Sunday, December 15, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Sunday, December 15, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 15, 1743, London, Middlesex I HE Gibraltar Man of War i* now under fail for the River. Remain the Alderney, Gfey-hoHw3,and Furnace Men of War, 'and &eUrfula Tender, with the [: Eaft-tndia Sbips,.'and the Oat-, yrardibbund. Caine.down the; parhajn Club, Burton, for Antigua. Wind S.W. Arri'Uti at feveral Ports; The Mortimer, Landffldwn, from Virginia, is arrived atBriftol., � ; ') ; ' 1: The Swallow, Ruffel, from Oporto, atBiddeford. -The William, Viner; and the Prince William, Grouty from London, at Dublin. The Sincerity, Tecklenburgh, from Bremen, at Yarmouth. The Gregorius, Bpreman, from Lendon, at Bremen. L O N D O N. Yeflerday arrived the Mails from France and Holland. They write from Conftantinople of the 28th oTOfiober, N.S. that the Porteis extremely alarmed at the Intelligences which Schach Nadir has formed with the Arabians; and that the Inhabitants of that Metropolis are in a great Ferment and Confternation at the News of thePerfian Army's being in full March to Aleppo. They add, that as foon as Schach Nadir heard that the Grand Signer had proclaimed a young Perfian Lord Sophi, Under Colour of his being defending from the antient Kings of Perfia, he fent 'Word to the Bafhaw of Babylon, that fince the Porte tdok opon her to create Sophi's, he would ufe the fame Privilege and create Ottoman Emperor's. Letters from Pettrfburgh of the 29th of laft Month, N.S. fay, that a grand Conference was held a few1. Days before at the Grand Duke's Palace, wherein it was reforved to fig-nifjr to the Court of Denmark, that it was impoffible for his Imperial Highnefs to accept the Propofal for exchanging Ducal Holftein againtt the Counties of Oldenbourg and Delmenhorft : But as for any other Ways and Means whereby the Differences between Sweden and Denoiark xnay be adjufttd, they pofipone the Confideration of them till the Arrival of the new Embaflador expe&ed from his Danifh Majefty. Extras of a Letter from Vienna, Dee. 7, N.S. * A Courier is arrived fromM. Hokenholtz, the Queen|s �* 'Refidcnt atPeteribdrgh, and has brought the verbal ?ro-' eels of the Depofitions made by the Perfons concerned in -� the Confpiracy difcovered fometime ago in that Country. � The Marquis deBotta will lie forthwith examined again  by the Cpmmifftries; appointed[.to. enquire into|this "Af  fair. T�u yerbalFroceis.whjch is very long, has been � tranQated into the Ruffian and German Langoages: Firft �* of all weffindm it tile1 firft' pej^S^imde by tk^0on-< fpirators, as foon as they were takeriintoCoftoay, and  before their being put to the T�rtur�f;. after which  follow the Confeffions they made while on tie Rack, and  -* then we meet with their general Declaration or Condon �-upon- ibeirbemfc all COTfrcSn^.'; '� " +: �� A grand Conference was [held at Court a few Days ago,' ' wherem itwasrefolved to keep op in Hungary and ithe !  Provinces bordering on it, 80000 Men* even in Time of i �� Peace, which may be eafiljrdonfr' by a Scheme thaf has  been prefented to-tne Queen.' Letters from Naples of the 26th of November, N.S. advifc, that the new Levies go on very brifely all over the, Kingdom, befides other Warlike Preparations, all;which,; they fay, hisSidlianMajefly does only through Precaution,; being afraid of an Invafion. In the mean1 time, the Court, has received Advice, by two Ships arrived from* the Le-c vant, that five EngDlh Men of War were feen. in thej Channel of Malta, fleering for the Adriatick ; upon which; an Exprefs