London Devil, June 14, 1755 : Front Page

Publication: London Devil June 14, 1755

Devil, The (Newspaper) - June 14, 1755, London, Middlesex THE To he continued every Saturjday, Saturday, June the 14th, NUM. BE R XXII. [HE Devil has been lately very much '. bufied in observing the behaviour of fome who have the Mafterlhips of publick Schools, and hasprefentcd me with an Epiftie on that occafion: he has remarked very freely on the illicit practices which are frequently carried on by thofe who pre fide over Schools of Learning, and has hinted that every circumftance which he has mentioned is ftridly true: I mufl own, that he has been very fevere in his animadveriions, but whether they are to be conEdered fo juft as he has represented them, Xx I muft ;

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Publication: London Devil

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: June 14, 1755