Friday, December 6, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, December 6, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 6, 1743, London, Middlesex The London Daily �oft, and General Advertifer. Numb. TUESDAY, December 6, 1743, Dealj December 4, RRIVED his Majefty^s Ship the Atderney, from a Cruize ; and remains with the Baltimore, and the Urfula Tender. WindEaH. Grave/end, Dec. 4. Pafs'd by the Jemima, Ciaribut, from Calais. Arrived at feveral Ports. The Indian King, Philips, from Lifeotv, it arrived at f-riftol. The Montrofe, Wilfon, from Antigua, at Glafgow. The St. Honoretta, Lanee, from Malaga, at Dunkirk. The Berwick, Macguire, from Maryland, off Dover. The Ranger, Glover ; and Hooper, Hooper, Newfoundland, at Oporto. LONDON. Oar Advices by the French Mail, which arrived Yefter-cay, are, that five Merchantmen are failed from St. Malo to the Spanifli Weil Indies, ander Convoy of the fame Number of Men of War. Tint the Men of War fitting out at Breft and Rochefort will fet fail for the Meditera-nean the 25th Inftant, N S. That the French have fur--riiflied their Redoubts and other Works at the Head of their new Bridge at Hunningaen. That his Moft Chriflian Ma-jetty has ordered a Draught of 11,000 Men to be made out of the Militia, for recruiting the Regiments that were brought home from Bavaria, 10 the End that they may be in a Condition to take the Field early in the Spring. They alfo give us a Confirmation, that Mr. Thompfon has fent over to this Court, a Memorial drawn up in the Form of a Plan of Peace, which the French Minifters communicated to him, telling him at the kme time, that this Memorial "had been fent to the Court of France by a certain Power, and that the Contents of it had been approved ; that his Moft Christian Majelty, according to what Anfwer the Britifh Coart might make to it, would take Meafures more or lefs vigorous for his own Intereft and that of his Allies; -and that if fuch Anfwer were not agreeable, M. de BuiTy fhould not go back to London. We alfo hear from Paris, that a great Promotion of General Officers will fpeedily be made, and that fevera! great -Potts and Employments are to be filled up at the fame Time. We hear, that Sir John Rufboac, Bart. Member of Parliament for Evelbam, will be made Treafurer of the Navy, in the room of Thomas Clutterbuck, Efqt deceafed. And that Sir Charles Hardy, Knt. and John Philipfon, Efq; Commiflioner of the Navy, will be appointed Lords jof the Admiralty, in the room of John Morley Trevor, Efq,-and AdmiralCavendifb, deceafed. >Lalt Week his Majefty was gracioufly pleas'd, to order aPardontobe made out for Matter WiHiam Chetwynd, againft whom a Special Verdicjt was found at the iaft Scf-uons it�*hYOld Baily, for unfortunately killing hiiSchool-Fellow, in a Difpute abont a Piece of Cake. Yefterday came Advice that the Kinfale Man of War, Capt. Young, was arrived at Plymouth, from Lifbon, with s Quantity, of Gold for the Merchants of this City. The fame Day came an Account, that the Batchelor's Delight, , bound from Kriftol to Jamaica, having loft her Main and Mizen Marts, is pat into Nevis. On Taefday laft died much regretted by all that knew him, Mr. Thomas Scotchmen an eminent Draper of the Town of Ipfwich. On Saturday died, at his Honfe in the Strand, Mr. Mar-rice, a Linnen-drapcr of confiderabkjtafinefs. On Sunday Night one Mr. Gordon, a Baker near Mount-ftreet was attack'd and robb'd in the Field near May-Fair, of about 7 s. and his Wig, by three Fellows, who made off undifcoverM. Yefterday Number 5,004 was drawn a Prize of 10001. 11,859 a Prize of 5001. and 14,347, 78�493. '5.775. 