Friday, November 15, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, November 15, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 15, 1743, London, Middlesex The London Daily Poft, and Genera^ Advertifer. NVMJ. 2 80S. TUESDAY, November 15, 1743- Deal, November 1}. IHIS Morning "his Majefty's Ship the Liverpool, the two Eaftlndia Ships, and the other Outward-bound fail'd to the- Weftward. ^Arrived the Bathfua, Smith ; the Dreadnough t, Beatfon' ? -and th e Anne Sally, Wigg, all,from Jamaica. Remain his; Majefty's Ships Gibraltar and Furnace, _ and the three Dutch Ships for Eaft-India. Wind'N.i..-, * �. \, v. " GrMjffenJ,.>Nov.j.j. Pafc'd by the Anne and Elizi-beth, M'Neal; Carter, Malbone; London, Newham ; Phsenix^Honotir j 'John, Wtftfbn ; Induftry,; Bootle'; and South Sea-Cattle, Dandridge, from Virginia; Lucretia, Read ; Oliver, Collettj.Gprdoi), Carlton j the.Nathaniel, Hill ; Lucy, Mackenzie j,^ndj Vernon, Nicholfon, from Jamaica.; Difpatch; Kemp, .from ^Maryland Argyie, Seymour,from. Philadelphia^; Lark, Paterfon,from Bottonj Loyal Jane,-Maple8j ifroniinDurikitk j Sally,' Moles, .from Peterfburgh j Vernon, Smith, from Norway ; and Noltra Senior?,. Degee^ from, Faroe.-. . -  .  jjrfiveddi'fe'veralPorts. The Expedition, Pringle, irom Jamaica, is arrived off Dover., r y  . k.JLij vu'id �.;'.. x'i The Manchefter, Cruiklhanks; and the Philip, Powell, from Jamaica, at BrirtoL' The-Sarah, Bennifon, from Jamaica, at Lancafter. The Grace, Campbell, irom Jamaica,* at Beaumaurice.. The Two Brothers, Ryan^.irom Jamaica, at Falmouth. The Love,-K�ail, from.Virginia, at Bantry. The Patience, Locki.froniNewfoundland, at Pool. L O N D 6 N. Yefterday arrived one of (he Mails due from Holland. They write from Stockholm, that'tho' they have a Con-�rmationvth.4t. the,.Camp in;the Neighbourhood of-Copen-hagen is. broke up* tieyftill.taWallrJje aeceflaTyMeafures to guard againft'anJnvafiQn.: The Troops brought over from Finland;arp oxdered:j50join the Corps..oo the,Frontiers commanded by .General Wrangel,, and thofeadlually in the Neighbourhood vof. Stockholm^, .have received. Orders to keep^themfelves inlleafUaefstftjtake the fame-Roufe. They alfo give us the following Anfwer which,>.wasvt�ade,by the Prince Royal of Sweden waea.the Deputies; of  the States complimented hirn, pa h>!^rrjva.L-h..*v Nothiogicouiibe *.;fftagre^yejc-,mf, ,as the AflfcQiQQ wKhrwbiQhLtheStates We hear Irpirl Copenhagen,- thataMimfter,Plaaipoten- tiary is going to the Court of Peter/burgh, in ordeMO-ne-gotiato a Bargain with the Grand - Prince of' Raffia about tyacjkHoifteiD..' - -- J :- ^ Letters fr'em Peterfburgh of the 28th of laft Month, N.S.- fay, that the-offenfive and defensive Treaty of Alliance between Jrance^-Ruffia-and Sweden, is as good as concluded, and that nothing is wanting but its teing^gned in due Form, which will be done whgn'the Marquis b*e la CJieiardiearr^vesiatPeterfburgb.'  .. il.'l^.,... -z. ..Ry.Advices feom.Vienna we hear, that Orders are fent to General Berencfau .totn/ite off H Sody^of 8 o Men to Italy;;' thaK'theMarquis deBotiaisibn,'his-DVpafture,for the Army of. PrincbLobkovvitz,' wherehe is to bear a con-fiderableCommand; and that-the Baftof Croatia has offered toiurnifii the Qaorc with a new".