Tuesday, February 19, 1765

London Evening Post

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London Evening Post (Newspaper) - February 19, 1765, London, Middlesex From TUESDAY February !, to THURSDAY February 21, 1765. [Price Two-peace Half-jx nn f from the London Gazette% Berlin, Feb. 9. AST nfght the Hereditary Prince of Couriaad ar- rivedJiere with a numerous retinue from Warfaw ; and, it is fa id, propofes to make forae ftay in this place, in order to pay his court to the King of Pruflia, and die reft of the Koyal Family. Whitehall* Feb. xp. The King has been pleafedto prefent the Rev. Thomas Bowcn% Mafter of ,Aits� to lhe Reftory of Pulham Sr. Mary's, with the chapel of Si. Mary-Magdalen therdunto annexed, in the county of Norfolk and diocefe of Norwich, void by ?ne death of Doftor EdwardjTownf-iend, the laft incumbent. ExtraB of a letter from a Virginia Merchant at Whitehaven in Cumberland^ to bis Correspondent in London, dated Feb. to, 1765. " I find by the news-pipers, and private information by ray_ friends in London, ihat the Parliament hgvecome to a refolution to annex the Ilk of Man to the Crown; an aft that will be of infinite ferviqe to us and Merchants, foreign fhips have wintered in the Thames th&'ftafon, known for many years, paft-i moft of which were Djnes afrd Swedes. The barges on the river Thames are already flopped from coming down with their goods 10 market by the feverity of the froft, w-hich no doubt will be made a handle of to raifethe price of flour, though it was lately faid theie a as more flour in London thatfeminary'of fmugglers, as the matters than had been known fu< many years at any of veifels �re ignorant enough to call there, one time. as they can.purchafe foreign fpirhs at fo' cheap a rate, not with a motive-of ufing it occasionally and difcretionaliy, but generally intoxicate themfelves as foon as they get it on board ; then the Devil may navigate the (hip for them, for at that trrae they aie a-bove their troubles and cares, and think of nothing but fleeping off the effe&s of their drink. This pra&ice you know, as weli as myfelf, has proved fatal to many in our trade, which we have not totally efcaped ourfalves, but we now hope there will be an end to this (hocking practice, when liquors will be equally dear there as in Lon- BANKRUPTS required to furrender. John Squire, late of London, Merehanr, to | Jon ; when it is to be hoped we ihali nor furrender the a6th inft. the 4th of March, In the year 1756 a Lynx, as it was called, made a great havock, by devouring feveral women and children, within thirty miles of Paris, before it could be destroyed. "On Friday laft about eJeren at nfghr, an attempt was made to rob ;he dock-yard ef Mr. Robert Foifter, at Shadwell, "of one frame fau\ lwq crofs cur faws, one hand faw, one iron crow, ore pin maul, which the rogues had removed fiom the place they were put in over ui^h;, and coiletted them together in order to the more ~aiily carrying them off, but being overheard by the fer-vanrs in rhe'houfe, they wenr out armed, and the* 2d of April, at twelve at noon, ac on the coafts, which has often been occa- Goildhall. John White, of tbe city of Briftol, Apothecary, Dealer and Chapman, to furrender the 23d and 25th inft. and ad of April, at ten in the forenoon, at the Fountain tavern in High-ftreet, Briftol. a^id feeing three or four fefiows about the hear of fo many of our fhips being wrecked J fawphs, fred, ard immediately heard Voice fay " by ' 3-i I am done tor" 5 Uiey : behind them fioned by the above means, and nothing elfe; for we have had initances of thofe fellows having hazarded the (hip and their' own lives, for the fake of getting into that place of refuge for thieves, to fupply themfelves with fpiritous liquors. To be fure it John Trift, of the town of Ivelchefter in the wju ;rs circulating in this and the I Tuefuay af.