Saturday, June 1, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, June 1, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - June 1, 1765, London, Middlesex The London Evenin Numb. 5865 From SATURDAY June i, to TUESDAY June 4, *765 [Price Two-pence Half-penny From the London Gazette Bcrlifty May 21. AST Sunday afternoon the King of Pruiha, wirh rhe wo Princes, his Nephews, arrived at Cturlottenbu gh from Pomiam j and yeflerday his Ma-jefly came inro the town, after having made a fpecial re- On Friday evening \\\$ CJrace rhe D.ike of Kingiton came fiom Ej h to his houfe in Arlington-itreer, S'. James's: And on Sunday his Grace fei uur, with a grand retinue, for Iiis feat at Pierpoint Jod^e in Nom'nghamfhfie. Sunday rhe Right Hon. Ear 1 Temple; fet our from his houfe in Pall-mall fur his feat at Stowe, for the fummer feafon. Same day the Lord Bi!hop of London ordained three Pi lefts and nine Deacons ac the chapel Royal, Si. James's. The Liberty Galliot, of Bremen, Arend ^ ,  c r� ;, � u-mrt. am* of Stengrave, mailer, laden of the regiments of Prince Henry am. or 5 i � Durinaflioven. This morning the troops of this garrifon, making about 20,cod men marched to the plain of Toploff, two Enghth miles difont, where they were reviewed by his Pruffian -Ma/effy,'and gm great fausfac-tion ; Prince Henry of Pniilia was on this oc-cafion fecoud in command to the lfing his bro- wn h wine and biandy, bound fiom Bayonne to Bremen, run upon fome rocks near the illands of Scilly, on the iyth initant, and filled with waier i fcveral 'boats went off to her from the fhore, took out parr of her cargo and materials, and lodged them in the Cuitom-houfe at Scilly ; on the I6th flie drove into more of her car^o was taken out, ajid Secured in tlie fame manner; and on the 17th flie drove from 1 he ifland of St. Agnes, and j f was entirely loft, rhe mailer and crew faving their lives with great difficulty in their boar. rlier. The review ends to morr.iw, after which J * bay on rhe /Hand of Sr. the King of Pruilia* returns to Portdam. St. James's, May 29. This day the Right Hon. Frederick-Carnpl*JJ, Kfqj commonly caj. led Lord Frederick Campbell, and Thomas Vif-couik Weymouth, were, by his Majefty'scom. mand, fivorn of ins Mi jelly's Mofc Honourable Privy Council, and took their refpt�live places at the Board accordingly. His Majefty ir Council was this day pleafed to declare the Right Honourable Thomas Vif Gount Weymouth, Lieutenant General and General Governor of his Majcily's kingdom of Ireland A^nes, where St. Jama%s9 June 1. The King has ordered lerters patent to be pa fled for the franfljrion of the Right Sev. Father in God, William Bi&op of Meatb, -to f^jgMWiftnpridL of tfcUlia, wirh the BiihopriftOTGlanrielagh unto; andalfofpr granting to the WWhop of Meatli the Re&rry of Gallowne, alias Dal? unty of Clobber hi the faid kingdom, and the Pre- Judge Bkoa&w Letfe/& lately arrived from Senegal, bring an account that the King of Brack has fallen out with all his neighbour, from which it is expe&ei there will be a biilk trade in the river for flaves \ but that ic will prevent the Moors bringing their gum to the defarts, and occafion a very great fcar-ciiy.of that article. We hear fiom Konharapton, that fome time laft week Mifs franvers, of the feme place** very agreeable young lady with a fortune of twenty thoufand j feariy related to the Hon. Sir tpr*, Bart, was married to Do&c Do&or of phyflfc, a defcendant Sunday a large coIleAion was made at the Quifcets meeting-hdfcfe in Su John's-lane, and at thofe in Giacechurch-itreet, Devon-Ihire-fquare, andthePaik, Suuihwark, for the immediate relief of the poor fofferers by the fire at Roiherhuhe. Sunday morning fome rogues got into the garden of Mr. Jackfon in Rofbmon's Row, where they deltroyed rhe fine