Tuesday, December 31, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Tuesday, December 31, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 31, 1743, London, Middlesex ?A'T;JJ ,R DA :0,ecemb er 31, J 743. JEW, pecember. 29. - EMAIN his Majefty^ Ship the Furnace, and'the UrfulaTen--[nder. Wind.E,N.E. Grave/end, J)ic. .29. PaCs'd �jrv Mary and .Maifcarttj Tweedy* .'.from ftunkirk' ' ;> the Pembroke's: Prize, Matthews, froni Antigua i r Elizabeth, Cole, from Oftcnd j; \ Hyain, Wood, from Dunkirk. The Hercules. Prize, Taylor,.from StrThomas's, is.ar-rived at-Mountibay. TheTafcany, Nichol, from Belvidere, at Plymouth. L O .N -D O N. . Yefterday arrived the Mail from Holland. They write from Stockholm, that the Marquis de Lan-marie, the French Minift.erthc.re,. has lately, .had feveral Conferences with the Swedilh^.MiniAry, ih.( which .he acquainted them that hii nioft Chriftian.l^ajefty*had ifluedi Order? for remitting a Adiliion pf Livres to Stockholm, be-) ing the Remainder of the Sums due by Virtue of the laft1 SubfidyTreaty : .Then hisiExcellency.net.onlyproppfed the renewing of the..faid. Treaty,^butlikevyri^ o&tta.'fo; enter into a'Negotiation., for cloferEngagements between France and Sweden, in Regard to the prefect Situation of Affairs-in the North. The Swediih Minmers tbjd the; French Embaffador, that they would cbnfidcr.of Jthe: Matter j and it is thought they will give na^n/wer 'tilL the Ruffian Court has been confulted about it. i Letters from Copenhagen fey, that Count Teffin, the! Swedilh Minifter there, has acquainted the Danifli Miniftry; with the Orders he has received to return -Home ;wat,the fame Time his Excellency told them, that the Crown of. Sweden had nothing more at Heart, than to refiore a good' Harmony with Denmark on'a proper Foundation* bur, neverthelefs, did not yet appear inclined,to c^ofe with the Conditions, offered by his Danifc Majefty relating to the Renunciations. Letters from Paris affure us, that the Prince de Campo-Florido, Embaflador from his Catholick Majefty, has concluded a certain Negotiation with the French Court, very much to the Advantage of Spain: What.it is, they leave us to guefs from the gr�at Preparations making in both Kingdoms by Sea arid Land. From Madrid we hear, that the Bilhop of Renjies, .the; French Embaflador,. has.laid before.thei Court a Lift of fne French Trob'ps.that are to aft in Conjunction with'tjie Spaniards next Campaign ; by which Lift it appears that the faid Troops will confift of 30006 efie�tive Men." ExtrdB of a Letter from Vienna, Dec. 25, 'NS. * The Queen has ordered Count Paradis and General � Luchefi to lie put under Arreft, for the Duel f&ey'fought.- * a few Days ago: The former had taken Shelter in aCon-' vent, tromjwhence he has been takeniout by h^Majetty's * Orders : Six' C6mm^riii^e^p^9d $pi.feinV. �' this Affair. The^ueen has refojved to affembje a.large' * Body of Troopsln Bohemia,1 which is to h� joined by. '* Command of thi* Army will be given "totn*e('V'eldt Mar-' �; .-ftat'Coiiht; Keventiufler. ' ^'(i;|Te^.