-Body?of 20,?od�Meni but iheydonotlysncnowvwhetherthalOffer wklbe"1 accepted. Prince Charles of Lorrain rsat laftarriVed at' Vienna. " Leuerilfrom Munich advife^ . that i General Ber�nclau has iet a large.Detachment of his Trdops^o demolrfli the Fortifications of Ingolftadt and Straub'ngent. u - .u\ahia.. From Ratifcon. they'give us the'Subftance of an Anfwer publifhed bytheCoojt jof'.Vienna, tor a late Refcripty of the Emperor's, (wherein his'fmperial Majefty complained bf the-Qoeenof Hungary's getting ier AinVwer" tolvlrdera Noue's Declaration carried to die Protocoled the Dyet of the Empire); :wbichk as follows,' '" ' ;*. That no Body can tfxpeft the Queen fhould acknow-� ledgean Eleftibn-which was madeto tbieExClufion of the � Vote, of Bohemia, and which is null upon ibme; other � Accounts-, fandl:proper Satisftc1:ibn;be:giveri'her, and'&e * be reftored to .her Vote-both id tfte�le&oratCollege;rarid * in xhat of the Princes": Thar if the C^ueen- carigot ac- * knowledge the Election, neither can fhe acknowledge the � EffeSsiof-it, inory wmfequenily; the A^e�bly�at �-the.�mpire could, ever-coaiplain.of a> * Nullity committed by a Dyet of Election : That the E-' le$or. jof Menfe could not therefort refufe; the Queen his * Directorial Miniftry,'&c* Letters from Hanover, advife, that the Princefs Louifa arrived there the 9th Inftant, N.S.- was1 married the next Day by Proxy, tothePrince Rbyal of DenmarlcV 4nd fet out for Altena.the 13th* 1 -x '� > ^ . From Hambourg we hear, that the Prince Royal of Denmark arrived at Altena the 14th i&ftamV N.S.' at Night, and that the Princefs* Looifa was iexpefted there"lthe *ext Day,-�- :~: : . ... � � - � ^ - " ^ " - They write from Madrid, that upon the News of the Infa nt .Don Philip^s-Difeppointment 'in-hisi Attempt to pafs the Alps, the;Court has iffued Orders fcfr-fending feveral Regiments of Horfe add Foot from Catalonia, to reinfirrce his Royal Highneft'sArmy- j that DirecTionsweregivenat the fame Time foi�making new Remittance tb Rim/arid alfo for embarking a large Train of Artillery''it Barcelona'. " 1 "' '"Z" ~ " ''" "� r Letters frorh Cologne fay, that the 16000 Hanoverians in Britiih Pay, began .to 'pafs the Rhine the i^^fli Inftant, N.S. and - took Uhe ftoutd ^ef ^->'AiAnin-'i4�^er|an'dS. $ and that the'otiief'Body^of Hahov^ians|i:cbhfi Meni- wfroattb mad* the Campaign,r are not to go Home ZyrM?6'T S?�. Alley, oyer againft the Royal- .1?^ f?. . Chances': and Sharef of - Chance'?, �I^�l8fe' '8S?ar^T SX&Sfc and SixfeenthV are as was reported, but^itt. be ^quartered this Winter in:the Eledloratei of Mentz aad>Cologne.; -  ��c"-":''! Yefterday Morning about Six o'CIcckj her Royal Higb-nefs >the Princefs of -Walea^ wa� feWy^delive^dTa'PMflce atlsetotAer-HiStrfe^ ^ which happy t^flbb/lrJe'Guns at the Park anithe TowerWere fired,' and the Evening con-cluded'with Bonfiresi and Illuminations throughout the Cities, of London and'-Weftminfler.  � ' * �"�> Letters arrived at Brift^l from Jamaica, by Capt. Gor-dori, bring certain Advicej that the Queen of.Hungary, Capt. William Charles, of 19 Guns," belonging to Briftol, had the Misfortune tb~be fudderfly'filrpriz'd and taken by a Spanifb Schooner, of 90 Men/as 8te rdde in-Bloe&Id-Harbour3n' Jamaicai theyvcame into the Harbour in the Night Time, boarded her, cut' hef "Cable?-; - and carried her, clear off; with another Ship belonging to-New-Eng. land..!- 1 . ... .> ,y ^':-<-.- Jamaica, rati aftorebetween'Waterford and!Wetf-ford; where theycutaway altherMafls and-Rigging, and endeavoured to fave her, > by - throwing..great - Part 'oi her. Cargo overboard ;^ but by the Violence �f:the Wind and'' Tide mewas ftav'd t� Pieces,whereby1 all the Crew perift'd, exceptithe CaptaitrarKTone Sailor.