Saturday, May 25, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, May 25, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - May 25, 1765, London, Middlesex From SATURDAY Matt 25, to TUESDAY May 28, I765'- [Price Two-pence Haif-penny From the May 11. HE Pope has'fa form acknowledged the eleftion of the LONDON J he MefTe Poland, and af-fifted at a Te De-uin v;** I with fume difpatches of importance from King or 1 _ . , ru:-n^ _ ^...... ,l M France. Minifter at the Couit of 4 tVtflminfitTi 15. This day his Majefty came to the Houfe of Peers,*and gave the Royal afTent to the feveral bills which were ready. [See our paper of Saturday Jail]. After which his Majefty was pleafed to xriake the following moil gracious fpeech. *' My Lords and Gentlemen^ " The difpatch which you have given whh fo much zeal and wifdora to the public buGnefs, enables roe now to put a period to this feffion of Parliament. there is an interval of no more th*n one year, three quarters, and fix day.-, the ihoneft period between the paffing two in-folvent ads ever known in this kingdom. On Wednefday evening the Society in the - I have feeo, with the moft perfetf ap- Strand granted a bounty of jo guinea, fur 1 ndvc iccu) iitw. * r r nf>u, imnrnvemenr in roaches, which ren- probation, that you have employed this fea< fon of tranquility in promoting thofe objects which I have recommended to your attention, and in framing fuch regulations as may beft inforce the juft awhonty of the Legiflature, and, at the lame time, fe-cure and extend the commerce, and unhe the inrereft/of every part of my dpra* nionw Gentlemen of the Houfe of Commons. tfulnefs a new.improvement in coaches, which renders it almoft impoffible for the vehicle to be overturned. A perfon in a considerable office was on Friday put under an arreit to prevent the j fqnurc, *m\ r*Utd fcedftrd-fquare. two ro be tranfponed for 14 years j for feven yeais, and one branded. Next feifions will bc^in on Monday the- 8'h of July, at GuildaaU, and on Wed-nefday die rah a. ihe Old Baily. ' Articles�/ Intelligence, Qfc from tbi Postscript- of all the Evening Papers ' v.*// Sa-uday. The Right Hmi. Lord Lytteiton is now confidently uJked of to 'fucteed tp the office of Chancellor o^ xhe rxchecjuer. The fort-ign yrims fay, rhat our minili ry are greatly cm!urr<dred at the'frtqiK'm i�*fnr-re t termed iiiiO a^haiiOfoit)/ confequences of a challenge which he had received from a gemleman of diftindion with whom he had fome difference at play the preceding evening. On Friday 'the Eaft India Company re- J ceived the agreeable news of the Bofcawen, -j Bengal On ThuWlhy night died of an apoplexy, ar his houfe ar Liher In ^urry, Cape. Hind, for oierly in the fc\vice of the Hon. Eaft India j Compaiij Private advices frcrn Par's, m^nti n> that pie. , wj�k foundations, andtoaaevt- de&Lfies, the burthen* of my peo- My Lords and Gentlemen^ " The provifions which have been made for the adminiffration of the government, in cafe the crown ihould defcend to any of my children under the age of eighteen years, wltf ift they add ftrength and fecuiity to our prefent eitabltflimcnt, give me the kindeft and moil convincing proof of your confix fafe arrived off Falmourh. On Saturday the Purfer of the Lord An-fon, Chick, came to the India-houfe with advice r.f the above (hip being fafe arrived in the Downs from Bombay ; and alfo that the Bofcawen was hourly expected, as they only parted company*off -Fatexrath.. " ' ^His Majefty has been pleafed to appoint Auguftui Floyer, tfq; to be a Lieuienaat in. the 10th regiment of dragoons, in the room of Lieutenant ErOtine, who retires. And Sunderland Wormald, Gent,* fucceeds Mr. Floyer as Cornet in the faid regiment. Sunday the new cluathing were delivered out to his Majefty's three regiments of foot guards, in which the foldiets appeared on their feveral duties. On Frklav the executors of the late Mrs. you havefhewn in providing for fhe necef- j Morns, 1a e oraunu, uum jacngaij a�u mc ^ faryexpences of the prefent year, deferve ] Anfon,_ Chick, ^iom Bombay, being both j niy.pamcular acknowledgments,'She many * "J bills whieh\yuu have formed for the improvement and augmentation of <he Revenue in'its feveral branches, and the early care which you have taken to discharge a part of the Rational debt, are tlxe raoft ef-feAual xnetliods to eftabiifh the publr----A1' fljonld Parchal Paoli, Chief of the Corn can milecontenxs, Ufciiue accepnng cerra^i late TAro-. p.