Saturday, February 9, 1765

London Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Evening Post on Saturday, February 9, 1765

London Evening Post (Newspaper) - February 9, 1765, London, Middlesex } * * i Numb. 5817 From SATURDAY February, o, to TUESDAY February 12 [Price Two-pence Hair-pein/ From fheLondon gazette* - Madrid, Jan. 31. [S Catholick Ma- jefty, who haa been tndifpofed for fonfe days, i> Aow perfectly recovered �Left week-died here rhe Marquis de Munez Cam- po YJUkr, who was one of the -m ���--- - _ /ies of State, and Minifter of Grace of theihip tothe fithermen, wjio, *r�h the greatefi difficulty, piloted her under jury malts -along -that dangerous coaft, and brought her ipto trie harbour of-Galway. SCOTLAND. and jU.^ce., Catholic Majefty r. M r this court ar Rome, to be his futcef- i i Edinburgh^ Feb. 4, of Shields (late the CraikeCaftle) foundered at fea^ .off, Dunbar i the crew, after being abbye forty hours in the'boats? werp hap^ pily fayed. About 1 he fame time a bi igan-tine, fuppofed to belong to Lynn, with flour, &c. was drove on fliore near the Spurn Point, with bottom uj�, but no account of the crew.  Alfo near the fame place, another veffel was droveafftore, but recti yed lktle damage. ' Laft' week orders came down from the War*officef for the nit or Royal regiment put into-Qri^iftyv 6r$e of the harbours at SciHy; aiid on the irth of January, the wind blowing a ftorm, ,the vcilel was drove : from thence to an uninhabited iiland called Tean, about half a league from Old Grimf- but the Laft week the Juno r^Z\*t.^" grcareft part of the cargo, and fome of the materials of the vefTeI,"areTaved, We are tdld, that the Hon. .Eaft-India Company hate it undeT coniideratiorr tq give a week!/ allowance to fuch fohliers as are hurt or maimed in their fervice, and who may h^ rendered incapable of gettirlg their livelihood. . The petrtiOn from the Leffees of th wharfs, preftnred laft THurfday to tht Court of Common Council, wa&fign&bji & nutobif of* the tenants" and occap'iera of the City's wharfs, &c. in Southwark i ancfc Pome la, 25. According to the laft of North Briiilb Fu*ileers, to marchi�me-. , ^ � 11 ?^�w��* > * � advi^ froVrTj^n^Z^h ioftanr; ^ia^ely for Chatham Wrack., -.where it's I <!* VAof lhT P?"�T w� t0 -cc ived by jhe.Magiftratds of Health, the -Continued mdecreafe, only two per-'ibn- ;;aving died of it in 14 days in the Diftiit! of Knin, and nine in 16 days in that of Sign. Tue plague.was alfo declining in the Turkifli Provjnce of Bofnia , but it was broke out in the cities of JanLna and Arta in.Epiius, ne^r the Venetian frontiers, which obliged the Proveditor-General to take the neceftary precautions for preventing U3 being earned into the frontier towns of Prevefa and Vonizza, or other ; iaces belonging to this Republic. The e-pic.mical diftemper amonglt the horned catvjt continued in the neighbourhood of Zaia i and there is fome fufpicion of an c-I idemical diftemper among the dogs in Ci vita Vecehia, which may be dangerous to tht! human fpecies. On the xsthinftant, a public and folemn religtous proceflion and thankfgiving were Made here, on account of the ranfom of 91 il^ve* from the States of Algiers and thought they will embark in thc:fpringj to rrhc aid �* lh* Cou"� jn �PP He-was fitfpc&d, it?b fud, ofh*vi:g feciLiuted rlie.cpjuycyanccaf fonje ktxers frrjn the Diuchefs d'Aveiro, who is cnnJln^J in the convent of rhe Religious Trinitarians of Rat5 of which he is Procurer. . We are iufoi med a pla;i is now linger con-Gderatiou of the Legij]�rure to f;�pj>Iy on. n?\v acquired colours wirh meass of dnVayn^g the clurgc. of defending and :"eviiri;ig th? uine^ i;i "afe of-ajiy future acr^ck from �ui eju-n.y. We hear rlut a pi.ui for the [>cr:er relief ani 1 late refleftionspropagaiedasainft the Whar- "iV^ r T VIC aivl *; ^  * 1 ^_ ? , . . [ employment ot die mor, rhroiwhri;; EjieL'Iw tinkers) are not iiMher tn peneial than rhe/ 1 .. , 1 . ' ^i^u.