfe Livery-flable in Church-row, Aldgate, was found drowned in the hoife-pondj he came home much inioxica* ted in liquor the preceding night. On S�Hurday, between tlie hours of �ve and fix in the afternoon, Thomas Doyle, and wood-lands, received | Patrick CafTe'y, And Nathaniel Hackoiiy, The Lion'^ thcuund poiuids for it. : It is confidently faid, rhat all Keepers of  Regifter-offiees uid Sfatutr lulls, for hirirtg of ' aud getting places for fervanrs, will be obliged to pay annually for their licences, give fecarity for their honeliy and abilky, and be fubje*fjcd to obferve the fame rules as Srock-bixikers do. A dfijgn is hie ro lie on foot to make an opening for carriages from Curiicor's-ttreet, Chancery-lane, iuco Feticr-Lae $ which ivill be at great utiliry, as there is not one paflTage of the kind in all Chancery-lane, ttio'a place of fo public refort for people of all jtefeflions. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, angl-F holders of theCoumy--cf Sussex. Gentlemen, is having grtaioujk Things being in a (hort time amicably fet tied, the next ftep was 10 reward thofe who had'had the pnncipal ftare in the negocia-rfon.  The Greyhound, to fupply him in viftujls, obtained 150,0001. from both parties, befides the portraits of the King ot the'Lions, and of the Baboons, and a rui-chw annual revenue aulgned him upon Fog-land, which he foon after fold for a good round fum. The Lion's Chief Secretary, another animal of the fame noble the extent of his H f leafed to atflhrt rr.e Compitoiler of *jf Tienfeh'A) my Stat *m Parlvtmr.l i� bewiV vacant : I therefore ^Sr� 'tbe Cvr*tmuance oj y*tr Fa&HTSj in givinp nAyour Votes and interejt for my Re-tkitum. Ton nf** be ajfftred ot r*y aimjs-having; rfc? rnoft gtai$*l hemembranct of thts-As-wtl as your fi0tot F*ws\and that j ihM u^e my utmojt tr-'^^rs, as ibavt afyayt Jove, tattbfuiiy to �*t Truft you n^V inrrJ. lam, y Tow *wjt ib(cd if \hcy v c;uid TH E Partnerfiiip of John Barnes and KertJAmin HiCknoull-, LiroCcxs uJid Tea Dcnl-r^ in Cheapiide, lioing diifinlvtd by mutual Content, oji the 20th Lnifcuu \ I k\i I*av� to acquaint my Frftnds, aud %nc Pul-lic iu gene* r,l tnat I have entered into J\irtncrlhip with Mr Biirtholoni w Dawib's urnur and Tea iA'iier. at rt.c 'IVa tlfidt and S-^r 1 o<d, in I-d'-ed, uiu. �airtifuJly eycc-.H.d, b'/ Ti Mr nmit oix'-He.:: himibleServant, Kewzate-Street, (For Partner amd

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