Thursday, April 18, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Thursday, April 18, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - April 18, 1765, London, Middlesex From THURSDAY April i8, to SATURDAY April 20 *765 [Price T\vo-pence Half-penny To the PRINTER. SIR, fc HERE are now many thoufands of the poor pe-rifhing for want of necellaries and work. The caufe of the firft calamity is owing to the very exorbitant price of provifi-ons, which no doubt arifes from our excef-five exports, which have made a famine a-mong the poor ; and I can aver, upon my own certain knowledge, that immediately after the exportation of ioc,cooJ. worth of provifions fent by England to gratefal Portugal after the earthquake at Lifbon, that the venders of provifions here then advanced them z> I. ?ol and 55 I. per cent, and in London 1 ftnd they have been advanced50 1. and 601. percent The firft complaint I apprehend might be greatly alleviated, or entirely removed, in time of plenty, if the exportation of provifions was prohibited on the fubfequent terms, viz. When cheefe, beef and poik, exceeded twopence halfpenny per pound, or twenty-three (hillings per cwt. bacon three-pence halfpenny per pound by the fide or flitch, butter four-pence halfpenny per poumi, wheat when it was more than five fhillings perbufhel, taking off the bounty on exportation. - . r One grand ftep towards the reviving of commerce, &c; would be, if the King would* be gracioufly pleafed to caufe the Board of Trade to be ele&ed from the moft eminent Merchants and Tradefmen, who are capable of forming' fchemes for the effectual reftoring trade, &c of which number only the Board of Trade in Holland is The Swan, Leifley, from Newcaftle to Hamburgh, is loft going into the Elbe ; the people faved. Letters from Qottingen, of the 6th inft. pofltively aflerr, that Do&or Klarich, belonging to the Univerfiiy there, had actually cured upwards of $4 perfons of ihe tooth-ach by the application of a loadftone. He places the patients with their faces towards the north, and-touching* the teeth with a magnet, it procures them eafe in three or four minutes. Wednefday morning a duel was fought m Hyde-park, between the hours of fix and feven, by a Lieutenant of a man of war and a young gentleman belonging to the Jaw. After firing two rounds, and having drawn their fwords, the report of the piilols brought forae people up, by which they were prevented going any further, though not without the Lieutenant receiving a wound in his breaft.. They afterwards, to outward appearance, parted very well reconciled, and really feeined fenfible of their error. It was occafioned by an oid quarrel when ihey were both abroad, and formerly belonged to the fame regiment-3 but fines that time one took to the fea, and the 0-ther to the law. His Majefty has made the following promotions in the fourteenth regiment of foot, commanded by Major G-n. Jefferies, vu. Major William Dahimple 10 be Lieutenant Colonel, in the room of William. Napier, who has refigned. Cap:. Jonathan Furlong, to be Major, in the 100m of WilliamDahimple. Litut Brabazan O'Hara Court to be arraigned, -his fetters were examined, wtien onet>f the bezz\e$ was found robe cut It moll through, and the caviry filled up with wax to prevent any.difcoyery.j and on being feaiched, feveral knives ware found on him, which were backed into fawsj on >y Inch he was properly fecured rill his trial. Articles 0/Intelligence, cv. from tbz Postscripts of all the Evening Papers of taft Thurfday. Wednefday uinrning, about nine o'clock, the Right Hojl the Houfe of Peers went to Wcll-minfter-lui/, ami proceeded 011 the examination of rlie reft of the w hue Acs in fuppore of the charge againfl Lord Byron, which being fniilhed, the Sclicitor-Geucral futnmed up the evidence; after which Lord Byron, who declined examining any wane lies on his own behalf, foid. their Lord (hips, what he had to orfer in his own vindication he had commit--ted to writing, A few days futce died, in the Fleet prifon, Mr^Hili, foil of the late Mr. Hill, in P^k-ftreet,. Croft enor-frjnare, Coachuiaier to his Majefty. c Tuefday,-afternoon two men riding hafliJy a-long, the Greenwich road, one of them, Mr, Selby, a publican at firckenham, rode again ft the pole of the* Greenwich ftage, which threw, him with fuch violence from his horfe, that he, expired in a few hi inure 5*, at tiie Stracen's Head, the half-way houfe, whirh-r he was carried after the accident happened. - -N .T-hurlday morning a Watch chafer and EiK , aged afjouc 60 years, hanged hirafeIf in/ Cloth fair, Sdoichfield: he irad former]/ lived in good credit, but being reduced co the neceifiry of going into rhe workhouf-*, it is fuppofed, the thoughts of iroccaf;oned his commixing this ralh r.