-fab from the Cum of VerfaiJ}es; ro\vards -accornniodating matters ktiveen 'him and the Genoefe^nother reinforcement of French tr6op$5 with a considerable naval force, wilL'^e fent over rhis fnrnmer to ro-operate \yith the Ge-Uoefe in reducing the vhole id and t&t lie Tub- jfeftion of the.RejnjbJic, wirhouc reinainkig any longer as mediators and neutrufa. Advicet from Paris fay, tW the Count d'Eftaing is zecaJIed from the government of St. Domingo, where he had wantonly introduced the puniibment of the carcan, or iron collar, which is only made ufe of in France for the vileft criminals. They write from Paris, that many Apothecaries, de'firous of rendering their medicines perfectly pore, and efpeciaJJy of preferving them from auy dangerous irrprtfliojis from copper, and the poifnn of verdegreafe, have re-folved to have the pJates of their fcales made of t i and molVT^ of the u- Henrietta Wolfe, mother of the late brave Uu gllch C;ir, 8 worthy of pnufe5 alld ic dence: the fenfe which I have of thenu j ^ the Jegacy of ^ B ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ \yU} bff poriant truft repofed in me, and my deiire to repay this znark of your affeftion, by difcharging my part agreeably 10 your intentions in the manner raoft beneficial to my people, have concurred to make me execute, without delay, the powers wi*h which you have entrufted me. This is already done j and you raay be affured, that as far as it depends upon me, thofe falutary provifions lhall never be ineffe&ual. It is my ardent wifh, and (hall be my conftant endeavour, on this, and every other occa- fion, to perpetuate the happinefs of my fubjeds, and tb tranfrnit to pofterity ihc bledings of our invaluable coniiimtion.' BANKRUPTS required tofurrender. Francis Smith, lue of Fdl-alley, ColemaJi-tfreet, Lond-n, Merchant, at Guildhall, William Sreers and Thomas Ru(Tella of White-crofs-ftreer, London, Hofiera, tial-erdafhers, "and partners, at Guildhall, May 29, June 6, July 6. Thomas Hughes, late of the panfli of Sr. Andrew's, Holbourn, in the county of Middle-fex, Tobacconift, at (juildhall, Londou, June 6, 11, July 6. Thomas Cooper, of Princes flreer, 111 the panto of 8t, Mary Ie Ron, oihcrwife Mary- in the conmy of Middlesex, Taylor,. (left by her) to the Incoiporaud Society in Dublin, for promoting Englifh working fchools in Ireland. On Saturday laft an eminent Coal Merchant, a very luily gentleman, undertook to walk for a confiderable wager, from the Bell in M jo minutes, which he performed in 17. Lately was mairied at Exeter, the Rev. i imitated by many others j for no means ou^ht to be negledted, ro Jecwe the faltibriry of the medicines deftmed foi the human body. Extra& of a Utter from Paris, May 17. ji Occai.o 1*.; So cip.rthe Pub-Iil in general ir,*y uleafe to be allured, mac no Coif, oi Care iluJi t>; wa ring to compfcut the fame, to tile Saturattioii o:' ali v\ ho pjral'c to fo* vour Tiitir inott obrclicnt bum* le Servant, MARS SCO TTUN.. A R K A \ Very large Parcel, now in the India /"V Comyuny\ WarehtHrie^toj Kxpprtation tbr.iome Conform rten, to \x Wkl a; 6tL j-er � ion Advance on the Cbmoany's Sak ; uul � &rge Quantity of.\ery throng, arid of a mo9 eicdlem Flavour, at fxs. -^niaJjon. JAMAICA RUM, The belt thair cain .poililjjy be imported, by th4 *>iece or Puncheon, at 8 s. 9, d-3niaJler Quandaries, at q s. per GaJioru Alfo the beflCONI AC BRANDY, at 91. 3d. Quandties at 9 s. 6sL per (iulon. DixeA, uofosU, to Caailbi Wbnm-as, U the, lU'l'al fcicbajig^, and they ihaJl bedeliver'd, m or near Town (one Gallon or upwards) Carriage free.