Tuesday, March 12, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Tuesday, March 12, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - March 12, 1765, London, Middlesex Numb. 5830 From TUESDAY March 12, to THURSDAY March 14, 1765. [Price Two-pence Half-penny From the London Gazette. Lifbon, Feb. 21. HEIRmoftFaith-ful Majeitiesand the Royal Fami-]y enjoy perfed health at Salva-terre; the Court will return from thence about the, fecond of next m , and they again in one. large bag, he put ihe money at the bottom of the coach ; but it being an old one, an hole in the bottom of u had been mended and covered over with leather. The Clerk having no fufpicion that them'neyuas not fecure, thought not of it 'till became to Fleet-Itreet, when carting his eyes downwards he milled it, and faw the hole it had made in the leather. The way waicaie-fully traced back to the Bank, but in vain, for no intelligence could be had of the money. His Majefty's writ of Habeas Corpus is made out to be fent to Coventry, for removing the noted Dick Swift from thence to Newgate, to take his trial at the next Seffion at the Old Baily, for returning from tranfportation. OnShrove-Tuefday, in the evening, Dick Swifr, and his companion, FofTet the Drover, who was transported with him, were feen eating grey peas and bacon, at an alehoufe in Hoxion, and were near being taken at tha�iime, but efcaped backwards. Articles ^/Intelligence, gpf. fro-n the Postscripts of all the Evening Papers of laft Tuefday. They write from Barbadoes, that when the laft accounts arrived from Africa, extraordinary diligence was ufed in pitting the feveral Britith forts on the Gold coalt in a proper flate of defence, particularly Tanaimquerry^ and the Enghfli fort at Dick's Cove, as feveral French Chips of war had heen difcovered in that neighbourhood. James Ifland forr, in the river Gambia, and that of Bance Ifland, in the river-Sierra Leon, had each of them alio received an augmentation of troops and ftores from Senegal. They write from Pads, that Count d'Eitaing, Governor of St. Domingo, had already fenc home, fince his laft arrival in the Weft Indies, large fums of money, molt part of which was inverted in foreign funds, to the amount of one Bullion of French Jivres. We are credibly informed, that an effectual removal of all colony grievances, fo far as relates to raking off the reftri<�tions on the American trade with the Spauifh Weft-Indies, will fpeediiy rake place. We heir a copy of all contracts, made in Europe or elfcwhere, for the fuppJy of his Majefty's ihips of war with proviJions,for the lalt five years, will foon be ordered to be laid before the Houfe. We hear a fcheme is now under consideration for. eltablifhing a Priming-office, at the Government's expence, in the Ifle of Man. It is remarkable, rlut upwards of one thoit-fand Jews have arrived in London, from different parts of the continent, fince the 1 ft of January laft. Letters from Paris advife, that the King of France is going to fupprefs feveral religious houfes in his dominions, having had information of many Jefuits, who have taJcen fhelcer therein. They write from Vienna, that the marriage of the Archduke Leopold with the Infanta of Spain, is to be celebrated at Infpruck in the month of September next. The departure of the King and Queen of the Romms, as well as of the Archduke and the two eldeft Archdutch-efies, ftands already fixed for the 12th of An-guft; and eight days after the Emperor "and Emprefs-Qiieen will follow tham, with Duke Charles and the Princefs Charlotta of Lnrruin. Extracl ofa letter from Marvrjols, Fib, n. cc The wiH be<dt which inftits our cantons renders himfelf evciy day more remarkaLle by his ravages. Emboldened by the long impunity he Ijas enjoyed, he is not afraid now to ihow himfelf in the moft frequented places, on the fides of .woods, in the hamlets, in the village!, and on the nod beaten iOids, On ^te 3 tit of January he furprifed a child in the parish of Javbls j the father being near at hand, ptirfued, and overtaking him obliged him to quit h.s prej', but the child was killed teforc he canae tip. On the id inftant, the da}' of purification, five peafants going to mafs at Kientorc de Raii-don, met him: the bt^ft cpuched with hii breaft on the ground, as if going to fpring upon them, but they being all provided wirh large