Sunday, December 1, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Sunday, December 1, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 1, 1743, London, Middlesex the Nw^gladd j l^'haye toaaehfa Bfcapc,> hii^-^^1^3i^^*eiited ^roinfe P^e tliat w�e on the Watco, by ine^jr|4r .of #|Gi0ilef.5*& was iaforoVdbtineir Defigitab" j^fwni Jfport, ahdj^ renders and lei; Coulter; for AmJgoa; j and Browo, fo#(Eat�i9t.' '^5^ S.W/ ^^^Mi^^Eafe'dby Merchant, , Irom Januuta* jsvanf^at'^afi . atjlyt toward,. Nblifc; 3ffe - . i- r...�  . ' ew-Hamj}ihfre, Giants and' Yefleiaay afri?ed;the~TOaiIfcomJfltn^^ According&Lweqr&gnn^cHag^Vottfee* " Month, M.S. iheisord Carteret, In theiaft ?" had with the MefiHSen of fhV government, a; the Name of^c.|^^Vj^ikilja^'&a?|.______________ g-m RtfoMoa topttJarm, withtte^tjnpft*he ^Rbihefh^v. ^a*t>e%fohU ^ in mainoaalng^the Tnaties made forthe Sapport of. the Hoofe of Aoftrfei ; ^hefe Advices affpire ii$,rrbot by what AiltVbrjtj^i^^owi^ .that the/reach TfQcps, which are ftbiiildjng, tp^e'Fbr ts- -on 7 the other Side ofthe' Rhine are not to Wdeetnfehahy longer Auxiliaries to the; OEmperor.i' Advices fifemr-Gerioiffre^refent that Rej^lick;as being in the atmojlPe^Iexitjf: On the one ^i^^Mt'AS^a[9t Corfica nmsvas"* croft as ever; and, 'the CotnHTof Naples, on the other.Handdemands Sarisfaftfon .in'Regard to the Neapolitan Hotts or Barracks that have been &mcKlbed;at Cenoaj which the Seriate do not care to ^ive, tiat raffia-think offending a Nobleman to.Napler1w^iome" pitjial Excoie tor 'their .Qo^dn&/.' A^^Wnend tne Matter, they oreat their Wte�n4 abon$ Final,; which t$ey c3nnot*h3pe to'Keep�nn]efs the^ench J^t^ji^^c^ inv the ^h^^ 'V/eh&r'fmtttPe^pborgh^thatthe\j^prefcis fo taken^ with 4he.Fre^j]){^^ Solved to keep always a.&nipany of^ebeft Jterformer* of &t.N�tion$' both-in^TraCfcTcJ�nd GftaiQi P#es.:! / From Pans Wtfhear;?tHi� ^gpftg^ft* wt^ng^off�; di&ri Parts Q&^^j^fogy ipecify- wiwt^derfarPI^ces ; that the Ftench iOng^ is fendrog4O0o Menraore.tcr the;In^rtuDoh P^^ ^tailrlie Freiich^roftpft defined to theCommaad,of.M.'de iSegnr, the^' ' definaJ^wftChriflian^ajeAy itft>o |ha| ofFraoce. ? V l';, Wc.iear, .an,Saepnfe:aniwdiYeiiejiday'-ifrom Bablin, witixan Account, that a Verdift was.broflghtin, iirftVpor ^ihe $ah.*Mr>1&iklkf; in :r^SmJ^''^ttm a�rmand:AfE^of A�5^ : ' \ '� 1 ty�ffe^^^Hpn.'!^rJbdia.Com took into their ;Ser?icVitbe Wager, ^Ck^t. Raymbna the Qodblpfaio, Gapt. Steward; and the-Ku&William, Capt. pjyijps ; ^J?