�tkm. grarrr, and begged 4iat it mightread His fperch was Efq; compofed. Thefe regulations would ^ mote the welfare of Prince and people, whofe interefts are infeparable, and bring upon the Government the Welling of them that are perifhing. A- D- to be Captain of a company, in the room of Capt. Furlong, Daniel Mattair, Gent, to be a Lieutenant, in the room of Capt. Brabazaa O'fiara. John Dahimple, Gent, to-be Enfign, in the room of Daniel Mattair, Gent. And Richard Simes, Gent, to be Adjutant to the faid regiment, in the room of Brabazan O'Hara. Mr. Linlefoor, a domeftic belonging to utually pro- j lhe RjghrHon. the tail of Lincoln, is appointed to fucceed the late Mr, Jones, in the Annuity-office in the Exchequer. Thurfday was married at St. LukeTs, in Middlefex, by the Rev. Mr. Finch, Mr. .Essex, Middlesex^, and Kent. rHE Comrnijfioncrs Scivers for iBv -j w.^.wr., � �Mu�u -, Limits of the levels of^ havering, D*%enbnmr dtring i:is preicjiV iinwtion, would not be heard.!" Il^if^ BEa/l-Ham* fV�ft-H?v>h i^yrc,;, Hcco^infily read by the Clerk,-I'W-^M.Bromi^ �,J E*fl� Marfry fir tU in a \ery alVliMe and itxltindt manner, and con* uiiiLd an deuil of ail the pArticu-ars relating to the, mchnchoJy aftair bertveen hini .and Mr. Ch.tworth. He uid, he declined entering into the circumflances of Mr. Cluiwonh's beiu-viour farther thati was necetTary "for his oavii deftiiGe^ ex pre/Ted his chep and unfeigned lorroiv for the event, and re^oied himieif with the ut- molt confidence on their Lordlhips juftice aJid hnrriAniry. and would with che afiilnefs aequt- efce in rlie femence or the nobleft and molt eqni table judicature in the world, whether it were for life or for death. The Peers then adj^.nrnvd refpcBive Borders or Confines tbo'teot^ rear to tf?e fame) as refpe�li'-cfy PUfiliWZi ty*PJ[y ^untfing and Le.wg in the fard rei'pztfivr-Cci&Ues^ anAy&itkift one Commiffton of Serversy ttre-'defired tJshe at a Scjftons and General Court a� Sewers, appointed to be held on tb* .xlth i&flarfty by ty/ie o'clock in the Mornings at the Grew Man in Great Ilfcrd^ R. ST A CRY. CW -ofMay. S T E W -A R D S. Eail Gou er Lord Hiihp. of Lardaff Lord Kavenfworili Sir Geo. Pig^or, Rut. Sir Fran, Ooiling, Knt. and Alderman Rev.Dan. Kurton,D.D. Chanc. Oxon Newton Ogle, Canon 6fSarun\I).D. Rev. \V.'PoweJlaL.'L.fy. Kev. Francis Hender Foote, L. L. B. James Calvert, Effj; Clharles Eyre, Eiq; Robert Sihray, Genr. The Muiic will con lilt of Mr. HanddrsOver* w ture in Either, his new Te Deum and Julrila e, an Ar.them, comjofed by Dr. fSoyce, for this panicular Charity; and theWliole will conclude with Mr. Handel's grandXoromtioji Anr'tem. Tickets for the Feait to !>e had at the Quten's Anns Tavern, St. Paul's Church-Yard. ARTISTS SOCItTV, HE ARTISTS aiXbciated for the Relief of their dill ret led Hr direji, tlieir Widows and Children, (who exhibited in the Society's Room in the Strand) d lire tbore Gen-tlimen who intend to fa our tiarni with any of tlieir Performances, and w; o tvive hithtro, whIi ib jrucli Reputation to ihemfelves, and P'eifire to the Public, alii (ted this Charitable In-ititutio'i, to f-jid tliem to Mr. Mo ring's t'; Room in Maiden-JLan?, Cc\e?*t (J.