Saturday, March 16, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, March 16, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - March 16, 1765, London, Middlesex Numb. 58J2 From [Price Two-pence lialt-pcnr>* From the London Gazette. Vienna y Feb 27. RINCE Qg j rinfki, EnV-d I traordvnJ&^^f6m 1 the Kicgof Po-*htidio the Court of Rome, arrived Jiere a few days ago, and lets our to - morrow for Venice. James\ March 16. The King has teen pleafed to ^rant unto Thomas paip* pier, Doftor in Divinity, the place and dignity cf a Canon.or Prebendary, in the Me-uopolttical church of Canterbury, vq\& by the death of Dr. Jdhn Griffith, UteCjWion thereof. ^ BANK R-tr P T, Aogelo Bernard, late of Louden, Merchaw, ta appear March aa, 23, April 27, at Qux$< Ha Dividends to be made to Creditors. a8. PoHy, Rdfs At Somlr Carolina* Swift, tteveulle Oporto. At: Madeira, George, Gould; and Hartifon, Pfingje, from London.; japics, Bijfch} and Friendship, Dunn, fronvditto aftd CorJc, At Pbrrftriouth^ Ellington, Langffaff, from South Carolina. Ta the P R1NT SIR, THERE is ridtfring fo, much inveighed �gain&by fome men M the Jicenifoyf- �1 Samuel Tolfrey, March Loudon, Lumen-draper, at Guildhall. April 24, John LcqpoU Goflcr, of Narrow-flreet, Limchoiifc, Middlefcx, Rope-maler, at Guildhall, Loudon. /wilt*. h&n� from good authority that a publication foon exj*�ed tobVma^ will furnifh an mftance of as wantoa and arbitrary an ad. ^^^flaupo 4us ever; known, and,�*has fhouJd make every ^jJlgiig itta* &afefc'&r f Ifc- Liberty (>f ttlc Prifi; ' wfcfeh- I tnuft btf fo .free as CO tbinlc, is now the grtawjl f�ci|rity the people have for the enjoyment of fo much of tjieirconftitutiorul fieeripm a? conciriaes in their Dftfiafion. Stationer, ai April zo. Manfred Mfclber, flow or J�r w Wefiinglxfrough, in thecounry of NortftafDp-ton, Dealer in Linncn, and Hair-feller, at Cuildhall, Loudon. f April JohnGough the yamger, of Of 6oroogh of Lcicefter, Wcx>J-pojqB|?er> it London. ' ' , 1 f April ty. Thomas Holland, lit? of Udtfield, in tile cbnnrj of Snflex, ViOblter, ac the Star in Lew : f ______it^nfequ^ what, power ite 1$. warn 1 treating any aaao ai^d�fQ from mere art) airy Willi even it|.iMfe ths molt inc�ff-fiden&le in doing the ^mtf:to*a wtokfl^Js^W'hen. foew�c tbs� wifclW^O Attempt it April Litcbfield, 18. T6o*n� Bond With'a prof�^ of impunity: nor will they of any^ K4nd for Swan �r of ^?^S*ri peon; CRBTinCATH fo &ll*W0d. AprilPhilip Handcock, late of fcofcWane, Loudon, Merchant. bat can enable the Pe*Kance9 March 14. Arrived the B]e\fttt ajorj at*!'5 Willing Hs^v�mo^><6m alef; and Bet fey, Treegartheji, from Scilly Falmouth, March 14. Arrived the Fan mo ': and of infringements of devcr prove aiarm- fe'liittwent birth-right if they do not mike a refoiate iUcdjigaJiift every attack of ' 'j fhey wil^ kJ^ilLailtt4a4 io become )aSSbf deptiVea Ot'h ^hts wimfoever. t has ever been coniidered in this kingdom, D*.r-� iiAiJ�tn. that a^ power is fotfeitable from a violent Betfey, Robbins, from . m- J. .