^e7diy an^'c^n^jCa^aVthat^ei SheWen�^Gj|V{n, # TOohaTrbih 'LonBon to Jamaica, ran on the 'Gianb-Stairs * jmQukt faibHuok ia*ic ftehtmV ^ater j {atfd 'ns;/be-^ Oieved<aU tbe.Ca^w^l! bejbftr: z; ' ;" r : Affifoy |^ *�^l|9D< General ?pnfci}by arrived in ^^from ^Ajpjr.^ -As d^drfewral Officers,? who are jcpme p,Recrjut their different Corps. On Taefbay laft the Ri^it Hori/the Earl of Rocking-ia#�^ tb"^gobTe;ih^G^ f^m-piKk.- r, Iflw&ay^iMorning, z Robert: Clark. Stewart, E(qi .was married at Newcaftlcto Mifs A irey, Daughter of John Airey, Efq;,aneniinent^Vo^j^bf'thatT^irttV'ajyb,^ fla�ly dfeea^�!M^ '." 7 7 ^ Wc)^t;iMX^0ptX^oa are jnakiog ftrong pollicitations to ihVCommiffionersiof the 1^6^4x; fb7\bTex- Liv^mYearVffib* -cufedfrom payingTaxcs fBr" their they have beetftaked'and paid for, (exce|^'tfieMVear) - ever fince the Year1693; ai'alfo :alf^f;^vinj&Ca^iigh-ont England. In this- QQ�'thejr havi'. ]St%tWiiil^^!ifiiet$:' as !!4eketsi well as Chances, every MbWi; ^BfetJnf. cX2^;*^rra� ^asifi^afee:, :TJi&#;reAdy^n^w^^ fiheiBrftwafe ifce t'ftr tiwaofpe&oh of-Ai*ventttrers.H ar,;i^^ \ charit^ BillfeSjquare, iftfo^ ; Hart, ^aaghicrpf Mr. Mofes'-|i�rt; anigreeableLady,; - with a very great Fortahe. : :' '""'"~':"'t'V! * -�^l)e^ef8;ftotelJflibh'>i^pjt ihe: DeatH pt;Wr^;^a|fc�, i ...*-^^g�P.?od!!?iW|n. wBp'%Mt.';bver. xmfiy'mm-Lo^on, > ; &ri^;Recpveiy of hjs Health. nr -| 'OaiTiiefilay ^aft was jnten^din a very erand mamierj ib f the Borial Place ^>f the Family in BuckJngbaraflure, tbc *. Corpfe of Mrs. Hornby/ a GeVitlewbmii' orboofiderable ^ TTiey write from Wewcattje, that on the 24th paft at ^Night,,Alexanderr�er, JphnWindrum,aiidIftbelWe]fl�,; -wisreiap^ivhehded and*committed to* Goalj "for pbttmg an iron Crow into the Window of |hat Rpomo/ the Pnfon :W8. Equivalent�f t; >.1&Dyal A&nuce ^9. Ijos->Afiurancei� 5,8thsl t'Ei^*^^^!?^;:;^^ ditUfjaq Price.. ^Bank Circalation $ ,1. 2 s. jb d. >Pr. |ndia Bonds 4-t. 14,81. X'lS �i. Three and ^half^SaltTalUes I -3 Pr.n Three and^M^lf �k^t- iCat.��!itto zDifc. Lottery ,Tickets u.I. us. � ;X\."HAY-^f ARKET; ^^&tnext, wiUT�p�fbrin'd an t! R O X A N OR, AlexanjTe;rV�:|nd?a. \j^^/P4^S?5>^*/^r.!4)BC.oRATioNa MtirifyNwrt ""Fit and Boxes "to be put togeth�, ari po- Perfrau td J*'idmittoi withqutTkkcty whlArwffl V"JdeH�ryt�aat JDaF>Lat the Office in ! the Hay.Market, at'H^l�aGojnea^aclu GaUoy 55. .-.^r^SJ*^A-J*S.