Thursday, December 26, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Thursday, December 26, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 26, 1743, London, Middlesex & London Daily NuiB, '^8434 MO N DAY, December 26*,  1743. v  Qealr December 24. EMAIN-the Furnace," Pembroke'* Prfce, Urfala Tender, and the Dutch Man of War for India. Wind Weft. The William and Sarah, Nichols, from Gottenburgh, is arrived ih*Jfarmouth Roads. ' LONDON. Since our laft arrived the Mails from FntnceT, Flanders and Holland. Advices from Lift -n, of the 26th<of laft' Month fay, that the King of Portugal, had two Fits of Apoplexy the 2zd, for which he was let Blood twice, and was pretty well recovered when the Letters came away. They write from Copenhagen that Baron Korff, the Ruffian Minifter there, had acquainted the Court with the �Cz3rina's Refolution to fend more Tro�ps to the Affiftance of Sweden, in Cafe that Crown cannot make up Matters with Denmark this Winter ; upon which they only observe, that his Danilh Majelly appears likew'ife refolved to llrengthen himfelf with Foreign Affiftance,.. I . They write from Berlin, that the King of Pruffia has caufed a Declaration to be made by his Minifters at divers Courts, the Subftance of which is, 'That having nothing � more at Heart, than to fee Tranquility reftored in the � Empire, and the Powers at War united again by a folid * and lalting Peace, his Majefty was wholly intent upon * finding ouV the propereft Methods to fucceed in it, with--* out laying any Conftraint on the Parties concerned, or � curbing them in the leaft' in therr mutual Pretentions: � That however, as it is impoffible for his Majefty alone to ' reconcile Minds heated by the War, and the Writings � publifhed on both fides fince the Troubles began, and 4 that he cannot neither be the only Mediator in ft impor-�* tant an Affair, but at moft, offer equally to the Emperor ' and the Queen of Hungaryjhis good Offices forreftoring a * good Underftanding between them, he hoped that the �* Neutral Powers, and the States General of the United ' Provinces in particular, out of their fincere Defire to fee; "* the Repofe of Europe fettled, would be fo good on theirf � Part as to lay this Affair to Heart, arid engage the King, * of Great Britain to unite with them, in order to incline * the Queen of Hungary to liften to an equitable Accom-' modation, whilft his Majefty, in concert with feme other � States of the Empire, ufes his Endeavours with the Em--* peror and the Circles, to remove with more facility the * Obftacles that may delay the Conclufion of fo falutary a * Work, &c. f. Letters from Francfbrt fay, thatBaron HTaflang, the Imperial Minifter at the Court of Great Britain, is fet out for London, and that he is charged to confer with.the Bri-tifti Miniftry, about Ways and Means to render certain Overtures for an Accommodation practicable. The Marquis �le la Cnetardie arrived at Peterfturgh the 6th Inft. N.S. and in a few Hours after was introduced, as a private Gentleman, to theJEmprefs, who_xeceived him very gracioufly : They afTure U9, that France gives her Imperial Majefty the Title of Emprefs in the Marquis's Credentials. Letters from Genoa, of the 14th Inft. N.S. fay, that .Admiral Matthews was ftill cruizing with feveral Men of >Now if an Attempt of this kind dares be made at fo little-aDiltance from a Magiftrate's Hoiife (who fpares none,pfthofe Rogues when they come to his Hands) what moijfbecome of us all, if the Power of committing Criminals'it Night, ceafes, by conftant Ref-cues ? And whatConftables, or what Goalers can, with Common Prudence^ undertake carrying Prifoners.rjq. Goal after it is dark, when they have hardly a Chance of fur-viving another Day ? Unlefs the Legiflature fliall in. their great Wifdom. interpofe in making it Felony, to Refcue any Felon,' committed by a Magiftrate ; which Crime is a Total Stop to Juftice ; and if this Practice is not put a "Stop to, Thieves and Robbers will every Night, by Plunder and Rapine, and by Wounds and Murders, deftroy his Maje- fly's Liege Subjects._______ BANKRUPT. John Francis, of the Town and County of Newcaftle upon Tyne, Pattin-maker and Chymift._�_ High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 43 Minutes after 6. HAY-MARKET. ATtheKING'sTHEATRE in the ^r,T?n.HA,�:M'ARKET' To-morrow, will be perform'd an OPERA, call d ' R O X A N A j or, The MUSICK Composed by Mr. HANDEL. With Dances and other Decorations entirely Nevi. Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Perfons to be admitted without Ticketi, which will be deliver'd that Day," at the Office ia the Hay-Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS MAjESTY'j Command,'" No Perfons whatever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery will be open at Four o'Clock. Pit and Boxes at Fire. ' To begin at Six o'Clock. BanlcStock 148. India Ditto no Transfer. South Sea Stock -113-1 half. Ditto Old Annuities"M^.-eigths. Ditto New no Transfer. Three per Cent. Annuities^ioz 1 half.-; Ditto 1742, 102 1 half. Ditto 1743, 101 i 4th. ;MillionBarik 118. Equivalent 111. Royal Affu-rance 80, London* AfTurance 11. Engli&,,Copper 4 1. 15 s. Seven.-per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five . per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank-Circulation 3 J. 5 s. Prem. India Bonds 4L i$s. Pr. Three, and .ahalf Saft Tallies 2 3 4ths Pr. Three and a half per Cent. .Exchequer Orders 4 1 half Prem. Three per Cent. Ditto *2,Difc. Lottery Tickets 141. a 13 1._ MA Y - F A I R. - AT the NEW WELLS in May-Fair, this Day, will be perform'd Several New Exercifss of Rope-Dancing, Tumbling, Vaulting, and Equilibres. Rope-dancing by Monf. Janno, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Hongh Dancing by Mr. Carney, Mrs. Jackfon, the two Matters and Mils Granier, Mifs Jones, Mr. Chettle, Mr. Hayes, and Mrs. Hough. Tumbling by Monf. Janno, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Hough. Several new Songs ty Mr. Brett and Mr. Cunningham. With feveral New Equilibres by the Ruffia Boy, who performs feveral furprifing New' BaJlances. And the diverting Performances of the amoul BATH MORRIS-DANCERS. To which will be added, Several new Scenes in Groteiqu; Characters, call'd The SAILORS PROGRESS; OR, The Humours of Wap'ping and Stepney. The Character of Harlequin by Mr. Hayes; Coloinbine Mrs, Hough ; 'Squire Noodle, Mr. Chettle ; Lolpoop, Mr. Hough j Sailors by Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Carney, and Monk Granier ; Stepney Landlady, Mrs. Doublechilk ; Mifs Brazen, Mils Jones; Mifs Loveit, Mifs Smith ; Mifs Dawdle, Mifs Evans. The Whole to conclude with a diverting Dance, call'd The HUMOURS of the TIMES. To begin every Evening at Half an Hour after Five o'Clock. *#* Every One to pay a Shilling at the Door, and take a Ticket, $�eh Ticket will be taken for a Shilling in the Reckoning. i.. L,y f laces for the Boxes to be taken at the Bar of th� Wells. Admiralty-Office, Dec. 22, 1743. ---KEuiS the Leave of Abfence given to the *%g^�ify^fficirs and Feremaft Men turned over from his 1^0frS^if ^South-Sea Cattle into his Majeflfs Ship the Barwchr, fitting out-at Harwich, expires on the z$th Inft. I^efe are to give, thim Notice, that the Betty Snow Tender, John Burchley Majier, is ordered to repair to St. Catherine's near the Tower, where Lieutenant Thomas RufHn, Lieutenant of the faid Harwich, will receive them, and carry them fo their Ship at Harwich ; arJ that fuch as repair o*_ -MoilTli iMjhlJJe'aer on or ^efp/e'that Day, will be entered for Wages in the Harwich from the Day /^South-Sea Caftle was paid off, and receive two Months Wages Advance, be-fides the Wages due to them in tht South-Sea Cattle ; but -fitsbasfail therein, TlljM*hJ*fc&!