15,656, 5+.010, 35,935* and 59,590 were drawn Prizes of 1 col. each. *Mr. Richard Shergolp, Printer to thi Honourable _the Commijftoners of the frefent State-Lottery, at his Office, in Pope's Head Alley, over-againft the Royal Exchange, Cornhill, will continue to fell Tickets warranted unorawn, alfo Chances and Shares of Chances, as Halves, Quarters, Eighths and Sixteenths at the current Prices. Exadl Numerical and Regifter Books are kept there, and all Lottery Bufinefs tranfa&ed in the moft correft Manner : At the faid Office Ready Money is paid for Blanks and Prizes. The prefent State ofcthe Lottery in the Wheel one Prize of 10,000 1. three of 5000 1. all the 3000I. three of 20001. twelve of 1000 1. feventeen of 500 1. and more than a Proportion of 100, 50, &c. yet the moderate Price of Tickets enables Meff. LOWE and BERRY to fell their Shares on the cheapeft Terms, as well as Chances; the Puxchafer is fure of not being impofed on by buying bad Tickets, at their Office in Stationer's Ailey, Ludgate-Street, as they warrant them good and undrawn with their own Hands. They will not examine during the Hours of Drawing, and their Office being retired from the Noife of the Publick Streets therefore their Numerical Book is much efteemed for its Cont&nefc.--They fold the greateft Prize, that has been bought at any OfHce this Lottery about three Hours before it was drawn. The Ten Thoufand and Five Tboufand Pound Prizes, with feveral other valuable ones, were tranfaited at Mr. wiLSON's, the State-Lottery OfHce, Charing-Crofs. He will continue during the whole Courfe of drawing this prefent State-Lottery to difpofe of the whole Tickets, and Chances of whole Tickets, as well as the Shares of Chance*, fee. warranted to the Purcbafer with as much Safety at if fold before the Lottery. began drawing, and at the very loweft Prices. His Time of difpofing of them is every Morning before Nine, and Evening after Foor o'Clock. it being highly precarious and imprudent to purchafe either during the Hours of Drawing. As his Books are always fettled at that Time for the Day, he will then examine Tickets and Shares, &c. and tranfatt all other Bufinefs relating to the Lottery. The moft ready Money may be had at any Time of the Day for Blanks and Priz'.s. Norwich, Dec. 3. On Friday the 25th of November, one William Everett, a fingle Man, late of Wood-Dawling, being in Love with another Man's Wife, occaiion'd fuch Diforder in his Brain, that be hang'd himfelf in a Stable. The fame Day one Hannah Carter, a poor ancient Woman in North-Walfham, being difordered in her Senfes, hanged herfelf. Edinburgh, Nov. 28. Laft Week died the Right Hon. the Lord Blarftyre, at his Seat in the County of Renfrew. And on Saturday the Corpfe was interr'd in the Burying Place of the Family at Blantyre. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at zo Minutet after 3. Bank Stock 146 3 4ths. India Ditto no Price. South Sea Stock] 112 14th. Ditto Old Annuities 113 1 8th a 1 4th. Ditto New 1T3 1 4th a 5 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 102. Ditto 1742, 102. Ditto 1743, loo 3 4ths. M41 ion Bank 118. Equivalent 111. Royal Afiurance 80. London Aflurance 11 3 4ths. Engliib Copper 4I. 15 s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 3 1. 2 s. 6 d. Pr". India Bonds 4 1. 14a f5 5. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies 2 1 half Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 4 1. Pr. Three per Cent. Ditto 2 Difc. Lottery Tickets 1 j 1. 