Saturday, March 23, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, March 23, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - March 23, 1765, London, Middlesex Numb. 5835 From SATURDAY March 23, to TUESDAY March 26, 1765. [Price Two--pcuct Half-penny From the London Gazette. Berlin, March g. ESTERDAV the King of PrufDa, accompanied by the Prince Royal and youoe Prince Henry of Fiuffia, and thetwo Piin-ces of Bvunfwick arrived liere fiom Po'cdara. His j%^__j_t____ Majcity, � in his way to the palace, vifited the marufaftoiy of China. * The fame afternoon arnveJ alfo the ReigniD^ Prince of Anhait Defl'au j and in the "evening the marriage'of that Puree -ith ihePrincefs Louifa Hewietta U ilhel-uiioa. youngelt daughter to Margrave Henry the King of Pi u-.Ga'a coffin, wasdec.a-red at Court, This day the ceremony or betrothing was performed. His Prullian iS Mr. Brooks, our Clergyman, and Father Kabo, thajcl'uis, go on 1 his expedition at his Excellency's �particular de'ire, to make exad obfei vauuns of ihe latitude and looghudj? of the Lakes, and to preach ihe Chnftian religion 10 thefe unenlightened fa v ages. 14 We expect the Rey. Mr, Whitefield here next fuminer. " Our Governor intends making a road to communiea'e' either with New England or Nova Scotia. '* Weexpedt a noble oil fifhery this w'\r\-ter, the fhaiks having drove the whales up the river, of which there ait/one tboyfands now playing before this city. The fnow is at lealt eight foot on a l&vel. monu men rs of the famous antient poet Gower, and of Rifhop Andrews, are aifo wed worth notice ; but the molt curious one is a monument belonging to the family of the Auttins, on which is reprefented the whole apparatus of hufbandry, and upon the top Hands the G^ddefs Auiora, crowned with the repiefema.ion of the fun in fail fplendcr. John Luxmore, Efq; is appointed Affay-maiier and Tiyer of Tin in D^vonfhhe ai-d Corn wjII. Peter Mackenzie, Gent, is appointed Surgeon to the 3d legiment of dragoon guards, in the room of Surgeon Gilchfilt," who rati* es. cc Ledger. Efq; was By the French mail which arrived onSa- j fwoin in one of the fixty Cleiks in Chan- tuiday lalt, we have the Mlowing account of the wild bealt. dated from ment, one of them having been fome years �employed by the Lurch in that branch of rra<!e. Extta�i of a letter frum Lijbon^ Fib, 19. " r A French ihip, which tus ixtn obliged to put 1:1 here by IIrefs of weather, met at ic* with an Enghih Ihip whidi was /inking, �n;{ rook on lo,ird 17 of her crew. The Lngliili ihip was returning from ihe Grej.aues vvirh a. ricL car^o. " Th?re whs a privat? Aluo-da-fe in ihe jh-Lee or [hj in-puhrion on the 161 \x of ;*!us month, when femeuc.: was pa (Ted on two pri-fmers, one of whom is an inhabitant offer-nam!.ucc-a in the Riazils, and rhe other a Monjc of rhe Order of Sr. Auguflhie. The Mril is con ItmiK-d co L AS �<P�v�i for ever cA ah hct/. e(1*;rnej . ' 1 "oral function?, and of cxercifing any employ 15. Accoidingto advices from Gevaudar, the me^fures which have been hitheno ta- Maiefty, the reft of the Royal Pamily, the kefj f( the country from the wild bealt, Kei^ninp Piince of Anhait DeflTaur, and the Hereditary Piince of Copland, dired with the Queen of Pruffia ; and at night Pnnce Ferdinand, the King's brother, gives a grand Turner and ball to the Royal Family. The King of Pniffia had ^numerous and fplen-did levee in the morning -5 and M, de Bra- who has committed fuch ravages, have not had thedefiied fuccefs. He has been feve al times purfued by a general chafe of nor lefs than zcjoco foldiers and others. In one of thefe puifuks fome of the hardy adventu- h iianding verity of the feafon, and puifued him a lehgned, Sa.urday was married Mr. Richard Drury, mailer of the Antwerp tavern in Thread-needle-ilreer, to Mifs Tnorne, of B;oad-itjeet Buifdingc, niece to Mr. Thomas Malkall, ia e mafter of the ab;ve tavern. Sunday lalt died at Huntingdon, Mr. Mackall, a Common Brewer of considerable eminence of that place, Friday afternoon died, at his houfe in Oxford road, Mr. Woodward, timber Merchant; what 15 lemarkabte, he dLd ihe fame day three weeks tie was manicd, and was at that time fo very infirm, that