\^> money, prefenca of beggar. ar, wages,, called matter -Mid her in The1 girl'Sfet our, but had not gone when (he wasfeized by the beggar \ and, frghied with threats, the po6r girl delivered the t js, but the beggar infilled for the throw'd on tingers) are not higher hi geneial tijan rhey were one hundred years palt j when, k is mtq[\ known, that not only taxes ^eiemuch? lighter, but alfo every sectary of .life wai to be obtained 6n much ealier terms. is now uix'er con/ideranon. The War-office at WhiirluII i to he con- ,1; 4d. which the gir^l and took funis. Each nied in t fc � � the ground iKffopportunity of fnatching one of. his crutches, with which (he iirijc^ t^m fo violently, that he fell dow-p dead. Terrified at what' ihe left the place, without attempting to recover xjie money. In this fitiiation, a gemlemar} riding that way met her, and the manner in wjiich fhetold her tale, induced the gentleman, with his fervanr, to go to the fpor,' tian gn his left hand, and the Patriarch of where they found the thing exaftly as repre-Venice walked before them, High Maf* fenced. Twenty guineas were found about the St. Salvadore ; after which the flaves were entertained atdinjier in the Refectory of that Convent of Regular Canoes, and wert Xerved at table^ by ^he TMobre Venetians that attended them in the proceflion; St. James**) Feb. 6. His Majefty in Council was this day pleafedto appoint John Giif-* fith, of Cefn-Arawlch^ Efqj to be Sheriff of the county of Carnarvon. 7y? tht 3j iMftant) in the lift of Sheriffs merpi/hire^ P&erTtfj/w, o/Burecrt, Efq\rtad Sojnerjttjbire, Paris ^(tyfar^ of Burcot, %fq^ BANKRUPT $>requirrd to fur render. Thomas Lewingron, of Mo*imoutl>ftreer, Sr� Gik-s's itrrhc Fields, Salefman, at Guildhall, Feb. 15, ao> March 13. the robber. LONDON Sunday the Hod. and Rev. William pig- *by, pfeachei^tefore their Majef&etf at the Chapel Royal i Lord Bruce carried the Sword of State before their Majeities, to and from Chapel.* * In the fpeech made by the ProfefTor For-mey, Perpetual Secretary of the Royal Academy of Sciencesarid Belles-LectresatBerlin, on his Pi uffian Majefty's birth* day, we find the following paflTa^es: "-How clofdly conne&ed is our profperity with*th6 return of thefe ^nniveifarics, .with the duration of that-life which is devoted to renjer us happy ! I ufe not the language of a vile adulator, nor even that of a cold panegyrift. I appeal to fafls, 10 experience, to yourfelves. What are the occupations 1 A new wrk is ordered illiud ou |for* eleding a member for the borough of Brack-ley, in thecaunty: of Northampton, in the room of Mfiiftie Dickenfon, Efqj deceafed. His Majefty has appointed Joiin Mayne, Efqj to be Captain of a company in the z6th regimteot of foot, commanded by Colonel John Scotr. On Saturday came on, in the Bifliop of London's Court, Doctors Commons, the hearing of the cobteited eledion of a ReftQr for St. Ann's. Black Friars, when a motion was made by Mr. Romaine's Proctor, thac he might be immediately induced, neither Mr. Warner nor Mr. Smith having giveri in an appearance; but the Court poftponed the al�air tillJThurfday next. '  . Friday laft the Lady of Sir Simeon Stu-arr, Bart* wasfafely delivpi*ed of a daughrer, at their hoife in South Audley ftieeu Off'Saturaay laft" the^Rkv. Mr. KTn tderably enLugetl an J nW.c juore cornmoilicns for hufnieff, by taking in ;he ap.ufm-?:-t; whi^h bjlongcd to the Lt? Joihua Ward, Luj- and making the u hole an uniform t We-are well .Wl'ured, that rh;-tri ii concerning the Higti Srewirdilup of C.tnjliri;!ge, whkh was u have been deternuntd in the Court of King's Bench Ux Thurfday, is put off hearing mini the 2d day of-next term, which