7 s. HAY-MARKET. AT the KING's THE A TR E in the hay-MARKET, thi* Day, wili b< perform'd an OPERA, call'd R O X A N A i o R, Alexander in India. The MUSICK Cowfofd by Mr. HANDEL. With Dances and other Decorations entirely New. Pit and Boaes to be put together, and no Perfoai to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deiiver'd thi* Day, at the Office in the Hay-Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 51. By his MAJESTY'S Command, No Perfoai whatever to be admitted behind the Scene*. The GaUery will be open at Four o'clock. Pit and Boxes at Frre. To begin at Six o'Clock. �* Tht Subfcriben ta the Open, art defied to find for tbtir Silver Tickets t$ the Opera-Office in the Hay-Market, where Attendance xoill begiven tbit and every Day, from Nine to 1x9J, for that Purpofe. D R U R Y - L A N �. - Not A8ed tbit Sea/on. By His Majeflyst Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre - Royal in Drury-Lane, this Day, will be prefented a Play, call'd The. REHEARSAL. The Part of Bayes to be perform'd by Mr. GARRICK. j Mr. Smith, Mr.W.Giftard ; Mr. Johnfon, Mr.Mills; The other Characters to be perform'd by Mr. Yates, Mr. Ha-vaxd, Mr. Tafwell, Mr. Blakes, Mr. Turbutt, Mr. Gray, Mr. Ulher, Mrs. Ridout, Mrs. Crofs, Mifs Cole, Mifs Wright. With an Additional Reinforcement of Mr. Bayes's new-rais'd Troops. No Money will be taken behind the Scenes. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. COVEN T-G A R D E N. AT the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden, this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd SHE WOU'D and SHE WOU'D NOT j O R, The Kind Impostor. The Part of Don Manuel by Mr. Hippifley ; Don Philip, Mr. Ryan; Oftavio, Mr.Hale; Trappanti, Mr. Chapman; Soto, Mr. Woodward ; Diego, by Mr. Marten; Corrigidor, Mr. Ridout; Don Luis, Mr. Gibfon. Flora, Mrs.Stevens; Rofara, Mrs. Hale j Vil-Jetta, Mrs. Kilby ; the Part of Hypolita by Mrs. Vincent. To which will be added a Farce,- call'd The S C H O O L-B O Y. The Part of the School-Boy by Mr. Woodward ; Yovng Rakei/h, Mr. Hale; Friendly, Mr. Anderfon ; Benedid, Mr. Jamei. Lady Manlove, Mrs. Martin ; Lettice, Mrs. Dunftall ; And the Part of Major Rakei/h, by Mr. Hippifley. With Dancing by Mr. VilUneuwe, Mrs. Delegare**, and others, viz. The SCOTCH DANCE. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exaftly at Six o'Clock. To-morrow will bt prefented a Comedy, call'd The MISER. The Part of Lappet to be perform'd by Mrs. CL1VE. Pay-Office^ Broad-Street, Dec.3, 1743.- rHESE are to give Notice, that the Widows of thi Ctmmiffion and Warrant Officers of hit Majefty's Royal Navy, will be faid their Penfions and Bounty due the $\fl of May laf, at the Pay-Office in Broad-Street, viz. the Captains, Lieutenants and Mafers Widows, on Monday the \ztb, tht Boatfwains and Gunners on Tuefday tbi i$th, and the Widnu* of the Carpenters, Purfers, Surgetns, and the reft, on Wednefday tht 14th Infant, between the Hours ifTeu and 3wo, end every Tuefday afterwards between the fame Hours ; and tht Widows aba inhabit in London or tit Parts adjacent are to take Notice, that their Ptnfion or Bounty nvill not be paid, unit ft they torn* in Ptrfon to receipt tht fame, or that tbtir Attorney do bring a Certificate, from tbt Minifltr or Church-Wardens of the Parijb they belong to, fbtwing the Caufe of their Inability. * np HE Bond Creditor* of Capt. JAMES � BROWN, late of the PrifciB* Gaily, are defired to meet hlitxecutrix's Attorney, on Thursday the 16th of December Lift, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the r/woar-eoffee-houfe in CnvbiB, and hring their Bonds with them. Enquire for ROBERT ALSTON. IF the Hampjhire Lady that walked through the Strand, and was overtaken by One fte knows near the New urch, between Twelve and One on Monday laft, will let thatPer-fon know where (he may be fpoke with, by a Letter direfled to R. W. at Somerfet ColFee-houfe in the Strand, the Favour will be properly acknowledge. Vo all G L IN T L E M E N,- T E N N I sVp'L AVER S, THE NEW TENNIS-COURT in frirtdmill-Jlrett, facing the Hay-Market, is Open'd, and Kept for the Diversion of Gentlemen, at z s. a Six Game Set, or any" Gentleman may befpeak the Court for their own Play, The Court is exaclly like that in Jamtt-jirttt \ and when at Le�-fure, TENNIS at 1 t. or 8 d. for a Four Game Set. Note, Another TENNIS-COURT in High HoUwn, near the Bug-and-Gate Inn, or near to that Corner of Lincoln't-Inn Fields, turning up on the Left Hand from the Duke of NewcaftWs 5 it is in the Corner between the Cofiee-houfe and the Stocking Warehoufe. lennii at 1 r. or 8 d. a Set, two Billiard-Tablet, and Fiva, W letting at Itmit, very Reafonable, by THOMAS HIGGINSON, Who keeps the lives Court in St. Martins-fir eett at the lower End. next Door to the StabU-Yard. near Leicefitr-Tields. FIVES at Boards, RACQUETS, or HAND-FIVES, at a d. a Game double, er at 3 d, or 4 d. lingle, which is cheaper than ufual. %* All the three Courts are free for any Body. 1o prevent IMPOSITIO N,_ STRONG and Fine-fhvour'd BATAVIA ARRACK, for ias- 6d. /^Gallon, if taken from the In-� dia-Houfe, being 3 t. per Gallon prefeiahle to what is generally Ibid. Enquire of the Clerks at the Campanj's Warehoufe, Lombard-fireet, where Samples saay be had at 6 d. f*r Gallon Advance. �j Order if tbit Company, T. Brodrick. Brandy-Wareboufe, Lmbard-ftrttt, To be SOLD by AUCTION,- At the CA5TLE Tavern in Pater-nofler Rovj, This Day, being tht 6th of December, punctually at Six e1'Clock in the Evening ; ^Double HARPSICHORD, with_ari_ _ _-OPfiAN nnHrr it j rnnfiflinf nf fi �TTV ly Crofi at Brtbltbem, where ftood the Stable where. Cbnfi was born, with the Stalls, Racks, Mangers, and all obfervable Buildings, curioufly inlaid. 2. A very curions and compleat Model, adorned with Mofaick Work, in Mother of Pearl, &c. of the whole Temple of CbrifaHc pulchre at Jerufalem, as it was built by Helena, Mother of the Emperor Conflantine : With all the Chapels, Altars, and other obferve-able Buildings about it. This venerable Curiofity is fo artificially and coromodioufly contrived, that the Infide and Ground Plan, are ren� dered as vifible as the Elevation. 3. The Infide of St. Peter** Church at Rcme, as it appear'd illuminated in the moft magnificent Manner, at the Grand jubilee in the Year 1700. 4. Chains, four double, cut out of a folid Piece of Timber, efteemed as great a Curiofity is ever was feen in any Nation. 5. A curious Picture, reprefenting the PASSION of our SAVIOUR, painted by the moft celebrated Raphael Urbin, which, for its iUuftriousBeauties, the late King of France offered 1000 Piftoles, bue was refufed; like wife 500 Guineas was offered here by the late Queea for tha fourth Part of the faid Piclure : In (hort, the Beauties are? not to be defcribed by the moft eloquent Writer. 6. A furprifing artificial SHOWER of HAIL and RAIN, lately brought fr�m Abroad. 7. The LORD'* PRAYER, wrote in the Sixteenth Part if a �Gil'UV Pinny, iiht ftlTtP It read.--- With feveral other Curiofitiea too tedious to mention. To be ihewn to Two or more at any Time, from Nine in the Morning 'till Eight at Night. Price 1 s. Gentlemen or Ladies, having once paid, are admitted Gratis, fe-long as they flay in Town, bringing Company. This valuable Collection are to be Sold together, or feparate. No Money taken before Sight._ In Thu Day are -publijlozci,------ TWO VOLUMES, FOLIO. With tht Approbation of the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor, and all the Judges. Tl EPORTS of CASES, argued and ad- .(V. judged in the Courts of KING's-BENCH and COMMON--PLEAS, in the Reigns of the late King William, Queen Amu, King Gurge I. and bis present Majefty. Taken and collected by the Right Honourable ROBERT Lord RAYMOND, -'- Late Lord Chief Juftiauftbt Cawt ef^hr^^encirr' Printed for the Executor of the late Fletcher Gyles, T. Wood-Ward, and C. Davis, �ppof)te Grays-Inn Gate, Holborn. When may bt had, Lord Chief-Juftice Hale's Hiftory of the Pleas of the Crown, in two Volumes, Folio.

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