Monday, November 11, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Monday, November 11, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 11, 1743, London, Middlesex '5�' "Sit F R.I D,A:T, Nov ^M^Bi^R. u, 1743. peal, November 9. \ ! [fiSTEJRPAY in ;Uie, Afteinoon, P: jooft ofithe Outtvard-bonnd fail'd to the Weftward. jrtefoajn in the' Downs' His^ajeftyy;Ships "tevcnpopf,_;caad.j&braltar. j ,the Egbaftbn, Cobb'ara ;. Lapwing, Watts� arid the, three Dutch ; Ships for India'; i%ffi^3$Yi ; for Turky ; Chfiftophcr,J^o^h- ______ com, for LffbonV;and Adding- : ^n,^fcher^an,;.for.IJfton. Arrived HiU,;frpm Jamaica, and two others. Names unknown. Wind Weft. Grave/aid, G. Pafs-d by the Fritannia. Holderfoh' from^trtata. ' ~ ' 'T Arrived at federal Ports. T%e;|Wa;^ is ar- i rived aV Jamaica. The Bndget, Kirwan, from London ; and Mary,.Gow-ther, from Gambia, at Barbadoes. The'Mary, Hammond, from \Rigaf at Yarmouth. L O N D Oi N. I ' ' ' � ' ' '�' r Yefterday arrived the Mail/from Fratice. Oar Advices bV&is Trench'ljtfa^^ is to have. 30,000, Swift in be* Pay next Spring: Al-: liance .between jthe >French Court, Ruffia, Sweden and Pruffia will certainly take PJace: That the^KjngJof^Sardi- i ' aia is to Tie married .to TKeTirincefsH^halrlottaof, Lorram, who being Sifter" to the late Queen of Sardinia, that Prince: is aftually folliciting & Difpenfatfon'at Rome for this Match.' ' 5 They alfo tell os, that the French Troops in the Neigh-, boprhood of Sedan and Thionville are intrenching them-'j ielves,. .on Account, of. the Vicinity of the Troops of ..the; Allies, who are actually in the Dutchy of Luxembourg:: And that the French King has granted 350QbXiv^a,y"ear i 'more to the Ma^u^e^i/CAe^aj^^' overaiidaboyei the ( ;Per&on afuaUy fett^ they fay, has wrotcto his Mother;  that he has efcapcd be-: ing murdered on the lldntcPto' i^ambofor^; -^d? ^hatj.fie� reckonsh^jjhallnotreturHb'^rrace'^siB^'^ore^ his.jaag^; '^^^^^^^y-^^^&S^Y^J^i11' leave, b-accept We of  ^t^^^S�.Jn^^^^^':SK Term of mbEmbaff/ is expi f  "   � *� ..... ... Y*8fc&yJ&-.-Coaches_and_SU Jpt_out JamuMrJJK1-1 liamsTs inPicca^Uy,tc^at,tend hisjklajefty's Arrival. I Oh Wednelffayj&o^ii^ bought] �upyherefbr the JJong of France,^afs'<j,thpn|fhcthc City j -ftjr i2fover,:rwhere they are^6.