___, ^, ^, lti-- ^ . G^le, Hodge ; Neath Amelia, Richards, from .New York ; and Wemel, Denging, from Zt*Ln&. Plymouth, March 1 Arrived the Countefs deSurran, , from St. M aloes for Africa ; Zeeploeg, from Zurickzee for Bourdeaux ; Windier, Thomas, fiom Peuz^nee for Hamburgh ; and the B^lleifle, Rpchford, from Cork for Dunkirk. Poolfy March 16. Arrived the Indian Queen, Pufs, from South Carolina ; and John and Eli-Wheeler, from Dartmouth. Sailed the 2abeth, Wheeler, fr fanny, Newman, from Newfoundland ; frica, Watts, for Hamburgh ; Endeavour, abufe of it, fince the end of eftalifhing it is to do jgood, and not injury: anil that people who do not refolutely refift injuries will foon become overwhelmed by them; therefore whenever they are offered to individuals, they become the causes of the whole community; for whatever a man is made to fuffer unjuitly in any mode to day, may in a different on* be made the lot of another to-morrow; and fo by degrees common in ail We rauft there- to-morrow j oppreffion will become A. things, and to all men. Green; Juno, Cheater j John, Wales j an^ Prifcilla, Sampfon, for Ireland and Newfoiuul* land; Milium aiid. Thomas, Pool, for Lew-don ; and Elizabeth ajid oarah, Harbin, fot Weymouth. Southampton^ March 16, fore itand by one another, as in the fuffer- ing'of a conftitutional injury, every manJs caufcis the caufeof hia country. Your's, &c. Ang licaku s. Davis, for Loudon. Convesy March Clarke, from Liibon 16. Arrived/the Afli-Liverpoole, Sailed the almouth ; and Rainbow, Came in the Unity, LONDON; - -4 Peterborough Dorothea, Bleakefrom Ofteiad for Naiuz. Sailed the Charlotte, Jarrat, from Seville for Lojidon ; his MajeftyVuiow Egmont, Moflee, from Kin-f�ie for Portfmouth ; Ranger, Moore, for Bre-tnen from South Carolina; and Ure dfebap, Ewetfon, from the Weft Indies for Amfterdam. Deal9 March 16. Remain in tlie Downs the lhm as per laft. Wind W. S. W. blows frefh. boat, March 17. Came down yeflerday, and remain with the fhips as before, the Li-Urty, Blair; and Romney, Waddy, for Sr. Xitt's; Uberry, Reed, for -; SaJJy, Craven; Good Injent, Hubbard; John aud Sarah, Anderfon, and Ann and Mary, Carr, for Virginia; Hercules, 6reen, for Liibon ; Thomas, Daws, for Botton ; Qpecn Charlotte, �Reeves, for Jamaica 5 St. Jofeph, -, for IJuukirk; Bon CarJus, Lake; William and Jofeph, Thomas; and William and Samuel, windfer, for Poole; Adventure, Brown; aud VfiUtam and Jane, Mouncher, for Portfmouth; Ttemas au^ Patieuce, Gerrard, for Wdvinouch j nd Prince Edward, Chinch en, for ft van age, hrd s: W. Sunday the Rev. Dr. Lamb, Bfihop of preached before the'Queen at the Chapel Royal. The Earl of Harcourt conduced her Majefty to and from chapel. The King was not at chapel. The fame day being St. PatrickVday, the Tutelar Saint of Ireland, 4h�Jame was obferved at Court ai. a high feftival, when the Knights Companions of the Molt Noble Order of the Garter, Thiftie and Bath, appeared in the collars of their refpedive Orders. Maj forei^i Minifters, wore crofles in ho- &c The Royal nour of .the day. On Saturday her Grace the Dutchefs of _Mancfiefter'wa5 delivered of a dead child. Friday morning three companies of the Scotch .Fufileers, being the nrft divifion, marched through this city for Chatham, Information h?s b^en fentro the Admiralty Office, that on Thurfday the 2.8th of February the foip Sally, whereof Jchn Wood was matter, of the burthsn of zio tons, bound from Gravefend to Cork, was driven afhore intheparifh of Bexhilp^on the coalt of Aulfex, where fhe continued on the 7th inftantl ^iwsipr tfie'Jrear 1764, the re- iW^omiB paidfor iheufeof the Mag-ckartty; om of the late Rev. Dr. Siukeley. ; gfnaoefday