has been difpatched with the News to Cpuntf Gage. * Advices from Fano fay,, that the Spaniards are Hill in the; fame Polls, and grow ftronger every Day, as'.dolikewifej the Auftrians at Rimini by the Arrival of Trodps frbtethe  Mantoan. The Spaniards have Plenty of Provifibte^#ut? little or no Fuel.v : ' '.' *' ~"u '. They write from Berlin, that the Courts of Sweden and Denmark have fignified to the King of Pruffia, that they accept with Pleafure the Tender of his good Offices for terminating the Differences between them. ! According to our Advice from Paris of the 20th Inftant,; N.S. the Breft Squadron, confining of 18 Sail, has a&uatiy, put to Sea, and fleers for Toulon, where the Spanifh Troops arrive fucceffively. The Court has fent Orders! down to Marfeilles to prefs all the Sailors in the Merchantmen in that Port, and fend them on board the Toulon Squadron, of which 20 French Men of War and nine.Spanifh. have already got out into the Road of that Harbour^ aftd the reft are to follow them as foon as they nave got their . full Complement of Hands. Thefe Advices ?dd,? rtha'ithe Duke de Chartre6 was -married to Mademoi{e)Ie,de Conti, the 7th Inftant, N.S. That the Marquis de FeBelon Was expeded at Court the 21ft, upon fonje Affairs of great Importance ; and M. de Baffy fet nut for London the 14th. They alfo tell us, that the Dutch are going to make a new Augmentation in their Land Forces ; but this they only give as a Report. It is likewife reported, that the Princes of the Blood are not to make the Campaign next. .. 3fear.  The Merchants having applied to the Right Hon. the' '. Lords of the Admiralty, for a Convoy to the Ships bound to Portugal, their Lordlbips have been pleafed to fignify, that his Majefly's Ship the Baltimore is flill at St. He-4ens, and tfady to take under her Convoy all-fuch asare.. eeady to Cul with her. And alfo, that the Alderney Man 324> .54,366, 76,274 of too I. each. - Mr. Richard Shercoln, Printer to the Honourable the Commijfioners of the prefent State-Lottery, at his Of-Hce, in Pope's Head Alley, over-againft the Royal Exchange, Cornhill, continues to fell Tickets warranted undrawn, alfo Chances and Shares of Chances, ai Halves, Quarters, Eighths and' Sixteenths at the current Prices. Exa& Numerical and Regifter Books are kept there, and all Lottery Bufinefs tranfafted in. the moft correct. Manner : At the faid Office Ready Money is paid for Blanks and Prizes, and all Government Securities bought and fold by ;C6mmiffion. Number 53,r33 was drawn Yefterday a Prizeof 20001. and-Regifter'd at Mr. Richard Shergold's Lottery-Office in PopeV-Head Alley, Cornhill. A^ it has been .found by ExDerience, that the Examining, during tfie Hours of .Drawing the Lottery, is. fo great , an foterrnptiou as to hinder the Cbrrectoefs that ought to be in a Numerical Book ; therefore thole who enquire for their Friends in the Country, or theniifelves, are defired to call after Three b'Uock at LOWE and BERRY'S Office in-f Stationer's-Alley,Ludgate-ftreet,who have taken all poffible Care to prevent any Interruption to their Polling with the greateft CjEftSihtyt affd to prevent the Town being impofed on hy People uhknown with Counterfeit Tickets or Blacks, they will warrant all thole bought of them to be Undrawn and good Tickets with their own Hands. Shares are fold and Chances in the fame Manner, with the greateft Security. No. 79,320 drawn a few Days ago a Prize of 20001. was fold the fame Morninjg at' their Office._ Bank Stock 147 3 8chs. India Ditto 195 1 half. South 5ea Stock 113 r 8th a 113. Ditto Old Annuities 113 rf 8tlis. Ditto New 114 i half. Three per Cent. Annuities 102 1 half. Ditto 1742, 102 1 half. Ditt�i743, Vot 1 half. Million Bank . Equivalent in.