Friday, November 22, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, November 22, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 22, 1743, London, Middlesex The Lon<to DaHy Fo% md General Advertifer. � . IWd by'VeiiSQV Dunn, from Stand-gate Crosk ; ijie Prfricefs Royal, Rtiiefs, ^ott'FnillaiD3''i and Dreadnought, Beatfeu, from Jamiica; The Ferpn,- Sutcliffe, from Jamaica, is strrrVed at Dover-The Amp, Philips from New^Ef�landifat Falmouth. The Suefc�> Lawbert, froirfettfrJbalr^h/*r1&Bi* "'"v L 6 N D O N. It is coflfidendy faid at Berlin, that the Affair of the MarqaisdeBotUwith the Czarina is in-afeir Way of Ac-commodafioni thro' the~Imerpofition, chiefly, of the King cfjPxnffia. � ' . � - * The Prefs for Seamen is as briflc as ever down the River, end in the feveral Ports r along the Coafir in order to Mann 4he Ships of vWar fitting for the Sea. ': Yefler<Iay<he RighrjHon. the Lord Brook arrived at his Houfe in Grofvenor-fquare, with a very handfome Retinue. ' v- .......  '   - ' 1 ' j The Oatward'boand Ships, with the Antilope Man of War, failedifrom PlyAonthonThurfday Iaft. *v The=S�: Agnes, Oliver, of Stockdon, bound for London, having met with a hard Gale of Wind, has been obliged to pat into Portland Road, being very much damag'd in her Sails and Rigging; � titter from Edinburgh, Nov. 15. � The Aft Jot difarming the Highlands, tho' attended at * that Time ^ith good Confequencev yet fince the fending * away my Lord SempleV Regiment, if is fodnd that a Set � of Banditti or Tbieves, who never furrender*d their Arms, Mr. Ablett, Mr. Collet, and Mr. Lodge. - ' And on Saturday Mr.. R6berrEngHflv A.B. was chofen Under Matter of the Grammar School at Ipfwich, in the room of-Uie Rev. Mr. Robert Hingefton, who was lately chofen Matter.' On Friday Night died in Fleet-ftreet Mrs. Mine t, a Gentlewoman of good Fortune, and much elkemM by her Acquaintance. j- ..... ' On Saturday Night died, at his Houfe at Hoxton, Mr. Dr'uce,' who' had tfie'Misfortune to fall into �his Brewing-Copper en Wednefday")aft,!:a4 mentiori'd in this Paper. On Sunday died, at his* Lodgings at Chelfea, Mr. An-derton, aGrocer of confideVable Bufinefs in Pall-mall, who has left a- good" Fortune behind him. i'i Yefterday-Nomberyg, jzo wasdrawn a Prize of 2000 1. 35>473� as firft drawn, 5001, and 7,379, 56,985, 12*866, 13,08r, 4^,456, 13,491, 57,279, and 21,053, Priiesof lool.'each. 1 ' . ' Number 79,320-drawn Vefterday a Prize of 2000 1. was fold the fame Morning at Lovve arid Berry's. - As-'thtiprefent-Lottery is fb exceedingly more advantageous than any that has been thefe twelve Years,' there being, no Deduction from the Blanks -and- Prizes as in the Bridge-Lotteries, it is-hot in the'leaft1 furpriCrig that the Demand for Tickets and Shares i$ fb great at LOWE and BEftRYVin Stationers-Alley, LUdgate^ flfeet, as their Office is the aoft cbrnmodibufly fituated to tranfad the Bufi-riefs in the exacleft Manner, being retired from the publick Street*, and<as they fell them ih all the cheap Methods th'at can-be contrived.'.' '-This < Morning .Tickets, 'Shaies, and Chances, will be fold 'tiflNineyClock i(when the Lottery begins Drawing) and after Three-in the Afternoon, they will be figiied $nd' warranted ahdrawn by^MrVlib*c br Mr. Berry^ that thepurcbiafer^vill not run any 'Hazard thi re of buying counterfeit Tidcet^'or Btanksj which has been the Misfortune1 Of fom"e who dealt with thofe that are unknown; ~ Note, Their Shares will be paid asfoonas drawn, asJn former Lotteries they paid fevfiral Theufand Pounds, and as theirow^-SufinefsoWiges them to' keep thfc'Orecleft Nn-merical Bocfk;;'their RegiHer is in the hjgheft Repntationi 1 The Fight, and bell �6rt of Irijh Stuffs-, made in' the _neatett inaonery in variety-of the moft gerueel^snd fafhlb- nable Mixtures^ aw now fold by WBttsattd'HARTtk v, Mercers, at the Naked Boy and Woolpack in Lud-gate^crtr-'^/ifertley'facSfeds the Hie Mr. feadcock, to whom he was Servant. They fell all -kinds of - Silks, as CO V N T R Y- N* EWS. Briftol,Nov.