Friday, December 20, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, December 20, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 20, 1743, London, Middlesex The London Daily Poft, and General Advertifer. Ntjmb. 2838 TUESDAY, December 20, 1745. Deal9 December 18. f AMEdown hit Majefty's Ship the Sheernefs, Hargrove, Pelgrave, for Gibraltar; Mary, Naylor, fer Jamaica j Alfred, Jadd, for Lifbon; the Dublin Merchant, Thomas, for Dublin } Eagle, Young, for ditto j Cleve, Rice, for Falmouth. Remain his Ma-jefty's Ship Furnace, and Outward-bound ag in my laft. Arrived the Strombolo FireQup from the Weftyvard; Carteret, Chevalier, from Jamaica; and Berry, Belcher, from Virginia. Wind W.N.W. Gra<veJhtJ,Dtc. 18. Pafs'd by the Loyal Confort, Lee, from Oporto; Mary, Maggin, from Faro ; the Prince of Orange, Adams, from New-England; and True Endeavour, Gilderfleve, from ORend. The Jolly-Batcbelor, Darby; and Mary, Bird, from Jamaica, are arrived off Dover, The Two Brothers, Smith, from Faroe; and the Mary Gaily, Rice, from Carolina, at ditto. The Charming Molly, Kelly, from London ; and the Nancy, Whiting, from Newfoundland, at Leghorn. The Samuel, Burfell, from Newfoundland ; and Two Brothers, Grantland, from Figura, at Dartmouth. The Dolphin, Williams, from Newfoundland, at Pool. The Elizabeth, Giles, from Virginia, at Glafgow. The Charming Molly, Hodgfon, from London, at Bermudas. LONDON. ExtraQ of a Letterfrom Florence^ Nov. 30, N.8. * An old Difpute between this State and the Republick ' of G&oa, about the Limits, which had long lain dor- * mant, is juft revived again with great Vivacity, by the ' Complaints of both Parties, on Occafion of about 120 * Head of Cattle which the Genoefe carried off about two * Months ago from the Territory in Difpute. The Re- * gency being informed of thefe violent Proceedings, rent * oat a Party of Soldiers, in orders prevent a Repetition * of them, and even to make Reprifals if it happened. The * Thing happening, as it was exp^fied, a few Weeks af- * ter, tie Commandant of this Detachment carried off * about 49 Head of Cattle belonging to the Genoefe, and ordered his Men to proceed until they were even with the ' Republick. Upon this the Senate have made Reprefen-� tattoos to the Great Duke, by their Minitlef at Vienna, * entreating his Rojral Highnefs to fend Orders to the GoT ' vernment to terminate this Difference. Oar Sovereign � having writ to the Regency for Information concerning � this Affair, they did not fail to fend him a true Account * of it the 19th Inftant: In the mean time the Genoefe * Minifter here his applied to the Regency, in order to * get this DiTpa:e adjulted in an amicable manner; bat �. he has received no Anfvyer as yet, nor is he likely to < have one, until the Regency receive frefh Orders from * his Royal HighBefs about this Affair. * Two of the five Ships fent by Admiral; Matthews to * the Adriatick are ordered to cruize dn the Coalt of Cala- * bria, and the reft on that of the Ecclefiaftick State.* Some Letters from Naples fay, that his ^Sicilian Majefiy is actually vifiu'ng in Pcrfon the ftrong Towns of his Kingdom, and providing them with all Sorts pi* Neceffaries. . We hear, that Captain Moyfton is made Commander of the Boyne, of 80 Guns, (being removed out of the Dept-�ford) and is to fail direftly to reinforce Admiral Matthews, with the Duke, of 90 Guns, the Suffolk and Burfard, of �jo Guns, and fome,other Men of War. Capt. Moyftonwras ordered to the Weft-Indies, in the Deptfo/d; but Capt. Patten is promoted to that Ship, and as to take the Trade coder his Convoy: We hear, that the Prince Frederick Man of War, in &er Cruize off the Weftern Ifles, took an Outward-bound Regiiler Ship, and brought her to Portfmouth on Sunday Iaft. By the laft Letters from Barbadoes there is Advice of the Death of Mr. TVlomville, an eminent Merchant of that Jfland, a Gentleman much efteem'd by all that were ac. ^uainted with him. The Adventure, Sweetman, from Carolina, for London, is albore in Margate Road. His Majefty's Officers at Aberdeen feized a few Days ago near that Place, 30 Hogfheads of Claret, 3 Hogfheads x�? White Wine, 1200 Gallons of Brandy, and 4000 lb. -of Coffee. Laft Night the Corpfe of Capt. Grrlington, an old fiommander in the Navy, was interr'd in a very handfome manner in St. James's