grotto, as well as roots, Sec. and itole out of the finnmer-houfe fevcial filver fpoons and other things of value. ArTICLES e in Europe: ir con fills of a lock, fo ftrufled rijar, when fattened upon a door, and arrempred to he unlocked or forced open by robbers, gives an alarm bv bells, aud at the was married at Sr. datiouof Dr.Vi|liaoi Carmichaet, I QjBifnge^ church, Hanover fquare, to Mifs thereof to the Arebbiihopric� of lat Dublin. Likewife fc^r the tranflatlon of the Right U?v. Faihtr in God Dr. \VUlnm Pocock, Ri-<hop of Oflory, to the w.iihnprick of LIphina vacant by the "tr.mflat ton of Dr. William Gore, : Bifliop thereof, to the .Bilhoprick of Meath. As alfo letters patent for the promotion of Charles Dodgfon, D. D. to th= Bilhoprick of OiTory, vacant by the tranflirion of Dr. Rich. "Pocpckc, late Riihop th.veof, to rhe Hiflioprick of Elphin. The King lias b:en pleafed- to grant-unto Richard Surroji, M. A. the place arid digniry of a Canon and Prebendary in rhe Metropolitan Church of Camtr'wy void by the death of Dr. WilJhm Ayerft, late Canon thereof. 1 1 1 . efcleil Clayiotit Bar*. On Friday died at hfs houfe in 'Broad--ftreet, the Rev. Mr. Henry Van Haemltede, many years minilter of the Dutch letormed church in Au/iin-fryars. On Friday died at Limehoufe, in the I a lie t , . - ' J., r 1 � 1 1 11 1 Sewell, many yens mater or the ted rhe Right Hon. Frederick Campbell to be D ' / - � a , u d r i kCDtr lull All! j 1 tt htrvixr-it r~r�r I S\ \i t The Xing has appnin- 84th year of his age, Anthony Merrick, Efcji formeijy a Commander in the Service of the Eait-India Company. On Saiuiday died, at his father's houfe, ! in Coid-bath-tields, in the 29th year of his John Hawkins, (only fan of Mr, Hawkins, Watctimaker) of the bruifes :hac he had received on Monday lait tn ti^hting with a Carpeniet in the Spaw fields, near Iflingron. Saturday died at Margate in Kenr, Mr. Brown 1 .Keeper of ins Majelly's Privy Seal of Sjotland, in the room of the Right Hon, James Snurt M'Xcnzie. BANKRUPTS required to fur render. Thomas Brown, late of Helftone, in the county of Cornwall, Dealer, to appear June 14, ty, and July 13, 'at'the Au^el in Helltunc, Jacob Roberts, now or late of Trrjwbridge, in -the county of Wilts, Clothier, to appear ' Jime a^3 a8, and July 13, at the Ihree '^.'oolpacks hvTrowbridge. ' 'Dividends to be made to Creditors. July 6. William Dow, of Spitalfields, in the county of Middlefcx, Lhien - draper, at Gnihhiaj), London. June 29. Elizabeth Short, late of Cambridge, Widow and SaLfworoan, at the Red Lion m * the Petty Curry in Cambridge. June 2j. Thomas Beaven, of Melkflum, in * the county of Wilrs, Clothier, at Gnikliiai7, London. LONDON. Sunday morning their MajefHes am Richmond to~S:. [amCi's: after Courr and it being Trinity Sunday, the fame was ijbfervedasa collar day, when the Knights Companions of the molt noble order of the in Gruer, Thiftle, and Ba-h, appeared their refpedive collars. The Rev. Dr. Srcb-bing preached before their Majeflies, Sec. at uf.ilate wat 1 Lond Delaw9 -lOffi'-Sunda1 Dukeof J Bear alehoufe in Bow-llrcer, Covem-Gar* den. ' On Saturday Mr. King, upper Bsadle of the Mercers company, and nead keeper of the Royal Exchange, fell down in Cornhili in a lit of .apoplexy, and was fent home in a coach ; but there are very Jictle hopes of hib* recovery. Sunday morning the remains of Mrs, Rachaei Bullcck, of Clapham, were carried from her houfe in Blooraibury-fquare, in order to be interred in the family vault at Falkbourne in ttfexj by whofe dea*.h (no will appearing) a conquerable teal eiiate defcends o John Bullock, Efq; member for Maldon \ and her perfonal eitate, wiiich is iikewife very confiderabie, goes to Colonel Mordaunt Crack erode, as next of kin. On Saturday evening Jail, between fix and feven o'clock, a molt dreadful tire broke out in the yard of Meffrs. Pitcher and Btrard, near Fiince's itairs, Rot her hit he, occafioned by the men, who were heating of pitch in the faid yard, running to lee fome dancing bears, which v^pre going by, in the interim of which it boiled over, and communicated itfelf to a vefleJ then on the ways (for which the pitch was defigned) alio to feveral old lighters, &c. which were Entirely confuted.