\g. Yeiferday Morning, abont 9 o'Clock died, after aftortlllneffof ar Fever, Wife .of MriiRf-chard ChanrpioQ^ 3un.''aa -eminerlt-Mercnant, and'bnfcof the People calPdQuakers, at: his Hon'fein' the Old'Market. Thofe who Were acquainted with her iPerfqnal Virtueifliare a grfeat L^a[in;her, together with the-i^^tb.who� fi� was kind and: beneficent. - ' : ' ' has lately arrived fefe at Holy Ifland,1 and is foon expected in iJe'ith Harbour. '" - Laft Week a Ship belonging to Aberdeen, wa's caft a-way off the Bar near that Place,- fhe was bound for London. Yeflerday Se'nnight a Houfe was burnt down at the Head of the Garloch by Lightning. High Water this Day at Lonuon-Bridge at 49 Minutes after 3. 1 1 l Bank Stock 147 14th. India Ditto 196. South Sea Stock 113 1 hah. Ditto Old Annuities 114 1 4th a 3 8ths. Ditto New 115 1 8th a 1 4th. Three per Cent. Annuities 103 a 1 4th. Ditto 1742, 103 a i 4th. Die 0 1743, 101 14th. Million Bank 118 1 half. Equivalent in. Royal Affurance 80. London A flu rarice 11 5 8ths. English Copper 4 1. 15 s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent, ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 3 1. 2s. 6d, Pr. India Bonds 4 1. 18 s. a 19s. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies 3 Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 4 1 half Pr. Three per Cent. Ditto 2 Dili. Lottery Tickets 11 1. 5 s. a 4 s. - hay - M ARK E T. AT the KING'S THEATRE in the HAY-market, Saturday next, will be perform1 d aa qpera, caJl'd ' jr o x a tf- ' a r o r, Alexander in India. The MUSICK Cmpot'd by Mr. HANDEL. With Dance's and other Decorations entirely New. Pit and boxes to be pot together, and 'no Perfo�-*o-bfc wlrmtted withoot Ticket*, which will be delivered that Day, at tbe<Jffi�iin the Hay-Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5*^ By HIS MAJESTY's Command, No Peffons whatever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The GaJlery will be open at Feur o'Clock. Pit and Bo*es at Five. To begin at Six o'Clock. *#* The Subfcribers to the Ope\a, are defir'd to find for tbiir Silver Tickets it tit Opera-Office in the Hay-Market, where Attendant xoill it given tbittndrtjery Day, from Nine to Imoo, for tbatParfsfe. � D R U R Y-L a N E: By Hii Majefly^s Company of Comedians,' AT the ^heatrt* - Roval in Drury-Lane, this Day, willbe presented a Comedy, call'd The RECRUfTlNG cFFICER. The Part of Capt. Plume by :Mr. Giflrard ; Serjeant Kite, Mr. Winftone $ Bullock, Mr. Tafwell 5 Juftice Ballance, Mr. Bridges } Worthy, Mr. W. Giffard ; The Partof Capt. Brazen, by Mr. CIBBER } The Welch Collier, Mr. Blakes; the two Recruits by Mr.Neale and Mr. Ray. Melinda, Mrs. Crofs J Lucy, Mrs. Bennet; Rofe, by Mrs. Ridout) And the Part of Sylvia by Mrs. Woffington. And Entertainments between the Aits, viz. Aft II. Singing by Mr. Sullivan. a�tIII. a Grand Dance, cali'dItalian Mafjuera/te by Mr; Muilment, Mr. DeiTe, Mr. Lhriez, Mrs. Waiter, and others. -End of c, o'Clock. T" rtf E Bond. Cr<^^^^ i BKOWrfi lite of the PrifiiflaQzltf, ate deiired id meet hu^Executrix's'Attorney, on Thurf ^er.Gallon/if; taken from the In-dja-Hoo&j being 3 s. per Gallon, preferable to what is generally fold, " Enquire of the Clerks at the Company's Warehouse, Lombard-flreet.-'wiaere Samples may be had at 6 A. per Gallon Advance. Brandy-JVareboufe, J . ^ eV. 1 'Yard cheaper than are fold at any Shop." I Old Cloths new painted } ^Houfe-Pauiting; "new Work at 4d. per Yard, old Work at 2d. per Yard. . Blirrfs fct* Windov/r, Signs, Shew-Boards, Qjlding, &c. all done in -tEe heft and Workmanlike Manner^ for ready Money only. : ALarge Parcel of curious Kighc IRiSH-USOUEBAUGH, from Drogheda; bpth Green and Yellow, imported by Arthur Hendrick, Merchant, and fold at his Warehouse, in Great Made*-Street, near Hanover Square. Where mv) be bad, Right BARB ADOES CITRON WATER. N.B. Gentlemen and Ladies beware of Counterfeits, for I find of late a grofi Impofition offered on the Publick. It is very well known that Hendrick's Greem and Yellow Ufquebaugh are highly rec mmend-ed