>TJy?t; ?baBsaana,:' C -t Ko^peg(b}UAwhjM^�r.Ktbtadmitted behiiui the Scenei*. ^ The Gallery will be open at Foor.o'eioek. Pit and Bows at Five. *  , (Toibe^iSat^x o'Clock. - ' *#* TieSubfiaiben to#0j)p#a,*ri4&?dto.jMfatbtir$ara -Tickets ^-Gpei^Ofim^rfir-^^^ke^^^rii^ toijtUpvn tbit'j^tvt^J>aji]frw:mH*lt'^wit, fit. ihatPxtjafe. , D R U ;R rtrt K E. - t the Theatre-Rpy^l in Drucy- J^ane, tail Day, will be pwehted a: eamedy, cdi'd : 1 Hetrtwell I^r. iBridfei} Behaour^ Mr.iSifiard; the; Part bf Fon-i dley^fe, b>;Mr.jC^berjr^rjoAak:Wittor,jMr.NeaIe^j Mutf, Mr. Morgan^ Sharper^ Mr>91akes; :Yainlotc> Mr. Harard j Setter, Mr j Yateii^arittby, Mr.Green.- JQeJinda, ky Mr�.Gir&rd; Aramtata,! Mr*. Croft j Silvia, MnjRidoat jfcucy, MifiBenmt} Betty, Mn. King; and the Part of Laethia by Mrt�,Woffiagton. ' With �ntertainau;at� between the Afis, w, Aft III. A Piece ofMufick by Mr. OSWALD on tte Violoncello. W^^�S�a.^d^iaai. btheri. ^aFarcebfr.T�rtsAa�;:call!di-jt-io ' The A N, A TO MIS Ty sham-t)octor: �; Moofieor ]e Doclor by Mr. Blaket; Crifpin, Mr. Yates; Old Gerald, Mr. PJacej for, the Boxes to be taken at the Staae^Door ofJthe?h�tre> , ^ - *Tob|^li exafthjat Six o'clock7'. ^ t - CO :~'-'.iu\ i O R> eiianr^r. Hafe j Caaiiir., MrV Caltai 'rBomto^ fem C . Jhikerot Mz AoreliinrMr. rflMVMarip. l^.Rtfco j Yalerio, Mr. Anderfcai Afcanio,__ |IjpWrvILpj�hta, Mrs. Hale j Laura, ^Mri.-Vincent} Viofctta. MnuDunftalli Snphrnnh. Mm. jam^j Frontonaf M,,pnH1rri .And. the .Part of LucierJa by; MrfcHorton; To which will be added a By)a4>Fa(ce> fcaU'd The - Lr O T 7/r- E R Y. .ThePartofLovemoreby Mr. BEARD^j Mr. Stocks, Mr.pun-ftiU^J�ck3tockj(aliasLordLace)by Mr. Qhapman"} Cnke(alas Lady Lace)-Mrs. Vincent 1 Coontry&ea; Mr.Woadirtrd and Mr. Tanet. > With Entertainments of Dandnf between the Ads, viz. AvComic Dance, call'd LetPatfamMoifonnatrf, by Mr. Vilknecre, "1  Mn. Delagarde, and others. , � Places for the/$oxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the:Stafce-I>QM >o.lthe,TheatK. . '' :: 7^- ..... ' "To BepnexaaiyatSix o'clock. To-fflorroj�i,willibe presented OATO. The Part^sfJatolto Vperlbrm'd; by, Mr.QKHf. ;OOi'MA- N 'S-F I E ^ D S.- E&lbeBtntfft "I Mr- Chettle��i A/w, Hqu^j. T X the^ew Wells, the bottom of C�wr, Gictoan^ffldi, this Day, willbepejfe^i. .  -^t^New�x%rCifes of feppe-Dancmg; Tombhng, Tyanlwa|[, an ly at live o'Cock. . . Avs^i^whad at Ihe.White Hart in Hooper-Square j an! %^frwmi Ifp O S ITIO N? giid-Fjrie^flavour'ci BATAVIA i9^C�,zf%-.ih*..6&i;t*rGa>\leai if taken from the:fn- �Bj Order tftbh Gmpwy, t. 'S'At*.;�!.