^^''^ngg?pt: i hither a Commiflary. to Ag^e^qt^j^Btf^^a-^^ne ' French Prifonefs in The e^eenS-Dommiviiay^WCuuiiiit-�' of War have delivered to him an exaS Lift of thole Pri-�. foners, by which it appears, that their'Number amounts * to 18500, 10000 of whom are in Hungary, and the reft �, in the other Hereditary Provinces. Baron Bunau, Minifter * from the King of Poland, received a Courier the izjdlnft. * with Difpatches tending to haften" the Conclufiotfof the ' Negotiation on the Tapii'fcwwe^n'ttiaV^rince and'her ''Majefty: . ' ' ' � "' We have Advices from .Berlin, that the King of Pruffia being ambitious of behaving in all Things like a .Father to his People, he has-made a certain Regulation, by which all his Subjects may tranfmit directly to him all their Grievances and Complaints,'which he will examine' himfelf,'"and give his Decifibri according as the Cafe requires.' ; '" They tell us from Francfort, tharthe Ernperor has received net only from the King otPruffia, . but from -the JCibg of Pbland too, very favourable Anfwers)tboutlhe~ Affair1 of theDlc^atbrmipof theDyet; and that his Imperial ^ajelly expecls:'arf ultimate Declaration from his BfitkimkkMajehy oh the fame Affair. They add, that Barori.Paim, the Queen of Hungary's Minifter, is gone to Mfentz and Triers, in order to execute Commiffions there'from his Court, but/would be back at Fralttcfort fn a ve^/jfliprt'Time; and Ithat diring the; few Days he ftpp'd in thai C>ty� no Member of the Dyetj except the Hanoverian Minifter, paid him a Vifn. 'y~ Wfc have Advices from Bruflels, that the Government is cafting about for a Fund of ffien ^llipns of Ftorinsi to defray- the extraordinary . Expences of " the approaching Campaign.' Exfrafi of a LetUr from the Hague, dated Jan\ 6, N.8. ' * Letters from Vienna mfop^^;^tj^1^�^^tih}�' ' fcldt-'hai -cbmrnunicated. ts.Sir .Thoma^.jftoblnfpb, the *' Britiw'Minifler there, til ihe Reafons alledged ty the * Queen 6f Hungary againft the Accufetions-laid to the * Chaige bf the Marquis de Botta, tellfflg his Excellency * at the..fame:Titne,! ihat ^r.lWie(fy^r^ejttiy;de^>at ' the 'King of Great' Britain would endeavour 10 make the ' * EmprefsofRufl?areli/hthefeJleafon#. � ' [ " . * �Some private Letters from London fay, that .it. has ' been refolved to make an 'Alktefipn'jh 'that'1 ran >f the *:T:eaty of Worms which relates,tofinal, in order to ' difpofe the Republickof G'enda "to part with that Mar- ' quifate; "which Alteration, il-fetm*, confifla in^his, that � * the King of Sardinia (hall cede to thc,Republick certain , v'Fiefs.that belong tp.thp MBrqai'faterofJF&al/a'iattEqui- i * valent for the Republick's ceding the Town to him.' Yefterday came Adyice.jhat the Richard, Story, from iGb^^baighi--'-'fov:L>^on�^ttcler^ the ?3d:bf November, laft, 00 the CoaH; of Norway j ^uttiie Crtw W�e prpvi-; J '^e,(^a^..|^iM>Bto b/lliw& tS6ikni>ah Smith, Daughter .of Mr. 5mith, a wealthy Baktr and Corn-faclor; -in Shadwell, an agreeable yoqng Lady, with a confiderable Fortune.' Yefterday Mprnjngjdirfj'after a ^ few Days lllnefs, Mr. . Wallace, a wealthy Linhen-draper in Cornhill, in Partner-1 fhip with Mr. Birr, reputed worth 10,000 1. Iaft Wednefday died, at pir Hpufe at Croydon, Mr.; Willoughby Lewis.ra,wealthy Farmer and Malfter; his. Death w^.pccafipn'd, $y a Fall fcpm Jus Horie, - in attempting to efcape a-Highwayjnan, who had made, an Attempt' to rob him near Carihaliou, by which Accident he broke . feveral of his Ribs. *' On. Tuefday Night-died, at her Houfe in Madox-ftreet,-^ Mrs. Jane Corbet, a Maiden Lady of good Fortune, which {(he left to Charitable'tjfes. Laft Wednefday was interr'd at the Church of St.Saviour's ;Southwarkj in'a very