will be on Th 1 irfitay the 23d of Apri 1 Thomas lkxn> ofJTd"^^ | 0f Frederick? What, are his pleafures? To itrengthen fully every part of the public adminiltration, which fuffered fome fhock -at Guildliall, Feb. 14, 2.1, March 23. Divid e n d s* to be made to Creditors. March 2. Williarfi Cook, of Leigh in ElTex, Dealer, at Guildhall, lilarch 12. Samuel Tolfrey, of Cheapfide, London. Linnen-drauer. at Guildhall. ChapUin to.th6 Brhjfh r." Pe- ter.ftjurg, was niarried to .Mils.. Ann Magdalen Combrune, daughrer of Michael Com-brune, Efq; of Hampftead. - On the lit inftant died in Dublin, in the 8$ ih year of his age; Chriftopher Paiker, Efq; a Rear Admiral on half-pay. A few days fince died, ar hrs feat, called the Priory, near LailY.Colne, in JbtT^x, Charles Wale, Efq; On Saturday died,,at his houfe in Ho_r-flydown, in the prime of his y<?uth, Capr. Lambert Greening, Commander; of the Royal Oak Merchant fhip in the �ait coua-* try trade. .Lart Thuifday feJnnighrx at night, Terrible fire broke out at Reach, in the parifh of B.un\''ell, about eight miles from Cam- in the courfeof the memorable war which bridge, which confumed the malting.0f Mr, To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Fieeiiokkrs of the County of Warwick. J Return you my moft grateful Thanks for the very high Honour you have coyijerred on me, in eleSing me your Keprefintatwe in Parliament. 1 am truly fenfib'e of the Importance of t! s Truftyou have, repofed in .me, and jbatl eame/Ly endeavour the faithful Difcharge of it, by a Ready andunijutrn Adherence to the real latere lis of the Nation\tn general and of'the County of "Warw ck wparticular. Jam, With the great eft. R sfpeft, wat^vidcy Tcnr moft obeditnt and- . Qbtmd r�w^* Servant* w new . - ....._ Qcncr&l Mietitfg of the Triplets for .;' Repairing ,the Roads from the stows End in Kent and Bermondfey Streets, in Scutbwark, to tH Totvn of Dartford, ard to tie Extent 0* the Parifi of Ltwijbam, %ext Bromley and BeAehham in tie County of Kent, is appointed to be held opt Saturday next,-at the Green Man o-Black-Heathy by Ten in the Pcrerwon. on fpeJc t Affairs, -  . ' 1 i he has terminated by fo glorious a peace. I Ma with a very confideiable quantity.of IRELAND. Dublin* Ftb. 2. We hear that the Earl of does notdo ? penetra- | giajn -y the whole damage is faid to amount tion j any evil to deftroy which he does not l0 rcool. but it *as prevented from corn-root ourt any good to be done which he municating farther by theTimely alfiftance Brogheda, Secretary to his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland., is made Governor of the fort of Kinfale, in the room of the late John Folliot, Efq; On Thurfday laft was married Richard Wolfeley, Efq; eleft fon of Sir RicharcJ Wolfeley, Baru to Mifs Marl^ o^ Sack-ville-ftreet, ivfVh a.'fortune of iolpoo " * May we long count the days of this fage and beneficent Monarch, this father of of his country 1 May his reign, which is the glory of the age, accomplilh the end, and be propofed for a model in ail future ages! May this year lay the foundation of the prosperity of a Jong feries of other* in 1\he. happy event witiifXviicq it will be marlced,. by the .unipn^ of jfie heir to the throne, that Princelo worthy to be the ob- heartsl May Heaven poj^r'it^moft precious .bencdi&io'ns on thi^alliance, which is.mpr^ . A few days ago-died t^r^Hon. Mrs. Gofej Lady to the Slihop of Elphin. We heanhat by^the death of Sir William Pynfent, Bart, without male heirs, the title devolves 10 the Rev. Robert Pynfent, Prebendary of Donmore, and Redtor of Kil-murry in the riiocefe of Limerick. Galnvay, Jan. zS. Laft Friday arrived the Induftry, Capr, Pcnry, from Lougli- J than that of the Virtues and Graces,, than fwilly, fntb which, on the 15th inftant, J that of Grandeur and Dignities, jn brder-he