Tuesday, April 9, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Tuesday, April 9, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - April 9, 1765, London, Middlesex Evcning- Poft. Numb. 58^ From TUESDAY Apru to THURSDAY April ii 1765 [Price Two-pence Half-penny From the London GAifeTT*. Berlin* Mvcb %(>. HfiKingofPnrf-6a ItiU coattoae* at Saiu S but is laid to prcty weil^Covered of ti* Ire indirpofi'iioe. A few da/s tf� Count Bofafen, who nSd^tiMW as Envoy Extraordinary from the Court of Sweden, fct out for Stockholm, iii' order, a* w fuppofed, to LONDON Tuefday her Royal Highnefs tha Princef* Powager of Wales had a numerous and fpienaid levee at Letceiter-houfe. The�n�rtatnment 00 Monday laft at the MtafbMikboufe was extremely elegant, and the company very & itUsnt, who were waited His Majefty has alfo appointed John Farnaby, Gem. to be a Brigadier and Coraet in the faid troop, in the room of the above gentleman. Tuefday Moody, Efq; of Rider- upon bjr 48 perfraa oat ftreer, was married ar Sr. Jaales's church to Mifs Hollingfworth, of PalJ-MalJ, with a alfift at the Diet. Hogue, April l. TheM, Ha^ue, ia conjundioo with trie Coiirt of Holland, have foibid the receiving any perron from other places, to be inoculated for the fmaiJ-pox in this totvn; fo tha- a number of perfons who were come hither, with rheir children, fcpm Amfterdam, �n order to be inoculated by Dr. Schwencke, a Fa- wous Phy ficiaa�of th� p!**, ^vej*�n obliged 10 rerjaro home J �ri all *e *tjyf�-cians of the towra h�v� had notice given is reibltttioo. " St. JameS*, A#V 9. the King has been, pleafed to order Icu&i pneT � under the great feai of fceUn$r coQiauuog a urant unto Charte As*f, Clerk, of th* Deamy of the Caibedt*r of Kilmore, vacant by 1 he proration of Dr. Maxwell to the Bifhopric of Dromorc BAN K R tf ?TBnf*r*i Hfnrreni*. WiJiiam Jones, of the city of BflftoJ, Viftu-alJer, to appear April ijft 16* and May ai, ac die Fountain Tavern in JB^h-ftrcct, Btxx- tol. Henry Ca&major, of Toekington, is (he parab of Olveftonc, ia the county of Gtoucefter ; and William Wanfty and William Barnes, Loth of the cirv or" iJrfllaL Mef 4wu and ball was opened about Nine by the Earl Fife tn4 the Lady Mayotefs, (the Lord-Mayor's eldeft daughter.) The dancing continued till One, and the whole company depend about Five on Tuefday morning, highly jieafed with their entertainment, attd tht police behaviour of the Lord-Mayor Ntty Mayorefc. There were prefent, jfbefidif fttJmeen Aldermen and then Ladies) of Fife, Lord WiUiafn Campbell, Lordl^ufiesMonta^u, VifcouotFalmouth, ViTcotrtt pa lid and. Vifcoum Gage, Lord Winterton, Lord Cabier, and Lord Suaf- ford, Sir Marmaduke Wyviil, Sir Edward Deering, Sir Thomas Robinfon, Sir John Awn it age, Sir John Hufley Delaval, Bans. Sir George Poeocke aad Stf Charles Coote, f the.&th': L*dy Fife, Lady Say . . . . Lady Cage, and Lady Winteriori. The jJrovifions left at the entertainment wtre ordered by the Lord-Mayor to be fent to the poor prifoners in the two Compters. Tuefday the Rev. Dr. Barton, Dean of $rtiU>l, preached before the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, artd Sheriffs, at Sr. Bride's, after which Mr. Sheriff Crofty gave an elegant entertainment to the Aldermen at Ironmongers-hall. . Mr. Sheriff Harris dined with the Trea-lurer, Governors, &c. of St. Bartholomew's Jiofpkal, and afterwards gave one hundred pounds to that charity. tttraS of a UtUr from Ps*fatofay Wtfi Flo* The I fortune of 82,000 1. Laft "Friday died, ar her houfe in May-Fair, the Hon. Mrs. Souhwell, mother of the Hon. Mr. Southwell* Memher for Bridgwarer in Souierfetihire, who is now at his feat in Ireland. Tuefday was married, at St. Andrew's, Holborn, Mr. Lally, of the Chancer/-office, to Mifs Martin, of the Kin^Vroad, Bedford-1 ow. On Sunday died, at his houfe in Spital-fields, in ihe xc2d year of his age, Mr. Peter Gaultier, iheokklt RafterProteitantWeaver in tngland. we near large quantities are ordered to be im - parted this fumroer for the ufe of his Majetir'j docJc-^ardj, ' 7 It is f^Id rhar feveral amf ndments ml] l>e made to the a��l of out-Wry, More the mu clu�on of the prefene feffion of parliament. k is fiiid that che duties oa aJl foreign nLna~ fiflured fmiffs, irojiort?d inio Englaut^ will foon be conhcfcrably augmented. The jnrliamenc of Paris have jofl iffned two arrets, by which feveral books, amongft orhers fikm Impartial Refitaivuy are condemned and burnt !