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Publication: London Devil March 22, 1755

Devil, The (Newspaper) - March 22, 1755, London, Middlesex 4_ 55 THE I  'To he continued every Saturday S a T u r d a y, March the 22d, 1755 Tempora 1 r Mores! NUMBER X. To the Editor of my Lucubrations From my infernal manfions, Ann. Mund. 5704. SIR, HERE is a very laudable Charity in your Kingdom which has been attended .with fome fuccefs, and has anfwered the mod humane purpofes, namely, the annual contribution for the Sons of the poor Clergy, which I confider as one of the mofl worthy �i _ ads of beneficence and companion that the Ifle of Great Britain appears amiable in fupporting: now U altho' ;

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Publication: London Devil

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 22, 1755