Tuesday, December 3, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Tuesday, December 3, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 3, 1743, London, Middlesex - IS. a t u RBA y, Dece m,b Eft'J, = 174so Deal} Decemlef \* [|11� DreadnoDght Man of War i8 now under lail for the River, ^amjj^own his Majefty's Ships MoniQoatb and Medwayj Prince : William, Langworth, for India ; antf are preparing to fail Vith the India Ships, the Outward bound, and the" Phoenix Man of War. Arrived his Majefty's Sloop JBalti-;j u- - store from the Weftward ; Infant Dtike,Jefinings, from Faroe. Remain the Depfford, Gpf-port, and Baltimore, and the Dutch Ships. Wind E.S.E. Grave/end,' Dec. x. Pafs^d by the Mamhead, . C&appel, -from Standgate-Creek j Lilly, Townfend ; and John and Jacob, Nanus, from Oporto ; and the William and Mary, Payne, from St. Kit�. Arrived at femeral Ports. The Anrilope, Morrjce, from Faroe, is arrived off Dover, in 9 Days. The Samuel and Dove, Cbeefman, from Oporto, off Dover, in 7 Days. The Lyon, Watts, from Oporto, at Dartmouth. The Dartmouth, Porter, from Lifbon, at Dartmouth. LONDON. ^xtraS of a Letter from on hoard the Rochester Mer-cbantman, dated Nov. 22, off the Bayonne IJlands. T Have this Opportunity by the Saphire Man of War, \ Capt. Holmes, of advifing you, that the Day before Yefterday we met with a Spanish Privateer, a large Schooner, who I judged to have had at leaft 80 Men aboard, with 8 Carriage and 16 Swivel Guns, who boarded me immediately, but by the Help of my little Ship's Company, who behaved like Englifhmen, after having fought him an Hoar and half, Board and Board, he thought proper to re-tire,~%nd leave me at Liberty to purfoe my Voyage : We have two Crofs-Bar Shot through our Main-Matt, and fe-veral in our Hull; but the principal Damage is poor Ogil-vie, (my Mate) who in throwing a Shell into the Enemy, (battered His Hand fo much, that the Surgeon of the Saphire was obliged to cut it off j and the Misfortune was ftill greater, lb at this Accident happened before we was quite grappled with the Veffels, fo that I was deltitute of his Affiflance all (he Height of the Engagement; I have two more much wounded. Had I not fortunately met with the Saphire, I muft have loft my Main-Malt, and Ogilvie his Life. Captain Holmes has been very obliging m fparing me his Carpenters to fee are my Mafts, and repair my other Damages; as likewife fome Materials ; I can't prevail upon nim to go eff the Bar with me, he being bound Home. The Wind is now contrary, and in all Probability it will be along Time before we beat up to Port; he has laid by me all Day to affift me, and is joft now going to leave me. I have the Mortification to add after this good News, that four of ray People being wounded, and there being only 16 left, four of which are not able to fire a Mufqoet, that my Men are much dilheartenedi efpecially as the Privateer is gopc into his own Port again, and will probably pay us another Vifit, petbftps attended with a Companion. We muft ftartrialie^fcfa*)^ hisDeck' being full of Blood. I could have wiihed to have wrote this News from Fort; but let what will happen, you may allure yourfelf that I will never give up the Ship tamely. I am, &c. We are allured, that in Cafe the W>r Ihould continue next Year, a certain great Officer, as remarkable for his Regard to his Country, as his Underftanding in Military Affairs, has form'd a Plan of Operations which is greatly approved of, and mult in all Probability difconcert the Mea-faresof the Court of France. On Wednefday Night laft Major Bloflett arrived at his Houfe in Albemarle-ftreet, from the Army in Flanders. Yefterday came Advice, that the Saphire Man . of War, Capt. Holmes, arrived at Plymouth on Tuefday laft, from Lifbon. His Majefty's Ship the Sutherland is failed from Plymouth, on a Cruize. The Goodfellow, Joyce, from London to Jamaica, was well the 18th of September off Montferrat. On Thurfday died, at his Houfe in Jermain-ftreet, Mr. Xancafter, a very eminent Brafier, of good Character and confiderable Fortune. A few