London Devil, May 10, 1755 : Front Page

Publication: London Devil May 10, 1755

Devil, The (Newspaper) - May 10, 1755, London, Middlesex T H r' I To 5e continued every Satu x d ay* S at u r d at, May the ioth, 1755 V 4 raw fecunda res funt maxume, turn maxume* Meditari fecum sportet, quo pafto advorfamarumnam ferant: Terent. UMBER XVII. MIDST the many afHi&ions which man fo variously experiences, there cannot poffibly be any greater curfe to harrafs and torment; him than a ft ate of Dependance : he who is unhappy to be involved in this r miferable manner may with great reafon be entitled the mere laughing ftock of ill fortune, fince he is forced to undergo patiently whatever infults may be offered him by his fuperiors, as he is L not ;

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Publication: London Devil

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 10, 1755