^e^a^ea.ibf Calais'.'1 \ Rotterdair^forfi^a^ on* t the CoatpfPiinugal: ays The- fame Day there was ar^Accoant. that tie^OMaot ^fc;tad from thewWerblndies,: was^oft got^oaiSKpaT; tatthe 1 -I^rtie*lai�-art-eip^eT^ne'irt:r^ift.K'' 'r'� - -~ j the Jfov/Hehry Tiirbn^' A.M. to the" Rectory of A(he'ain ] the County of Effex. ~ - " - ''r ] JLaft Week MrWo^h^iB^erj.aA.einiDfint:^^ draper fn -^owE^ddeir^et, was inarried ^to ^liis Alfop, | a very agreeabTe yoangiiafly, with a Ftfrtunje of.jooo 11 �  tifaToiJiHajr-NieBtJaifawd^at 'her'I^iagVm t?reek- � ftreet, Soho, MjsvSufann'arf MjSrrice, a j^aiden TLady ,of \ ,co^fideiable Fortunel, theNjreateft Fart:.:of which flje has left I Law^ltf eouafiOty an ife- of -MrziBarham ge/r&yao^e-jj&jgaes,' who reanhg Apparel BMYfFCny-cf . UdtetfaybMfakefiParrott 'fpft^alSig ^'^'^^^^m^iDayxAbrahanpStifF ^aiJcommjtted to the' PS r. __ i^aie>8i&>rrre-I np�Jrg4the�mtC& >Idj-Numerical and Jklm&fteto are 1 1 1 , -J 1 ---- S ADOES. -The SPEECH *�.hfc Excellency Sir-Thomas Robinfbn, Bart. Captain- General and Gbvenidrrn^Chief of the ^ < lilandof-Barbaddes, &c. to the- Generai-Affembly, on \ the 25 th of Auguft, 1743. Gmlynen.of the Council, and of 4he.Ajjfcrnjbh, TTis a. very^greAi$atisy��lion to,m�t.ypu:atajmnjaure, l; ^Ji.:^^np�T^eiA^yices fxom Europe, ponfideccd with | the.prefent.Pqfiure of( the, Fortifications; of jthi� l,fland, ,de-n^:^.fpewy..A|^tiio_'ntof;f|je Legttosve,..; Bow far a timely Preparation;.may ayaili, the Day of Danger may-JbeAearofd. from. 8y yVt:X pan J&y.from whar/occWd to me in my own ?R�(vie.^,* e cfiminon'ijfe-��fejvoS't^'^Ay^^calls' Jfor^npre i jafflifo ithat.5r.eatr 'Deficiency'of"fmalrArms waich Jbeobferved afldJa-^e/Hed^jdjneJt through: theJWhole Militia, and which will . rindeBniy^economy,. in the Confamptidn of the tPu^5idc Pow^Pfrmttefs, uiilefs Arms^aWLfiro^^'b'ai^it'^ice--ablerih Ae"l)ay of Trial.'- ''"" ' .Qinplfmen of Ahe Council, and of the -AffetnbJj, Let me recommend to you, in^ourfeveral^St^dns, jhat; lUmon'^morig you'rfelyesi which. is^ the .jpi^!]^^ ~6^jPjdM)i^c '; vSecurity^lsTtejjI^s^^'f ^priyijEe %0e. '$pZ&Wt&Mv> _lw^b^^y^b/aml:w'.'iny. prefent^Care^ADddf myjEn-; i^J^ftatwhflvid, (ttfer aiDifappointment, let-thofewho are the Caufeof it abide the Effecls. Djfcpunienance"therefore, all thofc who-foment Diff.n-,tioniL and:ibw Jealo.ufies in the Minds of the-People, with 'Selfith Views, difguifed.under Popular Pretences ; and reft .affored,. fhat;I. will chearfolly give. jny-Concuirence and . A(jpnt>; to:.thejmaking.all fuch Laws, as &all be accommo-x4acedmtheirues Ihtereft bfyour"Country,wTthp;ut"iaterfer^ with- tbe^^htsj^nd.^rexa^tiw^ High Water this-Day at London-Bridge at 22 Aliruitej after-6. : jBa^S.tPck.noTPrice. LndJa'Ditto 1933 4ths. South .jSea^tock 113 1 half. Bhtp Old AnnuitiesV14.7 SUis. -DittoNew 1/15.5'"8ihs/ 'T^ree^er C^ht.^9^51,103. *1>itb i'742; ixjj. ' Ditto 1743^101. '.MiMLW^ak' 118 1 4th. -.Equivalent 111. . ^oyafAffuranceSP. London ^AJIwancc 11.5 ?ths. fE^gli�b Xop^er' 4 1. 