* Royal ^ Affurance 80. London Affurance 11 3 4ths. Englim Copper 4 1. 15 s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan �no Price. Five per Cerit.^ditto' no Price. Bank Circulation 3 1. 5 s. Prem. India Bonds 4 I. 16 s. a 17 �. Pr. Iriree and.a half Salt Tallies 2. i.half Pr. Three and . a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 4 � half Pr. Three per tent. Ditto 2 Difc. ; lottery Tickets 12 1. ti A if - M A R: K E L- AT the KING's THE A TR E in the HAY-market, Saturday next, will beperfonn'd an opera, caU'd R O X A N A ; OR; Alexander in India. 71* MVUCK'Cenpit'dly Mr. HANDEL. *With Dances and other Decorations entirely Nem. '� Pit and Boxes to be �*t togtther, and no Perfons to be admitted without Tkkxu, which wili9Fdeliw*'d that Day, at the Office in the Hay-iMarket, at Half afluine^ch. Gallery 5 s, No PerfoM irKite^Ei'to :deliw*'d that Day, luine^tch. Gallery EST Y's Command, ____^_______admitted behind the Scener. The Gallery will be open at Four oTClock. Pit and Boxe* at Fire. ^2*'s�bfcribeT� t� the Opeia, are dtfir%d to fendfir lixJr Silver) Tickets r# the Opets-Offiee in tie Hay-Market, vebtre Attendance viijlbegii)tn tSii and every Day, from Nine to 7�b, for that Purpofe* ' D R U R Y-L A N E. By His Majeftfi Company vf Comedians, ^^T the Theatre-Jloyal in Drury-Lane, _ this Day, will be prefented thi Tragedy of HAMLET, Prince ^Denmark.- Written by Shakefpear. ' The Part of Hamlet to be perform'd; by Mr.GARRICK; Ring, Mr.Mills; the Ghoft, Mr.Delanej Queen, Mrs. Robert*; Laertes, Mnfibkus Horatio, Mr. Havard; Oftrick, Mr.Nealej Poloniws, by.Mr.jTifwellj MarcellHs> Mr. Turbntt; Rofencrau?, MnWoodburaj Guildenftem, Mr, Green; Player King, Mr.W. Giffard; Player Queen, Mn.Bennet; the Ofaye-dlggers by Mr. Yatei and Mr. Ray j '"'"ASrWPui of Ophdia, by Mtt. Woffington. With Entertainmenti between the A&s, yiz. : ; A&lt. Singing &r Mr. M.O'R LAND, Aft IV. A Dance by Mr.Muiiment, Mr. Defle, Mr.Lifjez, ' Mrt.JWalter,-4iatSeotr, and 0 then. Places for tha.Boxes.ia be taken atthe^ttge-D oor of the Theatre. �A T the Theatre-Royal in Govent-Garden, X\ this Day, will be prdeated * Comedy, call'd The ROYAL MERCHANT-, OR, Beggah^s Bush. . The Part of Claufe perform'd by Mr.QblN ; The Merchant, by Mr. Ryan ; Woolifbrt, Mi. Rofco; Hubert, Mr. Hale ; Hemikirk, Mr. CaJhell ; Prince Prig, Mr. Chapman; Orator Higgen, Mr. Hippifley ; Vandunk, Mr. Marten. Bertha, Mn. Walfer j Jaqueline, Mrs. Vincent. To which Will be added a Ballad-Farce, call'd The LOT T E R Y. The Part of Lovemore by Mr. BEARD ; Mr. Stocks, Mr. Dun* ftall} Jack Stocks (alias Lord Lace) by Mr. Chapman ; Countrymen, Mr. Woodward and Mr. James; And the Part of Chloe (alias Lady Lace) by Mrs. CLIVE. With Dancing by Mr. Villentwve, Mrs. Delagarit, and others, viz. The SCOTCH DANCE. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exaftly at Six o'CIock. To-morrow will be prefented The COUNTRY WIFE. The Part of the Country Wife by Mrs. CLIVE ; And the Part of Pinchwife to be performed by Mr. QJJIN. GOODMAN 'S-F I E L D S.*~-For the Benefit of Mr: HAYES, Harlequin. A T the New Wells, the bottom of Lemon- �\ flrert, Geodman't-Fiildi, this Day, will be perform'd Several New Exercifes of Rope-Dancing, Tumbling, Vaulting, and Eqnilibres. Rope-dancing by Monf. Tanno, Mr. Hough and Mailer Morgan. -Mr. Williams will perform feveral new Exercifes on the Slack-Rope. With SingiBg by Mr.Brett, Mr. Cunningham, and others. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Granier, Mr. Chettle, Monf. Janno, Mrs. Hough, Mils Davis, and Mrs. RawJings. Likewife Dancing by the two Mailers and Mils Granier. Tumbling by the celebrated Monf. Janno, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Hough. Mr. WUl^nis (by Defire) will Jump through a Hog/head with Fire in it; and likewife over Sixteen Men's Heads. The MORRIS-DANCERS will perform a new Mnrris -of -TJweei The WholeTo conclude witE an Entertainment, call'd The SAILORS PROGRESS; Or, Burgomaster Trick'd. In which will be introdue'd (by Dt-fire) that Favourite Scene of Aflion, call'd HARLEQUIN STATUE, imtb Alterations. The Character of Harlequin by Mr. Hayes; Colombine Mrs* Hough \ Burgo-Mafter, Mr. Chettle; Staramouch, Monf. Jinno ; BurgiJ-Maiter's Servant, Mr. Hough. Boxes a s. Pit or Gallery, i s. Nott, Thofe who chufe Wine may have it at a ft. a Bottle. To begin exactly at Five o'CIock. (Being the laft Time of performing here this-Seafon.) By ibe Defire of feveral young Noblemen jufi-~ come front Abroad. T Lampson's Great Room in-�itig& _ Street, Bhwfbury, this Day, will be perform'd a COW-CERT of M U S _I_ _Ko.. -----~W If H A BALL. To kgin at Nine o'CIock. Each Ticket Three Shillings. Drefles to Be had at the above Place, and particular Care will be taken for a warm Room to drefs in. Note, Tickets and Dreffes � be had at the Upper Lamp in James-ftreet, next Door to the Breeches-Maker'i, that End next to Long-Acre. z4 9 -9 A ~2 r# h$ LET T,-"----- In Bloomsbury - Square, Ne*t Doer to the Lord Chief'-Ju/i'ice L EE';, AHOUSE, Ready Furnished. Enquire f�r ParticuTars at the laid Houfe. �2 %o .prewnt IMPOSITION,------ STRONG and Fine-flivour'd BAT A VIA ARRACK, for 12 s. 6"d. per Gallon, if taken from the Irr� dia-Houfe, being 3 s. per Gallon preferable to what is generally fold. Enquire of the Clerks at the Company's Warehoufe, Lomberd-srreet, where Samples may be had at 6 i. per Gallon Advance. MiW^, *> ^ 'Sampan, ^ . Tjd�Td-ftmt. _T. BrodriGk. 2 Tbts Ddy is fU)ltJbe<L,__ Beautifully frtnted on a fine Englijh Paper, A Complete COLLECTION of the WORKS of the Honourable ROBERT BOYLE, In FIVE VOLUMES, FOLIO, Printed from the Beft Edition ; with confiderable Improvements--and Additiont, from H/J^D WN MANUSCRIPTS. As likewife, alnjeNumber of LETTERS upon various Subjects, Written by Rimftrlf. and by his Friends to Him." Wilt fome otherXfRACTS Never before published. vbicb is prefixed, A New Acd&unt of His L I F E. Confifting, partly, of MEMOIRS drawn up by Himfelf. With a Complete fSDEX to the Whole. w*# There are a few printc&n a fuperfine Writing Paper. Printed for A Millar, oppofife Catharine-Hreet in the Strand. In the PrrJ , andJpeedity will be fWltJhed, H E Tryal at Large between the Hon. JAMES ANNESLEY, Efq; and the Right Hon. the Earl of ANGLES E A in the Court of Exchequer in Irt'and. In which all the Speeches and Arguments of the Judges and Council are revifed and corrected by thcmfelves. PublifVd willi flir- ^n'TiiKiti"'? and by the Authority of the RlgEt 5 Hon. the Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland. Printed for J. and P. Knapton, T. Longman, C.Hitch, C.Davis, and a. M'llar-____^ Ibis Day ispublift'd, Pr ce is. 6d. Ihe Second Edition, of SOME Thoughts on thelnrrefi: of Money in general, and particularly in the Publick Funds. With Kea-foas for fixing the fame at a lower Rate, in btth Inftances, witn Regard efpecially to the Landholders. Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane. Hign Water tnis fay at London-Bridge at 49 Minutea \ after 9.

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