whtl^ the ceremony n as performing he was obliged to be fupponed by two men. On Saturday Mr, Taykr, of N'^ble- forv^er privileges of this city. The Pruflian troops begin to draw off from thefe lerruo- rifki, Envoy Extraordinary from the King iong'tjme by his track in the fnow ; but he of Poland, had his full audience, when he efc3ped fl0in lhcm 3nd j^ew himfelf into delivered his letters of credence to his Pruf- a valt wooJ fe to iiurodnce the Turliot fitiicry ujjoii very rcaXonalde encourage- in his O.der, and to be cnnriiu-d a year ir, dungeon of ihe Holy Office." Essr.x, Middlesex, and Kent. ijfionm of Sewers h JL Levels of lUveririVy' Dngznhum^ Ripplr, Barking, Laft-Ham^ Wtft-Hamy Lxjtop, Hal- tbamfow, Bromley and Baft Marjl), as lying tn ths faid refpeftive Counties {and tvithtn one Cora- Sewers on the i :jh Day of April text, by o'clock in the Mowng, at the Angel tn Great lijjix \ being the Ualj yearly Court, J at UfonL KiTex. COLNBKOOKE Tu RN PIKE, T/TfHEREAS a Meeting of the Trujices Vr ^'.tj appointed on. Monday the 4th cf March) i- at the Ca{lk-Inn, S-dt-Wl^ Eiu h\ tl ere 7iot appearing at appointed Meettn? * fxjjicie t Number *j Truftees to ati^ as by the'A'$ 0, Park, went is required ; therefore^ pxyjuant tj the Directions of tt-e faid Aci, a Meeting is ap-pytited on Mtnday next* the tft of Aprii^ at tbs Cafile Inn aforej-iid. _ Tho. Goodwin, Clerk. A COCK-MATCH, TO be fought at the Golden Hart Inn in Gloucdter, bef.veen h* Hon. UiJ.iam Howe, ot Sto.vehiH in Glouceiterlhire, E'l; and Walter -Parker, of Luihil in Wi cihir�, tfj; To weigh oh Monday tne nd of April, antt ^g!lt the three following "Days j Thircy-hve Cock on each Side in rhe Main, for Six Gt:hieas a Ha tele," and One Hiuidrol tiutr.eas the odd Battle, and Twenty Cocks on iach 5ide for Bye Battles, for Two Guineas a Ri-.tle. Thole Marches ro be continued for five-Years a Fortnight after Kaiier. {Co p e ^ for Wiirfhire, The h Tafiey, fur G'oucelter. ARTISTS SOCIETY, (Allot iared for Relief of che Diltrefretl of own Hcdj-, tlieir Widows and Children) HE ARTISTS v,ho exhibited r their Works in the ""ociccy's Room m the Strand, willliavc their bJXHIHITION, this prrfcnc Year, r: e Hc^iiuung of May ne*t, ac Mr. Morug's (jreat Room hi Mai len-Lauc, Covenc Garden ; againlt which Txme all thef: Arrilts who iureuu ro exhibit with them, arj delirtd to prepare their Perton^uijces accordingly. To he SOL i\ AFreehoLl Eftate at Harlingtcn in the County of B.-^rord, called die Ga k sg k ; cohtiltint; of a Mtrliuage or Manlion Hoch-, w ir fi y to) -cr Co i 1 v e 11 u-i 1 cie?, and i c v i" j j r y - fiv s Acres of rij;e Paihire uround. The V;.ale Iks very compact together, is fufliciencly i^ocken with Timber, and remarkably wed watered. Harluigro/i Grange is tlurty-Jix Mihs from Londoj), hx from^Luron, iix from ^"oburn, rive from Anipthill, and three from Tcddiu^-ton, all Marker Town?. For Particulars enquire ^f Mr. Lucas, N^T6. Pump-Court, Middle Temple- or of Mr, dali, at Everlhort, near Wobnrn, BedfordfniVe. Four Thoufand Poujids, or Parr, of if, i\ ready ro be km on real Security. Enquue of Mr, Lucas. London, MajcU 2^ it6** TO the Gentlemen, Merchants, and othen, trading to or com:e:lcd with the undermejuioncd Pons; And Places adjac-aic. As we fhaiJ this Day be m Poihflion ct Cotton's Wharf, near the Fo * ot Londoi i. Bridge, Southwark, we h*ve engaged rhe Vtile/s to condudl tlie Trade as formerly to and frowi the following Pom, viz. Armina and Lynn Livei pool,\s ar-ringrojt, ajid Mancheltcr Neath PIj irouth Pool Portfmouth,Ifle Whitby of Wi�iit, Whitehaven. The Sittution and Coineniency of theabov >� Wharf h-ri'ig rqual, if not fujierior ro any oth.i iii-oii rhe River Thames, v^ e Therefore foif.i: your favourable Afliitance, auU doubt .nor hue our ct�nl-a'ir Kmieavosira 10 conduit the Bijh-ii-iS c:;:mitcd to our Car:, ^ uli R g'lUrlty ai:4 Difparc- , uiJl merit 3 our f.ture AprrobatiOJi. Yrur vjy huiiibJ^ S=rvants, ElCHAKB 'I K i S fe R Y j Bawclift Briftol BoPo.i Brul ort ClRft.-r ti<ttr F.thnnuth hull and York J yme Southampton, and Lyiuing-tou' Scarborough St ock ton Swan fea Weymouth IViibeach

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