*y fte 'C'ATN10CTJ , At XihQ Y V's-Coffee-Houft i* Lombardfireiti .we.Year* old, Burthen 240 Tons, more or te6, with: prbportionable Dimensions, nojw^ Cbttrfb-Hatt, Rotberbitb, 'JobnRaf-'toh, late Commander. ^^*^^^^^^oo_B�jdiheJ�C_- JOSEPH WATKINS, Broke r. : So �2 2. fT^S E � N, ^fAfcWhite Ho,ufe,j^fi^^Ship-Tavern, Charing-erois WRIGjExTSON's Collection of RAJRITIES frortt *" divers'Parts of-the World: vJlloruaeitythtCurious-toexceed all things ever ye/ftewa. ,.i. - A J^a^folModel of the Church of the JtlX' S^yProff ztgnbltbtn, where flood the Stable where Cto/f . was born, with tfw Stalls, Racks, Mangers, and all obtervable Build-' ings, cunoufly.inlaid.- 2. A very .cudaus and compleat Model, adorned with Moiaicfc " Wo/k, in'Mother pfPear], &c. of the whole Temple of Cferj/J'sSe-palcnreat jerufeiem, as it was built by Helena, Mother of the Emperor Confkntine: With all the Chapels, Altars, and otheytbferve-able Buildings about it. : This venerable Curiofity ia fo artificially and commodioblly contrived, that the Infide and Ground Plan, are-ren- -^eiasidfibleaitheEWwrjMi'1. . . '., ,__ -~5TTne Infide o^St.Ptttt'aehxiTeh at J?ww, as it appear'd Ulusri-nafediiithe rndfl'inag^cek Manner, at the Grand JMnlee in 'the Year 170*. 4. Chains, four double, cut out of a folid Piece of Timber, ef� teemed t� great a -Curiofity as ever Was feeh in any Nation. 5: AjrarirosPJ^^.reprel^ PASSlONof our SAVI- OUR, painted by the moft celebrated Raphael Urbia, which, for its iUuftripui Beauties, the late King of France ottered ioeW(EiftoJerr^ut wasrefufcdj likewiib jo&Guineas was oflered here by the late Qgjten ' "for the fourth'Tart ofathe cid Pifture s In ftart, the BeautieTare not, to he defcrib^d. bjr.the^^aaoifc eloquent-Writer. ' 6/ A'Urprihng artificial SHOWER of HAIL brought. f|tm;Abraaifc -2 f HAIL and RAIN, lately .Jaw.-; ������ r pThetpRB't PRAYER, wrote in the Sixteenth Part of a Silver Penny', and fair to fee read. � With iiyeral djher Curiofities too tedious to" mention. To be fhewn to Tw.6 or more at any Time, from Nine uvrhe MorjUn^:'til| Eight at Night.. Pric* is. . Gentlemen, or- Ladies, J.having once paid, are admitted Gratis, long as jshey^y in-Town,, bringing :Company. � i rv l.l^va|t^^CeAe|BMB arerto be Sold together, or feparater , ;7 �>':>: � . rNo'Money taken before Sight " - 1 - y&ts If ay is juktjbea*-'�-- w______ (PriceQtttSlilling and'Sixpence,) ^'f^am,Mx,r9xbv�. Angelica, Mr�.Rldoot j Beatrice* Mrs. 1 A Farther VINDICATION of the CASE of leanflj Dfldor>Wae> by Mn.Jdgerton.i1 WaJtmg^pman^Mifi, ^e^ANlOVER TROOPS, in which'theu&fformijfluence -3 of the H^->r Rudder is clearly detected and expos'd s Being a mil Anfwer founded on Faftg and Dates, to a Pamphlet^ call'd Ime-s$ofGre^^rUamfie^di^fitrS^'. " -V �! ""C '\ ' ^Printed for M. Cooper, at the Gkibein Pater-no,fte^ow. I-

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