10 s. Seven .'per. Sbejat. .jEmperor's Lp3h no Price. Five per Cent, ditto noprice. JJank Girculation 3 L Pfem. Ihdia.B9nds "5 1. -Vsttti. ' Thj&j0%�tft-$*li'X]tyes ,3,�r�ii. Three and v^^J>^.'^i^^^^^t^-a'i' �half$rem. -Three *~v " " ^~ - -" \Lottery Tickets \ 11. 9s. per1^gbt.^js^ 2:V^th Difc P o s L 6 N D O G�ji$r#l, ^oftrOfficei London,. No^emBer i*r V743 T -C ft 'A i i> � s � BE T,W E EN N" and ' S A I. IS BUR T. JwalJM***' �mv *�v*srt���w wM�v*r� wvuyy rvm - Jk/f'l -> VjEO. oHELVOCKE, u{f> This ii to acquaint the JPVBLICK, <THAT fhe'/everdi 'wJbe-Rgad � JL Jfcpgmm Lofldon and Saliftfury; are 'ready to fufpfi ' fcentiunin.?or others, N 'AUEXANIXEJ jp IfJ DI-A.  We Wt|SJLC^. Ca&otjd ^ Mr. HANOEL. With DaH,Qas.0!id,o(far. 4}ec�r ations>entirely Newt. ^KtOtti-Baxcs .toJitfut together, and no-Peribas to be admitted without Ticket!, whi?h.wiJIi)e;deliv�;d that pay, at the Office ifl the Hay-Market, at Haifa Quinea-each. rGallery 5 s. By HIS MA JE'STY's Command, ;lfa-Perfons whatever,admitted.behind the Scenes. The Qallery-will ��ur o'clock. ftt,aadJB�aa at Five. \* the Subfcribers to tSe Opeia, are defied to fend for tbti rSaixcr Tickets rt the Opera-Office in ti>e.if.ay.^Auket,wberi Attendance. vxilLbtgiven tkft^dLf^e^j>�D^Kfrm^2n^to'l^so,f>r tJialiBitrpofe. Roads, - - -j- i- A%&&^y&$�^$'W oftJth*St*ies on the Sa-, lifoury RoaS, io^arJ^r'aUf�^^cone^^ore: oM ^ipWiwRb&i nu&eri Pott- Chaifes are already fit up h tbeABtborj&�ri^ 'atWeTeVcral Stages on tbofe Roads, at the Rate ofya.^ Afted but Twice thefe Fifty %eati. A-T:the T+reatre -ikoyal in I)r.ur,y-'Lane, thi*Day, .wHJ'ie prefented aPIay, call'd * W ,0 M *l'-K ? L'jE A S'D. .Written byBeaumont and' Fletcher. Duke of Syenna by Mr. Winftone ; Sylfio, Mr.Uelane ; GJaudfo, Mr. Wv Giftard } Bartello, .jMr,Bridges\ topes, Mt.'%ity l!he Part of the .Lying.Va>t by Mr.OTat?sj :GaylefsJ iy Mr, Blakes; ^aftice Guttle^ Mr.'5C�Ml j jSgjjn Trippit,oMr*M�lei MeMa, -Mts. Bennet - Mrs. Gadabout,i4^-^5rtsn.j:Mr9.,5CriaHt1 Mrs. King j Kitty Pry, MrsrJfws." Places fo* the Boxes t�.b> rak^nat.the^tawTDqor -of ithe.Theatfe- ' "To 6eg/n ixacHy^t^x ^o'clock. To-morrow (by ^efi>ej>HIJBRJpfTsh.e,�B.LAPS�. ^9The.Part of Lord ^oyinj^.t^'^ggft'd by Mr.CjjtRE^.. CO V By E N T- Q"0 D E N." D J� S I JR. E. AT the Theatre-.Royal In Covent-Gardcn, this Day, will be pre%tel The BE G G A RSs jP E ^R. A. The Part of Alacheath^by ^lr. CASHELX j JPpjjjjr, Jtfrs. -Viasent j Lucy, ^rt^DaJavktll j Mr. ^evhuffl, ^fr� .HippUley jJ^frs. Peachum, -Mrs.Martin j' Lqckir, ^Tr.Dunftall; Mat o'th'Mint, Mr^Steppelae'r; -Ben Jiufae, Mr. JJeocraft ; Fifch, Mr-^yiharfj J?4ayer, jMt. Andeilbn j:*%gar,'Mf. Jamis