and Thurfday .Jalt came on Chi;^ul3k examination at Su Paul's fchool. Eh'ere werd upon this occafion a Gieek, itin, and Engliih oration pronounced in Cpttttnemorauon of Dean Collet, their learned and pious founder. The above drationts were fpoken by the three fenior fchelara, after which five exhibitions, of |ol. pw^innum, were grahted'io five fcho* lars, towardsUieir fupport at ihtf univerfity. WhaA rftfleits no ftcaii Honour upon this ry, and.upon its patrons the Mercers Co&padfc5 i*, that thefe exhttetidns ire t of the Airjplus of the f^ool . fhey are riot confined to Jt�y paetkular poliegeor univeifity. This fdiooi has prodotedfome of the greateft luntina-ries of this nation : Camhden. Miho nation : Cambden, great Duke of Marlboroug|b tht piou^ellbn, and many city.t^agiftrates tiot.worthies, have riscaii^d their edur Hi this foundaiioa. tfay was married ar^incheft^. Ed rhamp ii^pe, folk. days ago died, the Rev. Mr. Tho iflte, Keftor of Old "Newton in Suf Z^teltf cjied, in his paflage from Gibraltar %ng\^4t Capf. Tho^Bund, of his y*il1J4th regiment o^rfoot. Saturday died Mr. Collins, an emi-netu Sugat.Cooper inCtofsLane, St. Mary Oh"Frt�y night at^trbln^lrb^iir sk. James's-ftreer, a curious watch was rallied for by a number of gentlemen, which was won by one who calt the remarkable number 45. Sunday morning a fire broke out at a Skinner's houfe in Cold-bath-fields, which confumed the greateft part of the faid houfe, and damaged two others adjoining, before it was extinguilhed. Mercer St. Paul's, wasfent with notes, value"^00 1. to the Bank for cafo, which he received, but has not yet returned. On Saturday a man was committed ro the Poultry Compter by the Lord Mayor, charged with obtaining letters of admini-ftraiion, on a forged will and power of a deceafed failor: by which he had received at the Pay-office upwards of 8.0 1- Saturday were committed by Sir John Fielding, from the public office in Bow-ftreet, Luke Smith, to the Gatehoufe, charged with Healing wearing appaTel out of the houfe of Mr. Saul in the Strand j Elizabeth Harris to the fame prifon, charged with ftealingwet Unnerv, th$ property of George Manning, of Hyde-park Corner j and Jones and Gawler, two fharpers, to NeW Prifon, charged with defrauding feve-ral unwary countrymen out of fums of money, whom they picked up in the llreets, and, under pretence of helping them to places, decoyed them into public houfes, and cheated them out of their property by various ltraragems. It feems there are-only two out of a gang of five, who have lately fee up as proficients in this way, and who, if not foon put a flop to, bid fair for treading in the iteps of iha unfortunate Dick who firft began with thefe fmall though he afterwards went Swift, ciimes only, -----, thiou^h the wholefcene, and is now Jikely foon to make a fhameful end, A few days ago rhe noted pofl-boy, who has been for fome time known by the name of Gallows Jack, having come to the houfe of Mr. Coverdaie, the Swan inn at Ingare-flone in EfTex, and begging tc be employed out of chaiirv. the next ni?ht fouad means Liibon Grave/end, March 47. PalTeJ by th ej and Pitt packet, Dixcy, from obert and Aim, Yates, from Guernfey j Sa-Duel and John, Roles, from Alicant ; Neptune^ Urbockle, from No^hCarolina; Admiral Kep-jM, Morris, from rhe Havannatj; Jane, BroWn, toffi Bourdeaux; aud Francis, Eolith, from fendercon. ARRIVALS at thefolhwing PORTS. In the Greek, Antigua Faftor, Stopke, from liCghorp. " 'x\ On Saturday next an hind is to be turned to rob one of rhe fervantsof all the money out upon Houniiow-heath, when fine fporr he had, viz. between %zo-and 201. %irh expected* bottom of the Roman Nofe Switch Tail. OnThUifday laft the Aim of 1761. 