towed the Beliona, of and for Woik- ["that it may become the fource of an unin-i ington, Capt. Hellfick, from Southampton, with corn, which he fell in with on the nth, off the S:ags of Broadhaven, in the uimoft diftrefs, and without waters Limerick, Jan. z3. On the 7th inftant, the fiftermen of Anthony Cafey, Efq; of Seafield, in perceiving a (hip in the grcateft diitrefs and danger on the coaft of Malbay, immediately took their boar, and at the rifque of their lives wen: on boaid her, and found thatftie* was called the Due de Duras, belonging to port, POrtent, burthen 150 it fhe fprung her malls in a "violent ftoriri on the 27th pali, fince which time fhe drove at the mercy of the feas, not knowing where they were. They immediately gave up the care and management of the parifh engine.' On Wedriefday Iaft jind Lighting the faid City, and-Liberties, fo far as refp�tf4 the, Intfreft of this County. 'J*rJ> tJSs* JAMES MORRIS,JShtriff. 1 . Aflfifv^ry M _________ 1 JL VTYK e-HAjkfSlrS9 will fc'held acthe Crown .and Anchor Tavern In rhe Scrajid, ou 'WetlneWay die rjth of FebraLry; where the Noblemen aiid Gentlemen educacctl at either" of the Two Sr. Mary rU'iinton Colleges, arc re-queftetl to meet. STEWARDS. terfering in the matter, i^i^til the^e iud been 3 hearing before. ,vhe Lord Mayor. This was heard laft< Fridayy when his Lordfhip ordered the parifh bfficct^ to take care of rhe . child for the prefent/ and recommended the teriupred race of Shepherd Kings (an aotien^ panics to find out, ifpoffible, the man that Hi* Grade the DuXe of Bolton, The:-Ri*ht Hon. the' Farl of Warwick, �The Hon. Colonel Bru- Arrhur \ aalirarc, Efq The Rev. Dr. fdaywanl The Rev. Mr, perrocr, 'Mr:MaffiiiKbeid, Mr. GaitreJJ. denell, ^ickfts to be had ar the Crown and Anchftr, and of Mr. AtvvooJ3 in Benier's-Srreet, Oxfunl v.wwK.w�----v.------b^ - paruesiu unu out, n pomoie, tnemaninat I ttnad* and ni-ntm i-p nnmJ^ri name not unworthy .o be revived) who,.�i had Jeft the child ; which it is hoped will ?S o'-Soc, T ' � T; a. sJcrctari* tons. preferving to our lateft poAerity the fam^ felicity which we enjoy^ will penetrate them with the fame fenritfients,'and infp.|r6 them with the fame ^y^h?s,, It is faid fome inductions, of a very concife nature, were difpatched laft week to our Embaflador atihe Court of Madiid. Orders have been received by the Lifbort maH, to engage feyeralEnglifhSurgeons fo? the naval for.vice qf~Portugal. / ; On the ijth.of'"December laft, r the ilpop Profperous, of Chjcliefter, Thomas Qpwel^ Matter, bound"from Milford to1 Poole in Dorfetfhire, laden with, itone, coals, and butter, by-contrary" winds was obliged "to be Ih'ortly done, as the family fufped* it be-i ( longed tto a wonianwho lately died.i^Jsr! TKoiiais's hofpftaV and who riot hirrg |nce ive;d$ |^ U^faftiUy, and'^d mar-; ried a foldier when Die iefuher fervice. ; Articles of Intel-ligence, &�r. from /^..Postscripts �/';.au ilie Evening Papers of laft Saturday. ^ They write �*ioii} France, that,they are fiftyj^ out fhipa hi aJi;iheir.porwon tlwocean, in er- .der totrfketheverjrfirft_ ad*aj�tage.f)f the.feaibd Tor a iiihLig at ^evvrbundhntt'^t Bayounej Sibourg, St. Vailery;- Jenii cfe Lnz, and Havre, doulile th.e inimber w|ll be fent out than \yere "lilt yz may have cue Sum for it he a&etL;^ Tbi/ Day was pubtijh Price Five Shillings few'd, Voium? cf SERMONS. Iln .OCTAVO. Dedicated to the Hiihoj* of Gloncefter. By C C H URCHIILr ; Priateci for-Joha Churchill (Execiuor to the late Mr-, thutchiJl) and VV.. �kxne>, near GiayVJnn Gate, * N. B. It rher<f a?e ^try Subfciibers to i\1v. ChurchUI*� FwftAolume ot Poem*, whotrave not taken up their B^oks, .wc requeued ro lend f*r :ricm at ihe above \V Fhxnej's, as-thsra ar& but vsrj !e*v Copies ^uuining

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