Days ago died Mifs Jolley, Daughter of Mr. Jolley ofMaddaxftreet, a young Lady greatly lamented by her Acquaintance ; and laft Night her Corpfe was in-terr'd in a bandfome manner at St. James's Church. , On Thurfday Night Mr. Draper, a Perriwigmaker in Chancery-lane was attack'd in Broad-ftreet near Sohp Square by a Angle Fellow, who robb'd him of his Hat and ^Wigg* and 14s. in Money. ' Yeflerday William Jones, a Hackney Writer, was committed to Clerkenwell Bridewell, by Col. De Veil, on the Oath of Mr. Robert Handley of the Six-Clerks Office, for having cheated and defrauded him of a confiderable Sum of Money, by drawing Bills and Anfwers in Chancery upon Common Papers, without the Stamps prefcribed by A&of Parliament, only upon the fix firft Sheets of the fad Bills or Aniwersi and all the reft without any Stamps, for which Offence he may be profecuted, not only for a Fraud to the Gentleman that empkty'd hrm, but is liable, by panica-iar Statutes, to a Penalty of Ten pounds for each Sheet put into Court without the laid legal Stamp. On Monday next begins the General Srffions at HicksV "Hall, on Tuefday at Guildhall, and on Wednefday at the Old-Bailey, y '  ,; Yefterday Number 58,256, and 34,149 "were drawn Prizes of 5001. each; and 0,528, 28�730�.5j7.02� 54�9&6 4,769," 11,945, &tl& 1,215'Prizes'of 1001, each. We are allured, that the zooo 1. Prize which came op laft Thurfday, Numb. 19565 belongs to Samuel Child, T�iq; a Banker at Temple-Bar. Number 28,717, drawn on Thurfday a Prize of 100 1-wasfhar'd at*heStateLotteryOffice, Charing-Crofs, kept by.Mr. Wilfon : This is the Fourth prize of; 1061: each that has been wared at his Office this Lottery' ;. the [Money is ready on Demand. He-continues' to!fell the whole Chances, and Shares of Chances, as; ufual. As it has .been, found by Experience, that the Examining, during the Houxsof Drawing the Lottery, is fo great � an Interraption as to hinder the Correclnefs that ought to i be in a Numerical Book j1 therefore thofe who enquire for j their Friends itrthe Copr^ry,; or themfelves, are defired to| call after Three o'Clock at LOWE and BERRY's Office in :�Hattpners-AHey, Ladgate-flreet, who have taken all poffi- , ble Care to prevent any Interruption to their Polling the Numbers, therefore'they may be depended on with the greateft Certainty ; and to prevent the Town being impofed . on by People unknown with Counterfeit Tickets or Blanks, they will warrant all thofe bought of them to be.Undrawn , and ^ood Tickets with their own Hands. Shares are fold, . and Chances in the fame Manner;-with the greateft Security. No. 79,320 drawn a few Days ago a Prize of zoool. -was fold the lame Morning at their Office. To the Author of the London Daily Post. SIR, I of Tea and. 7<wo, andevetyTuefday^etyards tttyveen the AS there have been many Repons to my Prejudice, I -{� fimriitmn i undibe Wihmi fOboAbabit in London or the defire you will publifh the true and only Reafon, why I have not yet appear'd upon'the.Stage this Winter. Many Of the Perfons concerrfd in the late struggle with the Manager, might have been left deftitute had ^ defened them, therefore I thought it incumbent on me to endeavour at their Reconciliation with my own, upon reafonable Terms; this I have almoft accomplifh'd, and hope I am excufable for not playing 'till it is determin'd. Tbo' I ani lenfible my Affairs' are too inconfiderable to be laid'befbre the Publick, yet as I am their Servant, and have been fo much fivour'd with their Indulgence, -1 thought it my Duty to convince 'em that it is neither Ob. fi/tacy, or Exorbitancy, but a quite different Motive, that detains me fo long from doing my utmoft to contribute to their Entertainment. I am, Sir, your humble Servant, D. Gar rick. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 40 Minutes after 12. HAY-MAR. KET. T the KING'S THEATRE in the __hay-MARKET, shii Day, will be perfdnn'd an opera, call'.d R O X A: N A i Alexander in India. The MUSICK Com^oi'd by Mr, JlANDIL. . With Dances and other DeCorations entirely Ne . Pit and Boxes to be pnt together, ^niJjio'PeHbiu, to be -admitted without" T&fcetj, wliich wiil.be; deli�r'iUl}s Day, �t the Office in ibe Hay-Marjcet, at Half a Guinea eachi Gallery .5 b, Bv HIS MA J t-$t Tfi Wtatoutii No Perfona whatever-to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery will be open at Four q*Clock*\ Kt andtBoxes at Five. To begin at. Six o'clock. . *#* The Subfcribera to tbe Open, art defied to fend for fifi'r Silver Tickets the Opera-Office in tbt Hay-Market, ivbtrc Attendance ViUl be given tint ondevtry Day, from jNine to. for that Pvrfpfe. D R U R Y-JL A N E.^--By particular D E S I R E, By his Majefi'fi Company of Comedians * AT the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, this Day, will be preiented a Comedy, calPd The R E L A PS E ; OR, Virtue in Danger.  The Part of Lorf Foppington by Mr. Cibber; Lovelefi, Mr. Gjnard; Worthy, Mr. Delane; Sir Tunbelly; Cjumfey, Mr. Taf-weil; Young Fafldon, Mr. Crofs; Varoles, Mr. Blakes j Lory, Mr. Neale; Coupler, by Mr. Morgan ; Surgeon, Mr- Yates; Bull, Mr. Uflier; Shoemaker, Mr. Ray. Amanda, Mrs. Crofs 5 Nurfe, Mrs. Edgerton j Mifs Hoyden, Mrs.Ridont; And the Part of Berinthia by Mrs. Woffington. With Entertainments between the Acts, via. Aft i. A Piece of Scotch Mufick by Mjc. OSWALD. Alt iil a Dance by Mr. Muilment, :Mr. Defle, Mr. Liriez, Mn. Walter, Mifs Scott, and others. . To which will be added a Farce of Twq A&t, call'd The LYING V A JL E T. The Part of the Lying Valet by Mr. Yates; Gaylefs, by Mr. Blakes j JulKce Guttle, Mr. Tafweliy Beau Trippit, Mr. Neale; Melifla, Mrs. Bennet {"Mrs. Gadabout, Mrs- Egerton; Mrs. Trippit, Mrs. King } Kitty Pry, Mrs. Yates. Places for the Boxes to-be taken at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. ' "Toiegih exaftly at Six o'Clock. . C O V K NT- G A R D EN> I AT the Theafre-Royal in Covtht-Garden, this Thy, whT be prefented the Tragedy of MAC B E T rl. The Part of Macbeth te be perform'd by Mr.QUIN j Macduft', by Mr. Ryan j Lady Macduff, Mrs. Steven*; King, Mr. Gibfon; tfanquo, Mr. Bridgwater; Malcolm, Mr. Hate ; Donalbain, Mr. Ander&n ; Lenox, Mr. Stephens; Seyward, Mr. (Gaftell; Sey-ton, Mr. Ridout; Hecate, Mr. Rofco; Firft Murderer, Mr. Marten; sd, Mr.StoppeJaer ; Witches by Mr. HlppUlcy, Mr.^eodward, and Mr. James; , ;, \ .. - And the Part �f Lady Macbeth by Mrs. Hortpn. With the ORIGINAL MUSICK. , The Vocal Parts by Mr. Levfridge, Mr. Roberts,.Mr. Rhein-hold, Mr. Thompfbn, Mr. Bencraft, Mrs. Vincent, Mifi Halyard, and others. . ;, -di-ii And all the Dances proper io the Play. ' uiw To which will be added a Ballad^Farce, call'd 1 ' The L Q T ff E R . %^ .. � The Part of Loverhore by-Ml*. BEARD; Mr. Stocks, Mf.'Dua- : ftall; Jack Stocks (alias Lord Lace) by Mt.-G^aptnan  Chlfie (atus LadyLaccJ M�. Vincent j Countrymen. Mr^Woodward^and Mr. James. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Door of the Thtatre. ' - * 1 Tobeginexaftly at Six o'Clock. Batik Stogie 14611 41 h a 146.-Triata~'Ditto 1 4111 a 140. inaia Ditto 193 a 192,3 4ths a-j^i^half. Sooth Sea Stock u^i 4th. Ditto Ola Annuities > 12' 7>8ths a 13 1 8th a 13. Dittojhftw if3 15 8tbs a .� half'.a^ 8ths. Thr^e per Cent. Annnides 102 r 4th a 162/ Ditto -1742, 102 1 4th a 102. Ditto 1743, 160 1 half. Mill ion Bank 1181 half. Equivalent, ally. Rnya4-AUuiarne 86. London Ailurance n 1 naif. Englilb Copper'41. 15 s^ Seven per'Cent. Emperor's Loan no-*Priced Five per Cent, ditto no Price. . Bank Circus 'lattbtr 3 1. it. 6,d; Pr. /lqdia':$on(Js:4 F. > 12 �.s a 14 s. Pr. ; Thre^'ai)a;a'.half SaltllaWes 2 rhaif Pr; Three and a , half peV Ce'm.; Exchequer, Orders t half Pr. Three per Cent;Ditto 2 Difc. Lottery Tickets 7 s. a 9 s. a 7 ?� -: r_' _ ' Pay-Oihce, Broad-Street, Dec.3, 1743V- rHESE are to give Notice^ that the Widows of. the Commijfioa and Warrant Officers of his Majefifs Royal Navyi toill bipaid_'their finfions and.Bounty due the l$iJl'ofMay lift, at the Pay-Office in BroedrStreet, viz. , the Captains, Z,zV�/#m�/>.