10s. \yas paid into the hands of Mr. Benjamin Day, Treafurer *o the Afylum for femalq ^orphans, by Sir John Fielding* purfuanr to tile genemus direftionsof John Page,, Efqj being. on$ harf of die moiiey aulingfcom -thf profits of the fale cf the late Mr. which he made off, and walked ro Brentwood, at which place he took poit-heifes, pretending he was going into Kent, upon the dearh of a rela:ion. This is the third robbery of the kind this offender has Jarely commuted with impunity ; thejajt before was one at the Bafh at Scamesj though he is very resn^rkaole in his j.-efon, h^mg a-boutfive. f�ie; high,Qn!y, very much bow* legged, and has a fear with th* hair off on the left fide of his head. Articles ^/Intelligence, fipr. from the Postscripts of' ail the Evening Papers of laft Saturday, It is now again kid, that his Majefty will certainly vifit his Gerofen dominion* n�ci fum-tner. We are aflured, rhat overtures have been made by a very grear man to a popular relation, through the medium of another perfon, in sviiich he is called upon to take a flute in the adminifiratiou, as a duty incumbent upon him, and which his country has a right to demand ac his bands, from rhe consideration that his Service will ar rhis time be particularly uieful. It is rejwted that fome extraordinary a]te* rations will foon rake place in a great department, at the WeU-end of the town, aud cou j. uoble Lord will again appear at the head of ir. The calculaiion that is ffeade on ioonl. �f  new Joan, is as follows; � 400 three per.c�!!& at $6 aoo Tontine, ar 87, Forty tickets, at ial.* 544 4�4 It is faid a hi IOG2- of a particular nature wii! inojtiy come upon thc uinp-Court, Middle Temple; or of Mr. Red* dall, at Everflioct, near U'oburn, Bed ford fbire- *** Four Thonfand Pounds, or Part at it, U ready to be lent on real Security. Lnquifc: of Mr. Lucas. To the HOP-PLANTERS in the Counties of Kent and Sc/sshx, and the Mi&rs of Hop la^gihg in general. WHEREAS raany Hop-Planters have, of Jare V . ro aolb. id 30 lb. and rhis Year e\ mto 36lb. the Bag only ; which coils thepiauwr, when new, from Five to Six Shillings each, and old about Eighteen Pence ; and ar the p.-eknt Price o^ Hop, he f-ik many of thefe Pa5s from 31, to jh 12s. for he allows rhe Buyer no Tare, although the Lxcife Office allows him a very reasonable one. The consumers, extremely by thi* Practice, find tUemfelvts thrrefore obliged to give this public Notice, to afl /uch Hbp-Mau-ters, to Hop-Dealers, and Maicers of Hojvba^-ging, that, if this be nor redreffed for /uturt Cirovvrhs, and the Baggmg reduced to the an-tienc Weight, viz, of i61b. prj Ba*(, to con* tain at leait aC. 2.Qrs. of Ho'/s/they ex* pe^fl a Taie for the Overweight. . *c F ' And, if rhis Notne has not tue defir?d Efreffc the Confumers mult feck for a Kem.-dy in the ]a ittce of tne Legiilaiurc ; and may reafonaW hope to be ajlowed the laaw T*re as the Ornce aJlows the PJanttrs.

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