^rder, on ti.a tirit, fecond and ti;ird Days or Miy n--*xt ; and the Committee will be ttLd n e f-ixhi'-itrrs would at end there on a: y of thole Days, if convenient. J. GEORGE, S-crerarv. N. B. Thofe Gentlemen wh.o d:ii:nt arte ing a- to the houfe jf a Northmoore, in the parifli of Shipftow, bout twelve miles from this place ; tney pretended to have a letter for him, and muit have an anfwer directly i upon which they were let in, and on their enuance prefenied fwordsand piitols, demanding ihe Farmer s moneys they then took n^ar a thoufand pounds and fome plate, which they earned off- but the Farmer havingfome knowledge of them, followed them here the nest day* and three of them were taken. One chut is taken haa confetTed ^ and it is faid about Sool. of the money is recovered." Thurfday twenty-five prifoners were tried at the OldBaily, twemy oLwhom were caft for uanfportauon, onebianded in the fcand, and four acquitted, : Same day John Pickett, who was committed for breaking open the Bullion-office in the Udia-houi'e, bcin� ><<W* JPW magnanimity and generofity. ing fuch a m.iimed band approach, knowing how far their pre fence might be agreeable to his Lordihip, refufol them admit ranee. The difconfolate troop being thus cut off from ah direct means of accefs, bethought them of the following {rr.a.igem : they gave three Joud cheers before the houfe, which foon drew out all within. Among thofe whofe enrio/ity excited them to a:\pearon this occatlon, was his Lordihip. On feeing the poor forlorn troop he advanced towards them, and with his uliul affability aQced what they would have. They (hewed him their flumps, and juft, mentioned Chelfea hofpiuJ. His Lordihip told rhem, rlur it not being then a Board day, they could not be admitted, but if they would- leave their names, they might depend upon it he, would take care of their buiinefs; and as in rhe mean time it was necefTary they fhould eat, he would order them a donation of a crown a-piece. This being done, the unfortunate band retired, happy in the device by which they had thus introduced themfelves to his Lordihip, from whofe companionate difpofition they knew the poor ibJdier had never fued in vain for relief. It is ftid that a noted gentleman of the turf won no lefs than fifty thoufand pounds, in two matches and one bctr5 lait Ncwinarkec meeting. On Monday lad Mr. Simpfon, a gentleman of Hath, dropped down dead in that "city, in a fit of apoplexy: he feemed but the moment before in perfedt health. Tuefday died Mr. Buxton, nufter of the Craven Arms tavern, the corner of Broad-fiiesr, duiiaby- inarkctt are^ refuel ted to fe:;d a vani tiiar Amount of their Works, chat the Catalogue nay be ] er- f.cted in Time. HERE AS the Panih Church A Hol'-each in the County of J LicoJn^ was, on the 12th hutant, in the M^ht-time, broke into, and lobbed ot the fol.owir^ 1'ieccs of Plate, taken out of a C.heifc-which v.*as o^eh with an Iron Crank belonging to a Unnd-Stone, \ iz+ Two larj^e Siher Cu^, whh Ii;lcri,;tion, The Gift of Sir A'Taharn Dawes, Knt. of the i'ariih of Hoi beach jn the County of Lincoln." Date 1634.-AJfo, Tw a Silver Stands belonging to the fame ; one Sliver Flageon, ijifcribed, u The Gift of Mrs. Sarah ScuKely, Widow, for die Communion-Takle with her Coat of Arm*:; and one Lrge Silver Sa.iver, no Infcripriju. Whoever can give IjUnrmation to the Churchwardens of rhe fad Pariih, of the Perfon or lJer-fons who fo broke into the faid Church, and-Hole the abovelnen.ion'V. Plate, fo z\ut he, ihe, or they may be apprehended for the iame^ ihail receue of the faid Churchwardens the Sum of Ten Ppunds: And if any one of Kie Ohm-deis (if more flian one) will ui/co\er his, i.t-r, or their Accomplice or Acconijiiices, fo Uiat fuch Accomplice or Accomplices iriaJi be thereof convicted, fuch Offender, fo difcovenng ilic fame, ihaji have his free Pardon, 'and be intitled to rhe like Reward. And all Brokers and othtii are hereby deLred ro itop the faid Plate, or any Part thereof, if oil er'd tor Sale, or to be paw n'd., WATERMOUT kl. To be LETT, For any Term of Years, not exceeding Twenty-one, nor on 'er le ven, AConvenierat Dwelling Houfe, either for a inigJe Gentleman, or a married Pair wi'h a fmah Family ; htuated between II-iracoml^ and Coinm 0 tyu in Devon (hire ; eight Miles from BarnltapJe. Ic has a delictitfuJ Prof-pedtoftheSei on one Side, and on the other it is bounds by a fine pUin Country, lit To keeneit Sjwtfman ; to whom a large Ro would Me granted, either for FiJhing, F or Hunting. There is a Co'aoii-honie, an Scabies for twelve Hor/cs, a Cxraiury, w n5' ofher Conveniencies , krge Gardens, aJly VtalJ Ftuk. Aiiy one whom rhis may fuit, may a Particulars to Mr. Limelie-ir, of New-T^ von; or* Mr. Salsren, of�sd�?/ord, per

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