flicks, and preparing to make ufeof them, the beaft avoidid lb unequal a com'.at and made off. cc On the nih we had a general chace ufrer him, bur all the good done by ir, was jnfl ro o'ram a light of him at a very great diit ir.ee. On the 8th \\t pafiUl within a hundred yarns of the town of Aumout -, the alarm was liiltantiy given, and thj hunters aflenibling tr.iced^ him. through the fnow, but it being la e, and ni^hc coming on, they were obliged to rerire. Tnu d..y we are to have another general chace, in which it is propoftd not to endeavrur to overtake him, as being'a bead of fuch uimblsn^fi, but to fu round him." They write from Worceflerihire, Shropfhue, and Cb.eihire, that wheat now fells ar moft markers in thofe counties 12 per cent, dearer than it did fix weeks ago. Laft week a poor Farmer in Devonfhire declared in rhe following words, that every Loghead of cyder coil him, viz. s. i'. Picking the apples, and making to cyder, 5 o Expence of racking, � - 2 o Excife, ---- Expence of drawing when fold, Turnpikes, 4 0 3 c 1 o Expence 01 a man and hoife to acquaint ) ^ the Excif^'-ofricer to gee it guaged, &c. 5 14 6 To which may be juflly added, for the") decay of each hogfliead, per year, J 16 6 AT the KING's THEATRE in the Haymarker, On Monday nexr, rhe rHtli Liliant, will be An ASSEMBLY. Tickers will be delivered ro St.bfcribers on Sa� turday nexr, ar. Mr. Crawford's Houfe, adjoiiii.ig to the faid Treatrj. If any Tickets remain more than are fuhicri-bed tor, they will be delivered on-Monday nexr at the Office, at Six and Twenty Stiiliin^ijeacli. M. B. Every Ticket will admit either ojic Gentleman or two 1 adies. JOHN WINTER TO Nepnew of Mr. Ti m o t.h y Matthews, Late of FJeet-Srreet, U| hollferer, decealed, BEGS Leave ti acquaint hi, Frieiids, That lie carries o;i tlie Bufinefs in the fune Shop, aijd i o;-es lb,- the Continu-nee of the Favours received by his late Unci?, and their Orders hull be punctually executed. London, March i^, 171.5 "x X 1 HER E AS, in the latter-end o� V V October, or the Beginning of November lair, one Richard Ri x, a young i ad, then Servant to Mr Richard Blake, Farmer and Glue-maker, ac Thamcs-Ditron 111 Surry, being fent to a Field with a Man ro Plow, was m a moft extraordinary Manner nn/ihi j, and has never iince been heard ot; and the Man, in whole Compaify he was fail feen, ts~a fore far 1, foon afterwards ablcondin^, and iidittmg as a Soldier, was, from maaiy Circnmllances, fupscLd to have m'.irdered him ; and was tiitretore, in December Jalt, apprehenued, and committed to Prifon by Sir John Hekhng, where fie remains to rake his Trial ac the next Kingiton Af-iizes: This is therefore to defire, for the Jake of public Juitice, That if any Perfon whatever can furnifh any Information rela'ive ro thisMatter, either on Behalf of the Prolcc;.ao:i, or the Pri-foner, that tiey wiJl immet.lia.tely communicate ihe fame to the above Magittrate; and ill neceffary Exptnce, ar may attend their giving fuch Information, will b: allowed them. J. FlhXDING. N. B. The Defcription of thefuppo'ed Decea-fed is as follows, vii. Ricliard Rix, between fifteen and iucetii Years of Age, a()out hve Feet high, thin in his Perfon, frefh Complexion, yj?y Eyes, three Scars in his Forehead, and a Slit in his xNofe, light brown Hair, wi ich curled a little ; d re fled in an old Iiglu brown Cloth Wailtcoar, ok! Leather Breeches, w!:ire ribb'd Stockings, Shoes which arr mucii too large for him, an ordinary Hat flapji'd b;forc, and without a Shire; born ac Mincall, neir Marlnorough. in vviks, Sou of Jofeph Rix, now a Miller ac tliac Place._ _ To be S O L D, AFreehold Eftate at Harlington in the County of Brdford, called the Gkance ; conliltiut} of a Mefltuge pr Majifion Houfe, with proper Conveniences, and feventy-rive Acres of fine Pafture Ground. The Whole lie* very compact together, is fufficiently ltocked with Timber, and remarkably eil watered. Harlingron Grange is thirc)-hx Miles from London, lix from Luton, Jix from Woburu, five from Ampthill, and three from Tedding-toii, all Market Towns. For Particulars enqwre of Mr. Lucas, No. 6. Pump-Court, Middle Temple; or of Mr. Rxi-dall, at Everfliott, near Woburn, Bedt'prdfhire. Four Thoufaj.d Pounds, or l'arc or it, is ready to be lent ori real Securicy. Enquire of Mr. LucaJ.

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