Charch-yard. Yefterday there were Letters from Capt. Ryan, of the Two Brothers from Jamaica, with an Account, that on Sunday the i ith Inftant, about 7 at Night, he was at-tack'd off Berry-Head, by a large three Malt Dogger Privateer, who thought to board him, but was repulfed by a brifk Fire from Capt. Ryan, whofe Shot cut the Privateer's Mizen-Geers, and brought their Yard by the board:; which, together with Capt. Ryan's ordering Hand Grana-does to be got ready, oblig'd them to fheer off; and probably fav'd the Three Nuns, Capt. Johns, who was in fight, and not capable of fighting a Ship of the Privateer's Force. On Saturday laft, about 4 in the Afternoon, died at her Houfe in Grofvenor-fquare, her Grace the Dutchefs of Ancafter, Wife of his Grace the prefent Duke. She was Relift of the late Sir Charles-Gunter Nicoll, Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath, and fole Daughter and Heir of William Blundell, of Bafingftoke in Hants, Efq; Her Grace has left no Iflue by the Duke ; but two Daughters by her firft Hufband, Sir Charles-Gunter Nicoll. A few Days fince died at Edinburgh the Lady of Major Cochran, one of the Commiffioners of the Excife ; a Lady much regretted by all that knew her. Laft Thurfday Morning the following fad Accident happened to one Mrs. Spenfer, near Northgate in Canterbury,^ viz. As her Son, a little Boy about 9 Years of Age, was playing with a Fowling Piece, that was left in a Corner of the Room by the Carelefnefs of his Father, and presenting it to his Mother, it went off, and fhot out bath her Eyes, and wounded her in fuch a manner that her Life is def-paired of. Laft Week the Rev. Mr. Leech was inftituted to the Re&ory of Intwood with Kefwick, in the County of Norfolk, at the Prefentation of the Right Honourable the Lord Hobart. On Sunday Night laft as one Mr. Marlow was returning to Town from Chifwick, he was attack'd near Kenfington-Gore by two Foot Pads, who robb'd him of " s. threw him into a Ditch, and then made off, fwearing at him for not having more Money. Some pays ago a Hog was kill'd at Fakenham near Norwich, that weigVd 39 Stone fix Pounds, reckbn'd the largeft kill'd thereabouts in the Memory of Man; the Bacon in fome Parts was five Inches thick. Yefterday Peter Gaffaey was committed to New Prifon, by Col. De Veil, for feloniotifly taking out of the Dwelling Houfe of Mr.. Ifaac Blanchard, a- great Quantity of Linnen and Wearing Apparel, his Property, found upon him. Yefterday Number 33,761 was drawn a Prize of 30001. and 29,617, 68,857 of 109 1. each. C O U N T R Y - N E W S. Briflol, Dec. 17. Yefterday Morning, the Murder of Sir Robert Cann's Coachman, committed in the Road.beyond Stoke's Croft, was brought to light in the following providential Manner. A young Man came about 10 o'clock to Mr. Ifaac Hew-let's, Watchmaker, in the Old Market, to have a Watch rited (which he had either bought, or exchanged for another)-Mr. Hewlett knowing the Watch to be the very fame which Sir Robert Cann's Coachman brought to him to be mended ; afk'd the young Man how he came by it; for, faid he, I put a Wheel in it for Sir Robert Cann's Coachman, and produced his Day-Bopk to prove it. The young Man replied, if you'll go along with me, I'll fhew you the Man f had it of; and accordingly Mr. Hewlett, with a Neighbour, weDt with, him to a Houfe in Birch-Lane, near Lawford's Gate, and met with one Andrew Burnet (lately a Soldier belonging to the Regiment here, but has fince bought his Difcharge) who owned, that the young Man had the Watch of him. He was then afked how he came by it ? Burnet told them,-he had it of his Sweetheart, (a Widow Woman) and that it was her late Hufband's. Upon this, they took Burnet to t]ie Woman, who abfolu:ely denied his Aftertion, and that her Hufband had never had a Watch. They then took Burnet before two Juftices of Peace, before whom he cpnfefs'd this wicked Affair; which we are:informed was to this Purport: That the Evening the Murder was committed, he happened to take a Walk with one Pain, another Soldier in. the fame Regiment, up Stokes Croft, and in their Converfe together, ^ain told him, he would have a Goofe for Supper that Night; but he telling Pain he paid for his Board, did not agree with him on the Defign. Then faid Pain, I'll have fome of the firft Mao's Money that comes by; which happened