�y the common hajtgmas. londay, a Jefuir, lately arrived in tbi$ city d!yg u)tht office yard, Lombard-Hrtet brot^bt in th nwul, had bis pocket picked feme On Saturday laft died Mr. Hardacre, maf- wlth llia got u and Every thing here is in a dull Rate, and what ft ill makes it more fo, is, the men of war eb&ru&ing the Spaniards from trading with \xu We had four veffels here lately, it at the Nag's head Tavern in Wine- j but they vrei* not permitted Itreet, BiiftoL Bankruptcies ptfymtd. Tlwmas Binns, of Suuderfcuid,_ in* the co��ty Duritam ^ is the greateft misfbrtu befallen us in this yo I think at the ft fmall lofs to our mother country, being maker, to afittir May 4, at GuiJdliaJl, thereby prevented from vending a very con- London DlVlOBM� &* ***** ** Qrtditors. May 14. J*�ts Pwterian the yOoager, of th< parilh of St* George the Martyr, in th< coumy of Middlefex, turner, .uGiuldhaJl; London. C&aTiriCATI t$ is ilfani. April go. Di*k Vanderhcyden, of Oowg^c iulL London. Mtrch^nr fide^ablf quantity of itsmanufad Tuefday an expreft came to the Admi-ralty*office, that the Venus man of war, ftom Jamaica, was^arrived at Fortfraouth, and has brought fome difpatChes, it is faid, of importance. The Swift man of war was appointed to have cdme home, bur, upon examination, fhe was found leaky, and it though COUNTRY NEWS. in her, of lame fum. dang i//r, April 6. Left Monday a wn-triune happened at Walker Colliery, kAtrvtu th?c inwn. where fotne pitmen, not aware vi mm uo�j.j if1^ perhaps ufing careiefs and unflcilfulii�aO^ fct fire to the damp or foul air in the wakings, which He about tte fathoms deep below the fujface of the ground. The inflammable vapour fired in an inter, m a dreadful explofion as fuddenly foUowed, making a report at the mouth of the coalpit as loud asthunder, and leaving the poor workmen below in a miferable condition, fcorched and burnt to a frightful degree ; however, we do nor hear of any being killed. As foon as it could be done, all pofiiMe aififtance was lent them j and being drawn up to the light, they were fent 10 the Infirmary--On the day -following (Tuefday) many others went to examine toe ftate of the colliery, feveral of whoni were of the upper fort of fervants, called Overmen, reputed to be very expert and knowing in their buffeeft; but, through fome mitiake, or other accident, the fulminating fteace took fire a fecoed time, more dreadfully, and with greater vehemence than before. It is faid etaht perfons and 17 horfes are killed, tho* feven ottlyof the bodies of the men ter of the Red Lion, in Red Lion-ilreer, Whhecha^eh Same day died Mr. Charles Havard, maf-ter of rhe Cock at M)le-h On Sunday laft died Mr, Richard Collins, upwards of forty years Gardener to the Rt^ht Hon. LordBingJey, at Eaft Horiley in Surry. Same day died, at L�flbn-green, ne^r Pad-dington, Mr. Methuen, formerly a Silver-fmith in Hemings's-row. Tuefday iall died, at Siockport, Edward Dale, �fqj proprietor of one of the (ilk-ilis theie- Same day died fuddenly, in Wimple-ftreer, near Cavendifh-fquare, Lady Betty Bate-man, a near relation of his &ce Grace the Duke of Marlborough. Tuefday morning early the following me* lancholy accident happened tt Datchet, near Wiodfor : As two men, fervants to Mr. Moor, Farmer at Windfor, were driving a waggon loaded with timber, near the firft-memioned place, the waggon fell into the Thames j 'by which accident five horfes were drowned, and the two men, who are miffing, are fuppofedio have thared the fame fate. Tuefday more people than the ail of Parliament allows, crowding on board a boat at Iron-gene, to go to Greenwich, a young lad, apprentice to Mr. Maynard, a Brafs-founder rn Whttechapei, was pu&ed into the river, and unfortunately drowned. They write from Paris, that the Baker's journeyman, who murdered his matter and miftrefs, who was big with