-", From Padftow, in X}orawaIl� they write, that a large Dutch Ship of $00 Tons,-witH Deals from .Norway, was droveup that Harbour lail Sunday-floating Aipon her Side, without: Mails. . ...-....�  �'. The following remarkable Story we have from unque-ftiortably/ Authority, viz, - That when the Fame GSlly, i Sunderland, (one of the ^-Jamaica- Fleet, that were in the i dreadful Hurricane) founderM at Sea, til the Crew perilh'd,; exceptrone'of the Foremaft-men,. who took hold of one of; theBenreoops belQb^ .Ship, and kept-hk Head' above Water jiear.y> Hqun, whenJte j.was Provkkotialiy � feenand taken up by. Capt. Biackborn, of- the Queen of | �y*h^i^-- <<-^ ' ..!.-;.; ,1 L 4"We Hear,' that t^oWaggog^-loaded with. -W00L was J feiz'd laft Week byThe'Cuftdrb-boufe Officen,T^T4pf-i wich, which weregonig to* bt mip4d for Fiahce; It Is alfo' ftidy thatfeverarpedple^ wfib^wHre concern^ 5n'this Affair, ? are^lreadyabfeondfid'. " ' r-   . . . , On Saturday laft;diejl at his Houfe in Half-Moon-Street, Thomas Goodman, Efq; an Oxfordfhire Gendeman'bf; good-Fortnne,' arjdtmu'eHtfleetaM;-1 fi'^-. f 1 r;!n ' 1 ^ t^WeefcbneThbmaslVefnbn, a'Groom, belpngingjtov; the Hon. Philip HowarJ,- Efq ev2a:BalTe irid^^iath^n trough-p ley, WatchWaker's'^nd1 P^er�."neaK "bh^^ven Dials, Goods..jq the-Watchmaking way, to the Value*of,Forty s Pounds and upwards; found upon riiinv; he. jurtp'd- out Off a Window wherr the  Officers came to take hitri, btlf was ' imrhedTatety retaken. ... And yefterday Penelope Jones was by the fame Gentleman committed tb New-Prifon, for felonioufly taking - out' of the Shop of !MiV William Bimett, a'Diaiiler, his Till,:  and IfJw'aWr of i y�. 'ftunoT. dplfiS: ' :\" '''^r  , 'The right aiid Jx&'&rt'cf jfrj/b'Stufs, made in the .rieate^-manner, in variety of the rnoft gehteel 1-and fafhib-5  nable-Mixturesi are no'wfold' byiWfcfcit$~antfHAR'riiE$r,; Mercers, at the Natefd Boy .and1 WbdljJack 'in Lud-^ gate-flreet. S. Hartleys foeceeds the late Mr. Badcdck. to w*c^ihe-wasSetvaiit/'They'lftll ail 'kinds oF^SilKs as; ufual.. ' / '': ' . ' '; ; "OrfMonday Evening the 2 ift Inftant, by Order of the Moniirahle'the' Commffloiterr of theprtfentZttttt'Lottety '-� Mr. RicHARD^SMR-coi/nwlll publlftaiifffefthePfizes drawn that Day, with the Numbers entitled to fucb Prizes^. and-eoTi(ratft^d'p0bllth"thBJ'Pr!2er rWfflfiirN-'oWrT' daily 'tijl the Lottery is finifhed. AllPerfons may be fup- vph'ed with;the Vaid Lift,' by$pf\fm&t&-itii.'�'.iRdfortsi � Publi&er,.-rntWarwicktLanfr) or'at Mr. ShergoldV Lot- iawirig the TLottery is (o rjear as nejj ^'and ^RR^"keep_ iheir: Office open every Nigbitflf Jsfihe'^b'CJtock^bat they;igay more eafily fipply the Tdw^witn"t'ickets,'an3 �hances; bothTwJichare divided by"'lEjveixi"into Shares id to'cunqus a iharirier, and fold fo Cheap,' thaVevery"Adventuref meets with' entire Satisfaction. Great Numbers are induced tb come to their Office, frb'm its Being fituated free fronv the fiiterruption of the piiblick Streets, � in'^Station'eirs-^lleyi neaf Luxlgate-ftreet, where they have alfo rtranfaflecf their Bnfinels;1 with uncommon Succefs for many Years paft, having jtoidTeyeral TfipQiaTKi Pounds among yheir Shares, asfoon as they were drawn1 ;rwh?cr/ Methoa will be continued, in flie prefenc Lottery;. ; The greatest Priz; fold or lhar'tLat.any OfHce in Lot donj vi^Nrp*.'s37^4, of 5000'i.^ witK" feVer^l'otherV of �0031. 