by the moft eminent Pbyficians as the fafeft and beft Stomachick Cordial in feveral Cafes, elpecially in keeping the Goot out of''the Stomach, and if there, for forcing it from thence ; as alfo the maft effectual Remedy for the Cholick, and the Green in particular'is beneficial in the Stone and Gravel. Note, That it is to be fold at his Warehoufe in Thread-needle-Street, in the City, on the North Side of the Royal^Exchahfe, by Mr. Walter, the Exchange Keeper. j R. This Day ts fmbttfWd,--- FLAMSTEED's Correct TIDE- 5 ^ U V n iv i (j-A R D tL is. AT the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden, To-morrow, will be prefente*! The BE GG A K's OPER A. The Part of Matheath by Mr. CXSHELL j 1 Polly, Mrs, Vineent 5 Lucy, Mrs. Dunftali j Mr. Peachum, Mr. Hippifley ; Mrs. Peachum, Mrs. Martin ; Lockir, Mr. Dunftall^ Mato'th' Mint, Mr. Sroppelaer j Ben Budge, Mr. Bencraft 5 Filch, Mr.Vaughan; Player, Mr. Anderfon ; Begpr, Mr. James; Jenny Diver, Mifs Hillyard. With the ufual Dances proper to the Opera. Places for the.Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. ��' �� . To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. THOMAS O \' ERBV R Y, - R^EMO ^ES from fhe'Caftle-Tavern in ^ Fleet-ftreet at Chriftmas next, to the Corner of Fountain-Court in Shoe-Lane near Fleet-ftreet, where he wil! continue the Wiae-Trade in the Wbolefale Way. A TABLE, Aewing the true Times of HIGH-WATER at DON-BRIDGE", to every Day in the Year' 1744, Continue* By JAMES un n c; * o \, Prsj- '�. Said by M'utiut Slid Page"on Tower-Hill; Price 3d.   Urn Day ts publijb'ii, Price 6 d. Letter- to -~---,' cqneerrfing.'^e 5 ___Abnfe of Scripture Terms -3-- No. Tffty JJay ts Pubhjbea, LXXXIV. which jmjbe's tie Secmd Volume, of- TH E ShRMONS of Samuel Clarke, D-D. late Re�tor of St. James's Weftminfter. Printed for J. and P. KnapTOH in Ludgate-ftreet.  Where may be had, The Works of Samuel Clarke, D.D. beautifullyjirinted in four Volumes in Folio. %*m Gentlemen who have th�Sermons in two Volumes, Fblio, and chufe to complete the Works of Dr. Samuel-Clarke, liaay ^have the Third and Fourth Volumes of his Works, beautifully printed at the fame Price of a 1. a s. in Sheets. - - Thofe who want any Numbers to perfect the two Volumes of Dr, Clarke's Sermons are defired to order them foen. ; ihn Day are pu-'li/bed,-------- Propofals for Publifliing by Subfcription Weekly, THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, By Mr. RAPIN de THOYRAS. Tranllated into Englifli, with additional Notes, By N. T I N D A L, M A. ReSlor of Alverftoke, in Hampjbire. In two Volumes in Folio. The Third Edition; illuftrated with Maps and Genealogical Tables, Heads and- Monuments of the Kings, Z - This Work will be contained in 426 Sheets, beautifully printed, be-fides the Maps, Tables, > Heads and Monuments of the King*. Price a 1. 1 a s. 6 d. in Sheets. s The whole will be publiihed in 105 Numbers, each containing four Sheets, at Sixpence each Number, flitch*d in blue Paper ; and there will alfo be deliver'd in the Numbers the 77 Copper Plates, being 68 half Sheets, and nine whole Sheets, without any farther Expence to the Puichafer. . ~The-Firft Number will be publiihed on Saturday the third Day of December. . Printed for J. and P. Knapton, at the Crown in Ludgate-Street, where Subscription* are taken in j and by the Bookfellers in Tows and Country. Where may be had This Hiftory com pleat in Two Volomeain Folioj_wj& the_Mapv__ T-M.. -V^A', ?~1 Mniiiinii iiMj riiu il. 12 9. 6 d in Sheets ___Q N^B. The Continuation of Mr. Rapin's Hiftory, by Mr. Tindal will begin to be publiihed weekly, at Lady-day next, and continued without Interruption. Containing the Reigns of K. William and Q. Mary> and Q. Anne ; Adorn'd with many Copper Plates. To which will be added, a Summary of the Hiftory of England, from the Landing of Julius Csefar, to the Acceffion of K. George L 2 MtHrtifemenU of a moderate Length'art "taken in for this Paper at T*v� Shillings each.

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