grand manner, the Corpfe of Mrs. Clarke, Wife of Juftice Clarke; whofe Death is um'verfally .lamented, but particularly by the Poor, to.whom ihe Was very liberal during the Frbft which happened in ihe Years > >739� and '740- On Thurfday Night, about 7 o'Clock, Mr. Smith, a - Heinp dfefler iniBrS;kiane^Spittal-Eieldsr. wasattack'd by " three Foot-pads, arm'd withCutlaffes and Bludgeons, in the j Fields, leading from Stepney, to Whitechapel, .whothreat-; ned to mince him if he did not deliver all he had without ; Reiiftance ; they took-from him his Hat, Wig, Watch/ and 17 s. and then made off: At parting, they told< him " none mould pafs that Night, without iharing the fame ; Fate. Yefterday Anne Taiker was committed .to New-Prifon, ; by Col. De Veil, for fekYrJiouily taking out of the Lodg-' ings of 'Mrs. Mary Randall,, a ,Wa(herwqman, fome fine,  Holland-Shirts, the Property of Hugh Barker, Efq; Yefterday Number 10,8^4 was drawn a Prize of 1000 1. and 11,008, 30,857, 51,100, 24,614, 74,949, 24.,4-S1 of 100 1 e^ch. .-tlign' water rnis "'Day at Lphaph-'Bria'ge^at 28 '44inutes . after 11, B A Y-M A R K � T.- T the KI N jtt0i\New< noTrananW. ^BM^jpet'Cent. An-tnu�tiei. i02-1 half. Ditto 174^ loi* i^nai^ .Ditta 1743^-101 14th.. .Million Bank 118& E^uisalent mi. ;Roya^ Affiirahce' 80.' � London1 Affuratice it$ths a . 3 4thi. Engliflj Copper 3 1. 5 s. - Seven per Cent. Em- peror'i Loan no Price. * Five per Gentditto 79; Bank Circulation 3 1. 5 s. Prem. / India Bonds 4 iS.s.^rem. Three and a half Salt Tallies. z: 3 41I1S Prem. TThtee and , aialf per Cent. Exchequer Orders. 4 ', 4m Prem. Thr�T:- per Cent.Ditto z.Diic ; Lottery Tickets 151. ios� a 16 L 5 8. ;M ^A Y R.- A N A H AY-MARKET, ihis-Day, OPERA, call'd " -� R O X A o *, Alexander in India. With Da U c e's anfrgtber'r&v. rat I 6 ns 'entirely New. ' Pit arid Boxes to tie put togetfwr, anrf no JPfiripns to-be admitted without Ticket*, which wfill be deliver'd \thUDpy, at the Office in the'Hay-Market;'it rfalf a Guinea each. Gallery < s. "By H.rS,T^A^&Ty^*;iJBminffli*,-No PerfoHS Whatever to be admjtte4-W1*?^*^:^9s5*^*r " TheGaJIereja&lJ^flBio^JE^^ <P*t and Boxes at Five. N.B. Tuefday next_willj)e jerforrh'd' a *new Opera, caH'd AL- the firft Time in Engfaijd. D ,R U R Y-L A N E. By His Majefly^i Company of Comedians, T the Thektre - Royal in Drury-Lane,- this Day, will be jarefented a Tragedy, call'd _ K I N G L E A R, And bis -Thr?e Daughters. The Part of King Lear to it performed_by. Mr. GARRICK ; Edgai-/Mr. GifiFardj-GloAir,'MK Bridges j Baftard, Mr. Mills,-Kent, Mr: Winflone J 0�rnwafl, Mr. BUfces;' Albany, M*.Tur-butt f.Burgundy, Mr. Ray; GeatlemairUflier, Mr. Neale. "Goneril, Mrs. Bennet} Regan, Mw.Crsfi ;v Aiu Ihe Part of Cordelia by Mrs. Giffard. At^III. ADarice by MrJtfuilment, Mr. Deflfe, Mr.Li?iez, Mrs; Walter, MifjScotf, and others. No Money will'be taken. Benind the Scenes, nor any Monty to be returnM after the Curtain is drawn up. ' Places for the-Boxes te be taken1 at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exactly at-Sii o'Clock. On Monday {by Ddfire) will be'prefented The ALCHYMIST. The Partof Abel DruggeT by Mr. GARRICK. C Q.iV E N^T-p AK T) E N. A ;T"the Theatre-lioyal in.Covent-Garden, -Jj\; this Day, will "be prefcnted a:Tragedy, call'd V EN ICE PR* E'S E R V'D ; OR, A PJot Difcover'd. The Part of Pierre to be perform'd by Mr. (juin ; � " Jaffier, 'Mr. Ryan j PriuK, Mr. Bridgwater.