j Jenny "Diyerj^Ifi Halyard. With the ufual Dances prpBer to the Ojsera. ^PJacea.for the Boies to dc jaiefi of Mr The M R. ,The :Pa/t of LAPJPET Jo .fee.perform'd by .MtS. " C L I V E. -In.wjikh-Charaaet will, be intr^stu^ed a Spng.jcall'd The Life of J Bcgu.' To which wifl he "^deda'Krce,'call'd The -V I "RGT N ili N'M A S K'D. ..The^Paritof^Crs-Lucy Jby JWrs  CLIVE. And En|ertainnjents, as will .be ^xpr&i'd in the'Bms of the Day. Boxes*5"sV Pit 3s. "Fu&QiBGT *� .Upper Gallery iTs. Tickets and Places to be had.of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Door of . the:Thjatfe; at'the Widow Carey's in''Cro6-flreet, BrttJm-G*r< den; .and of Mrs. Suertt, at the Apple-Tree in Cold-Bath FTelds'.'_ SI ATE LOTTERY TICKETS Bought and Sold by  ' ' THOMAS COX, Under the Rpyal-Exchange, X\THO his kept an Oifice above twepty 'jfjf Years, where every Kind of Bulinefs, relating to theiot-tery, is tranfacled.with the'utmoit Exaftnefsand Fidelity. Chances fold, and Tickets and CrTahces divided iritoShares, viz. HALVES, QUARTERS, EIGHTHS, and SIXTEENTHS. Although the Puf chafe-Money of. Chances, and Shares of Chances,' is much lefsthan of Tickets and Shares of ^Tickets, jet the Adventurer will have as gopda Chance'for a Ptix<Lfy*Jt.iie one^asV^he othe?. The.-firftTlciretthat {bill tie.: d'rawd of two, or ftne.�r^' fiytTpf ten, may be bought ac a' much^c^EtSper :ISri tBaa In the  " " "* ,Wayi -n-.-- fitly other Method that is or (hall be jta&ifed more agreqaWe to Adventurers, ftali be done at the lowfeft, Prices ; and1 fuch Pc^fons as nrtay not fully nnderftahd alfiy oTri^ni?:lha!r have tlem explained hy caJluls at. the faid fM&S*'* 1 ?i ^' * ' 'TickeuReg!fter*d',rand in Time of Drawing daily Injured frona. Money fo? Blanks and Prizes as fognaa,drawn. -2- 1^ �3 To be LET T, c^^.A^^tE^S.jip.lSip.^uir^aairs, at y1 No. I4i? in Cfements-ina,'very handfomely fitted up", witi new Wainfcotting, Painting, new ,Buft Locks, Marble Chimney-pieces, good CelL�ring,.Sc. "'"" - -a" ''^ '*r-"7 -'Alfo' ti be L-E.T,T �r.SOL:D, PJeafant and convenient Ground Chambers, at No. 4. in Garden* Court in'th? lVJiddle'-^emple,VWi.'h a very good' Cellar,*o.~* ^-^^uyeiof'Mr.'yerronr, at.No..7..1n dementi-Inn. - v %o prevent OSiTTON,- - ST^QJ^and ^infi-Iavoar?d BATA-V-IA ARRACK, for 12 s- 6 d. Gallon, if taken from the In-dia-HoBfe, being 3 s. per Gallon preferable to wlrat is generaByfaa. ^"Enquire of the Clerks ac the Company's Warehonfe, Lombard-ftreet, where SamplMsaay, be,had at 6 d. fir .Gairon'Advance. B^dy^boufi, "'^Ordiro/t^o^'any, Lombsrd-JireeU l.piQ^ 9 VX3 u"'iia i'

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