Saturday, November 9, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Saturday, November 9, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 9, 1743, London, Middlesex T- -*��_.> <----.'.~*J -W;E P N .E S ,P A 5Y, . N-a^JBxM^RR .9,-' 17.43. [EMAIN in the Downs his Maje-ftyV-Ship-the-teverpool r ~the , EftgWh,and Djtfph Ships for jEpftrlniplJa; ^hM^^are^.jolly, ling,TorXeghora * JCmg^s-Mea- cock ; ffie Mediterranean j.HiIl; Happy Gp^,Ch^anfqh#c^M,,Norlhcom; and the Withina^n, ^gn.rJferrl^hon ; uPrefperous Efther, Northcotr, for y�|inia; Hi hernia, Comcrford, for Cork ; ^ft&nwaT!IciJr)^TbrT3owes; the Two Friends, Cromeyj mndHanovereaTliahce,vJonCT^for-(^]ioa} the Neptune, Be^ch-; . Ira their Way to Flanders. They were to profecutt their March -<hefiext-Day, andtoh* irnmedralelyroTTowed by the'fifth Divifion of thec Engli/h Trqppsi coafifting of Duroure's, feanded byj a^ith^^vifipn jfoxate Letters fromFrankfort mentiontheir having Ad ind-B/igadjerGe. nopnind, Pontons march vice "'tttton "5 PrivateXetteoJj^^ �Pr'�, be^ngjojruich jndifoo^d as#;keep her Bed, and that it was doubted Ihe'woTiIdiiot.repo^er^ The Friendflnpj Ramfayj; bound from Jamaica to Lon-dpn^/ound^rcd-inr-Xatiq^ ^tth*-Captain'and^Crew were taken up by Captain Read, from^aliaic^who is _Mrt\y*A-9&Jiaxer. ... , ----------------- .....--- Captain R it�riomtJthe3Hagaef. thaerBaron-Erthal. Enyoy klwraitheiaeaor o^*^tej6^BJ^CoqTt;been ^tdjtrWonifrp'ays^Tf/ " *' ^ *:';;.:.� ;7.r. . rtThARjght.,H|n,.^L^<^Xyj�wk^Eqaipage is.get-',i 'irW^i J^M^U^ppditipii,:^is ^dfci^ Bfeing^to ,fet .lAVeto* terih^tek-iffaTewdDays. " J ,: " ' � J -On Monday NVh^Jaft diedijiddenly, at the Bell Tavern in Friday-ftceet^ B^n^li^r03^ge,r�fqj one�f the Com-. ^^a^r^^^l^dp^^Ji^imtz fincere- Friend,' a'^en-^rnan'of good Undejcftanding, remarkable Integrity, 'and an1 agreeable (^flrpj^'ii^Vj�KLgii^iw�lff* hi� TlMi-h-gn jrrc. ^pajrablerLp^ tp^ll^who-wcrejWtll acquain^d with him.- Heiveht iWthe Tavern good^liealth, but^as- foon as 3;ie ^tintp^hffi Room where his Acq^tajnta'nce^were, he a^^tbe-i\�aihfcoti complain^thatj faOa|.� fo^en . ^PiJB fa -Jiia Head^ 'i^^^^i^S^^^i^^Z^aSii . down in a Gfi^3Md^i'.;^1^-Jo^bV hsiiet unmediately, ;;^'rdi^^t^OB^W&�1Whet.-' Wibrd, -^to- the fccfaal ''^^M^i^aa^.SefjafaU^veienc-.^ ~" vri ' Eaff Week the^Rev.. Djf. fHwr'.ngL ^o^Jh^ ^affilX* iSoin-; wgto L^dBtf!frpm3^rwi^ . aeJa^a|fiWJfflein^jjBd j&oiBBdejftff. *  " . *'; 'vOn Monday Night laft about 9 o'Cloxk, Mr. Malonebf| si�iccadiUy^aWttHC^d;in;Cork:^^^^ - ty. tw Areet, .1 John Williams, Efq; a Gentleman^o^e^d_o(a Ijandrpnie ,i Fortpne. "ytfti^ay^qfce Joko rM^Ya* .a -. no|ed Pickpocket, was cominfftcd to ClerkenwellBridewen'^by-Coli-'De Veil, on dthe Oath of rMr^Thomas.Edwards^whbfe Handkerchief he had drawn; thr^Tal^olit''.^f;,h1s ]fpcm,"iwbcn he ;S C tO T ,L A -tJTJX Edinburgh'', Ngo.: 1 rjwnday laft.beinghis-Majefty's-Birth-Day, the ObferVatigtLi^reoLwas deferred-tilt Yefterday. "^^Ih~tfieT^brn]Dg the FJag.was displayed from the Caf-tle � at 12 the great GiWwcre^ired)"and- followed, .byi three Discharges b� G6\.