to be the Deceafed, whom (as Burnet fays) Pain: knock'd down while he paffed forward, and immediately rifled the Deceafed of bis Watch, and Sixpence in Money. Pain was taken laft N;ght at Lawrence-Hill, and has fince confeHed another Accomplice, a Mafon in Town. P. We fince have it for 1 ertain, That B jrnet declar'd before Sir Robert Cann, and Alaerman EltoD, that he refafd accepting of the Watch and Six-pence, which Pain offered him. That Ten Days after, a Robbery being committed on Durdham-Down, the faid Pain came to his Room, and brought the Watch, defiring him to hide the fame, and left it on 3 Table in his Room, and then went away ; that about a Fortnight after he exchanged the faid Silver Watch with one Harry a Carpenter, for a Tortoife-dell Watch, and 1 1. 6 s. High Water this Day at London-Bridg� at 49 Minutes after 2. Bank Stock 147 3 Sths. India Ditto 195 1 4th. South Sea Stock 112 1 half. Ditto Old Annuities 113 3 4-ths a 114. Ditto New 114 1 4th. Three per Cent. Annuities 102 1 half. Ditto 1742, 102 1 half. Ditto 1743, 101 14th. Million Bank 118. Equivalent 111. Royal Aflurance 80. London AlTurance 11 5 8ths. Englifh Copper 4I. 15 s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 3 1. 5 s. Prem. India Bonds 4 1. 17 s. a 18 s. Pr. Three and a half �SaIt Tallies 2 3 4ths Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 4 � half Prem. Three per Cent. Ditto. 2 Difc. Lottery Tickets 12 1. 12 s. HAY-MARK E T AT the KING'S THEATRE in the HAY-MARKET, this Day, will be perform'd aa ' OPERA, call'd R O X A N A 5 O R, Alexander in India. The MU3ICK Cmfos'J by Mr. HANDEL. With Dances and other Decorations e:!ireh New. ' Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Petfons to be admitted without Ticked, which will be delivered this Day, at the Office, in the Hay-Market, at Haifa Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS MAJESTY'S Command, No Pcrfoas whatever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery will be open at Four o'clock. Pit and Boxes'at Rre# To begin at Six o'Clock. #*# Saturday next being ChrLftmas-Eve, there will be no Opera on that Day. __ J D R U R Y-L A E. No! Attcd this Seafon. By His Majejiyys Companv of Comedians, AT the Theatre - Royal in Drury-Lane, this Day, will be prefented a TrageHy, call'd The FAIR F fi M I T E N T. The Part of Lothario to be perform'd by Mr. GARRICK; Horatio, Mr. Delane; Scielto, Mt. Bridges 5 Altamont, Mr. Mills; Rofano, Mr. Blakes. Lavinia, Mrs. Mills ; Lucilla, Mrs. Benaet j And the Part of Califta by Mrs. Giffard. With Entertainments between the Afts, viz. Aft II. A Dance by Mr.MuiJment, Mr. Deffe, Mr.Lhiez* Mrs. Walter, Mifs Scctt, and others. Aft IV. Singing by Mr. M O R L A n D. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Stage-Door of the Theatres To begin exaftly at Six o'Clock. i COVEN T-GARDEN. - AT the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, this Day, will be prefented a Play, cHM The SPANISH FRYARi O R, 'The Double Discovery. The Part of the Fryar to be perform'd by Mr. QJJIN ; Torrifmond, Mr. Hale ; Lorenzo, Mr. Ryan ; Bertran, Mr.CafteUj the Queen, by Mrs. Horton ; Gomez, by Mr. Hippifley j Raymond, Mr. Mbfco j Alphon/b, Mr. Ridout; Pedro, Mr. Gibfon. Terete, Mrs. Hale j and the Part of Elvira by Mrs. CLIVE.. To which will be added, a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The ROYAL C H A C E 5 Or, Merlin's Cave. The Character of a Chaffeur Royal, by Mr.BEARD; Merlin, Mr. Leveridge j Diana, Mifs HiJ.'yard ; Aerial Spirits by Monf. PICQ^ and Madem. DOMITILL A, Mrs. Delfgarde, Madem. Fabres, Mil, Lebrun, Mrs. Laftnt, and others. Jupiter, in the Charafter of Harlequin, by fiir. WOODWARD ; Mercury, Mr.Reinhold; Doctor, Mr.Behcraftj Colambine. by Madem. Bonneval; Pluto, Neptune, Pan, Hercules, Apolfo, Mars, in the Chara&ers of Punch, Pantalon, Scaramouch, BrigheftLMez zetin, and Leander, by Monf. Lamouad, Mr. Dupre, Mr. Diflrade. Mr. Delagarde, Mr. Villeneuve and Menf. Pic�j j Pierot by Monf. LALAUZE. Boxes s s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery 1 s. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, 'at the Stage-Dorf of the Theatre. To begin exaftly at Six o'Clock* Jdvertifemems af a moderate Length art taken in for this Paper at 1m Sbillin�s each.

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