1000 l.^jool.' fotfl^&c: being, ^(t^and,&ar'd hy:f/HKZkRD- dccafibris'a AtM^W^Zt o,~t- iu� A>.y/ai-xiAtiusngc,-anu at nis'OtQeT Uihce fronting Sta-tiOTeh'H^U.-^iieiriEiUdgkr^, on/kccliunj of Jftis being fo for-tuiiafe; ' ta'rge' Quannties''pf^TicKets are daily regifter'd there, as it 'ftcxpe&ed: the Accounts 'muft be thempft'Correct, \sf ^the Nombers'betng ttftdr'd irfrwo' different'JJu-mericar and' K|^r.Bo^r ancT^hWo fe^iaie Qicf s, HighiW.ater this Day-at Lonidon-'Bridge at' 55 Minutei after '9. �� - � ^'r-- _. . , Bank Stock 1^7 1 4th. India Ditto 195 ihiatCa 195. South Sea"S"fock 1137 8ths. :- Ditto Old Annuities 114 7'-8ths S-3 4tbs'i Ditto New j 15 i hal/(a:5 8ihs. Thre^ perCerit. AhtfdHieJ ib^'.^itto'i^z* i�3- Ditto 1743, 101. Million Bank 118 1 4th. Equivalent 111. Royal Affurance 80. Londpn. Affurance i 1 5 8tbs. Englifh Copper 4" 1. Yf'5 8.Seven 'per 'Cent, firapsror's Loan no Price.  Five per .Cent! ditto 78, Bank Qrculation 3 1. Pxem. Iiiffia'ffi)nd?4'f; !'i9 V. a.jt.'Pr, Three and a half Salt Tknies'sPrem. Three and a half per Cent. Ei&eqner Orders 4 ihatf Djfc. T^hree per Cent. Ditto 2 Difc 'Lottery Tjckets^i.Lg s..a 8 s. a-8-a. 6 d; HAY - M: A R K E TV. AT the KING's-tHftAXRE in the HAY-MARKET, this Day, Wffl be reViv'd an OPERA, eafi'd.; . - - ..... � ~  < R O X OR A N A^jAMPeV/w India. Kt ani BoW to b* pbt to|ether, and no Perfoas tb be admitted without TickrtSj which wffl be fc&vtt'd till* Dav, at the Office in the Hav-Market. at Half* Goinea' each. Gallety 5 s. . "HI S, mat E S TlY*s Command, No Pcrfpns whatever to be admitted behind- tfie Scenes, "the Oauery:will be operf atrp^r9.-Cr^. P\t .and^ows at Five. By Ir^is Majefttfs Company .of Comedian*, AT the Tlreatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, this D^jf, will bie pteieate^i Comedj^ call'A. love M A e s AM A n* OR, The, Fop's Fpirtune. The Part of Clodio, by Mt. Cibber; Carlos, by MriDekne j Don Cholerick, Mr. Yates; Don Duart. Mr. Yfinfidne; Antonio; Mr. Morgan; Charino, M.r. TafWeli j * Gjjverhor, Mr. 3ridgesj Don ftfa-nueT," Mr.-Tutbutt 5 Sancho,..Mr."Ray ; '|Jaqnes, Mr. Green Angelina, Mrs. Kiaout; Elvira, Mrs".TJrofa; Honoria, Mifettorfing-ton j and the Part of LejiiTa, by Mrs. Roberts. ' - * ' ' .And 'Entertapiments hetween the Afts, viz.; A�l II. Ajiew'Crand'Dance, cajl^d, Tin Italian Ma$qucf�de\by Mf3 ' Muilfnent, Mn.^alUr,"Mrs. ThonifiHi, and others. " AallK "gin^ngby'Mr.Siiflivah.1 ' ': End of Aclt IV. Stoging by Mr. SalUvan. Aft V. A Dance by ''Mr, Defe, Mrs. Walter, Mr." Liviee, Mri SEawford, Mifs Scots,- and othersf - -------* v To which wrll beaddeif a5 Farceof-Tvio ASts, call'd Tjjjs lyi;n;g, v'A let. The Part of the. Lying Valef by .Mr;\ Yates j Gayle^ by Mr. B&kesj lufticei Guttle, <Mr. Tafwell j"^Bean Trippitj Mr,-N$akj jft&Sii M^l'Bennet j*'Mrs. badabont", Mr?.Egerton : Mrs* Trippft, MtWKBg t'-Ki^rTP^,' Mij". Yajes.'"  v Hatces forthe'56ifes-''tb' he taEen aTthe Stage-Door of the Theatre. -' - Tobegirt �aa3y'at''SiK5o,eficlri '- - r! 1 \* On Thuriaay next will beaprefemea The RIVAL QUEENS, or Alexander the-<3re*t<- *  - 1: -. �' - "* "" C OV'E N t-g jA^R T) EfNr"^ 3letta.'MrKKllBythePjrt'^W&ffita-Tnititf^-wlnt: ^- -To WAich will be' addea a Tngi-Coml-Pafioral Farce, call'd, the WH A T D' Y E C A LL I T. . Places for the Boxes io be taken of Mr^age; at the Stage-Door "of'ta'e'Theatrel* To begin exaOly at Six o'Clock.

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