child, and robbed the houfe of the molt valuable effedH and made his efcape (as was mentioned aot long fince in the papers) was detected offering his matter's watch for a fuit of cloaths to a Footman at Chart res, where he was looking bound Weft- | out for work among the Bakers ; but being there apprehended, he was brought back to CUSTOM-HOUSE, LouDOtf, March 19, 1767. v v Pthruary iaj}, about Vuehs o'clock at Night, a Qane of Smugglers, to the Kiimb*, oi Twenty, or thereabouts, all on Hor/dack. armtd With large Hedge Stakes. Chths, and tfber ctftn-five Weapvs^ <&ert affembkd in a Late hadiae to the Houfe of Mary Koyce, ia the Par.jv of Pa�~ hanl inJff Count7 tf'fyJI*** ** order tu b* aiding 'antity of Warnetty Branay tjfifting tn the Refute of Tbomas Baker, anil John IVhexitley^ Officers Mjijtfiyxs Caftoms in the Port of Clicoefier9 in the due Execvtim their Office, zver* forcibly and violently obfiruEttd, and forty Casks of th* jaid Brandy^ fo by tbem^fetzed^ <u;ere^ by the faid Smugglers^ refitted and taken azuay, Tbe CorraHiffioners of. bis Majefty s Cuftsms^ in order to bring the Offenders to yuftice, and the more effectually to put a Stop to jttch outrageous Proceedings3- do hereby promife a Reward of Ft ft v iJou iSDs, to any Perfon or Perfons who ji;a!l difcover and a}prebend^ or canfc to be difip-vered and apprehended^ any or either of the ja*d Offender or offenders, to be paid by the Receiver General of his ffliijefty's Cufioms upon Conviction. ___ j. Fremantle. a 1 1 Paris, where he was uied and condemned 10 Indiai$4p man, fyin^ by which Ihe received confideiable damage J be broke alhre upon tire wheel, before the her malts, rigging, and forefail, which 1 houfe where he committed that horrid mui- in the Harcourt's people cut away j and it is der, and his body (his bones being ail broken) thought will retard her voyage for fome time, was placed afterwards on a wheel ltuck on Tuefday patched by exprefs, from tin Warfaw, a quantity of moft teredribbon; it is intended! tion of a new Order, which is to take place a pole, and put into the ground near the gallows* Being a very flout fellow, about 14 years old, he was not quue dead the day following. On Saturday laft the trial of Richard There are alfo in the river, j Swift, for returning from tranfportation, on May on board a'Danrziek fliip, many very elegant coaches, intended for the Court of Warfaw.-It is a e'reumftance much to the honour of this country, that its arts and manufactures are in fuch a degree of eftima- came on at the affize at Coventry, before Mr. Juftice Gould, when the piifoner plead- and Diaved the honourable ed poverty, Judge to order him a Counfel, which was immediately done$ and in the courfe of the tion in Poland at this time, where the love J trial, Swift's Counfel found an error in the of every Letters from Riga advife, that by a late record, v\hicht notwithftanding the oppo-fition marie by Mr. 9ferjeant Hewetr, and Imperial ukafc, the punilhmcnt for adultery, another able Counfel, the Judge declared to which in all the conquered provinces, foi- be a fatal one, and direded the Jury to ac- merly, was the doing penance in churches, is changed to that of a pecuniary fine ; and quit the piiloner j which being done, Swift was ordered to be difcharged. But ihe At- that all peifons of diltinttion, found guilty torney for the Crown making an affidavit of adultery, are to pay four rubies ; thofe that he ftood indided as an acceflary felon of middling circumitances two rubles; un- in Middiefex, he was detained, and ordered married people one ruble; and perfcns of by the Court to be removed to Newgate. appear to be burned ie a .coft manner. Oxfirdf Jp*H6. Thkdayastheivorkmen were employed in the letirmary, a floor perly fecured, gave the lower clafs half a ruble. Monday a flag was turned out on Epfom Downs, which was hunted by his Majetty's ltag-hound*. and afforded a pleafant chace hou Eaft The account in our laft, which was copied from the fame Morning Paper as this, was erroneous. The four convi houfe, LojiJon, rH E folloiving Goods, which are allotted in fmall Quantities, for tlie Letter Accommodation