-ia�sKegijnent: quartered in the,'Cannon Gate.' At two in the Afternoon, ij�Mk'Number o^about 590 pC.the'T/airi'd Binds, with alliheir 6&sers^drew up in the.Parliament;clofe and march^'in Parage, 'preceded by Trompef-~J t�*^*~--isi^si^j ^0i-.-�&.i r . j Frdypft s two �ouwfl; .in i^eiri-JKobes, attended- by Ihie ^cSffily' and principal Gentry, preceded by' the City Mufick, march'd in Pa'rade tKro'aj Line fp.rm.'d. by.ihe Train'd- Bands, from ihe Entry, to the Paxliagipnt.HclQfe. to the Affembly-Hall, where hfsaMajefty}s; Healthy >the- Healths of the Royal-Family, and many other Loyal Health$.we/e drunk. .^The"J>ay concluded with'Bbhhres" and lfih�*niuminations at Nizht..particularlyJbe LofoVProvoft's Windows, in one City .. . . .e and t Wobl-Packs^, and thTsy&^ftto, 'Concordia Forte) } next to thefe ^e Britim Ar'ms'wQre reprcfehted and.laftly, there '.wjis a fine Pitlure of Juftice,1 with the Sword in one Hand, and her- Scales and B^lli^^itee^'e?.''' In the Even1ng^%al- Skjr pockets were thrown from the Caille,.whtc^madeiaj5neAppearance, and gave great ^eafure to'the Spe.(5iators. .B A N JC ,R ,U P ;T S. Henry jDakeVjaie, p&he parifli of CbriftChurch Twyne-bam In the .Coupty of- Sopthampton, Mattftef. ' .'IfaaQ^utham, now wjate. of Clements Lane, Lombard-ftreet, Taylor and Chapman. .' " ' "....... i.J^gtbWater this bay_ at LphdpnxBfi^ge at/55 ^jjroites Bank Stock 147 a 146 7-8ihs. -India' Ditto, 19j a 1 half a .194. JSoiUk-Sea- Stock 114 a 113 5 8ths. 'Ditto ' Old" Annuities u 4 3 4ths. Ditto New 115 5 JJths a 1 half. Three per C�nt. Annuities i02.3 4ths. Ditto 1742, 102 3 4ths. .pittd',1743^ 101. �. |l4iHipn Bank 118 t 4th. ' Equivalent 111. Royal Murancc^o. - Londen^AffuVance i-'cmjbrors j^qan^oTrfice. rluye,jper Ctnt.iditto no-pnee. ^gankCjrculation,;2'I..j78--6 jr. Jk e vfr T^he.KIlNfG's^HEA TR E ia.the L, csll'4 '' "* " J il ' O X ,A ,N A i Alexander in Jn,dia. .deKy^*4 .t^at Day, at th* Office ia the HaWMarkef,' a't^Hil/ a Guinea* eachi Gallery 5 �. ' Hy H t S ' # A^ JEST Y's /Command, No PeTfom 'whatever ti) be'admitted behind tht Scene*. -The Gallery Will be 0^ at F*ur o'clock'. Pitand Boxm at Plve. To, begin at Six o'Clock. - � � -%* Jfie Subfcribers titbt Opeia, tndtfir'd U find for titir Silver Tickets I* tbt Opertrpffiee in tbt Hay-Market, v/bere Avtndanct . laillbtgiwt* this and"very Day, fmo 2Vint to 5iw) fir tbdt fiirfife. CO V EN T-G A R D EN. By p E SIR AT the Theatre-T^oyal m CorenfoGardsn, this Day, will be prefeflted ~The GOT^ P P E R A. ^The Part of Mwkeath'by Mr. CASHELt; inrrnt i Lurv JW-iTtvr-A-li VX �ir'_T nil 5 D,:R U ;R ;Y-L A N E. t ^4 fyrOnct theft J?fpy yTcan. By His Majefift's Company of Comefoa Lane,! T the Theatre r Royal jn. To-morrow, w^|l be preheated a Pjay, caJl'd -W p. me N P lea S'D. i Written by Beaumont and Ffetcben' \ DukeofSyenn� by Mr.Winftone; Sylvio, Mr. Delane ; *, rh, vi- fndof Aaii; Singing by !Mr.;SuIliHftV ; : -Ad IV; Sihgirigby'-Mf'SuUivinr: \ Ac} V.. A new Grand Dance, '^Yi^be'-italian Maf^utrait ky Mr^ Muilment, Mr�. Walter, Mrs.tThomfon, and others. Placej Sot the Bores to be taken at the StagcDoorof the Theatre. �'""?