-liow * county of Somerfet, Merw, I^endra^pjr, | neighbouring countries, but that inconve- | Charles Af^il, Knt. v ~ ~~ ' " attempting to comrn:: tlie night before, in fields. Doaler and ChapraaH, te furrender the x6th n] we wju readU rec0ncile ourfclves and 27th inft. and ad of April, at three in 1 4 ... the afternoon, at the Nag's-head tavern in Wine-ftreet, Briftol. Jofeph Brooke, now or late of St. James Clerk-<mvell, Middlcfex, Leather DrefTer, Dealer and Chapman, to furrender the 1 ft of March at ten in the forenoon, the 1 orh of March at four in the afternoon, and ad of April at ten in tie forenoon, atGuildhalJ. Butler fymons, late of the ifland of Antigua, but now of the city of Briftol, Merchant,-(and partner with George Read of Antigua a-forefaid, Merchant) to furrender the zjth and 26th inft, and ad of April, at ten ia the forenoon, atlhe Buih.tavern, BrifloL DiyiDEKDS to be made.to Creditor). Rtbm Houlfon, of the city of Briftol, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman, the ad of April, at four in tbe afternoon x at the Three Tuns tavern iu Corn ftxeer, Briftol. John Gardner, of Guildford in 5drrey, Inn-holder, Dealer and Chapman, the 13th of March, at eleven in the iorenoon, ac the Bulb inn, Farnham. William Winter, of Portfmouth in the county of Southampton, Salefman, Taylor and Chapman, the 23d of April, at ten in. the forenoon, at Guildhall (and nor'the 2.1ft inft, as inferted in the Loudon Gazette the a6th of to, to be fafe in our commerce, and this is much more effential, and more worthy of our confideration. Our coal-mines are working with great fuccefs, and continually difcoverrng new veins; and, upon th? whole, we are in excellent fpirits. The weather, within thefe ten days, has been very fevere." The Rev. Mr. Hughes, fon toCommif- fioner Hughes at Port* Chaplain .of the Ordinary at Plymouth- ran away and eicnped, leaving their booty. Or matching ihe lav pits, 8c\.\ founds quar�i::y ' " blo6d fpii; on tlie faws th^y had cojeu ^ *. --geifier, which was traced quhe u: 1',^ v 1 t'je. Sy which ii is evident t!iev oica:;ca jy wd l. in a boar, comiiii-'cu, by Sir *!. j c 'mpter, for � :;jftable cii'me C:.---�vaii, Moor- M whq'was/Chaplain to has refigned on account health. A. M Monday Company, to the Ghapelry of BJakeney in Gloucefterfhire. " On Monday died Mr.- William Gafon, an eminent Wooilen-draper in Little Queen-ftreet, Lihcoln's-ionrfields. It is faid that he has left a fortune of 10,000 1. Tuefdav Richard Peers. Efa: Wholefale -Tuefday feveral partic, of Coni.-bi�s for the county of Miudltfcx, a-id city a ad liberty of Weftininiter, pa:roiicd the fitldsr wheie cocks ufed to be thrown at, and in- tirely put a flop to thai barbarous cuflom: TheConftables of the half hundred of Brixton, in Southwark, fcoured St. George's fields, and fecured divars vagrant fellows, who had iffembled to throw at cocks. On Sunday morning the poft-boy bringing the mail to High Wycomb, was flopped in Featherbed-lane by,a footpad, who took from the boy all his money, but did not attempt to meddle with the mail. that a ft?w J 4 gnn ftup *yas hunched at Bour-dean*, mar.nM and rigg'd,-ajid is failed; that a 64 gun fhip was in great forwaxdnefs ujion the flocks be fides 27 Merchant fhips from 300 ro j a great number was ffiJl pedled from Fez and Meq;unc2. The Mooriih Prince came in a canoe ro examine rhe Englifh floop, which he did very attentively, on rhe our fide, but did not chufe ro go on bo^rd. Capr. Hudfon ftaid twenry days ir. that port. The Portuguefe Rejjegado had re/-.!.:^ rhe com* nuiit! of a ihip of yogunswhiwi: i\\z Hun per oaf of Morocco offered him, and de.'irrd u\ prc-fcrt :ce3 and as a better Aiirr, .t xeicwkof 24 guns, with which he wis to go our on a crui i;. a fiiort time.'