^^ Thomas Corbett. -5 3-< DRURY-LANE. Admiralty-Office, Dec. zi, 174^-^- "T^HE Lords Commijfioners of the Admiralty ^ obferving, that very few Perfons have applied to them-to be appointed to ferve as Schoobnafters on Board the Ships, of his Majefty s Fleet; their Lordfiips do hereby give Notice, that fuch Perfons as will qualify themfehes according to the Rules of the Navy, by pajfing an Examination of their Abi-lities ktfhrt the Mafler, Wardens, -anddffiftants of tkt-*Frp- By His Majeflyvs Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, this Day, will be prefented a Tragedy, call'd T-he RIVAL QU EENS; o R, Alexander the Great. The Part of Alexander by Mr. Delane j Clytus, by Mr. Bridges j Lyfimachus, Mr. W. GifFard ; Hepheftion, Mr. Blakes ; Caflknder, by Mr. GifFard ; Polyperchon, Mr. Wihftone} Phillip, Mr. Green ; Theflalus, Mr.Woodburnj Perdiccas, Mr. Turbuttj Eumenes, Mr. Ray; Meleager, Mr.Umerj Ariftander} Mr.Tafwell. Statira, by Mrs. Gifrard ; Roxana, by Mrs. Roberts j Syfigambis, Mrs. Crofs ; Parifatis, Mrs. Ridout. Act II. A Dance by Mr. Deffe, Mrs. Walter, Mr.,Liviee, Mr. Shawford, Mifs Scots, and others. To which will he added a Farce of Two Acts, call'd The - 'ANATOMIST; o r, The Sham-Doctor. Monfieur le Doftor by Mr. Blakes; Crifpin, Mr. Yates j Old Gerald, Mr. Tafwell j Young Gerald, Mr. Green j Martin, Mr. Morgan j Simon; Mr. Turbutt. Angelica, Mrs. Ridout ; Beatrice, Mrs Bennet; Doctor's Wife, by Mrs. Edgerton j Waiting Woman, Mi an ; Townly, Mr. Hale; Alderman Wifeacre, by Mr. Hippifley ; Alderman Doodle, Mr. Marten j Alderman Dafliwell, Mr. Woodward j Loveday, Mr. Chapman ; Eugenia, Mrs. Hale j Peggy, Mifs Hippifley ; Engine, Mrs. Mullartj Jane, Mrs. Kilby ; Roger, Mr. James; Aunt, Mrs. Martin ; And the Part of Lady No by Mrs. Walter. To which will be added, a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The NECROMANCER; o R, HARLEgyiN Doctor Faustus. The Character of Harlequin by Mr.Woodward j an Infernal Spirit, by Mr. Leveridge ; iftFury, Mr. Picq ; 2d Fury, Mr.Newtone ; 3d Fury, by Mr. Delagarde; 4th Fury, Mr. Dupre j 5th Fury, Mr. Deftrade. The Shade of Leander by Mr. BEARD j the Shade of Hero by Mrs.'CLIVE. The Miller, Mr. Bencraft j Miller's Wife, Mrs. Delagarde ; The Doctor's Man, Mr. Hippifley. Boxes 5"s. Pit 3 s. Firfl: Gallery a s. Upper Gallery 1 s Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exactly, at Six o'clock. nity-Houfe at Dfptford Strand, and bring hither a Certificate under their Hands, of their being well Jkilled in the Theory and Practice of the Art of Navigation, and qualified to teach Youth thet em, Jkall be employed, and preferred according to their Merit. Thomas Corbett. To Te LETT,- "~r~ In Bloomsbury - Square, Next Door to the Lord Chief-Juftice L EE's, AHOUSE, Ready Furnished, With a Coach-Houfe, Stabling for four Herfes, and other Conve-nieneies. Enquire at the faid Houfe. 1o prevent IMPOSITIO N,------ STRONG and Fine-flavour'd BATAVIA ARRACK, for 12 s. 6 d. per Gallon, if taken from the India-Houfe, being 3 s. per Gallon preferable to what is generally fold. Enquire of the Clerks at the Company's Warehouft, Lombard-ftreet, where Samples may be had at 6 d. per Gallon Advance. ,,,,., By Order tf this Ctmpany, Brandi-Wereboufe, * J o j � 1 Lombsrd-JIreet._T. BrodriCk. THOMAS OVERBUR Y,- ][ S Removed from the Caftle - Tavern in I Fleet-ftriet, to the Corner of Fountain-Court in Sbee-Lane, near leet-ftreet, where he continmes the WINE-trade in the Whole- fale Way. _. -JVafpy-ybe Houfe to be Lm,-f!iiqgll I Ih it P. " " 3- 5 -2. To be L E '1' T, At Ca rsha ltom tn Surry. A Very good Farm Houfe, with Barns, 'V Stables, tee. and about 130 Acres of Arable, Meadow and Pafture Land, late in the Occupation of Thomas Hickf.n. Enquire at the faid Houfe ; or, of William Stacey, at the next adjoining. yiljo c if LETT, At Rotherhith, alias Redriff, in the faid County j the Manor-Houfe, and another adjoining thereto; with a good CowFarm, and feveralPieces of Meadow or Pafture Land, either together or feperate. Enquire at Mr. Ktnrick's, near Princes-Stairs, Rotherhith._ 2. In the Prefix andfpeedily will bepublijhedj-- TH E Tryal at Large between the Hon. JAMES ANNESLEY, Efq; and the Right Hon. the Earl of ANGLESEA in the Court of Exchequer in Ire and. In which all the Speeches and Arguments of the Judges and Council are revifed and corrected by themfelves. Published with the Approbation and by the Authority of the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland. Printed for J. and P. Knapton, T. Longman, C.Hitch, C.Davis, and A. Millar. tdvmifements of a moderate Length art taken in for this Paper at Tm Shillings each.

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