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Publication: London Devil April 26, 1755

Devil, The (Newspaper) - April 26, 1755, London, Middlesex THE 0 continued every Saturday S a t uk day,, -^&r// the 26th *755 miferere meiy miferere laborum. VlRG. NUMBER XV. 1 - To the Author of a Paper entitled the Devil. SIR; the means Am unhappily ranked of an inconfiderate behaviour amidft  that miferable and wretched tribe, who 1 * 1 v are vulgarly entitled Dependants : there is no part of than kind that believe fuffers fuch anxiety of mind, and confiders their fuperiors in fortune fuch faithleft and ignoble perfons, as that clafs of which I have the difhonour to be a Member: . notwithfland- Gg ing ;

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Publication: London Devil

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: April 26, 1755