* Several vciTcls are jiow fitting out in the river on freight, to be employed in the impor-tatib'i of liva cattle from Sa^tland. The effablilhment of courts of conscience ia all the counties of FJugland and Waks3 we hear, is under connderarion, which, it is f*id3 wi)i alfo extend to Scotland. There arc, at this time, more prifoners confined for debt, iu tbe feveral gaols of this kingdom, than has been known this cemury \ and it is faid, that petitions to parliament, on this account, are already come up from no left than twenty capital ciries and towns. Laft Friday the foldiers belonging to the Granville Indiaman, mutinied. They knocked down the-Captain, and endeavoured to maM their efcape in the boats j but the officers and crew having recourfe to their fire arms, they were fo much intimidated, that they imrne- Qtteenhithe On Monday night Mr. Gill, who keeps 1 diitely fubmuted, and nine of them are put in the Green Man at Barney was iiopped on | irom-Finchley-common byafingle highwayman, who Fobbed hrm of upwards of five pounds 5 and on Tuefday one William Bates "was taken up a: Barnet on fufpicion of committing the faid robbery. Tuefday John Stringer was removed to Januaiy Jafl.) Certificates to be allowed. John Pearce, now or late of the pariih of Eaft Moidfey, Surry, Vidualler and Chapman, on or before the 12th of March. Thomas NorthaJl, of Bewdley in the county of Worcefter, Grocer, on or before the 12th of March. LONDON Grain of all forts has already fallen in moft places, and is like to continue falling, as the monopolizers are in great apprehension that the bounty will be taken off. It i$ faid a certain number of people, who have monopolized all the hops for the Guildhall, Alderman of that, ward; in the robin of Marfhe Dickinfon, Efq; deceafed. He afterwards went with the Lord Mayor in the flafe Coach to the Manfion Houfe, where an elegant entertainment was given by his Lordfhip to feveral of the Alder* men. in at { the New gaol in the Borough, by Habeas Corpus, .from Newgate, {landing charged with alTaulting Catherine his wife, and giving her feveral mortal bruifes, of which fhelanguifhed fpme time, and died in the county of Surry. Same day Benjamin Marfhail, who is charged with divers robberies on the high- Tuefday died, at his houfe in Hill-ftreet, J Way in the county of Surry, was alfo removed by Habeas Corpus to the New gaol, in preparation of his trial at the next af-fizes. Same day one Cook was taken intocuf- tody for forging a receipt for money, with intent to defraud John Girling, and being taken before the fitting Alderman, was committed to Newgate. Articles c/Intelligence, &y. from tbe Postscripts of all the Evening and --------^ ^ ^----- -m a lingering illnefs^ Sir Abraham JanfTen, Bart, brother to Stephen Theodore Janlfen, Efq; Chamberlain of this city. The title devolves on the fecond brother, now Sir Henry Janffe The above eentleraan was eldeft fon of Sir Theodore ecLfrom and antient family in Guelderland, in the Cou William NEW-CROSS Turnpike/ A General Meeting of the Trujlees /of Repairing tbe Roads from tbe Stvxes in Kent atid Bermondfey Streets, tn Southward+ to tie Town of Dartford^ and to the Extent ef the Pariih of Lewijbamy next Bromley and Eeckinham in the County of Kcrst^ is appointed t$ be held on Saturday next, at tbe Green Man 00 Blrtck-He&bi by Ten in tbe Forenoon. AYoung Lady about Twenty Years c� Age, of a fair Complexion, light Hair, A fmall Size, drefi'd in a ftrip'd brown and yeBow Lull ring Gown, black Cloak and Bonnet, and blue Stuff Shoes, with a red and white Work-Bag at her Side, went away from her Friends in the Neigh bourhood of Richmond, in Surry, ofl Thurfday kft, and has not iince been heard of. Whoever will be fo kind as to give Notice of htr to Mr. Stradwicke, Apothecary, at Rich* mojid, or to Mr. Hebert, Mercer, at the Red Lyon and Star in Fenchurch-ftreet, Loudon* ibajl be fuiralJy rewarded for their Trouble, by hex Friends, who are in great Dittrefs ax her Departure.  N. B She was feen to go over Tuddingtofl Ferry abont Four o'clock on Tburfilay in the Afremoo* v ajxd enquired the Way to Hampton. London brewery, and raifed the price to of lhe&Proteftant religion ; which Sir Theo- Papers .