-&mpltt. if fent fpr to the Punch* houfe in Swithing's Alley, near the North Eaft Corner of the Royal E\change, eithej Brandy or Rum, very old and ftrong Prooi, ai is, 604 Asnck at 3 s. per Quart. For prefect Money only. All Winei a? ufua1, and of the moft exceJJenc Qualities. Cafks? Boeder A;c to be paid for, To he SOLD, Manor and Faun of Com be, feven Miles from Rochefter in the County of Kent; now lectac 170! i'crAnusm. For"iurrlier Particulars enquire of Mr. Twopenny, at Rochester or of Mr. Dagge, No. I l.incoInVInn, New-S:]uare. To be L~E T T, And enrer^J upon rmmediarely AcChbxtsey uithe County of Surry^ about twenry Miles Soutl^Wett irom London^ � Neat fm�H Brick Houfe, with a Tune ic. George Tliompfon, of Bow Lane, a:tempied to fee the Woolpack, a public- .____ _ 4 s Lond J^hn Green, of F*rehaiT>, in the eounty of Southampton, Majrller, Fadlor, aud Coal lMcruuiu. Angelo f trnar.'i, late of London, Merchant. John ^oll^rd, t f the paiiiii ofSc. Clement Dane houfe in Brick*lane, Old-it j eer, on fire, by f*rrcing the cellar door open and dropping do-wh lighted rags and other combullibles \ but it was luckily difcovered time enough 10 prevent any fatal confequences. A publican at Mitcham in Surry, having 'fuiik a well ia bii yard fornt uaie ago> brothers of it. They all three armed them-felves, and went in purfuit of the animal, which fled at their approach. Two of ihe brothers placed themfeives in ambufh on a height above the meadow, while the third, going dire�Uy up to the wild beaft, drove him towards the place of ambufh. The youngeft of the Chaumenes fired at him at 67 paces dif-unce. The beait fell down at the difcharge, and rolled two or three rimes over, which gave the eldeft brother rime to draw near and fire at him, at fifty-two paces; It fell a fecond rime, but railed it (elf haftily and fled, ihed* ding a great deal of blood. The three brothers folJoivcd it for fome time; but night obliged them to give over the purfuir. The day after rhey xvere joined by the Sienrs d'EnnevaJ, father and fon, and by a troop of hunters. They found out his fooring, and the traces of blood. The >ieur de la Ch.tiimecte, who has fecn and killed 4 great number of wolves, fays that it has bur a very imperfefil refcmblancc of them ; and upon the whole gives pi my nearly rhe fame defcription of it with thxit lately given by the Sieur Duiun&eL The above reciral made us hope rhat we were on the point of bcirg delivered ' from 1 his dreaeiful animal, but the d.iy after ar five in (lit evening, it devoured a giriof i^yeais of age, ar about rive leagues difiance from ia Cliaumrtte, which new dif-aRtx has utMin fpread trritw and coniicri:auon/J __Garden well fenced in, arid the Church j a Scage Coach up" aiid doyvn ever/ Day daring rhe Sumner Sea fon �, i .'/fArket oa Wcdntldays, �nd \X'a;er Carnage 10 London Mom'ay; andTninflays. h or further Particular! enquire at the Swaa Inn, Chertfcj'.____^__ LETT, At Uodstone-im Surry, HE Parfonage H^ufe and Gleb� __ Lands ; 1-tte 111 the Oci.Lpatiou of the Kev. Mr. Kidgeli-5 conii^in^ of a gencel Parlour^ Dining Hall, a Kitchen, Wafh-houfe, Brc-\* houfe, Pantry, Dairy, 5cc on the Ground rioor, v\nh four Hedchambcri and a library oji Firit Floor, and evceedir-g good C-liars, very fit for a fiiilU iamtly ; together with a good Garden, and Plenty'of rruir; and two rifh Ponus, well warere.l; with an Orchard of tho choiceit Fruit in tiic County, and Tom whence 1 as been made, in one Year, ten Hof-fheadsof excellent Cyder ; and alfo a�>ouc fix Acres of Gra 3 Land, and three Acres of Barley; with a Barn, and Stable tor four Horfes, intirciy new: The Whole elegantly hid out, and pleafiuirly inuated, wihin a Quarter of a Mile of the Turinike RoaJ, where a Coacli goes and comes every Day. For fun her Particulars enquire of the Sequel* rrator, Mr. KirJcmau, HarpUciiont ir�aker,_ in Broad-Screer, Jiear Golden-Sqnare ; Mr. Gillie&, Attorney, her wick-Street, Soho; or of Mr. Baldwin, at the White Hart, GoOftone. who will fh"-.v the Pri-rmf-s. if A R D A N A. Hill would be remifs to the Pubiic> and tc himfclf, not ro name the Ad-� van1.ages nun . Atrcr theic BiKh'^, troi� fo innocc it a Medicine chc Parknt may a-J.'o be aiYurc,1, that tUc fucc;eaing FU, wtirncvcr ic cone 3wil 10. ha c half its accjiftomcd Fur), or i on-wnuancc. Asvo:he Rhfamacifn, it^ abfolute Power over that biCwafc ha? been lon ircfi��>nt,

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