<m&/ Mofters Widows, on Monday "the 12 th, 'the Boatfnvains and Gunners on Tuefday the i 3At, and the fffide'ivs of the.Carpenters, Pur fen, Surgeons, and the reff on Wednefday the I �th Infiant, between the Hours "Parts adjacentv aTe'ta" Jake Notice, that their Penfion or Bounty ivill not be paid, unlefs Hhey. come in Per Jim to receive the fame, or that their Attorney do'bring a Certificate, from the Minifler or Church-Wardens of the Parifh they belong to, fhenving the Caitfe of their Inability. Decembers, 1743 r a Meeting of fiver alpf the Inhabt ants of Langbourn Ward, at the King's- Arms in Lombard-Street, it nuns unanim-wjly agreed tor nominate Mr. WILL I A MHUNTER, Citizen and Goldsmith, To be one of the Common-Council-Men of the faidWardfor the Tear enfuing. T 1o all GEN TtEM E N.N I S-P L A Y T E N.N I S-P LA YER S, THE NEW TENNIS-COURT in Windmill-fireit, fating the Ha}-Market, is Open'd, and Kept for the Diyerfion of Gentlemen, at 2 J. a Six Game Set, or any "Gentleman may befpeak the Court for their own Play. The Court is exaclly like that in Jamts-firtet j and when at Lei-fure, TENNIS at \ 1. or 8 d. for a Four Game Set. Note, Another TENNIS-COURT in High Hoiborn. _ wiJ 0JU Inn, or'near lo lllit Corner oi utncoti?i~Im Fitldt, turning lip^pn the Left Hand from'the Duke of Ne*�caftU,s ; it is in tie 'Corner between the Coffee-houfe ani the Stocking Ware houfe.  at is. or id. a Set, two Bfljiard-Tabic:, and Fivet, or Tiffing at Tennit, very Reafonable, by THOMAS HIGG IN SON, Who keeps the Fives Court in St. Martin1's-ftreet, at the lover ^Efid. next Door to the Stable-Yard, near Leieefier-Fields. FIVES at Boards, RACQUETS, or HAND-FIVES^ at 2 dame double; of at -3 d. or 4 Cbaricg-Crofs WRlGHTSON'o Collection of RARITIES frpm ' divers Parts pf the World : Allowed by the Curious to exceed all Ihings ever yet fhewn. 1. A Beautiful Model > of the Church of the fX. Boty Crofi it Brtblebcm, where ftood the Stable where Cbrl/i was born,- with the Stalls, Racks, Mangers, and all obfcrvable Buildings, curioufly inlaid. 2. A very curious and compleat Model, adorned with Mo&ick Work, in Mother of Pearl, tec. of the whole Temple of Cbrift't Sepulchre at Jerufelem, as it "was built by Helena, Mother of the Emperor Confiantine : With all the Chapels, Altars, and other obferve-able Buildings about it. This venerable Curiofity is fo artificially ani :commodiouily contrived, that the Infide and Ground -Plan, are rendered as vifible as the KlEvatinn. - '.. 1,.Tin lllHHi I' 'I, 1 I '1 f't mill 11 r as it appear'd illuminated in the moft magnificent Manner, at the Grand Jubilee in the ; Year 1700. 4. Cbaijts, four double, cut out of a folid Piece of Timber, ef-teemed as great a Curiofity is ever was feen in any Nation. 5. A curious Pifture, reprefenting the PASSION of our SAVIOUR, painted by the moft celebrated Jtapbael Urb'm, which, for is illuftrious Beauties, the late King of Fra��,ofE:red looo Piftoles, bat was refufed; likewife 500 Guineas was pffered here by the late Queen for th� fottrth Part of the (aid Picture: In fliort/ the Beaatiea are not to be idefcribed by the moft eloquent Write/, .',.. ' 6'. A furprifing artificial SHOWER oi[HAIL and RAIN, lately brought from Abroad.* 7. The LORD** PRAYER, wrote in the Sixteenth Part, of a Silver Pe*ny, and fair to be read. t With feveral other Curiofities too tedieusto mention. To be fliewn to Two or m�re at any Time, from Nine in the "Morning 'till Eight at Night. Price 1 s. Gentlemen or Ladies, haying once paid, ?re admitted Gratis, fo long as they ftay in Town, bringing Cmp ny.' This valuable Collection are to be Sold together, nr fepirate. Tbti Oay is putHijttea^ frtce i o el.-^ AEarther-XiNDiCATioN of the CASE of the HANOVER TROOPS, in which the unif. rm Influence Qf the Hj-r:* Rudder is clearly defc&ed and expos'd : Bejni a full AnWef1 founded on Fa�ls arid Dates,''to a Pamphlet) call'd 'ife inte-rift of Great'Britain fteadily purfued. rr , ,Piirjed,j,crM. ?B(:rer'i 'U^CjClobe inPatet�i.fle -Bo v.__ \AdvsTt\fzw*lsoff&fsraJe Ungtb are tahn'Snfor tbisPaptr kf. WeS^tlM^s eatb. -2 9 -9. 2 -9 <7 -9 .O -a-

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