//^ Tuefday. four times what they are generally fold at, 0 1 %" 1 1 - 1 - -------- will be called upon to anfwer fome particu iar queftidns before an auguft affembly. The Butcher who was on Monday fined in the fum of 2000I. for foreftalling, had lately in his poffeffion 11,000 fat fheep. On Wednefday laft, at Beaconsfield fair, ghamfhi ___________________ Ma by his late Majefty King G one of the Dire&ors of the South. Sea Com- We hear the late reports of an intended pecuniary refutation are vague and gronndlefs. It is flrongly reported, that a great perfon is Gi- fts married Witliamfa, ^ "laPT> �ndin'a ^"f ^ pany rn 1720 daughter of Sir Robert Henley, anceftor of the Earl of Northington, the prefent Lord JiighChancellor of GrearBritain \ by whom he had five fons, viz. the late Sir Abraham j ftow of fheep, where a great number of Rq ^ prefpnt Baronet, who refides in* jobbers aaended, in order to purcnafe them 1 Jf r for Smithfield-market on the enfuing Friday ; but it is remarkable not a fhesp was fold, for fear of their being informed a-gainft, as a great number ot (pies Attended at the country fairs within forty miles of London, fuppofed at the^expehce of a pub- JJ^and lic-fpirited nobleman, and others, in order to deted thefe infamous plunderers of th� public. . On Friday night laft the Lord Archbifhop of York arrived at his houfe in Darttnouth-ftreet from hi&Grace's feat at Brodfworth in Yorkfhire. It is laid a noblft Zajl h^s offered to contribute jooo J. towards building a bridge o-ver the river Tay in Scotland, for the better civilizing the Highlanders in that-part of the country. Wednefday the $d of April is fixed for the It is whifpered at the Weft end of the town, that patents of Qrearion to Englifh Peerages, are now making "otlt for three Right Hon. Commoners. We are afTured that the qualifications of all proprietors of Eaft India flock will be regulated and fixed this feflton of parliament. They write from Devonfbire and Southampton, that feveral farmers in thofp counties are going to convert their orchards into hor> grounds, being determined to make no mors cyder or perry for the future. *T_ rj ... . flo c 1 A' petition from ihe boroughs of Leicefter Thurfday ^died,^inth� 88th year of his | and Dtxhy llas becn prefented to parliament, France ; Stephen Theodore, the prefent Chamberlain of London j William, and � Robert; and three daughters, Henrietta 5 Barbara, who was married to Thomas Bla- Ma AN Enfign in a Regiment ~k braJtar, wsuus to go out on Half Pay. A Time \yiJl be givw for the Payment of the Difference, if reauirtd. Diredl to W. M. at tie SaJopean Cbffee-fiouft, Chaiing-Crols. NOTICE is hereby given, To the Public in general, THAT Mrs. Jane Stetsl, whtvfor ten Years palt kept a Boarding School for young Ladies ac Cambden in Gioucefterfhb?, it now, at the Reqocft of feveral Gentlenjen Ladies, her Friends, retrtored to Newluid, ia die fame Counry, and has opened the Schhol there, chat was, with fo mucn 'Reputation, fop upwards or' Thirty Years, kept bj &? lare Ma Powell; where (he yropofes ro teach you , Ladies aji Sorts of Needlework, and Reading for Twelve Pounds a Year, and a Guinea En Cap Q! Jacobs On Sunday died, at his houfe at Lime->ufe, Tofeph Broomhalh Efa; who was lately Com Mr King fuing year. in Mohmouth-ftreer. On Monday died at Dulwich, in the 64th year of his age, Jofhua Birch, Efq; Merchant in Londc/n, and a jultice of the peace for 1 againft the "exportation of wheat and flour ; and, it is faid moft of tbe principal towns in England are going to do the fame. Letters from Stockholm fay, that ir is not imagined now tbar Sweden will nuke any alterations in her political fyftem with refpedt to foreign powers; but that the new overtures from England will be re/edled, and the old treaties wirh France will be continued on their former footing. The Two Friends, of Cork, Ambrofe Thorn-fon, maJier5 from Bordeaux, bound for Lor.don, ants, Mufic, Dancing caught there* by xhi 'informed the greateft nunier <rf. | is ajjived at Plymouth; By this ihip we learn,  &tne Villag abjeft Matters, Newland is fituated within four M&s ot Monmouth ; is remarkable for its healthy Ak^ and has a genteel Neightoorhpod. TJie Houfe is large andcommodipus, with an extenhveGarden pJeafimt dry SJ/alk?, ana lies near the Church* The cam mo j 1 Praftice made JJtk of in Schools^ of laying out Money for; the young Ladie^ wihoutrfieif Parenrs Onkrs, w^Jl be avoided; and.ihe atmoit Car* caJe$ii of their Mocab, by Their molt obedient Servant,

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