- To begin exaftly at Six o'Ciock. -Direr1, Mifi �iiga'ra. 'v 'With ihe nfual Dances proper to the Opera. Placet for the Jbx'ea to be taken of Mr. Page, .ac^Jbe\3tag�(&oor of the.'Theatre. "  1 To begin m�Uy at Six o'Ciock. For the benefit of Meffteun BUCK^ALL^ READ, Wfi^RZE^R." " AT the NEW WE.tLS the ibottom of Xenun-ftrtti, - �Several'- -2. ^pe-Dancingj by Monf.vJajino.^rElJpugh,. and .Mafter Mor- fah.' Mr. WiiUams will perftro^feveral New Exerciles.on rhe iSfeck ;'ope. i.With,(fe'verjal ]Sew,Spngs UyTMr. Brett, iMN.Cuningnam,-and others. ' ..Dancing by "Jtlr. Carney,sMr.Hayej�'Mr;i?ranier, Mr. Chettie,,Mphf.~tanna, Mn^Hpugb, M.�fsStory, JHife Davis, and �* i/lki RawlJngs. Uikewile. Dancing t'by> jthe ,iT>o_Maflers and Miii draaTer.' W^th yir^ty..'of-Tttmbling;by.gheSelebtiteiMonLJaflno, Mf.Willianii^ano.Mr^Hbugh. - 'r ^De *ift%Conc5tto at VjcaWi bj; Mftftct Graaier. Mr. Wilfiamns (by'Defir'ej'wifl ,j ump. through aLHog&ead witk Eire in it j aad^likewiffr over SixttenrMen's Heads. The MTO'fi^^N'CJ^Sbwfll. p?rform a new Morris of Six. The Wioie to Conclude with feveral Jiewj Scenes ia GROTESQUE ' ,CH4fe4QCE*Rs.of S.INGI NG ind .DANCING. Boxes a s. Pit or Gallery, 1 s. Note, Thofe who chufe Wine may have it at 2_s. a BotUe. For the Jknsft of the Widow ,#^Four fmall Children of-iht fate Mr* HE^R,Y. QA^EY. - ' "f in Cbyent-Garden, prefested a Cornedv, AT the Theatre-RoyaTin C oa^ThurCday the I7tft'lnftarit, will be . c call'd The :M I s e Mrs. ;C X ' I V -E. la which Cnara<2er^rill be-intr�Jd^ed a Song, ainttetife ofajhgl To which will beWded i-^r&Jrt&Z-*''/ ' The vik pi cis u A/SjK'D. The1�art�fMils,Lucy;b^y/Mrs1.ei�i,Vc.E. " - ' And Entertainments, as will b C ,H A 1 S E S - _b_e_T_W.e- e n LONDON and SALISBURY. This is to acquaint the. publick, JH AT the feverarPoft-Mafters on the.Road between London and Saliftury, are ready to furniftr Gentlemen or others, with Poft-Chaifes,' fafe, eajyt and wellfteur'dfrom the Weather, upon as port a. iVarningas for� Poft-Horfes, at amHour.iiiher of the, T>ayorJ^ht.___ CmtUmrrt nvhit bq'ui'Qceafion to go 'Pafl on the above ~2 J? Roads, ate defired to apply to Mr* William Miller, Pofl-" " at the White^Bcar In Picadifly. - -2 alter. -j Poft Ch'aile may be had^ at any of the Stages on the $3-.lijbury Road, tc go Part, or atf the Way; for one or more Stages, for thofe vjbo do not cb'ufo to travel in the Night. cN-.B; ' All Cehtlehien that travel in Poft-Chaifes of their own, upon the Roads where PofcChaifes are already ft up by the. Authority of this Office,' may befupptieit with. Horfa: at the feveral Stages on thofe Roads, at the Rats of '9 d. pefMile. ' " " ' - -" By Command of thp PaftrMafter General, Geo. Shelvocke, .Sec. Juji Publtfb'd,- - " APrint of the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr.BENJAMIN HOADLY, Lord Bilhop of Win-cbtfttr 1 Engraved by Mr. BARON after a P^aure'psinKd by Mr. HOGARTH. To bs had at the GildmHtadin Lccefir,Fieldt, Price 31. Jdytttifemenls 'tff^ W.f^^bis'jPaj>er at.Two Shillings each. C 3 ,6 1

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