-It sonfutned the Tor-bay alehoufe, three or four houfes Hi Princes-itreet entirely j likevvife the ware-houfes and houfes from Oliphant ttairs, to wi hintwo doors of King-ita�rs; toge�her with a great nutxiher of houfes fiom the waier-fide b^ck to Clark's 01 chard, and an alarm by bells, aud fame rirre difjnrocs a hrace of pifloh u\�on the perfon fo atc^miirang: the.other parts of the work :ire don-: in a nuilerly manner, the wards being of a lingular kind3 and the Low of-the key is neatly pierced, reprefeming the King's Arms in full proportion. I/all Monday Mrs. Prirchard, her daughter, and Mr Vnlmer, of Dm y lane theatre, were r-ohhed in a poft coach in Relfottd-lanc, near Hounilow-heafh, of riieir money and watches, by a tingle highwayman. On Thurfday UR as a young woman, fer-vant ro a Frciich Lady in Greek-ftreet, Soho, was ironing with an old fa (binned box iron, Ihe hoWing ir near her cheek ro know, whet her it was hoc enough, rhe-red-hot heater fell ont'of rhe box into her bofom, and burm her in fo (hocking a mnnner before her flays could be got off, (lie expired Jaft night in the greateft agonies. A few days fince a mod lingular and laughable accident happened ar Kdmonion ; A Gentleman and Lady riding our on horfeback, rke. Gentleman's horfe, juft as they were palling the church-yard, gave a fudden Itart, and threw his rider clear over the wali (which is bur low) and he pitched exadily inro a grave, juft dug upwards of eight feet deep. The Lady's horfe ftarrling at the other, ran away with her full fpeed for near a mile, when the creature was ed flopped by a Gentleman  and the Lady back again juft time enouth to fee her hufband whom his cries had raifed) in the molt lamentable dirry plight imagiuabl a help of aflUtants owing to its having rained that morning pretty fmartly. - L_ But whit is molt wonderful ! the gentleman was not bruifed or hurt in the lead. ro , Hi ^"^J-0^ "Jt**1" of lhe it reer. infoipuch that the number of houfes court, Wdoiherrrf the nobility, went on on| conIutnrd is compuied at upwards of board the Royal Cha.luue yacht at G.�n- , hcI M,(h Jt qilMitii of m. ..dn^re they d.wd, and re-.umed -io doi �a|b &c. b t6ttJn in tie even ins. 01 chard, houfes in Parariiie- LANDCARRIAGE FISH-OFMCK, Krnq ftreet, rVeftMinfter, Monday June 5,1765-. GRANT and Co. take rhe Liberty to acquaint the Nobility, Gcntrj', and o'hers, 1 bar, a^reea!'[e ro their Adverrifcments in ihe Daily Papers of Friday the 31ft of May, and Saturday rhe 1 ft Inftanr, they haveopen'd, on their own Account and Rift]tie, rhe rive Sltojss in tit- flowing Market?, viz. Lead&nhall, J St. Iames's, and Hosmr-LANe, j SHtPP ard'sMarket, Cuke, j Maj- t\ir. hlach of which are *Ultinguuhed Ly the follow-2/9i4 Jnferipnon 5 The Origtval P4nce of Sale fvr F li$, that arc dehrous-of luring Pilh from the a-iove Hac.s of Sale during the Summer Season, may be rcgnhrly fuppJied t/ierewiih by inch Conveyance as th y may chuf to dirt^V ; pro vided timely Notice is fen' rr, richer of the aho\e Sno,s foi i-lut l^ur/^i-; -.