-; keniolt, Mr. Chapman'; Bedamar, Mr. Hale; Duke; Mr.Rofiroj-Spinofe, Mr.'An-derfon'; Eliot, Mr. Calhelj Officer,'Mr.'Gtbfon ; And the PartoPBelvidea by MrsiPRITCHARD. To which will - be added, a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The R O Y A L C HA C E; Or, Merlin*s Cave. The Charac*ter of a Chaueur Royal, by Mr. BEARD; Merlin, Mr. Leveridge 3 Diana, Mifs Hillyard; Aerial Spirits by, Monf.PICQ^ and- Mademolrelle' DOMlTlLLA, Mrs. Delagarde,' Madem. Fabres, Mrs.Xebruh," Mri. Villeneuve, and;othen.; 'Jupit�i, Hough r 'Squire Ncodle, Mr. Chettle f Lolpoop, Mr. Hough ; Sai-lorftbyt Mr. Cunningham,-Mr.Carney, a�d MonCGranier ; Step-, nej^-Landlady, .Mrs. Doublecholk; Mifs Brazen, Mi& Joaes ;I Mifc Loveit, Mifs Smith ; Mifs Dawdle, Mifs Evans. The Whole to conclude with a diverting Dance, calKd The- H U M O U R S of the T I M E S. To begin every Evening at Half an Hour after Five o'Clozk. Every One to pay a Shilling at the Door, and take aTidcet, . wbifih-Ticket will be taken for a Shilling in the Reckoning. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Bar oi the Weill. Admiralty-Office, Dec. 29, 1743.- TT is the Direction of the Lords of the Admi- ralty, that if any of the Men turned tver frem the South-Sea-Caflle into /^.Harwich, are left btbind the Tender nvbitb has carried the great'eft Part of the faid Sbifs Company to Harwich, thy do immediately repair, "with their. Chefis aud Beddfn^ onboard'the Roehuck, aVeffel lyingyat the Hermitage, in wbichthey-wiUbe carried down to their Ships at Harwich. TheFejfel is ordered to fay hut twoD^ys for them. 'Thomas Corbett. -9 To be LET T, Jn JkQOMSBURY - Square,- Next Door to the Lord Chief Juftke L EE's, AHOUSE, Ready Furnished. With a CoachrHoufe, Stabling for foar Horfes, and other Qom�e-nieutiea. - -T"-��c|oirc'zt tho-��aT Hoofc 1 �^7 To prevent IMPOSITIO N,"-- STRONOand Fine-flivour'd BATAVIA ARRACK, for 12 s. per Gallon, if taken from the.India-Houfe, being 3 sfper Gallon preferable to what is generally fold. Enquire of the Clerks at'the Company's Warehoufe, Lombard" ftreet, where Samples May be had at 6 d. fir Gallon Advance. -p .,_R-r------zly Urdtr at tbit Vempany, ' Umikrd-firut. 1 � Brodrick. at the - -7 'UNCH is made to the Height of Per- fection, in any Proportion, and at the loweil Prices. AS ALSO, BRANDY,.RUM, ARRACK, and ORANGE SHRUB, Wholefale, and are Retaled in any fmall Quantities. by This Day is publifh'd,---- Number V. of MR.RAP.IN's HISTORY of ENG-LAND. Tranflated into Englift, with additional Notes, By N. T IN DAL, M A. Reclor of Al ns for the placing them in their proper Order, will be added at the Condu-fion of the Volume. "The whole will be publuhed in T05 Numbers, each containing four Sheets, ?t Sixpence each Number, ftitch'd in blue Paper j and there will be deliver'd in the Numbers the 77 Copper Plates, being 62 half Sheets, and nine whole Sheets, without any farther Ex'pence to the Puichafer ; alfo the 23 fmaller Copper-plates. Printed for J.-and P. Knapton, ar the Crown in Ludgate-Street, where Subfcriptions are taken in ; and by the BjokfglJers in Town and Country. Wbere m.iy be had, This Hiftory comp'eat in Two Vc-'.umes in Folio, with the Maps, Tables, Heads, and Monuments, Price 2I. 12 s. 6 d. in sheets. -y 6, 12

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