of the fever at Dealers\ as tcell as private P(rfonS) who chuft to become Purchafers in thje Commodities\ viz. To l>e Ex ported. Cambricks or French Lawns, Can:brick Unfiles and htofoins worked with Thread, Howt/ed Cam brick Aprons ajid Handkerchiefs, HrncaHcd S-ifriiis and Siik, and Quilted Perricoats, Siix HaiKlkerchaers, and fundry other Silk Maun facet ires, .and \ anecy of Ea/t I:;du prohiLireJ Goods For Ho MS Co K 5 V M P T I ON. Several Parcels of Bohea an: 1 Tireen Tea, Coffee raw and roaftec!, Choi'oiace, fundxy Pieces of Muflin, Mnlnn Haiikeicliiefs,Neckcloths,Hand* kerchiefs and Ruffles v orked wirh Thread, Nankin Clocht feveral Sorts of Lxnen^ bios or Blond Lace, Bone Lace, Mens Jaced Rrriies ^nd Kofoms, Leather Gloves, Si* Mirts, Silk Stockings, ?cwiug $itk, Dutch Tapes, bitters Thread, BlacK Puis, fan*, Snult-Boxes, Ermine^ Skii^, and other Fans, Wax and Sp9rrna Catti Candles, Polilh'd Chryltai^ Cornelian and Mocha Stonts, different Sons of Stones fet in Gold and Silver for Ear-rings,-&c. Sword HiJts and Sword Biades, Necklaces, iAcqutred Ware, Mother of Pearl, Qnidnlle tioxe;, Filh Connters and Beadr, Rough and Cue Garnets. Walking Canes, 8agne, Pin-cuihions of Rice, Rhubarb, Spanilh Liqiiorire, Fire Arms (Gold and Silver Lace and Apparel to be hunt) China Ware, Wine in Cafks aud Bottles, Hruiih Compound, Soy, Taninjarinds. Green Cinger, Preferred Orangey Grocery of different. Kinds, i-ed Feadiers, Otu Iron, Olive Oil, a Ship's Boat and other Brats, with Furniture, Deals, Gun Flints, W00J, Wooi flocks, Woollen Thrumbs, Worfted, Yarn, and Toba eo Aflies, and feveral Sores of other Goods, as wiJl I e mentioned in the Caralogce. The Goods to be feen or tatted at the King's Wareboufe at the Cuftom Houfe, Lonchn* and at the Tobacco Ground Rotherh:they the jzri, i3$b% and Days of April next^ from Nine to One in whereby fix men who were at work where it was killed- His Roy.il Highnefs Articles ^/Intelligence, &v. from *rr~r I fVip DnV* of ninufeiVer was urefeat at tht I *LS PniTtrBrPTs of al) rh*� F.vpnino I *veji faid D.xys only. oi be ernoons way untbrtuna m all remarkably fober, induftrious men, and have left large .families behind them. One mao-s widow'ia particular is near lying-in with her fouiteenthchild. .Gloucsficr, JpriI8. Store cattle fold ceedingly dear, and fat cattle went at full 3 d. per pound. Graziers who came to buy complained heavily. Many beafts were driven back, for want of purchafers. KidW They were j the Duke of Gloucetter was prefeat at the j t^? Postscripts of all the Evening chace, who was thrice remounted ; and alfo j Papers of laft Tuefday. We hear there is no precedent that the Royal Family of Denmark ever efponfed their conforrs out of their own country. Some letters from Hamburgh advife, thar a great number of rents are making for rlie King of Pruilia's army in Sllefia ; on which account the exportation of linnen from thence was prohibited till farther orders. The oak timber in rhe ifland of Cape Breton has* from fome lare experiments at Ponfmouth, ic�> found fo excellent for <bip'buiJding, that The prefent floods made the fheep-market dull. ---- A fow days ago died the Rev. Samuel of horfe-guards, in the room ot iff The Rev. Mr. Robert Stone, B. A. was on Friday latt prefeSued to the vicarage of Leflington, in the county of Wilts and diocele of Salifbury, void by the death of the late Vicar. His Majefty has appointed Sub-Bng3d*r and Corne* John Sivright, Efq; to be Brigadier and Lieutanani in the fecond troop Hiode, ^eworth,inthisCQunLy. I Lfq$ re arc to acquaint alt Noblemen attd Gentlemen^ HAT tfere will be a Great Main of C-ccks fought, betf. een che Gentlemen of G<iirrfborough and Lincoln ; ihev\*ing F" one Cocks on each Side, rorTwenry Gume Battle, and Five Hundred rheCdd, at rhe of Mr. Roljert Smeeton, known by the S the King's Arms in the faid City, in ih commodious Pit in Ergfand, Begins Fighting on Monday next, tl Inttant; ainJ it is i.-cJieiied wiJ] be one grweft Meetings ever known ii\ Er_ many thoofiiJid Pounds are depending. Sfffjy Rbofbsii' and Ckittbsdbs, F^dtjs^

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