^M fcrcat Can* will l)e taken that no r'ltii be i'^-.t *uc what i^ �er/c^Hr Frcih awKiood. BUXTON, Jtfayio,' vj6z. \ \ THER�AS it has ixetL m&ss*8y V V Sported, that I h�ve Jeft the Wnjre �*rr l^ux this WJac� j and a fpn*BnnffwUi- ties bzveiicm affmed, in oid^r to {n tpOxx roe and my Houfe ; I tuer.fore raJce ibi*Mfi&x&tQ inform my Friends, That ( 4ti]l ciniiiQt*BMfr on the HcHif*, and ibzt they, myifjtorjnct ttpoh the afuaJ Privilege of rhe iitfb^n^ ffutraJi Gcrttieaien, Ladles and ori�s, wu9*n P*ltiM to honour me with ttuAe Company vtaf 6eif- fured of my umioit fvKfea,raur*f<f tccoronw^te them in tlie \*it Maimer I an able ; and, with DianJcs for their �a\ oursalreadjr con&mA upon me, lam, Theirftxrt oUigod And obrdiefit Serv�&rt JOHN TROT1V A /cry large Parcel, now in tbe Indim Company's Wftretumfe, for Exportation for tiom Coitfbmption) to l� foil at 6<L per Gal-ion Advance on tiie Corapany'i ?ai $ i^wt^fler t^ianri-dex^ at qs. per Gaiiom Anal/er (Joandries ^r 9 6 d. per Gallon. DireS, "as uftttd, to C*4KLfts aH5 at the Royal exchange, and they ihafl he deJfverT in or near Tbwfl <one Gafioii or ^ riafjr frve.-^-Sainpteu iffent ft* fcWjfcl&Itcb-hottfc in Swixhing'i Alley, near thitt\ Comet of the Royal felxdsange, ekfco flhmd; or Ruin, very did and ftrong I^oof- $x %% 6(L Arrack at 3 s. per Qpart. for ptefeM Money only. Ail Wines as uftia1, and of the moft etcellent Qiialities. fbfln, Butties, &c co be paid for, whichiha 11 aJlow'd when return*d. To be L � T Tf And enter'd 011 immediately, At the Goat, nigh Cockeftrtouth fe Chiub^r-Jand ; twelve Miies from Whitehavcnu IKe/i from Woijciji^ton, fix'e from Mary-port, five from Ai}onby,teu from Keivvick, and rwdve from Ufcton N Oil or Wafh Leather. Mill* JWth two large SiQck;, and a $tove adjoining, of the beft Form. Aifb, Two Frize Mills, with twoB ardsto eadi i Lar^e and convenient Wbr^honfrt, Offing houfe and Shades,&c. for making Glue and Size; with feveraf DweJiing-houfesaiid Officer, Gtrazns, tSjc. fir for Mafters and Workmen.; and two large Yards, which may eahly be ftiade into two Tan-yaxWj having great I'learjr erf Water conftaaitfy running through thenv The Premifes Ly coariCTons^ and have ftvcxa! Acres of Land, ail wdl wxteret^ lying jqund the &me, ar^ia goad Kcpau^attd "JOT PtojXof the belt of Coal, tnd allowed to be the moft commodious and belt fituated hi the North, and as qood as any iu England for the ahoreUfes, aud other Mannfaitofics, having confront Op* jjorcunities of importing Deer-Skins from A(tts~ rica, and Hides from Ireland, Scotland, artd the Ilk of Man, and only pay a Duty of Qlie Sfill-iuig for er[)or trig every ic6 lb. weighf of iMzi tberdreflel in Oil, acadiudged in the Cbtirt of Exchequer of a hte1 Trttf with the Cuftten-houfe of Whitehaven, who charged 51 per Cent, on the real Value upon Oath. ' fcnquire of Mr, Bronghton of Cockerxnouth' aforefaid, the Owner, A To be L E T T, � - Com'iletely and elegantly furnifhed,' ALL that Capital MefTuage called* Sc;uth-Hill? or Fishba's Lodge, in Windfor Forelt; with all the Lands , Waih-honfe, Ian dry, Dairy, Mgeorj-houfe, C ut 90 AEJes, Glides Fields, WooJs, and Coppice. Two exceeding fine Pieces of Water (which have the Mleft of aSer\*ntine River) running thro' the Grounds, fed by a conftanr running Stream. A1J round the Premifes is a Walk of near two Miles in JLcngrh, pja;-rrd on both oades with Ever-greens and ^ lowering Shrubs; from leveral Parrs of which arc very a^r^eable and ex ten five Prof-pedb, and rhe Whole is furrounded wirh a Park P<de, ana bounded Ly che Foreft. About fixcy Acresof land, wit..out the Park, will be iert witi) ihc i'l^mues. Whole is fit for the immediate Reception ofTenant. South-Hill-is in :he Pariih of Eafthamfteart, /four Miles from Oakin^ham, three from i ag-fhot3 "ti\e from Snnning Hill, iix from the Duke's Lo<V% :.i:v^ fiom Readii g, ten from Windfor, ar.i' tu e:.ty niu^ from : ojt^ip, Knouire of tfrire l ifher, Fjqj m t rai^VCov.rt, Chaiin^-Crofs - Mr. Crnrrenuen, Act^r. cy, at S'irgeoils H.di ; or of Mr. Sadler, oil the Pro- miies, at South hill.

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